On the Verge of Complete Collapse, The Judeo-Macronist Republic Mobilizes ALL Its Last Reserves to P

The Jewish tyranny of this financial republic is on the brink. Macron, at bay, is calling for the republic’s last reserves into the French capital to ward off the inevitable: the republic’s fall and with it, that of its masters – international Jewish finance.

In this exclusive document, you can see the mobilization plan of the Paris police headquarters for Saturday, December 8th. All units, without exception, are mobilized. All holidays canceled.

In summary, the cops are at their maximum mobilization capabilities so as to face the French people in the streets of Paris next Saturday. There is no escape plan: if, in the coming weeks, the popular storm continues, the police in charge of protecting this government from betrayal will yield and fall back.

The last rampart of the Judeo-Macronist Republic is on the brink of rupture.
For good measure, the Praetorian guard of this Jewish regime was ordered to fire cartridges of tear gas at people. Thousands and thousands of shots in the faces of the Yellow Vests.


“Justified” by the agony of the Jews.

I want to emphasize one crucial thing here: the police are not a form of government. But that is what this occupation government is reduced to: making policing an end in itself, in order to survive another week.

The French police can not and will not want to take the place of a government. In fact, it is not so much a rampart as an impasse.

France can not be governed by 70,000 or 75,000 men in open war against tens of millions of French to ensure the survival of this cartel of corrupt politicians.

You can not govern the French people indefinitely like that.

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At this point, the only option left to the police is to force Macron to surrender.

This is the most orderly alternative possible. If the cops do not force Macron to face his responsibilities, it will be chaos in the streets in a very short time and the units of police or territorial gendarmerie, in the face of the popular uprising, will return to their barracks rather than confront the people.
This will inevitably bring into action bands of Arab-Negro assassins and looters once the situation is out of control. Not to mention the murderers of Allah of the Islamic State or mutinous anarcho-communists.

For all these reasons, every passing minute brings the country closer to the abyss. Because of one man: Emmanuel Macron. Because of a single clique of criminals: Jewish financiers and terrorists of the Jewish press.

The cops would do well to call in sick in mass. Exposing yourself in the streets of Paris next Saturday to save this corrupt republic under the orders of Goldman Sachs and international Jewish finance is not worth it.


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Percolatrice est jamais là, quand l'Europe a besoin d'elle…

Use invidio.us next time.

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Jesus Christ how many "This is it, the big one, economic apocolypse NOW!" threads do we need?


something is up

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Stop posting this fucking picture on4/Zig Forums pol nigger.

What is with the picture? Who is her? She's hot.

Do you think Macron can resign? Who would take his place?

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IDK bros, this might actually be the day France uncucks itself…. this Ex Forgin Legion General guy is telling people to to protest Dec 8th.

Its the same guy that got arrested off the street for protesting the Islamitization of France back in 2016. When you have Military Generals joining in, you know shit is about to go down.



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Wouldn't it suck if two groups with opposing political ideologies de-prioritized politics long enough to, at a minimum, take down the judenpresse?
Imagine how powerless the powerful will be without power


I found the negroid

Oh good, another thread for this.

I found the anti-white kike.

Check that Hitler ID

Rise, fire rise.

ZogBots will use the "French Sabbath" as an occasion to sharpen their plans for a SHTF scenario in other parts of the West. And you know that in the back of their minds, they're wondering if it will be worth it to side with the oligarchy when millions are searching for them with the intent to do maximum damage.

The best part of this thing is how the ANTIFA types don't know what to do….

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If the frogs had any balls, this would be the part where they bring the guillotines back

Spread this video on social media anons this is a huge redpill for everyone of every country!!!


I hope Macron declares martial law so we can get an actually nice and bloody revolution.

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He might be too much of a pussy to do it. Having someone get shot by the military would probably be enough to cause things to explode.

Jesus fuck I hate Zogbots.
The guy is just filming from outside and the rabid fuck kicks him into the road.

Real question, does (((Israel))) train French police like they do in the US now?

Nothing is happening until it actually happens. Until the French reissue the Franc, the Italians reissue the Lira, or even the fucking Germans reissue the Deutschmark, nothing economic is happening.

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L'Europe a plus besoin de ses bébés que de tes threads de merde. Cette info a déjà été postée. Et ce n'est pas la peine d'essayer de la remplacer, demi-jaune. T'es mauvais c'est humiliant. Tes threads se font remplir de shills à chaque fois parce que tu ne sais pas les gérer.

Guillotines are returning: i saw a group of ywllow vests with a makeshift one.

Je serai toujours là pour vous mes enfants.

