Did james made some good points when it comes to the government?

I decidedly to make this thread after watching the james mason vs ben larson debate if interested then here is the video, after watching this james did make some good points when it comes to being brutal and cruel to our enemies, how ever I am not advocating people should be going and doing violence I made this thread and having a debate and discussion about siege and james mason, of course some say he is a satanists (would like some hardcore proof of that.)
Now I know a good amount of this board already watched the greatest story never told or europa final battle and mein kampf and a few good books, know what the jews did then are still applied to now and points out the problem. But what is the solution? I mean hitler winning an election at the time when kikes screwed up and that germany was still racially aware was all a miracle, but since times had changed what should be the solution? Some points out siege being the only answer to most of our problems, but is it really? Are their other methods fixing this or not? I've been terribly conflicted Zig Forums should I read siege (with caution and not take everything he says as holy gospel) or should I try to find another way that could or help the cause? I simply made this thread because I want to debate or see a discussion about it, because mason did make some decent points.

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Kike free post

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I don't think he's a satanist, I think he's a Christian Identify type of guy.

It's certainly concerning that he still associates with Autismwaffen, I think Beast Barracks blog that one of the key members of AWD runs recently advocated for pedophilia and child abuse. Ether he's trying to bait feds or is a massive fucking degenerate.

Heard atomwaffen has a jew writing their books as well, though I am not sure nor had I look into the organization my self, so don't quote me on this since I didn't look into it as much.

Eat shit and die yid.

It could be compromised, I heard they hired a Jew lawyer but that could be disinformation, idk.

Also books, do you mean Tempel ov Blood? Idk much about Liber 333 or Iron Gates.

Bought and paid for CIAnigger
Sure, if you want to be a wind-up cargo cultist like the rest of larpenwaffen.

That's nice want to contribute anything to the discussion?

Mind showing evidence?


Heard about it, heard one of the books had a page about raping a white baby, which I am not surprised since jews were sick in the head anyway, and some pages is like reading a talmud in some parts, I haven't read any of it so I don't know if it's people over exaggerating, because I am basing this from what I heard.

I wasn't promoting Larpenwaffen hell I hardly know the organization, if you are gonna say james mason is a cianigger you need to back it up with convincing evidence and arguments.


I liked it when Odin was in charge, he should of never invited a Sand Nigger convert into his little organization. It would have been smooth sailing. It's downfall is kinda a crying shame. But other far more underground organizations will continue to prevail.

If you're going to be a newfaggot retard, please disclose how fucking new you are in the OP.
Maybe your ban wore out by now…

I thought cuckchan never supported such organizations.
You made a claim, now back it up with evidence.
I know they were, but in what way does it prove that mason himself was a cia nigger? Don't be like that faggot from the meta who claims hitler had rothchild connections despite being btfo by actual information and deflect
and repeat the same argument 500 times over.

I do like the yellow jacket that french is going it has people from all over the political spectrum with no goals and leaders thus making it harder to subvert and control. IS there any other underground organizations that are not controlled opposition?

The guy is like a video game villain, he cracks me up.

Who james mason or ben larson?

Mason. Larson is just a blowhard idiot.

Do you prepare you food, pureé it in a blender, pour it into a cup, and suck with a hard plastic straw?
You are the faggot who wasted a thread to ask,


Tried my best, next time if I am going to make a thread I will make it better.
Are you going to back up your claims or not? Do you expect people like me to take what you say at face value? That's like me saying andrew jackson was a jewish plant with no evidence supporting other wise.

who vs who? more importantly, who cares?

Almost on sight and D&C kikery happens lol.

I made this thread simply to discuss and debate about siege and james mason, I made this thread because I do honestly believe mason made some good points.

from James Mason's newest interview

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Might look it up if true, how does mason view trump?

James Mason writes articles supporting Donald Trump. Trump has done more to destroy race relations and unify whites politically than any recent figure

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Interesting. Thinks for showing a link and backing it up *cough* unlike this nigger.

