God Bless America Thread

Amidst all the bullshit I constantly see everyday, sometimes I need a reminder that I'm living in the greatest country in the world. I thank God every day that I'm not in some shithole situation like Europe or anywhere else really.
So post why America is the best country in the world, or why it isn't and why you're a faggot kike if you think this way

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My own personal reason would have to be the 2nd Amendment. This fucker alone is the reason why this great country has a chance of retaining it's freedom from (((them)))

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Woe to any user who bumps this shitty DnC B8

You can still get firearms in Europe. Yeah, there's more bullshit, but a fraction of the population with shitty bolt action .22s still has the capacity to overthrow their masters. We're all in this mess together. Sitting on a bunch of suped up ARs isnt going to do shit. Look at the yellow jackets and what they accomplished. France has won the dick measuring contest with that alone.
t. burger

I'm American. However I really hate people like you. Nothing could be more cringy than this jingoistic crap.
Our country is a fucking joke. No other nation allows itself to be so jerked around by the jews other than Britain, Canada, and maybe Sweden. It's embarrassing.
We have all these guns and yet Americans are too cowardly and lazy to fight back against these disgusting elites who are literally killing us.

You should probably leave the US then, if you think it is so awful. Why haven't you already? You can choose one of the remaining 192 countries in the world that you deem better than the US, Canada, Britain, or Sweden.

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Reported. Fuck off.

This is peak boomerposting.
It also demonstrates how much contempt youhave for nationalism. You believe that we can just prance around the world picking and choosing our nations. You have no loyalty to your nation, just your government.
This is why I hate people like you.

Dog bless AmerMcdonaldsCa

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Outside of the bullshit from allowing kikes to do their thing and faggot cities America is pretty comfy

You don't like Merica thannn yoo can GED OUT :DD

This is all Im saying. Gubment sucks, culture is rotting, but still pretty funkin cush compared to a lot of places. My situation is working for me outside of the system.

Maybe if the unpopulated forests of my country weren't filled to the brim with filth-of-the-earth boomers like you and your fucking RVs I could fuck off and live on my own.

I would consider Poland or Russia, but I don't think my quality of life would come close to what the US has to offer.

I'll pass, thanks.

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unpopulated forests filled to the brim lol

If you are American, Why haven't you fought back and taken out high quality targets? Pretty easy to be a one man wrecking crew in the USA. Stop being a hypocritical coward and do your job. Most Americans work alot and have to pay their bills so they can live a reasonably comfortable lifestyle. You have nothing to lose, go ahead and make it happen, tough guy. Be a real American hero. Otherwise, stop bitching. Be a Hero….Hero…high quality targets not like that retarded sperg in Pittsburg. MAke IT hApPeN.

You're also missing about 20 countries on the list of "being jerked around by the jews". Including Russia where it's literally illegal to criticize jewish power.

It looks like plain old forest on paper and then you find out about their gay ass parks and recreational clubs that have a vice grip on what you're allowed to do in the county. Why did I have to be born too late to see a frontier?

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Youd be thrown in prison for criticizing jews or being a white nationalist. Literally no Zig Forumsack could go live in Russia. Putin has Chabad Lubavitich's fist firmly up his ass. Poland might ok…but you don't speak Polish and don't belong there.

You should leave if you are being a cancerous faggot and have no pride in your nation. You have no place to go though.

Jews are the only ones that run America. And if you have borrowed a dollar from a bank then guess what you are borrowing from Jews. Helping them stay on top of the world. They own every large institution in the USA.

Born too late..that is a glimpse inside of my soul user. It took me a while to find my small piece of wilderness, but its mine and it is paradise.
Start here. bid4assets.com Vacant land for auction on line. I got an acre of land for 2k. Merry Christmas.

Yup, wave that flag, begthat cop not to shoot you as you crying on the floor of a hotel hallway

It is a shame. The idea of being a dual citizen seems nice though. What would be the best country for that? No shitskins.

They haven't accomplished anything retard. No legislation changed, no government officials stepped down or guillotined, no deportations. Hell, white frenchmen might be the darkest skinned minded whites because trashing their own cities says nothing other than being a nigger genetically.
That's it, turn in your AR's and anything scary looking goys….you can do basically the same thing with a butter knife, am i rite?
Guess we ought pack it in boys, get rid of that 2A….i mean….it doesn't actually have a purpose or mean anything in our city/state & national politics….god you're a raging flaming yid….back in the oven with you.

t. actual burger & not a kike shill from ashdod

Why are Americans constantly trying to turn Europe and the world into the 56% face? Every NGO funds migrants, every American foreign policy in Europe and all American interests are to create multiracial market 'democracies'. That is all they've done in Europe for the past 70 years, promote multiculturalism, markets, consumerism, and 'democracy'.

Let me enlighten you.


