Is national socialism dead? How do you convince a public that it is a viable choice...

Is national socialism dead? How do you convince a public that it is a viable choice? Everyone has been brainwashed and we are mostly young men, relatively isolated, with slightly above average to highly above average iqs. The only NS movement I know of is the golden dawn in Greece and they are smart enough to not use the label of NS. And they have an economic crisis like Germany had. The standard of living in the west is too high for the masses to buy into these ideas. Rockwell tried when whites were more racially aware and he couldn't do anything (God bless him though).

Should we publically call ourselves national socialists? If not, what should we call ourselves?

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National Socialism is an idea.

national socialism is kiked from the core

National Socialism has been repackaged to enhance diversity and likability. Now we call it National Bolshevism.


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In the US? Yes. Elsewhere? No. Check out the Nordic Resistance Movement and der Dritte Weg, or Azov

In the USA- the biggest thing to overcome: "Oh, so you're a nazi."
People don't want a history lesson. People don't even know their history.
At the same time, in present 2018 USA, the public distrusts the media moreso than any other time in at least the past 50 years and is at least exposed to the concept of FAKE NEWS.

Idea: Stop apologizing for anything bad or even "perceived" bad that National Socialists have ever done. The Holocaust Never Happened. Anything negative spread by kike media is just that- Fake News and slander due to literal media kikes being afraid of National Socialism thus all the Fake News and current "REEEE Punch A Nazi" circlejerk.

National Socialism will never die, user.


I've been advocating it and had good reception. So no. People do have a bad perception of it, but they're willing to listen.

missed the first post, jew

National Socialism is good, problem is that is 99% of NatSocs are federal informants and spies.

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Yes, it's dead, and fetishizing a dead movement, larping like it was the greatest thing ever, is a waste of time. Just another debt-backed economy primed for collapse. It's not a viable economic system, at least not the German variety, the Italian flavor was more like intense government control over a small number of things.
But philosophically speaking, it is invalid. Move on. I swear, I actually wish the Germans won WWII so then we could all see it fail for ourselves.

Nope. You're a kike.

Another kike.

OP you were convinced. As were all of us. I have a friend who when we started really talking politics admitted to me that he was natsoc and would never tell normal people this cause they couldn't understand. He had never heard of 8ch before and he only used 4chan a few times years ago. He figured it out through his own research.

So the very simple truth is we are all living proof Nat Soc isn't dead and all proof that brainwashed humans can overcome and learn the truth.

Nationalism is already halfway to Nat Soc and the globe is currently undergoing a paradigm shift toward Nationalism. A significant portion of the population calls themselves socialist already.

I would argue that the masses are nat soc and have always been nat soc and were encouraged to forget it.

Today is the strongest Nat Soc has been since WW2.
So to be honest I have no idea what the fuck you are talking about.

If you must have branding explained to you call yourself a Nationalist and realize the governments around you are already socialism on heroin.

Shockingly profound.

Look at this kike unironically thinking, wanna know how I know your either a newfag or a jew?
Simple really national socialism was not an economic term.

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How can one kill an idea?

If it was, you kikes wouldn't keep this shit up.

Ideas cannot die they merely wait in the shadows until returned back into the light. And to answer your question (((JIDF))) its so simple you've been studying it for years, and are merely on this website to see if anyone has figured it out. Confidence and pride mixed together make amazing propaganda and leadership weapons of debate, mental testing, and instillment of one's heart. Adolf Hitler writes in his book that he wrote during his time in prison for his coup, and while a free man, that he was worried he wouldn't have the voice to lead his people yet gave his speech anyway to tens of thousands of people. How did he exactly lead his people and sway their hearts from the cage of ignorance and bliss? Confidence. Confidence being that no German Mann, Frau, or Kinder in the German Reich had other than him.