You made a thread name dropping nobodies instead of about a debate.

Sorry if I didn't make it clear enough, but the thread has nothing to do with the video, just something that made me want to discuss about siege and james mason.

The new James Mason interview is on video where he supports Timothy McVeigh, Robert Bowers, James Fields, Donald Trump. Skip to 45min

Thanks fren I will check it out.

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Esoteric Hitlerism is the core of all Truth

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When we win, all people formerly employed by the government will be exterminated.

Because deep down Mason is still a boomer. He can't avoid showing some boomer traits, such as consuming copious amounts of fake news and extreme gullibility to jew-puppet conmen like Trump.

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Not to destroy, but to make them honest, races are different and have little in common beside basic necessities.
And you are 100% right, the White awakening have begun.

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What are your motivations behind posting an image of a character from a children's cartoon?

I honestly dont think mason as an satanist he probably feels the same way 90% of Zig Forumsacks feel about society, though not as extreme but were all aiming for the truth. In some ways yes he is correct, would I recommand reading siege? That's up to you, but do not take it on face value.

GTFO commie cunt.
Or do you need help to leave?

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Its a 6/10 book, he has some good quotes. Its not gospel. I find the history of the NSLF better put together than his arguments about the system and voting, even if I agree with his arguments. Its a book about a subject that wasnt explicitly laid out in as much detail as it should have been. Its also too red, too much of it is communist and anarchist in nature. Its subversive in multiple ways.
The stuff about lemmings and the system is bang on though, even if the methods of stopping the system werent laid out as clear as they should be. Its just shut the system down, muh mailman meme. Pretty shallow. Muh system pimps.

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You are mindfucked by alt-kike e-celebs; why the fuck would you need to ask us if you should read a book or not? Just read it.

Still astroturfing, eh? You faggots certainly aren't welcome >>>/TRS/

I recommend not using TRS vernacular if you want to avoid getting banned.

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Yeah we're not liberal "intellectuals" you should have enough critical thinking skills, and common sense to read something and be able to see what's good and bad in a book. Even if you disagree with the books premise, actually reading it will allow you to come up with counter arguments.

He'll yeah brother

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Ya either if op read siege is honestly up to him.

If anything and what I read it's should be use only for lone wolf work, though not that laid out well, though I wouldn't recommand doing shit, but inflitrating organizations like gommunism and all that doesn't sound bad.

Certainly, they just don't present themselves publicly on the web.

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Seems like a false dichotomy.
"When one speaks of humanity, the idea is fundamental that this is something which separates and distinguishes man from nature. In reality, however, there is no such separation: “natural” qualities and those called truly “human” are inseparably grown together. Man, in his highest and noblest capacities, is wholly nature and embodies its uncanny dual character. Those of his abilities which are terrifying and considered inhuman may even be the fertile soil out of which alone all humanity can grow in impulse, deed, and work."

Your cartoon has no trigger discipline.

Ha, I just noticed that. Ironmarch had some really cool artists. I wish there was an archive of that stuff. I can't seem to find any.



We must peacefully overthrow the jews and peacefully send them all to Israel where they can live out their lives in peace.

Man you're so innocent I love it. You're actually outright trying to apologize to the schizocrew. You must be new.

There's a group of 5 or 6 posters who have severe schizophrenic delusions. The problem is, they DO NOT agree with each other. So they'll independantly spam each thread with "KILL YOURSELF YID"

"OP IS A JEW" over and over again. Its annoying but you'll get used to it. Every time I make a thread, some schizo threatens to dox me for "being Jewish" despite having literally no evidence. It's retarded and they killed the majority of the community here.

I really do hate scumbag Christian radio hosts like this piece of filth. All they do is scream their hate slurs due to their utter lack of ability to form a coherent argument.
I dislike Mason strongly because his followers tend to be worthless trash. However, seeing this dishonest piece of filth try to push him around and demean him in such a childish way makes me like Mason more.

