The Chemical is Political

The Chemical is Political

This will be a thread discussing the effects of Chemistry on society. It should focus on the effects of medications, drugs both legal and illegal, toxins and the multitudinous exogenous compounds that exhibit or potentially exhibit psychoactive or pharmacological activity. Other focuses include: the History of Chemistry as it relates to Alchemy, pediatric psychiatry, general chemistry, the petrochemical industry, the international drug trade, "Emergency Chemistry" and other subjects that will likely evolve organically. There will also be a fair amount of discussion regarding pharmacology.

If you do not know much about chemistry, I ask that you lurk for a long time before you post. Do not be ashamed when you don't know something. This is very complicated topic that takes many years of rigorous study to fully comprehend; and we're discovering new things constantly. Fruitful participation in this discussion will require chemistry and pharmacology knowledge. If you have some rudimentary chemistry knowledge making yourself familiar with IUPAC nomenclature is strongly advised.

While discussion of molecular synthesis is allowed, don't be a fucking idiot. Discussion of sourcing for chemicals and reagents is strictly forbidden. Before an individual attempts to synthesize any molecule, be aware of the laws in your locality. In certain areas just possession of ground glassware is a FELONY (you can thank shitty kitchen crank "chemists" for this predicament) and agencies like the DEA will be on your ass. Doesn't matter if all you were doing was making Aspirin (quite simple) they will fuck you and charge you as a clandestine chemist and prison sentences for clandestine manufacture are not short.

Amature chemistry is incredibly rewarding, and as you gain more knowledge there's nothing amature about it. If you follow through on learning the subject, you will be able to make everything from psychiatric medication and soap to gasoline additives to antivirals, antibacterials and pyrotechnics. The only things you need are the right combinations of carbon (and some heteroatoms), energy, time and a controlled environment aka your laboratory.

Also, when discussing a particular molecule, always include it's structural diagram in addition to its name. Chemists don't really actually even use the long and complicated names the chemicals have in common parlance, it's far to cumbersome. Think about it like this, the IUPAC name for a molecule is actually a set of encoded instructions explaining it's orientation in space in addition to its atomic and molecular composition. Very useful for drawing to the molecule, not so much for identification per se.

An example of this is Vitamin B12. I don't know it's chemical name, and don't really care to, but I do need to see a diagram of its structure. Check it out here:

Now with all that out of the way, let's talk.
Impress me, name some of the molecules you can use google.


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What is your thesis here, user?

MDMA, Amphetamine and Flunitrazepam

Oh, the many slide threads.

Oh, you were so close to making a good thread, user. Real shame.

take your pills

The thing is you need to be specific. What do you want to know specifically? What topic do you want more information on?

Redpills on oxytocin from halfchan

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It's Happened

So society has collapsed, congratulations you've somehow survived. Now it's up to you and your buddies to pick up the pieces. How do you survive long enough to rebuild? Surely you didn't think that all you need was some food and hunting equipment… but hey, that's what this thread is for.

One of the first things that you will need when everything collapses is a way to clean things and maintain hygiene… you need soap and disinfectant. So let's discuss what soap is, how soap works and how to make some. Then we will discuss the rudimentary antiseptic we will be making/isolating; it's just ethanol, which can also be used as a fuel.

Soap is pretty basic, it's a long chain of carbon and at the end of it there's a very polar atom, like Sodium (Na). The way you make soap is you heat fat in presence of a caustic alkali, such as Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH)

How about this. Saponification can easily be searched online. We need to discuss things less known that aren't found easily online.

I know plenty about Chemistry. Certainly enough to figure things that I don't know…

Why don't you ask me something?

These are only Red Pills if you nothing about psychopharmacology and neurology. Nothing new to me here.

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We know all about ethanol where I come from.

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Go fuck yourself.

Ok. Starting from clear vinyl gloves how would you approach the synthesis of quaaludes?

Don't drag the DEAniggers in here please.

Or how about, explain why the structure of pyrolytic carbon elucidates its property of diamagnetism?

