Can the mods do something about the rampant misogyny here...

Can the mods do something about the rampant misogyny here? Trying but ultimately failing at criticizing feminism is one thing, but recently almost every single thread had at least one post regarding women that was outright reactionary, including calls to enslave and mass murder women. Meanwhile if you mention it you are branded an idpol feminazi liberalfascist, despite hatred of women being the earliest documented form of identity politics itself.

Just ban these retards, they belong in the dustbin of history, not on a leftist imageboard.

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Fuck off idpol reddit fag. Dumb women like YOU are the problem, not us

I agree, keep it to a single cyclical containment thread so that autists like you and them stop taking up thread space and can hate fuck one another there.
Back to >>>Zig Forums or >>>/r/socialism/ if you want everyone to accept feminism.
Criticism isn't hatred, neither is the abolishing of spooks women still have.

Remember to sage or else it's most likely a false flag reply.

Good idea, user. Roasties shouldn’t get (you)s

I agree with OP. Some men are just boy-divas who think that women are eternal servants who shouldn't even own a toothbrush while the men go out waste money on alcohol, power tools, instruments, etc.

Me personally, I am an awkward autist who couldn't care less about finding a nice woman to pamper me or what women do in their free time. If you're angry about feminism ok, so am I. But if you're angry at the feamle sex bc you cannot find a maiden to pamper you like a king without giving back, it's time to grow the fuck up. Stop listening to your dick and pay an escort to rock you. Women have wants and needs just like men do. I find it ironic that we have grown men having wives or girlfriends that pamper them like kings yet we praise that, but if a man buys plush toys for his girl, you flip the fuck out.
If you don't want a woman to drain your wallet, don't fuck her, and train her in basic economics. Better yet, remain single.

Leftypol is the new /incel for leftists.

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You're not fooling anyone, Zig Forumsfags. First you came as nazbols; we told you to fuck off. Now you're trying to subvert our board as femicunts. Everyone and their grandmother know's it's you, faggots.

Just give up already and go back to your cringy as fuck board to shitpost about "da joos" and "da niggers".

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fuck off SJW

reminder if you support banning people you're not a real communist, thats enforcing private property bruh

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Sadly no for some very big reasons.
I can't police the board.
Telling jokes from sincere hatred is impossible.
If we set a bar for what is and isn't misogyny idpol will keep pulling it to meet their standards and this is the most important reason, we can't give them an inch.
Yes, there are tons of misogyny and racism in the board at the moment but the most leftist thing is not to forbid it or change man to overcome such ideas but to change our world so those ideas will wither way.

I legit can't tell the Zig Forums users and tumblr users apart here, and not just because of the falseflagging; it seems like 9 times out of 10 they're taking the same positions anyway.

There are no tumblr users here.

Don't be a coward, they add zero to the board and only have the courage to destroy. It seems to be mostly the same people anyway, and most of them gave away themselves in this very thread. Just ban them so we can actually discuss radical leftist theories instead of having to read their lengthy whining about their paranoic obsession with women.

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If you support banning people why don't you just go to Zig Forums with all of the other pseudo communists

I don't remember Jim Profit posting ever being funny, why are you still trying so hard? Do something more productive with your time.

wew lad

Utter straws.

We're not opposed to women on our board. We are oppossed to feminists (or pretty much any other idpol group) on our board, regardless if they have a dick or a pussy.

M.R.A. and Feminism = Same shit, different asshole.


this person isn't talking about being against feminism or whatever, they're talking about the incel tier shitposting that regularly goes on in any thread which even remotely involves women

It's not a joke, Jim Profit was unironically right about moderation. How can you look at the internet we're stuck with today and legitimately support forum moderators?

I like talking to people without some glorified hall monitor looking over my shoulder for a chance to ban me.

And also the rest of the threads.


Some reasons:
The line between a joke and actual misogeny is very vague and subjective. What you think is misogeny I might not label as such.
Also about half the shit yall report for being problematic/pol/wrongthink is posted as a joke by people who have an entirely kosher post history. I am not going to ban a perfectly good poster who has made several responses saying "misogenysts are retarded" and the like, just because he made a post in a shitpost thread "lol yeah litterally enslave womynz #nazbolgang"

Also banning people for having the wrong opinion (by your standards) opens the door for policing the entire community, stifling any discussion and just removing anyone who doesnt agree with the mods on everything. If I had actually banned every person who I thought was retarded and who I would rather not have on this board it would be fukken dead, because honestly most of you have shit-tier beliefs.
But believing yourself to be right 100% of the time, while it is your instinct, is a sign of a narcicist, which is why I try not to ban anyone who is not an obvious spammer or full-time troll.

