Baby It's Cold Outside" was written by American-Jewish songwriter Frank Loesser

Baby It's Cold Outside" was written by American-Jewish songwriter Frank Loesser.
In the USA, copyright law typically protects artistic works for the lifetime of the author and at least 50 years after their death (allowing inheritors of the estate or other rights-holders to receive royalties).
Frank Loesser died in 1969. "Baby It's Cold Outside" will be public domain next Christmas and artists will no longer be obliged to pay royalties to Frank Loesser's estate.
What a (((coincidence))) that on the very last Christmas that Frank Loesser's estate can receive free money based on the work of a man who died 50 years ago.

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A celebration of Jewish post war confidence that it will insert Jewishness not only into our culture and most cherished cultural traditions but into the very womb of our volk. This is why jews awarded an Oscar for this anthem of subversion

a thread died for this

The Jew has orchestrated a way to monetize idiots thinking buying a jews song on the last year is defending our culture and traditions

Jews want the goyum to buy this to show the left a thing or two and defend Christmas

Is it working?

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She needs help Zig Forums, should she?

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>What a (((coincidence))) that on the very last Christmas that Frank Loesser's estate can receive free money based on the work of a man who died 50 years ago.
You sound like a tranny-gook /jews+/ writer.

This, but I didn't even notice until (((they))) brought it up this week.

We already have a thread for it too.

If it's being sold in popular culture, it's from the jew user. This is Poilitics 101.


Most Coca-Cola Red-man Pagan-tree day hits were written by jews.

Pretty much every "Christmas" song that is not about the birth of Christ was written by kikes. White Christmas, Rudolph, etc. It was their initial attempt to destoy the holiday by secularizing it and making about reindeer and presents and and other gay shit they could market to dumb unsuspecting goyim.

This. Zhids made Christmas all about snow and santa so it was more "inclusive".

Is "Jingle Bells" considered a Christmas song?

I just looked up the composer and he was a Unitarian. Which is essentially liberalism made into a religion, which is essentially Jewish.

One time I worked with a jewish person who was a freelancer contractor. At some off-site after-work meeting with out-of-towners, he basically complained about hip-hop and how they got to make music while avoiding (((copyright))) and didn't pay any money. Said his cousin had a studio or some shit. I was zero percent surprised by this being the first thing he said about the music industry.

So we all agree that most modern Christmas songs have been written by kikes, but what about those that haven't? Anyone have any good comfy Christmas songs written by whites?

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Copyright should be redone to last 20 years tops the way Patents do.

That is not a Christmas song. That whole video is degenerate and like a 1969 version of that cat turd rolled in fur Weinstein's behavior in Hollywood…it is like the fucking song/video is about Weinstein…so just more kike degeneracy on public display masquerading as 'christian' values or a holiday celebration of Weinsteins progenitors jerking off into fucking potted plants and mauling women.

This, but pic related was all over Facebook today. Just endless scrolls of dumb white bitches complaining about it.

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What about movies? Home Alone?

If I remember right Die Hard was an american fighting a german terrorist on Christmas. LOL

It's never a trap

So in the end it's a good thing that feminism turns against jewish creations?

tbh I like the song, don't see any subversion in it or even misogyny and shit, it's a normal song.

Exactly. And if a loose interpretation of its stupid lyrics meets the standard for banning, then good riddance entire rap industry.

It's not good that feminists are attacking it because they are a bunch of brain dead NPC's repeating whatever their trusted Kike masters tell them to think. None of them ever would have thought the song was weird until they were told to read into everything in the most malicious way possible. It's pure evil because it makes normal advances and even normal relationships between men and women something they will contact HR over. Not to mention, the only women that could be confused into thinking the song is rapy are women who have completely lost touch with American culture, jokes, and common sayings. They are so deep in mass media, that they don't even know what American culture is or used to be. They think the Kike propaganda is our culture.

I was never a big fan of this song, but it's sad how successfully it was attacked.

There are sites making posts defending the song that have gained traction. Image attached, but if you felt inclined to upvote it while it's on the front page of something then go here

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It just bothers me so much how Jews can never stop eroding our culture or gender roles. They even go after old cute songs to make everything about a nice couple seem horrible. Meanwhile it's what they vote for that causes more rape, and when rape happens to men they think it's funny. There's a special place in hell for modern feminists.

On a positive note, if tomorrow a few motivated anonymous Bowers types would do gods work ridding the planet of as many of these viruses as possible we could begin the healing process in 50-years or less. HOORAY!

it is kike 101 to twist everything into the shape of the twisted jewish mind. What an absolute (((Cohencidence))) that they frantically half-ass together pretzels!
(Try not to notice the racemixing and token niggers)

disgusting whore

Don’t you fucking morons get it?
They want you to be outraged it’s banned and go out and buy it so the Jews family get a huge check. It’s a trick to get goyum money exploiting our defensiveness of out culture at Christmas

They don’t want to ban fuck bitches make money monkey music.