This video is from 1943. Listen to the narrator. There was no great, secret conspiracy. Everything was done in the open. They were going to smash the Old World and supplant it with a unipolar world order with America as the master and everyone its slaves. This is what Americans dreamed, and planned and made happen.

Of course, Americans didn’t expect to be supplanted by Jews and other subhuman minorities, but ultimately they didn’t care because Americans believe anyone can be an American so it’s meaningless who comprises America as long as America swallows up the whole world

America was very eager to destabilise and bomb North African and ME countries and then shill for the refugees and economic migrants they themselves had created.

America and it’s people deserve nothing but contempt, and don’t let them off the hook by saying they good bois who dindu nuffin. They knowingly and willingly set up the world to be destroyed on the altar of progressive ideologies and persist to this day in sacrificing everything in the name of universal liberalism

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Right. Detected and confirmed. So sick of this "best country in the world" and "why don't you leave, then" shit. This is the same shit they've been saying for decades to every discussion about problems in this country, and they are part of the very reason it is the way it is right now, which is to say never so much under the control of wickedness in the past as it is now, never so enslaved, never so pale a fraction of what it should and could have been, WERE IT NOT FOR THE COMPLACENT. They're the kind of idiots that either say this pseudo-patriotic shit, or else they say "well, watchu gonna DO about it!", in other words, want to SHUT DOWN serious discussion because it hurted their feels more than anything else. That's like if people just came out and bitched at Paul Revere for his ride instead of responding in a meaningful way THEMSELVES. What if they said to him "yeah, well watch you gun do bout it?". Peasants everywhere.

No, I don't think he "should" do anything in particular. You should get your ass together and solve all our problems single-handedly or shut the hell up. Sound familiar? It sounds exactly like your sorry ass.

Anyone proud to be American is soft in the head, imagine taking pride in any part of the commercialized kosher American culture of 2018

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America's ideals are amazing, but its current realities are not. /thread

Don't let me keep you from kicking off the rahowa.

We are the best because we give zero fucks about non-Americans.
A country should seek the welfare of its people above all else.

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I'm just glad that I exercised my own rights more and more as I got older and learned more and more about what is going on in the world, and that I never backed down from having my own personal worldview and created my own filters to keep out what I didn't want and usher in what I thought was best for my own life. I exercised my rights almost instinctively, claiming them officially as it became clear that was an issue, and have and will continue to defend them. That's a hell of a lot easier said than done, but it is also a hell of a lot less impossible to do here than elsewhere, ANYWHERE, in the world, as far as I know.

Personal Freedom and all the Rights which were acknowledged and claimed and which are defended in principle by the amendments to the Constitution, our "Bill of Rights" certainly is light years ahead of any other country on Earth. But I'm not going to pretend this is properly the understood, accepted, and respected norm, or reflects the actual mores of the people here.

Most of these idiots here have literally thrown their own rights away, and shouldn't have been allowed to be called Citizens anymore based on their stupid and crass abandonment of their Office of Citizen. And not only that, they have, like zombies, allowed themselves to be used as assets to further and further degrade Citizenship as such here, until it is barely anything but a fucking HEADCOUNT.

So good as it is compared to other countries, and I've been to a few, it is horrible compared to what it OUGHT TO BE RIGHT NOW. For the last 100 years the people here have basically just cucked under to the internationalists and it makes me sick how much they let happen to them, who they allowed to be scapegoated, LIKE COWARDS.

That's a problem with the human condition anywhere, however, so it reminds me of the cautionary congratulations "If you can KEEP it".

hates boomers, types with boomer spacing.

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Well in 1940 a poll went out to every American household asking what we should do internationally, and everyone wrote in "turn Europe into a multicultural shitshow and make them our bitch"

I'm 42, so what generation does that make me? I never kept up with that. Boomers are the generation born in the 50s, I suppose, so that makes me just past a full generation beyond the boomers. I don't know about all the spacing dynamics on these threads, I'm what is known as a "newfag".


You are you, this gen (_) shit is like astology signs

Stop replying to him newfag he's a newfag just look at what's different with his posts from all the others. Honestly this is a shitposting thread unless it gets turned into a motivation thread but the OP is so shit that won't happen

More succinct?

look at how this post looks and see how it is different

good things about America:
bad things about America:

overall I'd rather be a European so I wouldn't have a useless mutilated dick and hate my life. but if I were one of the lucky ones then I'd probably be glad to be American for the freedom and money even though the demographics are irreversibly fucked (unlike Europe, I hope)

No….the constitution is a piece of paper with ink blots on it, nothing more. It's a "living breathing document" goyim. If it meant anything we wouldn't have income tax or the billion of other taxes and regulations that keep piling onto each year. We wouldn't be giving money to Israel or any other skitskin country in foreign aid. If it actually had any weight then maybe "shall not be infringed" would have been taken seriously(but…but, it's only bump stocks goyim, it's only full autos goyim, it's only…it's only….). Furthermore to disprove it's importance, Liberia modeled it's constitution directly off of ours….oh looks it's a shithole and always has been. The only reason America was good, was because of the people that inhabited the land, and every year as it gets more brown, we have more people coming in that vote and act in ways white people do not, making it shittier for the whole until we'll be some quasi brazil, that can barely muster the strength to keep it's head above water because of the bloated nigger and shitskin low IQs that inhabit that land keeping it from flourishing despite having more than ample resources and population to take advantage of such.

you're not wrong, but Im not trying to be negative.