You may speak up and say, "Mr.user Mr.user b-but the Communist!" These (((Communist))) were not German, nor were the Bolsheviks who killed poor Ivans entire family, or the same ones who starved millions upon millions of subhuman chinese men. All of these (((revolutionaries))) and (((politicians))) all had connects to Jewish bankers, Jewish men of power, or were in fact Jews themselves. Fun fact, before you say Hitler pushed for the extermination of das Juden research the Haavara treaty of 1933. It tells of when Hitler rose to power he signed a treaty with the Zionist leaders of Germany of promising them Palestine, free shipping over there, and to back their own currency+state of government. This idea was not invented by Hitler however due to Wilhelm the Second (may he rest in peace) including this idea earlier in history, but the outcome stayed the same. (((They))) wanted war and (((they))) planned the destruction of Europa for centuries, this treaty was instantly backhanded by the infiltrated United Kingdom and once the war had started waddya know all those peaceful (((Jewish))) subhumans happened to be ready to leave the country with their money, necessities, and a majority of them fled to the Swiss alps and or bigger countries like America and Russia. The Russian part didn't go so well however as Stalin wasn't the puppet of choice and a lot of them were slaughtered on their way.

Back on track, Hitler further used his confidence in such situations as the Sudetenland Crisis and the German-Austrian Anchluss agreement. Not only did he secure the whole "peace in our time" with Neville Chamberlin, but he persuaded ENTIRE races to join him in his fight against (((Internationale Juden))). Slovakia set up as a puppet state, Hungary returned land from unwarranted dismantlement, Austrian acceptance of annexation, in fact it seems as if Hitler more so united Europe than divided it. Anyway, you see the point, confidence instills pride, pride instills loyalty, loyalty instills dedication, dedication is manhood, and manhood is freedom. Start groups, mass organize, spread propaganda, if called a Nazi accept it, get News coverage, hell get enough so that you can display your message to the world but remember the key. Confidence. Alexander the Great, Ivan the Terrible, Charlamange, all these men had confidence and so much so that it followed down the list. Underground is no longer an option, Italy, Germany, France, Britain, America, they're all a bunch of matches waiting for the flames of a new era to blossom. We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children. Gas the kikes race war now anons, and once the wheels of fate start turning a lot of kikes and their brainless zogbots need gunning.

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National Socialism never dies, not as long as there is still human life and competent brains to comprehend and realize its ideals.

I shall stand in for it.

Discuss the ideas, not the label, jews use labels to spread their poison. You would be surprised how many people are actually more receptive to the ideas of Nat socialism without knowing that it is natural socialism.

Yeah, like "nazi".

>And to answer your question (((JIDF))) its so simple you've been studying it for years, and are merely on this website to see if anyone has figured it out.

I'm a national socialist white and proud. I'm asking questions realistically. If that makes me a kike no wonder we are all afraid to mobilize and act. Everyone is a fucking kike apparently.

National Socialism is based upon eternal principles, and therefore, in some form, is eternal itself.

Especially that nigger spacing (((schlomo)))

By not spending your time talking about shit like Jewish group evolutionary strategies or the holocaust. People don't give a fuck

National Socialism was specific to 1920s and 1930s Germany. It takes a little information from Darwin and Mendel but the world has moved on since then. The Jews are not as powerful as they once were. Other threats have emerged to take their place. National Socialism needs to evolve.

I keep saying this here; if you had a cyst of tapeworms in your liver and it was getting bigger and bigger as the parasitic worms multiplied rapidly and you could feel that death was approaching as the cyst became more and more likely to burst inside you, would wearing a dashing comic opera uniform, or marching around to oompapa bands or waving big red banners at night rallies do anything to save you from that growing cyst of tapeworms in your liver?

I think not.

I think at that point you have to start using your head and sit down and really figure out just what it is you're going to have to do to remove those filthy worms from your guts.

I want to believe (((they))) are not as powerful as they once were but that's simply not true.

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You don't understand National Socialism. In which way does it need to evolve?

Shut the fuck you defeatist faggot I hope you burn and suffer a worst fate than death itself.

It needs to evolve beyond the Jew.

National Socialism isn't about Jews.

