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This is an experiment to determine what political ideal will result in a group dominating other nations, based on how successful their ideology turns out to be. Players can create a faction and compete against others or go solo. Usually this game is just placing blocks and autism, but we've modified the server with survival plugins that allow us to configure just about every aspect of the game for the political system. You can also play without having to give microshit money for the game by using a cracked client, listed below.

The server is running Minecraft version 1.13.2, AKA the latest update. If you don't feel like paying for the game, use anonfile.com/w217haebbc/MultiMCrack.7z which allows you to pick a username and play online.


Note: New players will be prompted to register, to do so type '/register randompassword randompassword' - this will confirm you into the server, henceforth each time you log in you will type '/login randompassword'.

The history of this server dating back to 2012: archive.is/gkpcu

Current Gamplay Modifications:
• Factions
• TreeAssist
• Some other meme plugins

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