Anders Behring Breivik

The day after Norway refuses to sell oil to Israel, Breivik goes on a killing spree at a Palestinian rally AND the Oil Ministry got bombed!!
Why is this the first time I hear of this? I thought our mods wanted the best for us and should have made this information more accessible.

Skip to 32:00 for the part regarding this thread. TL;DR: Money from the (((drug trade))) (see High-Fivers' phone directory) was used to pay Anders Behring Breivik, who killed 72 children at a Palestinian rally when Norway wanted to limit oil exports to Israel. The ministry who was in charge of that decision was also bombed.

I always fucking knew something was odd at the wikipedia page when it said (((Anders Behring Breivik))) bombed some "random" government building and then spent a long drive to go and kill some random white kids. I fucking knew it.

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Why is this thread being slid?

did they end up selling to israel afterwards?

So, he had professional help?


Holy shit, no wonder we were flooded by pro-Breivik propaganda… I hear kikes get off in getting goyim to laud their agents. Currently trying to check Norway's oil exports by country on 2011; hopefully I may find data that may give us some context and even evidence for/against the OP.

Trips demands mods sticky this thread! Don't let kikes win.

Nigger we knew this shit in 2013, it all got memory holed and shilled out of sight.

Breivik was nothing but a jew pawn and the evidence keeps leaking out verifying that fact.

It's obvious when they hit Reddit, Voat and the chans at the same time.
Even though he was purging so-called Palestinian kids from his homeland, I always considered it an act of terrorism. Mass murder is a jewish calling card and will never be considered heroic.
Many people have also forgotten about the bomb that went off in the middle of the city.
Breivik was an agent and I believe there were multiple shooters based on the evidence presented to the public.

Anyone heard the part with (((Kushners))) yet? Holy fucking shit, skip to 1:00:00, and wait a minute or so.


It isn't and everyone in this thread is you IP hopping.
Its 4 AM in the US you fucking idiot, plan your raids at a better time of day and maybe it will be less obvious.

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I'd love to see some proof of this, something to corroborate it. I thought he went and killed a bunch of socialist/commies at a young commie yout indoctrination camp or someshit.

((( )))
What the fuck happened to Zig Forums?

*He is a stooge

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I remember when this happened. It was 2-3 years in my "woke as fuck" on the JQ. I instantly resisted this clown(brevik) because of his philosemitism…and the fact that he smoked a bunch of white kids. "oh, but they would have grown up to be anti-white". So, we are doing the kike, "class warfare" stuff? Then he started doing his freemason shit and I read more his philosemetic writings. Not fucking impressed. fuhgettaboutit.

All these (1)s and only 2 genuine users in this thread. Lol this thread is hilarious.

Didn't we had some retard shilling for freemasonry 6 months ago?

Mass murders are almost always a dead giveaway. Only satanic individuals would think of sacrificing many lives for some ritualistic purpose. Kinda like 9/11 or the holohoax (which is Greek for burnt offering and a word the English bible took out.

Perhaps because it's way past midnight in the US and most in the board are from US.

At least you decided to change the tactic so it's somewhatt more believable.

Thanks for sharing, user.

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Well this website offers contradictory information. I don't give a fuck about this guy. He's insignificant. But if you're implying he acted to influence opening exports to Israel, I'm not seeing an effect. Sage for slide thread.

More than one shooter
Professional bomb cooking..

Look at the other erstwhile hero here, our Unabomber, the dude with a doctorate in science; sure he had a mathematics degree but he definitely had to fulfill inorganic chem requirements to get those degrees.

And he couldn't build a better bomb than the ones we made as kids in grade 8??

And this Brevick weirdo builds a powerful car bomb all on his lonesome.
And holy shit he also got his hands on a sophisticated police uniform.

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Daily reminder, 4am in the USA is 10AM in israel.
Also Breivik is a hero
Breivik did nothing wrong.

The important thing is they were part of the boycott israel voices.
They (loxists) would much rather you join TRS or other jewish groups calling for gassings rather than calmly say.
"They are no more democratic than any middle eastern country and it doesn't give them any kind of excuse to be a terrorist state; they have totally broken the terms that israel was given to them under and therefore people of jewish descent especially those that have dual citizenship may not hold any public office outside of israel, as per the terms of the Balfour declaration.

A hero to who? Israel?



Not gonna lie I actually fell for the pro-Breivik propaganda at one point…


Then why would he target specific liberal radicals? that's like shooting themselves in the foot, cause Brevik forced the Kalgeri plan backwards considerably.