I concur. They're not only more powerful than ever, they're more informed, more experienced and more organized than ever. Their think tanks are constantly studying all problems for full spectrum response. They're on the eve of a murderous world triumph unheard of in human history. The Cebrowsky Plan as proselytized by Thomas Barnett is wreaking immense havoc throughout the world, even in the western civilization heartlands, and so far only the genius and patriotism of Baschar Assad and the Egyptian Army officer corps has been able to stand up to it.

In Mein Kampf, Hitler invoked God on many occasions to back up his arguments. This is lazy and, in a world with cheap and fast DNA testing, stupid as well. Might makes right is the only argument needed, and there is no need to argue it, as the triumph of the mighty and the destruction of the weak can be seen by all.

Call it fascism and explain the actual thoughts behind it. People will agree since fascism is an attempt to create a system in tune with European nature. Virtue, honor, companionship, but most importantly hierarchy.


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Yea I fucking hope you go back to cuckchan you retarded (((kike))) mods can you fucking ban this faggot please

You have no understanding of National Socialism. Please paraphrase for me, what you think National Socialism is.

Should the Jew, with the aid of his Marxist creed, triumph over the people of this world, his Crown will be the funeral wreath of mankind, and this planet will once again follow its orbit through ether, without any human life on its surface, as it did millions of years ago. And so I believe to-day that my conduct is in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator. In standing guard against the Jew I am defending the handiwork of the Lord.

Hitler, Adolf. Mein Kampf (p. 38). Kindle Edition.

From the year I have spent on this board, it appears to revolve mostly around killing Jews.

Jews are parasites, not contributing to the society they're living in.

I'm not a defeatist. I am stating the kikes are a powerful enemy. They have gotten stronger ever since the end of WW2.

What I am trying to say is, (((they))) are an extremely powerful enemy which has no problem mass murdering whites or anyone else they see as an enemy. I am merely looking at reality and how much is control by (((them))). Of course, the right wing rallies and protests in Europe would make Hitler proud and should be motivation for improving yourself, your country, and the world.

The world we live in is a dark one but there are beacons of hope. Live in reality and not in a fantasy world; Accept it for what it is but also strive to change it.

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Yes and is later revised in updated copies in the original German version once risen to power, and Hitler himself states that Chrisitanity is merely a tool of political aspect and sees to rid of it and replace it with a new religion, that religion being the ideals of Nationalist Socialism so ultimately being a philosophy that is followed religiously. Lurk moar you fucking autistic spastic I have the mein kamp books on my shelf you (((Kindle))) nigger

I've always said Hitler's only defeat was to underestimate jewish power overboard aka internationally.

What are the ideals of Nationalist Socialism then?

I don't think "might makes right".

I think intelligence obviously triumphs over right so you're going to have to rephrase or rethink that aphorism.

I meant, intelligence obviously triumphs over might…

>Soros university is removed from Hungary and relocated to (((Vienna))) due to government inclusion
Its a slow process but the wheels are being turned and there is nothing (((they))) can do to stop it. We push the wheels forward not let them stay idle.

Yes. Might is more nuanced than just brute strength.

We are living in a new era man.

Germans are sort of like Russians in this way. Tolstoy puzzled over the audacity of little England and the way it threw its weight around. He could never quite figure out how the City of London was pulling all the strings around the world…and it's pretty obvious that Hitler never really understood that either. He kept thinking he could be friends or allies with them.

Get a load of this guy.

So define this nuanced might then.

Don't stop until every last kike is in prison or dead.

We are living in a new era. I can see the sun rising.

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truth hurts

Wrong. First off, Hitler's conception of God can essentially be replaced with the word "Providence", as to him the will of nature and the will of God were the same. Nature can also be understood as the laws of cause and effect. The anti-Jewishness aspect, is only important because Jews are antithetical to the principles of National Socialism. National Socialism is always based upon growing what is good in a people, and diminishing what is bad.

It is knowing where, when, how etc. to strike and then striking with all of one's power when that time arises. I don't know if it can be taught, except by observation. It needs practice most of all. I do not claim to know it. The other half is of course collapsing back into nothing so that the counter strike has nowhere to hit.