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Phenmetrazine hydrochloride
–In a SHTF situation, this would be optimal. Maintain electrolyte levels and you can stay awake, alert, yet get restful sleep when the opportunity arises. This is one molecule which deserves resurrection.
A friend recently passed and I was supposed to inherit his glassware among other treasures They never filed his will. Took his cash, gold, silver and most likely shitcanned the rest
RIP you fucking alchemist genius.

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Unfortunately, most of what you would probably be interested in discussing is not appropriate here. There are resources for what you may be talking about… but if you're not cool enough to know where they are, you should probably endeavor to learn more about this subject.

Hell yeah, Moonshiners are fucking great! When the SHTF we will need EthOH (Ethanol) not only is it a fuel, disinfectant and as recreational drug, it can also serve as a pharmaceutical building block.

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Ask me anything and I could be more help to you. Trust me.

I think I remember talking to you last night and earlier today. Hey fren.

Er, well considering that I just had to look up pyrolytic carbon… I don't think that I currently have the knowledge to explain the diamagnetism. Lot's of quantum effects, etc.

Feel free to explain, but it is definitely beyond the scope of basically everybody here.

Oh I bet, and to be sure I will. If this proves interesting enough, I'll dedicate a board to this topic.

PS: I fucking hate pic related.

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If you ever get around to writing the chemistry book for Zig Forumsacks you were talking about in the other thread, I promise you that I would buy it.

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Ok, well a moving electric charge creates an opposing magnetic field, right? Take a look at benzene. You see all of those olefins? ok, Im old school, double bonds. Well these pi bonds are simply electrons bonded 90 degrees from the plane of the molecule. As these electrons circulate the molecule (resonance - VERY important to the understanding of orgo) they create an opposing magnetic field. This magnetic field opposes an induced magnetic field applied to itself. Therefore, when you look at the structure of pyrolytic carbon, the interconnected benzene molecules should make more sense.

Having access to a standard set of glassware as well as a still to purify water how would one go about producing Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) since it has use as a disinfectant as well as for further chemistry?

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mAPM and APM is basically superior in every way. Also dead simple to make. In a true SHTF scenario, everything is on the table. Shame mAPM has such a bad rap. It's incredibly useful when dosed properly.

Pic related, one of my favorite toys. If you can get a hold of one of these puppies, we can do a whole lot.

I quite literally was just walking myself through this explanation. I've read many many old books on chemistry, so I'm good with you using term olefins :)

Unfortunately as I predicted this thread is being nuked.

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In my opinion a rotovap is the last piece of equipment I would want. A solid distillation setup, teflon pump that can get down to, eh ~10 torr? a digital vacuum reader, and hotplate stirrer are incredibly more useful at first. A double walled graham reflux condenser couldn't hurt, as well.


Also, if you are starting off, grab a small cooler, toss in a small aquarium pump, some ice water, some rubber tubing, and you have yourself a recirculating water pump for your setup.

You do realize that making pure hydrogen peroxide is uh… dangerous right? As for making it from pure H2O… I don't think that is possible. I know the process for making H2O2 was created at BASF and it's called the Anthraquinone process. During which the H2O2 is stored in a aqueous phase that is separated and put through fractional distillation. In short, you need an actual lab setup.

Totally understand your sentiment. The other problem with having a rotovap is if you get caught with it… LEO are immediately going to go ham interrogating you about what you use it for.

Excellent trick, but don't forget to include ice, it helps you pull a better vacuum.

This pic could be useful for anons dipping their toes into various extraction techniques.

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I'm not talking about an aspirator. I'm talking about recirculating water for your condenser.

…Good to know, was wanting to know since it's useful for a disinfectant but if I have to worry about getting vanned or leveling my home (or a city block) attempting to produce it; I'll look for alternatives.