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Pure Coincidence. And Happy Hanukkah 🕎 HH
My oil goy you own Nothing

Who gives a shit? Communism and socialism are the social and political ideologies of jewish intellectuals designed specifically to destroy our way of life and implement a society of subservience and oppression. Implying lefties in your nation are good simply because they boycot israel is akin to having cancer and avoiding cigarettes. Leftists are the sickness. Absent leftist idealism and its self-destructive nature, Israel, and jews, wouldn't be the issue they are. They're such an issue now more so than ever specifically because of the spread of those ideals in our universities and media. Harboring the ideals of a leftist is to mimic the mentality of the jewish intellectuals which conceived those ideals. To be a leftist is to be a foot soldier against our way of life, and our existence as an independent people. Absent those foot soldiers, Israel would be a third world dump in the middle east because we'd all be unapologetically nationalist with strong in-groups. Those foot soldiers, propagating marxism, are the ones which spread throughout our entire society and worked tirelessly to undermine our in-group, our identity, and our way of life. Jews would be nothing without their leftist foot soldiers. Boycotting Israel doesn't mean shit. All leftists are bad. They propagate destruction. They're a plague on society.

The Kalergi plan had already been fulfilled. Every European country has been flooded with arabs and africans, time will do the rest.
They are now using other strategies that build on the success of the Kalergi plan. Like painting "white" people especially those that disagree and want the Kalergi shit reversed immediately, as the danger. What planet are you on?
Did he ever mention the zionist jewish Kalergi plan himself?

So is jewish led faux nationalism, which is what Breivik personifies.

That's not even true. Only a few specific welfare states like Germany, Sweden, England, and France have. Their existence in other places is just temporary as they move toward those counties.

I don't give a fuck. Don't come on Zig Forums and defend communism and socialism, nigger. The only reason nationalism isn't the status quo is because marxist socialistic filth worked tirelessly for 6 decades to destroy it. Anyone adhering to communism or socialism is, for all intents and purposes, a "jew."

Everything but the Kalergi name. In his manifesto and during the closing speech of his trail he describes the mongrelization of Norway and Europe in detail. And that was nearly ten years ago. It just doesn't make sense to have him take out radical lefties, especially since the MSM always portrayed the victims as nothing but children.

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let me explain this to you.
spoiler: it worked

He named the jew, or he attacked people naming the jew in a roundabout way?
Pointing out that Breivik is part of the other side of the same shekel isn't defending anything. It's suggesting you examine both sides with the same scrutiny.

But they did the opposite. The public didn't get the information that the victims where lefties, politically involved or radical. Only the old "muh children" angle. Never mind that the majority was over 18.

Did they gave him a chance to do so?

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Me too user. Me too. Well then, lets investigate

That part is not that hard, you just have to kill a cop.

He was intelligent enough to plan all that but not intelligent enough to get a message out to the public that they couldn't control, something that was obviously before, and not after, where they can write manifestos and present actors or digital fuckery?

the point was to demonize white male nationalists as dangerous terrorists… because the had no one to point to while spewing their retarded propaganda.

You are one dumb motherfucker.

< don't kill enemies because the enemy lies about it

I'm as distrustful about that thing as you are, but I just don't understand how the handling of the lefty executions benefited them in any way. I bite for the bombing/oil angle, but the rest doesn't fit at all.

you low IQ motherfuckers seriously need to go back to reddit

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Hello? They cultivated the whole stereotype of angry white man. Also Brevik wasn't really used to further their advances. They stopped reporting about him internationally really quick, and all the info about the victims and his manifesto can only be found through research on fringe sites.

Breivik was a biological jew
Anders Breivik had Plastic Surgery to make himself look more Aryan

The island attack was being managed by mossad
Zionist Terrorism in Norway

His entire motivation was to defend isreal
The only people who openly supported or praised Breivik for the first 12 months were the jewish defence league and Pam Geller, culminating with him giving the communist fist salute in court.
12 months further on after his 1st court visit he adjusted his salute to a raised open hand salute, because you know everyone just casually kills 100 antisemites and then gets confused whether he's supposed to be playing a communist or cartoon nazi as sponsored by the ADL

It was Andre "I want the white race to be bred out" Anglin who was the first a year or so after who began the jewish rehabilitation of the zionist terrorist Anders (((Behring))) Breivik to begin the strange claim he was on ourside, despite the fact he was managed from start to finish by isreali mossad jews.

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Nor would they be anything without their equal and opposite counterparts the zionist counter jihad jews who are working hand in hand with their Marxist brothers to destroy the West.

Every single kike ITT defending the zionist terrorist crypto kike Breivik is the enemy

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This. Saint Breivik shall not be slandered.