Adolf took his conception from nature.

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Well you make a medicine to cure a specific disease. Tapeworms for example; praziquantel (Biltricide) albendazole (Albenza)…

Now let's look at how jewish power works. Bankers in London and New York hand over mountains of cash to Trotsky, Lenin, and now Israel. Look at the Beltway, with all those think tanks, look at Mossad. They do make mistakes, they do fall flat on their faces from time to time.

They need to be closely studied.

There are courageous men at the forefront of this study;

Chris Bollyn and Theirry Meyssan at Voltaire Network.

And there's us. And yes half chan too. We can still drive the news cycle up to a point. We proved that in 2016. We might be able to do it again.

Good job repeating what I said.

Right. Are some deceases right because it's just natural? Ffs.

Yes it got murdered by the AutKike
By trying the concerns of National Socialism to that of the public
lol, Front National is more NatSoc than them

Sorry, didn't mean that, I just agreed.



You're a retard if you say that FN in more Ns than them.. come on


If the Jews stood between the people and their growth then the laws of nature dictate that there must be war. This is obvious. The same could be said for the Slavs.

Is it possible for the people to grow without taking from another people?

Yes. The answer for that is self-evident.
What are you trying to imply?

Isn't japan teaching children mein kampf now?

Perhaps Hitler underestimated the determination of the Jews.

Not at all. Are you just throwing shit at the wall and hoping it sticks?

Not at all. Are you just throwing shit at the wall and hoping it sticks? Accidentally didn't link post

I am not stating that you are wrong that they are false, but why are they struggling to defeat a bunch of neets instead of shutting us down when Zig Forums wasn't that popular?
Was it arrogance?

Why would I do that?

And no. I am trying to work out why we post in the shadows while Marxists advertise openly.

Because the time hasn't came, and they hold the power. If you feel that you are suited for it, you should start a movement. Mein Kampf is the best guide on how to grow a movement. I would gladly join if you proved a worthy leader.

Because (((they))) underestimated Zig Forums. Arrogance? Most likely. They think rule everything but and
shows they are losing their grip and they know it. Why do you think the (((media))) makes such a big deal over Poland having their independence day celebrations and are terrified of whites being proud of who they are?

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So how the fuck does that equal 'right'? Where is the moral argument here.

Defining another persons statement makes you look silly, especially when what you say has no relevance to what was asked. I'm not asking what cards we may hold and how to play them but how might is being equated to morality.

Might cannot equal right. Otherwise these Jews and globalists would be right and we'd be a pack of immoral whiners. I thought you were going to take the direction of might equaling 'fitness' or effectiveness. 'That which is mighty is that which is best suited to carry out the task.' In that context you two might have had half a thought. Instead I get two off topic rambles who's only relevant distillable point is "Power = good" which is basically moral subjectivity and is degenerate as fuck.
There is an objective morality, beating everyone into submission doesn't make you right about anything. It just gives you control until a better system, tougher thug, or a subtler spider comes by.

I suspect you both misunderstood what I was asking. How does might equal right? And what is this might that equals right if it isn't just brute strength and includes intelligence?

In is your yes is in agreement with the previous posters statement of "I don't think might equals right"? or is it a yes to the general thrust of his point being that intelligence triumphs over might? Cause your follow up sentence is pointless or offering a counterpoint in defense of might, and I can't tell which so I'm confused.

I don't know anything about that, but it'd be cool if true.

This is an observation and in no way means it is written in stone or even matters. From my observation, white men have become increasingly browbeaten. Don’t lose your humanity to a propaganda hate machine. Don’t turn your backs on your women. Remember, they are living this reality too. Don’t lose faith for it is always darkest before the dawn. There is hope, even in the worst of circumstances. True National Socialism will never die. Embrace your masculinity. Embrace your violence but use it wisely. Embrace your brothers! It is a way of life. Never forget where you came from.