I knew somebody would mention this molecule. Very well, I shall discuss N,N' Dimethyltryptamine. It's quite interesting, the entirety of the internet seems to be raving about DMT. Something that basically nobody had ever heard of 25 years ago. Sure, the people involved in "the scene" at certain echelons were well aware of the substance… but very few people were using it recreationally. It can be synthetically manufacture via Total Synthesis, or it can be isolated via an Acid/Base extraction from a variety of plants, most notoriously Mimosa Hostilis. Trace amounts of it are found everywhere as it is a very simple tryptamine for things to biosynthesize. Some have argue that it occurs in the Pineal gland but the evidence is actually inconclusive if you read into it.

Regardless, it's effects are quite interesting. A complete out of body experience, where people interact with… all kinds of "entities" or as in most cases, people just trip absolute balls for about 9 minutes then are like "woooah, the fuck was that!" it's a very jarring experience. It's like Salvia but with way more euphoria and less complete brainfuck.

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what can be used as a cognitive enhancement? or as a supplement to facilitate growth of new brain cells

Might be possible to get it in a much weaker solution from a store and concentrate it on your own. Hydrogen peroxide has a much higher boiling point than water, so you could probably just boil the water off until you get it to the concentration you want. Only problems might be decomposition by light and heat, but doing the boil under a vacuum would let you use a much lower temperature. Don't want to get it too concentrated though, if it precipitates out you're going to have a bad time.

I'm just spitballing, so take that with a grain of salt. Stay safe out there, Space Cowboy.

Oh ok. Well I just thought I would share that piece of helpful advice anyway.

This reminds me… we should probably discuss the different types of glass there are available so somebody doesn't apply direct heat to some soda lime glass and wind up with a royal pain in the ass on their hands.

Ok, how about this. For molecules having conjugated systems of electrons, (such as Vitamin A - those double bonds spaced apart right next to eachother), the ground sates and excited states of the electrons are closer in energy than for nonconjugated systems (double bonds that are not next to eachother). This means that lower energy light is absorbed more easily by conjugated systems than their nonconjugated brothers. The more conjugated a molecule is, the lower energy of light is needed to excite the electrons from the ground state. This is why conjugated systems such as Vitamin A (5 conjugated bonds) look yellow to your eyes. Light is more easily absorbed, reflecting its complementary color back to your eyes. Though a molecule has to have a certain amount of conjugated double bonds (not too many or not enough) to absorb the particular wavelengths of visible light. You can thank this for your OLED screens.

Concentrated hydrogen peroxide is easily attainable. I would not want to be synthesizing a concentrated oxidizer with heat. No thanks. Stick to less explosive materials first, my dude.

Knowing the attitudes of this board… you probably aren't going to like hearing this but Psychedelics my dude. Even compounds in Cannabis have been shown to induce neurogenesis.

A sure fire cognitive enhancement is to microdose d-LSD that is take about 10 to 20 micrograms (as opposed to north of 100ug). One would accomplish this through some for of volumetric dosing, unless you knew somebody who laid blotter at like 10ug a hit… but if you knew where to find that you wouldn't be here!

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I've extracted DMT multiple times over a decade ago when good mimosa hostilis rootbark was attainable. Honestly, it isn't anything to rave about. Short and hard. As I've said before, the otherwordly hum on the comedown is very enjoyable though. What is more interesting to me is the similarity of DMT to tryptamine, serotonin, melatonin, psilocin, and the like.

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You people seem relatively knowledgeable. What might anyone here say about the application of telomerase activators? Any new information on human trials?

OLED and QLEDs aside. Absorb the info for the theory, then its practical application.

I'm strictly organic synthesis oriented. Biochem is not my specialty unfortunately.

I thought microLED was going to be the next commercial application due to the complexity and short lifespan of QLEDs.

I didn't truly understand pushing electrons until I got into graduate level enzymology.

epithalon is still the most interesting. TA-65 is a maybe. There's one study that suggests it works, but there's a lawsuit about it, too. Could be to suppress.