Sinead made this thread, she thinks the earth is flat and that volcanos are giant plugs created by giant men who cut down big crystalized trees.

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I've seen you Zig Forums rats here a number of times trying to use Zig Forumss dislike of jews to try to sway us to communism/socialism with this bullshit. "The only people that boycot Israel are people on the left!" Get the fuck out of here with that shit. See and stay the fuck out. Those people weren't "naming the jew." Leftists are, for all intents and purposes, jews. They propagate the exact same ideals, and work toward the same end goal of the destruction of our history and identity and our total subservience to a corrupt government. Every person he shot was, for all intents and purposes, a jew. A don't give a shit what side he works for. I'm not talking about him. I'm talking about them and their ideals. They are, mentally, identical to the jewish intellectuals whose ideals they propagate.

Kill people involved trying to create a pressure group boycotting israel.
Present it as a nationalist, nay Nazi, domestic terror attack.
In the future present any organic nationalism as Nazism, remind people of the atrocities carried out in its name, Hitler, gas, breivik, charlottesville, tiki torches, Nazi salutes.
Set off 10 million hollywood programmed npc's globally, watch the chaos, rub hands.

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Yea these commie fucks like to pretend that communist opposition of Israel means communists are our friends. Typical kike tricks.

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Also don't forget, Norway and the Netherlands were about to pull out of the war of Libya, thus nearly stopping the plan of flooding Europe.

You mean lefties. Mental jews who were propagating a sickness throughout a European society in an effort to destroy its identity so that the bolshevik jewish elite may gain total control, just like in Russia. There's no difference between a leftist and a jew.

you tranny faggots will never astroturf your milquetoast anti-zionism faggotory here

So Nationalism is all about relying on imports from other countries, rather than being self sufficient in every way. A glowing example to all other countries of how it's done.
I suppose Nationalism is keeping privately owned central banks and allowing corporate cartels to dictate how much you and your fellow nationalists should earn too.
When you say "lefties" you have so obviously fallen for the most basic of their tricks haven't you. You're a righty.
Fuck logic, objectivity, truth, debate. Just kill what isn't you, that's the best policy.

>Anyone who doesn't support the biological jew Anders (((Behring))) Breivik killing white kids against isreal is a commie leftist muslim

The only people retarded enough to fall for this are the MAGApedo spastic tier redditors and Anglin's jewish army
Shouldn't you kikes be on there garnering support for your zionist terrorist who killed white kids for isreal?

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No, only leftists (marxists, socialists, and commies). They're the foot soldiers chewing away at our culture, our identity, and our way of life, the way termites chew away at the wooden foundations of a home. See You're not fooling anyone. Go back to your dead board, jew boy.

what about you zionist jews who have brought Europe to its knees since WWII?

Nothing you've said has nothing to do with anything he said. He is absolutely correct about leftists selling out their own people and nations. He is also correct that half assed opposition to Israel does not excuse their vile ideology and its practitioners from the ovens. Until leftists are anti-Israel because they are also anti-semetic, fuck off.

I didn't defend nor even mention him, Zig Forums rat. See and You're the problem here. You are, for all intents and purposes, a jew.

Why are trying to have us choose between leftist whores and zionist kikes?

You mean the ones who have power in our societies as a result of leftists reeducating our children and infiltrating our industry and all other aspects of society on their behalf and spreading their marxist idealism? Without leftists, there is no jew. They're powerless without them.

You know the fucking victim list was published, right? Most of them were immigrants from the middle east, and many were adults.

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Aw, you got me vive la revolucion, and hail moloch or whatever it is that will assure you.
I'm going nowhere on your behest, you are nothing but an npc yourself and you don't get to do requests. Just follow your programming like a good goy. These ease in which low IQers such as yourself fall for the various d&c's is the real problem.
If there ever was ethno-nationalism, iq tests would become the next logical process, and you my friend would be on sanitation.

kek shut up tranny

Actually a leftist anti-White training camp
OP is a lying jew. Sage this shit.
Anti-Whites deserve death.

>>>Zig Forums2653199

Because you're a newfaggot, that's why.

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Just ignore faggots and shills. We have fucking IDs, filter them instead of derailing the thread.

Don;t be fooled by these lying kikes

on the anti-White monsters that Breivik heroically slaughtered

These lying jews always try to shift the goalpost and accuse Breivik of being a Zionist. He was not.
Yet these same anti-White traitors DEFEND the anti-White liberal freaks that Breivik heroically assassinated.

