You know how we build solidarity and win this battle? Refusing to be like them

You know how we build solidarity and win this battle? Refusing to be like them.

Don't use phones in public unless absolutely necessary. Meditate (even walking us good)
-read books on our real history, mythology, and culture
-avoid using their language
-adorn ourselves with our symbols. They haven't outlawed every rune or symbol yet.
-when our guys try to talk about sex and porn, redpill them on its dangers. Who gives a shit if normies close their ears and sing "la la la" - in time, if they are good, they will see the light.

We can persevere. We can survive. Because we have the truth on our side! We won't degenerate because we aren't degenerates!

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And while you’re at it, burn down a Little Caesars. That’ll show ‘em!

All those things should be an innate part of who we are, not something we strive to be. Your heart is in the right place, but just telling people to do these things isn't that effective. That's why we have book, self improvement, and no fap threads.


Training your body and mind to perfection while the world burns is madness. To evolve you have to be involved.

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Fuck off back to kikechan, nigger.

Did you forget how ids work?

Can't stress this one enough, I walk by the streets all the time and is disgusting how fucking glued to their ball/chains are. I'd be lying if I didn't say I do also involve into those behaviours, there is still reasons to quit it
Change your phone for an old one that can't run apps, or don't have a phone at all since service providers record it and probably sell it to Israel.

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Jews are our friends. In the sense of rivals, at least. Yes, for sure more like rivals. But it is for fun. It is rivalry for fun, part of the culture. The Jew is intelligent, and we are wise. They sell, and we buy. Taking it more seriously than that is insane. There has to be a push to reform Jews and Aryans. I see a push for war instead currently, and it is not right. The Europeans and Americans around today, at least their descendants, defended them in WWII. The Jews owe us, and that's how it is. Now, it can be said that a holocaust is going too far… But even if it was a simulation, or simply devised, it is the wrong answer. You cannot burn people alive. So we stopped the ones doing it or seriously considering it.

Jews and Aryans are both human, and anything that calls humans its enemy is not human. It is better to be human, because machines did not work. They drove everyone insane.

The answer is to be environmentally friendly. We can survive as humanity and do glorious things, and that is why we must not fight with more than true and clever words. It will be seriously bad if things go wrong.

Turn your anger into speeches for peace and reformation. If you can get a Jew on our side of this idea, it might spread and get them to tone down the propaganda. We must do our part as well. I am quite serious here. People on this board are becoming unhinged, in a bad way. We need reformation. Jews do too.

There must be a simple way. Perhaps a forgive and forget apology. Yes, even the holocaust, no matter if it was real or not. Jews need to forgive us for good, and put it in the past so we can move on. Anything to end this brewing war. I have essentially predicted this future, and if war happens, it will be terrible for all humanity. We do not want WWIII. It is the wrong way.

The right way is to find peace on common ground. If there is not peace, then there will be peace. We will not stop the discussions until both sides have agreed. That is the only way it can be, because war is insane. It cannot be done in this era without using flying machines to murder people.

In an olden era, I wouldn't mind speaking Romantic poetry to my foe as I draw my rapier. But to use it? I would counter blows perfectly, but never give more than a cat scratch. But at least it is held in my hand, and a matter of skill. War in this era cannot be done any longer without going insane. It will only get worse. We must find a way to unite with each other.

If you aren't part of the agreement, then it's simply a matter of abandoning your humanity. But abandoning your humanity? Anything that calls humans its enemy is not human.

I recommend humanity.

You were posting this airy drivel in the Commie/Lolberg thread too. It's unrealistic, abstract nonsense. Stop posting and go read the self-improvement and book threads.

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What up, Shylock?
Back to the bargaining/negotiating stage are we?

Damn kids and their phones, personally I prefer the feel of a real news paper

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The kikes are scared now.
So what if the world "burns"? Europeans can build EVERYTHING from scratch again. Only the KIKES have to piggyback on everyone.
Also, kikes are not humans. They are above goyim, remember?

1. Kikes are not our friends
2. Kikes are not human
3. Kill yourself

Read my words again and note the flow. It is pure Aryan.

The Jews cannot replicate Aryan thought patterns when accurately inscribed. Just as I cannot replicate theirs.

So you can take that as a pure Aryan bargaining for the Jews. Unheard of here, but this madness is going too far. I demand reformation. Sanity must be maintained.

Aryans are strong, but they must also be wise. It is a matter of principle to have honorable, sane conduct.

No. Fuck off with your communist shit.

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They say that they are above goyim, but we say that we are above the Jews.

Then let that contract be nullified. It did not work.