Hitler's "Weltanschauung" cannot exist anymore, because it was build on the idea of clean racial bloodlines. Even back then it was an almost impossible feat to achieve, but 70 years later and the human bloodlines were so deluded by jewish crimes committed against them that a segregation process is just not feasible anymore. On top of that the Natsoc image was so viciously dragged through the mud that cleaning it up for further use is a waste of time, better spend on using the core values for a new movement. Lastly it was Hitlers "Weltanschauung", it died with him…make your own.

I will be ready user. Will you?

Prepare yourselves

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No, it's our natural state. Otherwise it wouldn't be fought by our enemies.

Normies have a very limited knowledge about what National Socialism intales. All that is required is rebranding, and an unapologetic stance towards anyone who would screech nadzee.
The more European nations get diluted with mud, the more normies will become receptive to the ideals of "National Socialism".

I personally identify with the ideology simply because it puts your own people above all else. Don't walk around claiming you're a natsoc. Identify with a current political party if it lines up with your own ideals. This could take many forms, depending on the nation. But the sad reality is that 95% of people are brainwashed and will have nothing but contempt for you if you proclaim to be a nadzee.

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Segregation can still exist. Not even Germany was pure nor did it need to be. Shut the fuck up faggot. There's nothing that will make free thinkers want to have their people mix with niggers. The lemmings will simply follow a paradigm. Nay-sayers are jews.

Try again oven dodger

It's the theory of evolution applied to include mankind.

Don't put labels on yourself. Say the truth without compromise and bring down the house of cards. There is no label you can put upon truth. If you gravitate towards national socialism, that is because it is an ideology closer to the truth than anything else you see around to day. You don't like national socialism for national socialism. You like national socialism because it is truthful and you like truth, as a healthy human being. Any other line of thinking and you might as well be a (((communist))) acting upon fee fees, schizophrenia and the like.

There's an excellent quote from Rudolf Hoess in Commandant of Auschwitz, the part that he wrote, not the parts that the kikes filled in after he was executed of why he was taken by National Socialism, I wish to hell I could find it. Something about blood and soil it was very moving really.

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I agree. But I said "Don't walk around claiming you're a natsoc". And when things come down to it, you must find or create a political party that expresses your own ideals. If not you are a lonely stranded individual with no real chance to change your own nation, exactly what jews want for you.
I don't go around calling myself anything other than a truth-seeker when discussing political matters with random people I dont know.

I wasn't primarily talking about segregation of invaders and undesirables, but the ones that already took roots into other races. 70 years and counting of unchecked racial deluding have created generations of mongrels, who spread out in all directions, while also creating traits and sicknesses never seen before. Even if the jews are done with, the undesirables kicked out, a clean pair of healthy, unmixed bloodlines found, a state controlled breading institution created, the public re-educated to the dogmas of race, blood and health…there is just too much damage been done to the entire soup to make it wholesome anymore. Also nature itself was so severely destroyed that a healthy environment to grow up in constant jeopardy. Maybe starting a fresh with the Amish as a base could work, but I just don't see it happening.


Ok but seriously, assuming this is true, that there is nothing that can be done to maintain "absolute purity" which to me is a stupid idea to begin with what does this change about national socialism?

By skirting around the term "National Socialism". The ideas are great and the history is nothing to be ashamed of but there's an ongoing 85-year propaganda war against NS so some distance for the sake of avoiding the baggage is prudent when re-introducing the ideas - however, presenting anything except the unvarnished truth runs the risk of becoming an exercise in self-defeat. I would say that the efforts of would-be NS political leaders should be working on alternative infrastructure and preparing people for when the other shoe drops. I'm not saying "spend all of your money on guns, canned goods and liquor for your bunker and make plans to take over the state capitol for when you get the chance", I'm saying to learn useful skills, soft-peddle NS to receptive audiences and get involved with your community - HIDING YOUR FUCKING POWER LEVEL THE WHOLE TIME.

Attaching a political label to yourself in public is a horrible idea, much less when that label is literally illegal in most of the first world.