Not only that, but Breivik caused one billion Euros of damage to the System. A hero and a gentleman.
Heil Breivik.
I will never spit on the memory of heroes who strike back at the System.

Praise Breivik
Praise Bob Matthews
Praise Robert Bowers
Praise Dylan Roof

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We know he killed Marxist cunts. Do you actually have an argument? You say he wasn't pro-Zionist and a Freemason, so where's your sources and reasoning?

No, Zig Forums, leftists and jews are one in the same. Identical.

the tranny squaks, as he tries feebly to blend into a board full of nazis that want to genocide all kikes

Go and listen to his final speech, he lays it all out in there, it's 40 minutes long
try to find one bit of it in which he comes across questionable or as a shill

Jesus christ you're too fucking stupid…

You come here to slander and dehumanize White men who stand up to your disgusting System. Your sources are nothing but jewish slander and lies.
My sources are the simple truth; Breivik slew the anti-White, genocidal monsters that throw piss at White people who protest our genocide

Breivik is a hero.


"More than 90% of the EU and national parliamentarians and more than 95% of journalists are supporters of European multiculturalism and therefore supporters of the ongoing Islamic colonisation of Europe; yet, they DO NOT have the permission of the European peoples to implement these doctrines. "
~Anders Breivik

You can take your jewish slander elsewhere. I will ever denounce heroes who slay your filthy golem. Anti-Zionist does NOT mean pro-White. These scum were anti-Zionist BECAUSE they want the jews here.

But zionist/pro-kike DOES mean anti-White.

B-b-b-but these Zig Forums shills are telling m-m-me that bolsheviks are my friend b-b-b-because they b-b-b-boycotted Israel!

Ever since the Enkikenment and the rectification of liberalism and republicanism, the "right" became jewish. Tell that to Benjamin Disraeli, the Sephardic jewish PM of the UK.
Hasbara is literally at its full force today.

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"You cannot defeat Islamisation or halt/reverse the Islamic colonization of Western Europe without first removing the political doctrines manifested through multiculturalism/cultural Marxism…"
~Anders Breivik

No reliable evidence.
He rejected Zionism as soon as he began slaying your disgusting, treasonous golem.

I support the slaying of enemies of my race. All the time. Anywhere. For any reason.

Look up the Labour Party

Don't blindly believe the word of these lying kikes. These leftist thugs wanted White Genocide

You are isreali jews praising a zionist terrorist, telling us we must support him because he murdered white kids who were protesting against your shittylittle temporary country.

Your sole argument here appears to be anyone who doesn't support zionist jew terrorists is a leftist or muslim.

It's like you all came out the same production plant that created Weev and Anglin.

Not supporting jewish zionist terrorists isn't a vote of support for marxists.

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Your blasphemy is as programmed as your beliefs.

Wrong. Killing Marxists is heroism.

Look up the Labour party

Don't blindly believe these IP hopping jews. Do YOUR OWN research.

I support Dylan Roof for striking at the enemies of my people.
I support Robert Matthews for striking at the enemies of my people.
I support Robert Bowers for striking at the enemies of my people.
I support Anders Breivik for striking at the enemies of my people.

Is that why zionist kikes were his biggest defenders after the killings?

I support the message in this post with a meme.

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Precisely, I included the jewish Defence Leagues own website at the time when the only groups in the entire world openly showing support for the jewish terrorist (((Behring))) Breivik was the JDL and Pam Geller

Yet what we have are wave after wave of cartoon aggressive nahtzee isreali kikes calling anyone not down with ZOG a "marxist leftist" or "muslim".

Reminds me of the aut-right whenever anyone expresses contempt for ZOG

BUT I do not support brother wars, and this is what he did. Fighting the never ending symptoms instead of attacking the source only hurts our numbers. Remember…without jews, no resistance.

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real >>>Zig Forums hours in here

"Multiculturalism (cultural Marxism/political correctness), as you might know, is the root cause of the ongoing Islamisation of Europe which has resulted in the ongoing Islamic colonisation of Europe through demographic warfare (facilitated by our own leaders). This compendium presents the solutions and explains exactly what is required of each and every one of us in the coming decades. Everyone can and should contribute in one way or the other; it’s just a matter of will."
~Anders Breivik

The jew seeks to cause us to reject our brothers who strike at the enemy. The jew does not reject HIS brother when HE strikes at us. The jew understands that violence is the only way that we will ever overthrow him. The jew understands that the ONLY way he will stay in control is by keeping White people denouncing each other and backstabbing each other.
Do NOT fall for these jewish tricks

Look up the Labour Party
And decide whether or not these leftist freaks are really our "allies" against the JEWS that they hero-worship.


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