Instead, let us consider the idea that the Jews and Aryans are brothers of humanity. Different, but alike. If they agree, then the term "goyim" is nullified. It must be crossed out of their book and language.

I imagine we'd have words erased as well. Not like 1984, but to erase words that drive people insane by having them believing that humans are not humans.

If the word is wrong and evil, then how dare it be uttered?

You are a redditor and a ban evading childfucker. Go the fuck away. All jews will die. Period. There is no compromise. There is no discussion.

Do not disgrace your mouth or fingers by uttering such profane words. If you are in any way aware, then you will comprehend immediately. Write your true mind, every single line. If you have shame or doubt, then take more time to get things right. Then speak and the words will flow good and true.

Communism does not work. There must be another answer.

There is an answer: to have faith in the system our fathers have built us, from which they inherited from their fathers, all the way back to our all father.

There's never an excuse to use profanity - there's a reason they call it cursing.

There's also never a reason to get careless and take on the qualities of our enemies: we are civilized. It's what gives us our power.

They will try to destroy us by using hate LARPing as love. Let's show them real love. love of self. love of family. The coming times won't be easy - but we must persevere.

You know what's at stake

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What a pathetic bit of pilpul.

There's a man at my school covered head to foot in rune tattoos. Every time I see him, I nod. I'm not sure he realizes it yet, but he gives me hope.

Just imagine a world where we adopt similiar practices in real life: rather than be completely anonymous, we use subtle signs in the real world to build rapport. To remind the world we still remember who we are and how this game works.

The average person here had the same childhood: all the lies and conditioning, trying to make us believe our blessings were curses. We also fell to our vices: whether it be drugs, porn, etc. And we're getting back up. Thats the mark of a true warrior

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B-but we’re posthuman, and Schlomo calls us the equivalent of the backward ancient culture that spawned him: goyim. Not cattle, but talking cattle!

I've been nearly rear ended 3 times in the past week by dumb fucking middle aged women too busy trying to see if they got more likes on Faceberg to look in front of them. It's ridiculous.

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I bet you have a punchable face and cried a lot as a kid. This is a special kind of faggotry right here.

I also think your heart is in the right place, but it's not just a simple matter of "4 easy steps to build solidarity and win this battle bloodthirsty kikes hate this one weird trick"

It's a step in the right direction, and it takes charismatic leadership to do some of those things right. You don't have charismatic leadership at this point in your life but that doesn't mean you can't have it one day, and I can tell you want to lead. Also you need to consider the different approaches we need to take. For example those contemplating anything banned/illegal needs to hide their power level completely so their actions aren't tied to us and appear to help us only as a coincidence. Where those who command so much respect and charisma and life in such a way that they can't be criticized should be the ones showing off visible symbols, dog whistling, and even openly supporting our causes.

So yes, good advice we should follow but there is no hard and fast rule to how people should follow it and it's going to take that plus a lot more blood sweat and tears for us to win this cultural battle and save ourselves.

Excuse my typos I'm only pretending to be a nigger

I recommend a long walk off of a short pier
Also nice slide thread OP

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Checked. Practice what you preach, Zig Forums.

Go back to 4chan, nu/pol/ mod.


Shit you might be right. I assumed it was just someone young without much life experience but reading it as a low effort slider I can see that too. Doesn't really say anything new and it does read kind of funny.

You want to know how I know you're not from around here?

posted it while waiting for a buddy at the gym. Got around to thinking about how I got off drugs, went back to school, started exercising, meditating, and abstaining from porn and masterbation and public cellphone use just this year. Looking around and lurking on pol, I suspect others are undergoing such trials rn.

I also started realizing how rarely I'd see my brothers interact with each other. We've been so deeply divided that its destroying us. I know we can't change things over night - but the seed needs to be planted.

Universities aren't gonna let students make a white ppl group any time soon, so we'll prolly have to start meeting at, like, anime clubs or something. Eventually, if we send out sufficiently subtle signals, ppl will notice each other and we'll be able to gage our numbers for longer term action.

Do you have any idea what is at stake? There can't be any hope of peaceful revolution when your enemy wants to kill you and is doing everything in his power to see his plan come through. What must happen instead is a change in what we project out into the world. We need at least two paths that user is behind. No specialization, that is for niggers. But two paths. The path of the berserker warrior tribesman and the path of the scholar philosopher politician. The must not under any circumstances coincide in appearance, in action, in involvement but must in principle and actuality accomplish the same goal which is winning this war, by feeding off each other's actions and reactions. Different strokes for different people.

At least, this is my conclusion in what this "movement" desperately needs at this time. A "temporary" not really temporary, as this is how it was all meant to be branching.

Meant to reply to the torpedo. Sage for samefag.