Pick one

That's what I'm saying when I recognize it is the condition of the people who have subverted the contract. They failed to "keep" the republic. I agree with your emphasis on the demographics. We know the Jews are behind that, it is in their nature to do this, as they are like the Gypsies, simply roving around living as outsiders everywhere and keeping their own inner society insular, and using various racketeering processes to take over sector by sector, and even pit entire nations against one another using their own tendencies toward corruption against themselves and one another.

Bait. Reported

USA has always been shit

What's the point in putting 2 spaces at the end of the sentence?

Fuck off grammarfag

you fuck off, i'm really just curious what the point is


Also: massive proportion of people on drugs, legal and not, mouth-breathing their way through life like zombies.
Massive out-of-control obesity (related to shit food).
Embarrassingly undereducated and miseducated populace by disaster of an educational system.
Culture of poz that all but eliminates possibility of healthy normal families.
Inescapable poz, faggotry and trannyism everywhere you look, every ad, sides of busses, all media, schoolbooks–literally everywhere.
Low trust society where electronic bureaucracy intrudes on every element of existence, making it possible to be depersoned by unaccountable technocrats in the centers of digital power.
Absolute religious worship of sportsball and everything that has a negro face on it.
One of the most intrusive tax systems that expects you to pay income tax even if you live outside the country with a multi-thousand dollar exit fee just to terminate your citizenship.

that's just off the top of my head.

America was bought and paid for long ago…some might say (((coincidentally))) when (((they))) arrived.
Indeed, it's in their best interest to diversify their host nation as to make them less of outsiders.
Yes, it's also been their goal the last century to break up any potential and any actual superpower. They pose the greatest risk to the jews by having the wherewithal to wage war on a scale only recently seen by the jews and their hall of cost. It's much better for them to have large countries Balkanized and diversified as so, any conflict is a civil conflict and not a global one that might point fingers at them, along with this model being best for keeping nations and goyim in check to be good little consumers of their shit products. Can't have a global war that might impede sales of the latest fortnite skins.

It's easier to read. That's how I learned it when I took typing in 8th grade. One of the few useful classes I took at public school.

It's garbage. Type normal or GTFO.

Reads like stuttering nonsense

i don't think it's easier to read. i think it's fucking distracting somehow

If you could rewind time to recent history, to reverse all that rot, what year would it be? Aka How long might it take to reverse these things?

1840 when the potato nigger infestation

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My ancestors built it free fromfilth. They were builders , not janitors.. muds are our aquired immune deficiency

Tator niggers won that war. Without them us is split in two.

1840 also pre-civil war, bonus. Surely it wouldn't take 180 years to revert back to that level pre-jew-programming?

It's not the Jew that causes depravity, it's that the Jew thrives in it.

actually its both

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No Jew domination in 1840. It was a lazy Chad's who wouldn't work and wouldn't fuck. Bringing in Mick's to dig ditches and do work that nigs we're to dumb for

Re-evaluate your statement:


Depravity. Is like a skank at a sorority. It's not the guy who comes and sneaks in her window and rapes her in the night. It's her shit hoices to get drunk in a party situation with scumbags that are obviously scumbags. She deserves what happens.

South Africa is the same.they got lazy and brought in groids to do their work. Eventually the groids breed them to extinction

No, your trite sentiment is just as engineered and fed to you as any other PC "movement."

The populous of today have an enormous amount of power. We're so vast and powerful that the powers that be have to create scapegoats and enemies to divide and distract us. Instead of inspecting or fixing the systems in place and who's pulling the strings, we're pointing fingers at irrelevant populations that we're indoctrinated to think are the real enemy.

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Teacher detected… The education system is flawed because it's run by shitskins and bureaucrats that just want more money to sit on their asses. Seriously, WTF is teaching/ the education system? It's kids getting into a classroom and reading from text books from lesson plans. Last time i checked, there's not shortages of books, kids arn't told they need to share with their "reading buddy". It's certainly not lack of funds, seeing how many TV's & computers and extra crap schools buy now. The forced leftist meme is that "education system = Bad in cy+3" thus "+$ to system = better results", whereas that has never been the case. The reason the school systems suck now is a splish splash of a number of reasons, some being more important than others.