My reason for wanting to know was more akin to how to produce it after the SHTF and all the stores have been looted and the supply on-hand has run out (since producing alcohol from a still takes a while due to needing to first ferment to a decent level THEN to actually begin distilling.). I've always been interested in "starting from scratch" so to speak… being able to take the basic materials and build up…

Hell, all I need is a few pics from different angles and an idea (or vid of the item in action) in action and I can recreate it and if needed (takes longer) can gather the materials without a paper-trail (most people have no fucking clue all the resources that is in the crap they take to the dumpster.)… Just wish I had a place to setup my tools…

I'm self taught. Unfortunately I taught myself mechanisms before MO theory. Once I learned MO theory, it all started to click in my head.

It sounds cool in theory, but I'd be worried about it promoting cancer growth. Anything that would allow cells to divide indefinitely is dangerous, I believe that some cancer treatments target telomerase specifically.

Real Aryan men don’t need chemicals. We chop wood on our homestead, or watch paint dry. That’s why Hitler was straight Edge, and made all drugs illegal in Germany.

That's the one they've successfully used to extend rat lifespan by a quarter, right? Is there trustable evidence yet that it works–or has any effect–in humans? You can buy it in pill form, apparently, but you can buy damn near anything like that.

Lignin my friend. Where do you think potash originally came from? Everything can be reduced to its chemical counterpart.

Prior to the DNA/genetics revolution, biochemical understanding of cancer was that it was primarily a disease of metabolic origin. Genomics then became the source and solution for everything and distracted cancer research. Now that we've figured out so many of the cell cycle control participants and nothing has revealed itself as THE cancer origin, old books are being dusted off and deranged cellular metabolism is being revisited.

Check for it on Library Genesis (28MB pdf)

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When I was studying dyes, I learned and also gained a fascination with chromophores and the effects of quanta on things like bond length and bond stress. I concluded that there must exist sufficiently unstable species such that when they interact with light they could potentially undergo explosive decomposition. It was pretty cool to find out that the USN NRL was doing IR interferometry on a novel highly energetic compound… and when they switched the machine on, the sample detonated; technically speaking. I can't for the life of me find the compound at the moment though… perhaps it's for the better… knowing this place. *sigh*

Absolutely :P

Please understand. While it sounds excellent to be able to "Desert Island" this shit, in learning how to do the "DI" approach you will find out a couple of things. One I shall share with you is this:There are some compounds that you are just not going to be able to make efficiently enough, some precursors are basically always required… it makes things much much easier. This in some cases means having legitimate credentials. That is all I will say on the matter. Other than this also applies to physical equipment as well.

Ehhhh, everything depends on dose.


Not that I'm aware of. It's a peptide (the future of anabolics and cool shit) that directly activates telomerase

You guys know a thing or two about the er.. dynamics of peptide couplers?

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Also I would do that with a shield of some kind, but probably not do it at all. As is quite correct.

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yall niggers posting in a DEA thread.

only small paramagnetic molecules attached to cysteine. It's not really a peptide coupler. Are you interested in the molecular tail on growth hormone releasing peptides?

who wants to talk about something as boring as amphetamine synthesis?

Could you provide a chemical structure? I try and avoid PDFs for OpSec reasons.

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This book and other readings on this subject is the sole reason why I eat keto, now. Don't carry a lot of extra body weight, anons. Keep your blood sugar (and therefore insulin) low. If you ever get diagnosed with cancer, fast for 2-3 weeks like your life depends on it (supported with electrolytes) as you're going to the doctors and shit, and then slowly begin adding fats and some proteins back into your diet. Fast across any chemo treatments. The metabolic hallmark of cancer cells is deranged central metabolism and by starving them of glucose you're making them more vulnerable to your immune system and chemo. Ketones are anti-cancer, also.

Indeed. However being able to "D.I." is as you say gives the capability to obtain things in hostile environments or when there is no other way but I do agree with being able to get things while the infrastructure is there when it comes to things that would otherwise be expensive (time or otherwise non-monetarily) while we can.

Thanks, I'll check it out.

