Racist Pajeet Spouts Anti-White Hate On Live

She gets PAID to hate white men. Her mods ban anyone who disagrees. If we report her stream for "Hateful" content enough she gets BANNED.


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That sounds fucking amazing, where can I "donate"?

Fuck some entitled currynigger you jew. A thread died for this >>>/lolcow/

What a bitch. She deleted a white guy for just saying "hello"

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Can you blame her? I mean, Muslims killed millions of pajeets and Arabs are white. -racially.
Just look at the DNA math over here:
Jew = Arab + European.
Jew = White
European= White
Arab= White
Henceforth: Jew = White
Two whites make a white, done. After all, caucasians are white.

press s to spit on her face.


What a fucking SJW.

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No, European = white.

So Jews = European. Got it.

Post webm.

It just means she finger fucks herself to sleep every night fantasizing about being gang raped by white men.

tell her to poo in the loo

Give timestamps retard

wtf Hamites are white now

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She looks Spanish or Italian to me. IDK.
Maybe she could pass as white in Southern/ Central Europe.

You said jews are Arab and European, nigger, pay attention to your own math

Which makes Arabs European, henceforth white by extension.
And White = European, would that do it?
European= mixed caucasians squared ( 2 being arabs and jews.)

Thank you kind sir for helping me out.



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goodbye pistol pepe


That stream is dead as fuck. People don't know how to raid anymore. You should recruit /b/
Oh wait, this whole shitty site is dead. nvm

Bitch is taking control. Zig Forums is no match for this based pajeet.

She's talking about white people talking shit about India.
It's on the video. She can't prove the ethnicity of the "trolls"
Report her.

This bitch is so uptight and controlling. Are all pajeet womyn like this?

Persians are "white", as are North Indians.
The rest are from Africa or Asia.
And share four maternal Haplogroup K lineages from Europe.
The rest are caucasian converts of the Haplogroup G lineage and the accompanying maternal Haplogroup N (Haplogroup I).

Literal 73 IQ. I need to filter you, you're too fucking stupid.

Most jews are "White™" which is why you shouldn't use the descriptor "White™" to describe people of genetic European descent.

Race: European
Cultural Group: Celtic, Germanic, Nordic, Slavic, Italic, or Hispanic

Kikes are racial mutts. Parasites. Genetic thieves. We all know this. All of their success comes from ancestral whoredom into decent European bloodlines. You'll never find a prominent kike who is not the product of stolen genetics. Nonetheless, they are not white. They are racial mutts.

according to the frustrated street shitter, yes

What did she say that was racist? I'm not reporting a stream that's already over without even knowing what it said. Not your personal army. Motivate me faggot.

A neurotic Indian mongrel spamming their message online? Shocking.

Polite sage.

Jews aren't arabs then.
DNA tests classify Ashkenazi as European jews.

Jews are of the European race then. Case closed.

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no they are not
semites are not white
go frack your ass with a cactus lubed with puke from an ebolanigger you filthy kike

those Haplogroups are dangerously close to spelling nigger, but there is no R, because R is Aryan and there's no second G, because then it would be GG

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Semitic is just another synonym for white European though. I also take personal offence for being attacked in such a manner especially since I'm a white man and you good sir are a troglodyte. Good day.

Shit, I posted the wrong version.

Good. Let everyone be equally racist, from their own literal shitholes.

ITT pajits
Where the fuck are the mods, chodemonkey did this.

Fuck, Indian women really are hideous, both inside and out.

Who fucking cares. It's just a cunt with a superiority complex, get over it. Half you people are acting like snow flakes who need a fucking safe space. This thread is cringe.

You might as well tell me there's a cockroach streamer who's talking shit about white men. I'd actually care more about that.

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This is your home.

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No they dont. The company that made that analysis arbitrarily placed ashkenazis into the european category. It does not make jews european. In academia jews are grouped with arabs, turks, kurds and other west asians because they are close to them. An ashkenazi jew is 60 % palestinian and the rest is mostly greek/turk with a couple of percent of black african negro thrown in, the source of the infamous jewfro.

First bit makes total sense. But if Ashkenazis are in fact what you say then how can they detect Ashkenazi at all on the 23andme test? Wouldn't it just show up as a mixed percentage of Middle Eastern, Southern European and Sub-Saharan African?

Fuck off kike.

Choose one.

It would if he were right, but he's wrong. Jews are white and they appear white in DNA tests because they're european. I mean geeze, cherry picking them out of the white race when southern europeans have never been white to begin with. Gr8 stuff.
But seriously, Ashkenazi are white converts, trust me dude, just trust me. I know I'm right since I'm white.

No one cares newfag.

She's back


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Yeah they're white. I teach genetics at Harvard University and can confirm they're European in terms of DNA sequence on both mother and fathers side.

You're getting the rope too, shitskin.

oi me mum is a kike take dat bk

Shit, ID didn't reset