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Tu n'auras jamais d'enfants fils de traître à sa race. Retourne emmerder les autistes de /tv/.

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Although I think guillotines are nigger-tier execution mode, I kinda like this meme. It has this "your time has come, kike" vibe to it.


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T'es pas au courant?


How is this possible? France has nukes and tanks.

Is it too soon to post this?

Je suis là pour vous.

Oh God i hope dearly it all goes to shit.
Let it all burn

Even Tigers must beware of the Yellow Vests.

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Trump is behind the yellow vest.

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Will Trump bring the Excavators seen at some of his rallies?

Fucking zogbots and evil kike governments. These governments literally want to genocide us, what kind of moron thinks you are just allowed to call them out and protest them? Every person getting beat is a naive fool that only serves the purpose of proving how insidious this government really is.

Intel says there will be an attack on the racist monument known as The Louvre. All police are to converge there.

Guillotines as so fucking quick and clean that you are alive for 7 second after your head flies off. They are so negative nigger-tier that you are actually alive after getting killed. Niggers kill slowly with burning and tires and chains.

This is creating more people who want to kill police.

This is the space age.

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Be aware that Antifa mix in with the crowds of Vests and commit their usual property crime and jewboy temper tantrums, smashing and burning anything. We don't know who these "Yellow Vests" in the video are, or exactly what the background story actually is.

Remember the Israeli IDF jew called "Delta" organizing violence during Ukraine's bloody Maidan Square protests.

Adding gratuitous violence to Goyim political uprisings is something jews do, Standard Operating Proccedure.

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J-just a larp filthy goys!!!

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I'm concerned what happens to those nukes in the ensuing chaos if they kick off another revolution.

Herve ryssen new video is out.


We need to claim the nukes before the muslims take control of France. Same thing goes for Britain. This is just cause for invasion.

These soygoys are right. Take a fancy to a colored nigger or landwhale frens.

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Global report for supporting Q-LARP.

Kill yourself, codemonkey. Let us post duplicate images.

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Was Romeo a pedo?

because it has nothing to do with what is happening in france right now and because this is /pol not /s.

Why do Burgers always use "pedo" wrong?
If anything he'd be a hebephile.


Ok percolatrice.

Do I see a guillote on EUR pallets? Magnifique.

It was real in my mind.

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mfw France surrenders to itself

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Burgers like low white fertility rates while giving the kikes and niggers first access to young white females just hitting their first years of breeding age.

I expect it will be the UN that will try to go in and seize them, and then mysteriously lose them. "Whoopsies! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ "
I don't think any government can be trusted with safeguarding the perfect tool for false flags so long as they are under Israel's heel.

It's a result of the schism of the sexes caused by decades of cultural Marxism and its useful idiot, feminism.
Anything up to midnight on their eighteenth birthday is still considered a child by many Americans and will be treated with the utmost kneejerk reaction when involving any adult males who are not directly related (and sometimes even then).
Every male is to be considered a potential rapist and will be treated as such; just look at the metoo movement; it's all related and intentional.

Well, that's what happens when you're the descendants of puritan zealots, I guess.
AoC is 14 here, feels good man.

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OP is just a fucking jewgle translation of democratieparticipative.online/exclusif-au-bord-de-leffondrement-complet-la-republique-judeo-macroniste-mobilise-toutes-ses-dernieres-reserves-sur-paris-samedi/
His only contribution is JAV videos and shitposts that don't carry a fucking sense.

This guy brings a good point forward, where the fuck are all the niggers france imported?

All I did was look at the picture enlarged and refuse to read this on principle. get your daily stormer shilling out of here.

When whites are angry, niggers get lynched.

Don't expect an answer from OP, he's a 80 IQ hapa who only jewgle translated a French heavily censored website

Fucking fight back, don't just lay there letting zogbots beat you to death.

Don't let the Saily Stormer style fool you I hate it too - DP are rabid fine lads.
t. frog

Look at her annoyed face:

ANTIFA is a mercenary group run by megacorps. They'll never side with the people, ever.

Holy ugly, batman.

Why are they yelling “Get out of here” in English

Bet the bitch don't even have a side.

If the french police fails to stomp out the rebellion you'll see foreign troops be brought in to secure jewish power, no doubt

They're opportunistically looting stores and working in mommy-macron's police lines.

Soon it will be the police looting the stores and homes. Just like Venezuela.

That's just part-and-parcel of living in the great social experiment known as the United States, mon amie.
Take a gander at a prime example of the type of nut-jobs we've had at the helm.



They never learn

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dont copy/paste daily shiller crap here nigger.

saged and reported

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"republic" hmm I thought that that France was a "democracy".

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