You're not doing much chemistry in a "hostile" environment. Chemistry calls for a thoroughly controlled environment, no swings in temperature, humidity, pressure, etc. Simple reactions can be performed in the rough with crude apparatus. As is well known, one can manufacture mAPM from quite possibly some of the crudest apparatus one can imagine. But that's not always the case. The more ways you have of controlling a reaction the better, that's why you need proper equipment. Everything just works out better. Also think about it, a fully secure lab is an incredibly valuable resource when the shit hits the fan. It's an asset that doesn't just need to be used by you, somebody else with these skills can utilize it as well.

Really? That's fascinating. I'll have to remember this if I am hit with cancer. Which since I have smoked for years could you know, be an unfortunate reality.

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peptide synthesis takes enormous resources. It's not really basement lab stuff, even if you're a biochemist.

Growth hormone releasing peptides and growth hormone releasing hormones are standard things. Ipamorelin and modGRP1-29 are the things you're looking for.

Say you have a machine, Zig Forumsymerase, that makes shoelaces. Copies of shoelaces really, the machine needs a template to work from. There is a problem however, the copies your machine makes are always half a centimeter shorter than the original on one end. Every thing is fine at first its just a little bit of the aglet that gets lost, but as the originals ware out copies of copies of copies are made and eventually you get a copy without any aglet at all. These last shoelaces, lacking an aglet, begin to fray and everything comes apart.
The solution, you can't fix the first machine, though one day we will, is to get another machine, telomerease, that goes and glues little bits of aglet onto the tips of shoelaces that are in danger of fraying. So long as the second machine keeps pace with the first, your shoelaces will stay in good repair.
Every cancer is unique, but there are milestones that every such lineage must reach. It is necessary but not sufficient for a cancerous cell to up regulate telomerase activity to keep pace with the rate at which it divides.
Having more machines of the second type wont give you cancer by itself, but it is a precondition.

So I have an interesting observation that I would like to share with you all that resulted from chemical research. I've been doing it since I was quite young, when my first interests were energetic materials and toxins. During my research into the history behind chemical agents and their prohibition I came across an interesting factoid. A bread crumb of rather confusing information if common narratives are to be believed. It of course surrounds Germany. For those that are unaware, modern Chemistry owes a great deal to the Germans, whose scientists were experimenting with synthesizing dyes in the mid to late 1800's (I may be wrong on the date) and in the early 20th century were researching a class of compounds called organophosphates. They are renowned for their toxicity and are often employed biocides against insects and vermin. The father of these compounds Gerhard Schrader, ended up stumbling across some particularly nasty compounds. These being now classified as nerve agents, of interest are the first three Tabun (1936), Sarin (1938) and Soman (1944). The Germans actually stockpiled Tabun in WWII, starting production in 1942 and producing 12,500 tons by the time the Soviets seized the facilities. Tabun is extremely poisonous, making manufacturing extremely hazardous but those motivated Nazis pulled it off.

So why the fuck would the Nazis choose to use fucking cyanide to kill anybody when they literally had enough of this shit to kill pretty much anything they found themselves up against. It makes no sense. I don't share this information with many other people… but it's out there in plain sight for people to see if they know where to look… and it isn't any place particularly special I think Zig Forums might enjoy that information, particularly.

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I swear on the almighty that if the articles I am talking about get shoa'd, I will be so fucking bullshit. Also this would truly mean that Zig Forums's fear have been near fully realized.

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What are some chemistry things that you think would be valuable to anons?

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Oh no, peptides are quite complex. I am sure somebody will do home synthesis but it's going to be a while.

Fuck off reddit.

Out of curiosity, what are your thoughts on DMT being considered the "spirit molecule?" Is it true that your brain is flooded with DMT right before death? Do you believe that human beings have souls that persist even after the body has died?

Indeed which is half the reason why when the brown smelly stuff hits the horizontal wind-pusher having access to the equipment to be able to produce even basic medicines/antibiotics/chemicals improves the capability of our side.