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This is what happens when you try shame an actual rapist.
Whites will take the blame for a jews rapey lyrics.

What is the fucking point in this thread? No one turns on the radio sitting around waiting for this to play. If they want to hear it, they'll search for it on youtube or something. What is the (((coincidence)))? What is the supposed "agenda," retard? People here seem to be implying that they want to give people incentive to buy the song this year, but that's unrealistic. Radio plays are random. You don't turn on the radio expecting to hear this song at a specific time. 99% of people who even know what the fuck this song is won't even realize it never played on the radio, because no one knows what the fuck plays when. If someone wants to hear this specifically, they'll search it up for free on a number of websites. Why the fuck is this a thread?

Jews last year of residuals for copyright
Jew knows goyum are defensive about war on Christmas
Wonders how to monitize goyum feelings
Uses inflammatory media coverage to imply it’s banning is something we shouldn’t support.
Thinks it will create a surge of purchases by goyum thinking they are socking it to the politically correct
Jew collects shekels

holy fuck

If it weren't for this retard no one here would even know about this. Their "media" isn't effective in anything these days because most people don't watch it. The vast majority of people don't give a single fuck about mainstream news. The average viewer age is elderly. Also for many, they're atheistic marxist lefties. More so for online media. I can't tell where this is from because the nigger posted a little ant-sized picture and didn't even post a link. It's a shitty ass slide thread. This is like when some nigger comes in here making threads about some alt-right talking head, acting like the world revolves around them, when in reality 90% of their attention comes from idiots who inadvertently prop them up by obsessing over their non-existent influence. I'm so fucking sick of the stupidity on here.

Any white man knows all Christmas (holidays!) commercialism is Jewish. Make your family members and friends presents this year.

Visit nanochanxv2lxnqi.onion/nano/Overboard
Yeah it sucks now, but you can help be the founding of a good board. No shills.

Yeah well if more anons watched the disgusting video they would realize that it is just a kike glorifying kike predation on White women.

If it was so great, why didn't anyone bump it?

that song always struck me as (((creepy)))

I never liked this song and most Christmas Americana and now I clearly know why. It was made by Jews to push whites towards the religion of consumerism and hedonism. Christmas always left me feeling empty as a kid. 30-40's Jazz pop music was a successful Jewish psyop to begin separating whites from their traditional culture, spirituality, and begin negrofication.

Fuck off, jazz is one of the greatest musical art forms to ever exist allowing for incredible multi genre fusion potential as well as improvisation and odd time signatures. The fact that niggers actually excelled at it is irrelevant to the very fact that jazz is incredible, if anything its the only thing niggers did right in their entire history on the face of the earth. Jazz is not the destroyer of Christmas or culture, Jewish marketing is.


I find the whole thing rather suspicious. I'm not the biggest fan of BiCO but the outrage seems so fake and controlled. I wonder if this is just a PR stunt to sell more plays. How is a radio ban relevant in an age of streaming? There's dozens of BiCO recordings on Spotify right now.

Also, I thought the copyright terms in the US is life plus 70 years, not 50.


And yet, you're commenting on it.

Kikes, which means (((feminists))) play both sides.

Used mainsplaining unironically, this.

Jews promoted jazz to get rid of white music.

Do you have a source on this?
The song was sold to MGM in 1949.
I don't see any Loesser copyright claims to the song after 1949.

sequel was okay

props to for exposing it. I'm surprised I actually got a chance to view this on TV

premise is basically that intelligent English 16yo girl meets Jewish guy in late 30s, dad is so worried about looking antisemetic he lets him take her to Paris and deflower her, turns out he is a married thief who has already had children out of wedlock with prior cheating, ends up dropping out of school and losing relationship with goodnatured boy, and only by working hard manage to get into Oxford as she originally planned

when she found out (he never told) she asks him to explain to her parents and he just ditches her. It was amazing. Very few films willing to highlight Jews' exploitaiton of young women like this.

You are a shill or a braindead NPC. Jazz is about meandering all over the fucking place. There is no structure, no logic, no point, and no goal. Its sole purpose is to confuse you with chaos, reflects the jew mind that created it, and is perfectly tailored to harness the energy of a confused niggermind but I repeat myself. It cannot move Whites to rise majestically like Richard Wagner or sooth the mind like Bach or Beethoven, so jazz is of negative value similar to your pathetic life.


Two things:

First, if the copyright was renewed, then it expires 95 years after publication, not 50.

Second, that only applies to the sheet music. Every sound recording gets its own copyright.