A propaganda image placed online by the British group suggests Prince Harry is a "race traitor" and should be shot

A propaganda image placed online by the British group suggests Prince Harry is a "race traitor" and should be shot.
Private messages between members show the leader stating that police officers should be raped and killed.
Evidence suggests the leader is Andrew Dymock, 21. He denies wrongdoing.
The BBC has seen evidence he set up the new British group known as the Sonnenkrieg Division.
Mr Dymock, who is originally from Bath and whose father is a dentistry professor, has been studying at university in Wales.
A key propagandist - responsible for designing extremist material - is said to be Oskar Koczorowski from west London, is 17 years old.
A further image, showing a female hanging from a noose, states that white women who date non-white men should be killed.

yeah, these fucking edgy kids are telling you to murder people and reed seej, the absolute state of the kindergarted division, was IronMarch all just edgy teenagers in skull masks and camo? hahahahahha

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a dumb pollack roleplays as a british neonazi, the absolut state

His semite granny-in law is the cause of it, she should be the one shot.

History will turns full circle with Ashkenazis villifying neo-nazis. Then Indo-Europeans will soon win a war against any certain kiked country, play the victim card and manufacture a holocaust fraud in our favor, get our own entire ethno-state to ourselves, and cuck the dumbest empire on the planet. For decades we'll decry the ethnic cleansing of Aryan blood as we purge the shitskin region that belongs to us by Ahura Mazda's decree. When the world cries about our violence, we'll respond with "loxism" and "anti-white". We'll dodge the subject in the UN with "where are your whites"? BRB setting up the hoax table everybody will debunk but then believe we were gassed with sometimes water showers. I think I have a lampshade, some shrunken heads and soap around here somewhere.

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I saw threads about this on 4/pol/, is there a smear campaign going on? Just after the events in France? Seems fishy.

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GCHQ shitskins are getting sloppy. Also go back to your shitty blog moarpheus.

if you use discord you deserve everything coming to you

Is discord still a thing? Is IRC too fucking hard for NPCs?

The Royal Family is dead for all intents and purposes.

Would you rather have a modern day Martel who's completely unaffiliated with the royals become the king, or somebody from the British Family be king because tradition?

Well if you go the royalist route then you're going to need a legitimate heir and that means a Stuart; these Saxe-Coburg-Gotha-Guelphs are undoubtedly crypto jew traitors and obvious usurpers.

Ditto for France. You want a real Valois not a Bourbon. Bourbons are stupid idle ass backward losers who bring nothing to the table.


Just its funnu that underage faggots call for terrorism, while being pussies IRL

…this is pretty much what /b/ was
What's funny is the BBC labelling them anything but teens kidding around. "Propagandists" lmao.
Go back to tumblr


A BBC researcher has been able to obtain hundreds of messages sent by several extremists over several months on an online gaming server.

The messages show neo-Nazis from Europe and the US - hiding behind pseudonyms - engaging in racism and misogyny, glorifying violence and cruelty, and discussing the production of propaganda.

Warning: One of their violent images is displayed below.

The chat logs include senior members of the Atomwaffen Division, a nihilistic American organisation that encourages terrorism and says civilisation needs to be smashed in order to build a national socialist state.


1 : the fags posted their name online


2 : the discord admins shared the IPs with the journalist which WITHOUT A FUCKING WARRANT GOT HELP FROM THE POLICE

Based Anglo!

goona be tough to do any of those things while the heebs own all the media channels

Impressive. I always knew racist was something you could be. I never knew racism was something you could do.

Please post their "violent image." Is it a negro being lynched or a screenshot where someone typed "don't be a faggot" ?

>>>Zig Forums
Whichever shit hole you came from, return there immediately.

Because the BBC is MI5 and all other spook organizations combined and they have legions of hackers working for them, the media reports are a cover story for their spook operations

Good thing he's not even royal.

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additionally, reported for being a alt kike faggot and making extremely low effort, poorly formatted slide threads.

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I guess engaging in soggy knees is when you bukkake her and she kneels in it.

So the people spreading those shitty edgy "blood-splattered" red and black posters are a bunch of teenagers? Color me surprised. Still, why are british news outlets allowed to doxxxxxxxxxx a minor over wrongthink?

These people only pretend to read SIEGE.
The whole point of SEEJ was not to do what they did.
The absolute idiots.

They went to his fucking house and took a picture of him. Not only doxxing but intimidation.

There are a lot of things said in Siege, the contents spans decades. Some of the things are self-conflicting. There isn't really a "whole point" other than "the entire system is against us, there can be no political reform, the enemy has already won and we are under occupation".
Postering isn't opposed to the cell-based/lone-wolf activism that Siege advocates

Sure feels cuckchan in here.

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Yea they want to free Breivik too, not shilling Sonnenkrieg, thats actually the 09A cunts. OP is still a faggot hobbyist who thinks white genocide is a game.

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sounds like "a polack and a daftie met in a bar…" joke.

>A BBC researcher has been able to obtain hundreds of messages sent by several extremists over several months on an online gaming server.
>gaming server
Such audacity to call it "propaganda" when propaganda is all the BBC puts out 24/7.
remember goy, memes are terrorism!

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yees go… guys, this is exactly what Hitler wanted. Why don't you join these guys and objectify women instead of valuing them as an important part of the Volkskörper.
And while at it you might want to aimlessly kill people instead of building a healthy movement which focuses on building a community.
The edgier you are the more you are a nazi… heehehehe

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Larpers confirmed.

Now you might understand the last 10-15 years where the only immigrants the Anglos have been trained to object to and want removed are the Eastern Europeans (oh not forgetting oy vey Da Moozlims), while simultaneously stating that our blacks and indians are just like us.

Anyone claiming to be white who venerates jewish terrorists like breivik need to be shot

I know user

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No, people who promote communists as allies because they oppose Israel need to be shot, especially the ones who do that after dismissing a pro-white psyop and going about as if thats not a thing that can happen.

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For the record, Jewish communism is a bigger threat than Jewish zionism, even if both are cancer. Zionism isnt the one teaching white kids to hate their race and mix with niggers, or pushing feminism, or faggotry etc. All that is part of marxism, communism. Communist kikery is the dominant white genocide force in the dual pronged strategy of globalism communist open borders and zionist enslavement of the world for Israels benefit. Zionist kikes are cancer and hurt us, all kikes are bad.. but communism is the true enemy, we exist to smash bolshevism as National Socialists. Kikes in Israel are a lesser threat.

Wrong. We exist to guide the European race out of this hell by smashing the jewish menace, regardless of whichever mask he has put on.

I see what they are trying to do here.

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What is it with all of you retarded newfags claiming that there's any difference between communism and zionism? You bluepilled cretins are cancer.

This is why I get a fucking laugh out of the trumptoucheswall.jpg shills. It's like treating a grizzly bear and a black bear with the same amount of care. Yes, they're both (((bears))) but one shits and the woods and tries to avoid you while the other wants to disrupt your life and can kill.

Not sure if just newfag or shill.

jewish communism and jewish zionism are equal enemies of all mankind.

Siding with either one identifies you as THE ENEMY

There's a reason that Rothschild puppet Marx and Rothschild puppet Churchill publicized fake propaganda claiming that there was some sort of judaic civil war happening between two "opposing" factions who cohencidentally both want the exact same end goal to be achieved.

While berating an user on Zig Forums for not siding with zionism…

I want TRS to get the fuck off this board

YFW high school children and drunk 21 year olds out propaganda the multi-Trillion dollar Zog machine.

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Tell me the difference between zionism and communism and I'll tell you why you're shit for brains retards

fucking faggots, srsly