This is the second part. I know some chemistry, but compared to you and others I don't know shit (and I'll admit it). But being able to provide you and others like you with the tools and other resources to do what you are skilled at will improve what can be accomplished. To put it another way someone might not be the best shot but if they can make sure that the people who can shoot have a steady supply of ammunition it will make up for them not being as good as a marksman.

Dude fuck this gay earth. If I want to extract salicylic acid from aspen bark and make homemade medicine I should be able to. I've always had a fancy for finding out what makes certain plants medicinal or toxic. At least I can still make my decoctions and tinctures I guess.

The answer might be more related to what is easier and cheaper to produce en masse and what has the quickest effect.

Where is this so?

Fuck you, dude. There's some pretty interesting information here.

DMT is pretty interesting. It certainly does modulate reality for the person who's ingested it. To an observer the person is just… really fucking out of it. Then they come back after 6-10 minutes if it's smoked. If it is being actively supplied into your blood blood stream… you can fry your ass off indefinitely. For example, you are hooked up to an IV and put on a saline drip and you inject DMT into the saline. A big time dealer and informant used to do this for kicks. Now, for me, that's something I can say is truly on a different fucking level and whoever decides to do that more than once is a fucking nutcase. This dude did it all the time, in a fucking infusion center. At any rate, the status of your consciousness at death is highly dependent on the neurochemicals coursing through your brain, just like any other time. So I don't think you're going to get the DMT trip at death if say, a bullet rips through your cranium. Death simply happens to fast for anything neurochemical to happen, in that instance or others like it.

Also I hate to break it to you, but the scientific evidence for endogenous DMT in the brain is actually not there. Unless we are willing to throw medical ethics aside (in which case my more nefarious interests would likely intensely profitable) we can't take a sample of neurochemicals from a living person. Such a procedure would be quite invasive as evolution has made access to the brain rather difficult. Reflecting on stuff like this, that is the neurohumoral consistency of the brain and states of mind, makes me really value sobriety more and more. These reflections have also lead me to construct a pharmaco-neurological model of society. It's entirely conjecture so I don't really want to get into right here but I am sure somebody would find it interesting, though perhaps naive but I digress.

What happens at death is a paradox to me… I view it as something that I can't possibly experience, if the materialistic view of the world is to be assumed. I'm fucking dead yo, I can't experience shit. Yet it's not that simple because Psychedelics do unequivocally show you the Beyond that is found both Within and Around. We are 3.9999999999… dimensional beings moving through a 4th dimensional manifold, psychedelics literally allow you to sense the energetic fractal nature of reality. So, as to your question do we have souls, I would say we absolutely possess an inner energy that is our essence and that it actually comes from somewhere beyond. I think that the nervous system is actually a "quantum" device that receives and generates energy. It is an expression of the universe examining itself, as it were. I will be astonished if there isn't something after here… matter of fact I am confident that we are being judged. I am however Schizophrenic, so I might just be crazy. The picture of the nervous system looks like a very sophisticated antenna to me. Like I said though, I am crazy.

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&JoeP wuz here…

Well it’s a damn good thing my dorm Officer didn’t narc on me when my round bottom, condenser, and distillation apparatti were out. That or she didn’t know what it was.

I recognize you. You are hilariously naive regarding metaphysics, OP, but I salute you for your chemistry expertise and following through in creating this thread. Carry on.

In my personal experience, people typically aren't very suspicious of laboratory equipment unless it's in use. Not many people know the difference between a boiling flask, an RBF and an Erlenmeyer. As long as there's nothing… chemistry looking going on people usually mind their business. It's when things start smelling bad, there's weird smoke or vapor, etc that people become suspicious. Oh, and they become suspicious quite fast.