I mainly agree with this. And despite all the negatives everyone is saying (some of which I agree with btw), I still hold America number one and it's not particularly close.
America is the only place where you can grow up poor and die rich. Name one other country where it's easier to change economic classes legally (besides becoming a drug dealer in Mexico or some shit)
The quality of life is the best, even though our largest cities are becoming shit tier. Despite the rampant luciferianism and the (seemingly) reversal of traditional values, it's still very possible to meet a like minded person as long as you're no where too liberal.
And all the faggots are pointing to the influence of the Jew. You know what that can be countered with? Good parenting, particularly a strong father. This is coming from someone who never had either parent's growing up, strong parenting is the best way to counter any degeneracy. I still think the best place to raise my children would be America. Name somewhere else? Anybody please?
Do I let my daughter be raped by "Child Refugees" in Europe? Do I get treated as second class citizen in Asia? Do I try "the last frontier" with Antartica? Seriously, where? The last good place in South Africa (imo) is currently inhabitable since they began the genocide.
How about I let my son become a terrorist or a drug dealer in South America (really every country below America) and Africa? If America were to be under martial law by (((them))), where would you try to take your family?

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I'll give you that they helped, but despite that, i'll also say it was unjust the north did what they did and a shame they lost, but id have rather personally, that they stayed together and niggers shipped away. It would have almost been ingrained into our culture that we don't want anyone but whites here from then on. Perhaps making us the most outwardly racist people on the planet. the feels would have been good user.

No. They left their boarders open after building a society that had roads, schools, hospitals….infrastructure and gibs. Sound familiar?

Habit that has served me well since I learned it, but it does seem to disturb readers on this thread, so I will keep doing it. Or will I.

Well Italy just voted to expel all refugee niggers. Poland and hungry and Czech Republic are decent as to wanting to keep their culture and ethnics pure.

go set up a gofundme to get your root canal done, while your mutilated penis never heals, jews get a big chunk of your tax money, your second amendment is only used as a castle doctrine against infinite niggers and your free speech is used against you instead of against your enemies.

Since when is this not a problem in all Western countries?

What I think of when I hear education system. This poor kid knew what was up. Gubmint forced niggers into some schools at gun point.

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no one in my family has a mutilated penis

And they don't anywhere else?

Even if these two things were 100% true, as of right now I'm in a better place than your shit hole country.

You couldn't be more obvious, yid.

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Go fuck yourself, cunt.


Most of what you said can be dismissed as psychotic rambling.

You even go to say:
>The reason the school systems suck now is a splish splash of a number of reasons…

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Read history very carefully, and read it from multiple angles. The US has been the world’s greatest villain for a long, long time. No other country has done more to promote violence, degeneracy, greed, etc. than the “great satan.” No wonder people from other countries hate us.



Nice ad hominem.
I mentioned that yes lesson plans and books are inherently marxist. But they can really only do that with history and civics classes (you could argue english classes too since the stores you read can be overtly anti-white but even if forced down your throat, you'd still ought have come reading comprehension and spelling and grammar). Furthermore, when people say "the education system is outdated" is flawed, i'm simply stating the obvious question that disarms most leftists by asking the simple question of "what does that even mean or the definition of the forethought that brought that statement out". Saying it's outdated implies that we are teaching things that are no longer relevant, with methods no longer relevant. To which, this phrase has been used since before you and i were even born by jews. Only niggers and nigger apologizers will claim that algebra is a white centric oppressor of niggers & non-whites. The fundamentals, even with kiked up lesson plans cannot eliminate math, nor a teachers ability to teach it. One cannot say that some new method of having an ipad app teacher to explain math is better than the tried and true method of sitting your fucking ass down and listening to someone as been done since the dawn of man. But i digress.

Since you've seem to have the answer, why is the education system shit? i'll listen.

the absolute state of nazi cucks

That's what I like about American Patriots, always sticking up for what is right!

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Yep, they all gotta do constant stupid shit to distract from the teacher. Constantly, and most are legit feral minded animals that even a white downie is superior to.

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American healthcare is so bad that people come from all over to get their asses saved. Tired of that meme. Have fun waiting 6 months for your MRI, loser.

would you rather be the only white guy on an all nog street or one on an all jew street?

HIV isn't funny.

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You're honestly not even worth the time.

But if you think this was some sort of debate, then here you go.
Your position was not even clearly stated in the first place. You're full of fallacies and you tried to equate the education system to the material taught using the education system. You appear to assume the statement, "the education system is outdated" is ambiguous in meaning, so up to your interpretation.

ah hominem

false cause fallacy

genetic fallacy

straw man

personal incredulity

moving the goal posts

false dilemma
appeal to tradition

tu quoque

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Apparently you feel the same way about capitalizing the first word of each sentence and concluding with a period. Is it possible that what you find distracting is related to your educational background?