Since (((Tumblr))) has recently announced that they'll be removing NSFW/Pornographic content, a bunch of gay pedos are going mad on Tumblr, and it couldn't be better.
Is it time for 4chan to take over Tumblr and spread morality and far-right ideology? Spread this on other boards, not only would we profit but we might start a mass conversion of faithless leftists.

People invited:
-White nationalists, black nationalists etc.
-"Homophobes" and "transphobes"
-some libertarians
-Fascists and NatSocs

Not invited:
-Cultural Marxists
-Fags and queers

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Last I checked there are a number of fascist blogs on Tumblr but not too too many, now seems like a prime opportunity to colonize.

They're moving to Newgrounds, hopefully they don't fag up the place

Newgrounds is chaos territory, if they fag up the place it'll be easy to drive them to suicide

Yes, I follow a few actually - good reads and inspiring photos. The task at hands would be to get this out of the woodworks and into neutral/main feeds

Gays ruin everything. I haven't been to newgrounds since the days of salad fingers. Should be fun to watch this meltdown

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If you put tumblr in ((())) what makes you think they won't ban you?

Are they gay s or pedos? Or both? And what's your problem with them? They're the last thing of the SJWs you should worry about.

We could promote European traditionalism, hairstyles, cooking, literature, clothing, and architecture. I'm unfamiliar with Tumblr though and I assume it's like Pinterest. People do that on Pinterest.

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Come on OP, I don't mind crossposting this but at least edit the damn thing.

The overlap between gays and pedos is quite apparent.

This is a great idea and it's subtle enough as well. I believe that blatant "back to the oven"-lingo is bound to be called out right away.
I've never used Tumblr to post before, but I reckon it must be fairly user friendly to cater to the mentally ill

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Just making sure to keep you on your toes, fam

Why would you exclude people who don't belong to a cult? Wouldn't we want all our people freed from any and all cults where fairy tale gods are used to control the masses. Cults where cult leaders can easily mislead people by claiming they "hear god" and are god's representatives on earth. What kind of d&c is this? You should have added no Californians just to get that extra 40+ million people divided.

Kushnerbot leave now.

This is a good point actually. Christians believe that the Torah is the word fo God.
Thus, they are not trustworthy.
Neither are Muslims, blacks, or libertarians.

*tips fedora*

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Next time just say "jews and their pozzed golems" to save time

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Is this how much 4chan has fallen? Or was it always this gay?

I approve of this notion, just for The Lulz, obviously.
It's like you want to get shat on.

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just noticed that

jfc what a faggot op is

If you look at a human, and see an enemy, you are the one corrupted. The degenerate is the blood traitor.

Do not fall for cults or lies. I swear upon my honor that humanity is the ally. If you can see divisions of humanity like christians, jews, pagans, atheists, lgbt, or other ideologies, then it is beyond obvious that these are false concepts meant to create discord. Look with your own eyes. Check it yourself. Those people out there. They're part of us.

They are humans. People who see humans as the enemy are not humans. If that is you, then reform yourself. Experience it yourself and make some friends with different people. Do the science if you have a mind. An answer that is false will lead to you making enemies of humanity, and that is what you are doing.

Paganism embraces faggotry with open everything. Why would faggots and faggot-lovers be invited to an anti-faggot event?

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Corrupting the innocent with faggotry.

Imagine being this gay.
Those trips are wasted on you.


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I only have viewed tumblr to laugh at retards in my spare time, but this recent development could bare fruit.

This is a very good idea.
More or less. dumblr is something of a blog supposedly. pinterest is like a photo album.

idk. I might participate out of boredom. See what I can get away with and what not.

Pic related provided a sensible chuckle though.

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kek, this thread got made on 4/b/ and it got deleted, but not before a fuckton of commies hopped on to shill for antifa

So Tumblr is finally shitting itself. I heard the news about the removal of pornographic content a few days ago, and was actually rather happy about it. I enjoy browsing it for the little bit of content actually worth a damn on there. But seeing the rampant faggotry has always made me take a hands-off approach. I have an account, but I use it to follow the aforementioned worthwhile content. So I have to ask as to what hashtags should be hijacked?




I was going to shit on him too, but the post does continue on with saying to post the OP on other boards.

Your days are numbered kike.

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non-white = non-human

Gnostics invited?
I'm just joking, pretty shit thread OP.
Did you make the retarded list just to make it seem like you put effort into it?
We had one okay tumblr thing I even made some evola page, but it resulted in nothing afaik.
I doubt much will come of this either, people pick and choose what they see on that site.
Still I wish you the best of luck, I hope to see your progress report in the coming weeks.
Prove me wrong!

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Was just trying to discourage the Jewish infiltrators stalking the chans and rustle some jimmies.
But yes, you're absolutely right. Personally, I think that it could be funny if focusing on morality could stir some notion in the fag community that what they're pushing is actually pretty fucked up.. If it's not too late, if it is, then just trying to push for moral and decency whatever and see what sticks

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credit for the following text goes to the other poster(s) that wrote it:

This is an astroturfing thread. The main issue here is that the conflict is white versus jew, not christian versus jew. OP intentionally is identifying the opposition to the jews as christians, thereby implying that the racial element is not the issue and that since Zig Forums is aligned against the jews then Zig Forums is made up of christians.

Be wary of how christian shills word threads. And by christian shills I mean the JIDF. They're the ones who want to turn this into a christian versus jew conflict even though christians view jews as allies and brethren and bible makes it clear that all christians are jews because they worship the same lord.

Tumblr's on its way out if it keeps apace.
Newgrounds is only going to become more degenerate and far left than it already is since the administration there is targeting for degenerates fleeing Tumblr.
NG is not the same NG of 2007.

This is your mind on cuckchan

Go back to cuckchan you nigger retard

Newgrounds still exists???

Of course they don't, you dirty doublenigger