All that being said… whenever I have had to move my equipment, I have done it very surreptitiously. Trust me, it's just something that you don't want many people to know about, especially neighbors. Our society has become so litigious, prying and unscrupulous that just buying some acetone and drain cleaner in the same day on the same card could theoretically trigger an investigation, though in practice I doubt "they" are that coordinated. However, they could be if they so choose. Pic related, if the fed think they can squeeze enough money or assets out of you, they'll just make shit up and use the war on drugs as a vehicle to crush all of your civil rights. I seriously don't understand how this can't put a massive hair across Zig Forums's ass.

Attached: AssetForfiture.jpg (1200x725, 79.02K) is good for preserving online articles

So far all I had done with it at that time was extracting oil from the local roses for my then gf. Still, just what I have is enough to get some shit done for more nefarious purposes, if the dea is to be believed.

Did you not read this?

You will find I am open to the discussion, however within the bounds of neurological and pharmacological possibility. I have first hand experienced telepathy a number of times. Including one time where I had to use it offensively. The subject of the attack was never the same, quite fascinating really.

I have found that almost all of the works surrounding metaphysics to be intentionally verbose bloviating manuscripts of indeterminate intellectual worth. I have never had a practitioner of the esoteric arts reveal anything of serious significance about the world, myself or anything at all, to me. At this point in my life, I make it my mission to really freak such people out. It can typically be done through nothing more than a reading of body language. Something that very very few people are actually good at. Also another skill that can be trained. I can tell if somebody is in emotional extremus under 3 layers of clothing, facing the opposite direction from about 5 meters. It's incredibly difficult to deceive me, if you can lie to me you're in the top 15% of deceivers, statistically. It took many hours of practice memorizing various postures and muscle anatomy, especially of the face. This was another red pill in my opinion, learning how to spot deceit. I see all these people who claim this and that about the occult or metaphysics, they're lying. Constantly. It's there clear as day if you know what to look for… and what to listen for. It is quite easy to manipulate people with cadence.

Also as I said in the other thread, metaphysics isn't going to make you medicine, soap or fuel among many many other things. The study of metaphysics can only be justified in a robust civilization. When it's down to nail, tooth and claw… or when the bullets start flying, all that metaphysics shit evaporates.

I'm aware… but still.

Yeah, just what you have is enough to get you in trouble. Anything related to distillation, et al gives them a hard on.

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Great thread.
One does not get an understanding of genetics without at least intermediate chemistry.

Oh indeed… been digging through my HD to find the plans I got off of here a while ago about making your own clean-room so I could post them but I got way too much crap and can't seem to find it. You can go many ways with this skill set healing, killing or building. If you go the way of bio-chemistry you could figure out how to get access to CRISPR and make some really fucked up things that can kill lots of people in different ways while making sure the people you don't want affected don't get harmed. The route I'd focus on would be production of various medical supplies for /ourguys/… I'll leave the making of weapons to someone more skilled… weapons that can target say… anyone of middle-east (a.k.a shithole) descent which includes (((them))). I'd find it kinda ironic denying them (((their))) holocaust and have them choke to death on the fluids filling their lungs… a kind of "fuck you" to them and their false god.

While I understand your motivations. This is not advisable nor practical. The problem with this kind of genetic warfare is that it will likely culminate in a sickness, disease, disorder that would affect the entire H. Sapiens genus not just specific undesirable populations. I know enough about genetics to know that that life finds a way, and what you are talking about is creating a molecule that thinks. For foreseeable future, until we get far more computing power, this is impossible. That doesn't mean that it will never happen though. This is the entire danger of genetic engineering. Mankind can barely control the Nuclear power discovered in the previous century. I shudder to think what he will do with genetic technology. Remember the fucking Krogans from Mass Effect, how their entire race was practically sterilized during a war with another alien species? Yeah… that doesn't even begin to touch mankind's malefic creativity.

I'd rather be hit by a nuclear weapon any day.

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Indeed. Medicine also has some serious red pills as well. Such as the fact that you can't do a bone marrow transplant across races, there are other but I can't think of them right now.