Well that's going too far.Yet it's true that on a lower level, "sexual pleasure and danger often occupy the same space" (sometimes people have murky desires which they let rip into extreme form when they're at the keyboard.)

And make it into another Tumblr or left Twitter *sigh*. Those spaces already exist for those that want them. Here you do get racism and misogyny.
But it's a no-holds-barred free-for-all. There's nothing stopping anyone from posting about feminist heroines.aviators, suffragists, anything (We've had neo-Nazi's posting about obscure finance ministers in the Third Reich recently, so I don't think anyone can complain.)

Keep up the good work.

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We, Zig Forums, despise anything related to idpol. Feminism, M.R.A/M.G.T.O.W/Incels, Black Lives Matter, Identity Evropa, nazism… all of them are different variations of the same idpol garbage.

If you bring up feminism or any of the idpol ideologies on a board explicitly opposed to identity politics, we'll call you a Zig Forums LARPer, because that's what you are.

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Somehow I get the impression that your criteria for success in this regard are impossible for anyone to achieve due to consisting solely of the precept "no valid criticism of feminism can exist".


This board is private property. You can't ban by consensus here. A communist isn't someone who lives in a commune in Greenwich. A communist is someone who believes that capitalist exploitation should be supplanted by worker control of the MoP through a complete rout of the current government. Communism does not, and cannot, exist within a capitalist system. So long as BO exercises absolute, unilateral authority, this board cannot be a product of democracy, much less communist. All the tone policing in the world won't change that.
Idpol is a lie, a glittering generalization intended to muddle the waters by making false equivalences between fundamental unequal material conditions. MRAs are shitheads. Anyone who has a proper understanding of class is a feminist. It's impossible to be a socialist without also being a feminist. The liberation of all of us depends on the liberation of each of us.

At least you finally admit to liking capitalism when it suits you.

You're not getting banned (as much as we'd like to banhammer any idpol group). Unfortunately, you can shitpost about feminism as much as you want; just don't expect a warm welcome.

We told Zig Forums LARPers falseflagging as nazbols to fuck off. What makes you think we're gonna accept you? We hate any idpol group; regardless if they are male, female or any of the septillion made up genders that your kind pulled straight out of your asses.

How's this even related to the topic we are discussing? Either way, feminism can coexist within a capitalist structure; even intersectional feminism can exist within capitalism (ie: Caythlin Jener and Beyonce; both part of "minority" groups and still bourgeois as it comes).

The bourgeoisie can be as diverse as you want, and cheerlead for feminism, like Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton does; yet they are the very reason why we are in this mess, and so are people like you.

Yeah, and we don't like them, precisely for being a bunch of whiny faggots. The very same kind of whiny cunts feminists are.

That'd be true, if it weren't for the fact that there are people within the feminist movement that couldn't give two shits about others that aren't female (Meghan Murphy, Cathy Brennan, Germaine Greer, Andrea Dworkin, Calerie Solanas, Mary Daly… the list goes on).

Are some feminist egalitarians? Sure. Is feminism primarily focused on gender equality? No, not at all. TERFs, SWERFs, lesbian separatists, female supremacists… all of them support feminism, because feminism is about female emancipation, and it can come at the expense of everyone else.

Tl;dr: Non spooked socialist women focused on class struggle are always welcome here, because we don't care abour their gender. Feminist faggots, regardless of what they have between their legs, are not welcome here.

If you don't feel welcome here, that's your problem, not ours. We're not gonna create a safe space for your constant virtue signalling and slacktivism. If you wanna be a first worldist "socialist" feminist so much, then go back to r/socialism. You're not gonna be missed here.

Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton do*

Fucking cellphone


What gives you that idea?
I don't need your permission.

No you didn't, because that's you.
I don't care what you hate.
You're completely inept, and your opinion isn't worth shit. If you want to continue to punch down, then don't be surprised when someone punches down at you.

Feminism isn't a sufficient condition for socialism, but it is a necessary one. I can't make this much simpler for you. You don't understand because you don't want to. You've chosen this hill to die on.

The only one whining here is you, shithead.

Go fuck yourself. You're illiterate, and you copypasted your values from a retard who didn't understand Hegel and mistook megalomania for liberation.

I don't care what you think I feel. I'm here to make sure you don't feel comfortable. The more you resist, the less comfortable it will be for you. I guarantee it.

Misogyny posting is good. Feminists are largely responsible for the dominance of idpol in other fora. Upsetting them is the chemo that will keep leftpol healthy.