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Fair enough. Ultimately I think it's important to not fall prey to false dichotomies. Take e.g. the dark-masonic, satanic elites for example: ipso facto metaphysically oriented, but also, of course, using drugs and pharmaceuticals for ritual work, witchcraft etc. Are you a bit familiar with shamanism, did you read e.g. Carlos Castaneda (a trickster, yes)?

Interesting. Yes, powers like this do indeed exist.

There are frauds, of course, as in every other domain, but the main difficulty simply is that it is very, very difficult to verbalize supra-rational concepts and experiences. I mean, try to describe a LSD trip to someone who never even smoked a joint. Impossible.

Fine with me, an authentic and seasoned practitioner won't get spooked by that.

To be frank, you cannot be sure of that as long as you don't know how many DID manage to deceive you (i.e. differentiating between type I and II errors). I agree, though, that it is definitely a learnable skill.

Do you sufficiently differentiate between purposeful lying and mere self-deception?

Of course not, and it would be ridiculous to assert the contrary.

Yes and no. No, because metaphysics ultimately define what the bullets are flying for in the first place (if we are not talking about mere ressource conflicts).

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This forum is at least two years away from being able to sustain this topic seriously. It still has antisemites! I do not mean to clutch my pearls here, but good God! What can drive someone to such a depth of failure that reticent charisma of Judaism could be the greatest enemy they could bear to face? As though there is nothing greater in some people's minds than Jews, and no more worthy ruler!

The enemy you choose rules your lives far more surely than any other being!

Chemistry is neat but antisemites are too unwise to do anything with it but explode. Go on, prove your defiance by exploding. That's defiance, right? Ruining your life in hopeless contest to no particular gain?


Biochem fag here. I work in a totally different field so I don't have access to the lab anymore, but still knowledgable. Your idea about CRISPR targeting for super-bioweapons is a bit fantastical to be honest, but you're not the first person to suggest it. It's certainly not impossible, but I don't see anyone doing such a thing in their basement.

What I am wondering is that in terms of basic skills, what are some practical and useful skills ? Making basic antibiotics is trivially easy but could be incredibly useful in a number of situations depending on where all of this goes.

I like the idea of home chemistry but I just have no idea what to DO with it and so abandon it for other household projects. Soap seems like a cool project but that seems like I'd need pretty substantial lab space. There's all kinds of metal extractions you can do that are pretty cool but I'd have no idea what to do with the metal.

In terms of 'home projects' this guy is pretty good: h ttps://
Some of it's just goofy fun kid stuff but if you sift through it some of it's pretty practical/useful.

How did you even end up here ?

This is why we fight. All Jews must burn. Either here or in Sheol.

Got any resources for that? If shit really did hit the fan, I would think that being able to produce antibiotics and quality fertilizer would be incredibly useful. I don't know if there's a DIY Bosch-Haber though, they all seem to need decently expensive catalysts.

It all depends on what you want to accomplish. The rabbit hole runs extremely deep. If you could be more specific I could definitely help you out in the quest for more knowledge on the subject. That is, pertaining to organic synthesis and the quantum behavior that leads to repeatable and predictable reactions.

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are they trying to create a philosopher's stone?

Thanks for this thread. I flunked chemistry and focused on IT and I am a sysadmin but I know I need this knowledge to survive after it all collapses. What would be your 101 for an non like me with no chemistry background who just wants to know how to enough basic stuff to keep his family alive when civilization is in ruins

Its hard to progress in basic orgo without a grasp on the core concepts. If you truly want to start digging, this is the book that started my journey over a decade ago.

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chemanon, would you happen to have an idea what components modern gunpowder such as h335 is made from?

Is it proprietary? Usually smokeless gunpowder consists mostly of nitrated cellulose – sulfuric acid mixed with nitric acid forms the nitronium ion which adds to the hydroxyl groups on the cellulose 'nitrating' them – with stabilizers and fillers.

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This should answer you question better.

another question, how might one go about purifying lead-contaminated sulfuric acid such as that found in batteries?

Depends what you want to use it for. Sulfuric acid can be found cheap and pure online. In the states, that is.