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TRS Derangement Syndrome

Stop shilling your nonsense, Moarpheus.

There is an archive of most of the works of Iron March, including Rope Culture and all of the published literature.
Here's a section of it.

t. alt-kike faggot

I still don't understand how these asshats still have followers of any kind.

Aw thanks user, I remember there being more art and illustrations on the site but this will certainly do. Much appreciated.

A lot of it was hosted on various members tumblr pages and what have you, but most of them were shoahed in the numerous nazi purges of tumblr. You'll still see it circulating across the web on various social media platforms though.

Why the fuck was tumblr purging them?

Yeah, I'm always on the search of all I can find of that stuff, once I get a ton of pieces I'll make a MEGA for it.

dark foreigner still has his tumblr tho

Because tumblr is a kike owned platform populated by whores and trannies - the same reason every other website purges nazis.

Siege is pretty good but holy fuck their "propaganda" is the worst shit I've ever seen. Literally pure edge aesthetics, complete with skull masks.

Tell Mason to fix his shit and maybe people would take him more seriously.

it's good

youre a boomer

They're just books, dude.

You mean the books that fetishize ethnic cleansing and killing random nonwhites and government functionaries?
Seems pretty "negative" to me.


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The light was turned off in 1945.
The IV Reich will have to come with the available elements, even if they are skinheads and siegefags.
Because in the end, all it matters is to carry the NatSoc torch.

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Are you afraid?

Global report.

He probably gives the best analysis of where things went and where they were going for his time post WW2 to now. His views on action were more intellectual than a guidebook that some have made it out to be. He was ahead of his time and because of that he went down some bizarre routes.

Lad I have nothing against siege, its just your "propaganda" is beyond childish. Most people literally hate you guys until they read siege themselves, and then still hate you guys but like the book. If that isn't ineffective propaganda then what is.

I became a natsoc because of Hitlers speeches and love of his people, not because of his hatred of jews. Hating jews is a necessary thing, but it isn't the thing that leads people to joining the movement in the first place.

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I do like some of the propaganda, it's hit or miss depending on the poster, but imo a lot of the people who shit on SIEGE are MAGApedes and TRSodomites so there opinion was worthless to begin with.

It is blessed stuff.
Thanks user.

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You can't improve your propaganda or advertisement if when it doesn't work you just say "lol they are maganiggers anyways". Honestly the images are so low effort they look like a shock image the kike news would make in order to show parents "look at the evil neo-nazis"

Well the properganda got between 40-80 members in AWD, I don't think it didn't "work" but I think the drama associated with the organization which made said posters is was makes some of these people conclusions of the posters as "memey" or "edgey". Atomwaffen's poster style is inherently Iron March, and before autism everyone I knew loved Iron March aesthetics.

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No one said optics you illiterate nigger. You guys make these images as "propaganda", yet if everyone other than people who are already in siege hate it; then its shit fucking propaganda isnt it?

Pic related is literally what your propaganda looks like.

People join because siege legitimately have good ideas, it's unironically held back by its memes. Most people on Zig Forums when they finally read the book enjoy it. No one other than siege posters themselves enjoy the shitty edge memes.

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Yeah the AWD memes give a wrong impression of the book

tbh i only got interested of the book because of them

Idk, I do like the style of propaganda, and a lot of other people do too. I see where you're coming from but this conversation seems like it'll be a every spiraling circle of conflicting reports and views.

Also how did you find out about SIEGE and what do you find personally appealing about it? Any particular chapters you or ideas that grabbed you?

Probably true enough, ill let you guys do your thing and leave the thread after this post. I just can't help mock the childish images from time to time.

Honestly because I was so sick of people saying REED SEEJ, I wanted to read it and then shit on it. Turns out it was pretty good. Honestly I enjoyed how very boots on the ground it is, and the chapter which focuses on what you yourself can do and not what we can do. To rely on yourself is to grant the greatest results.

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I wonder when I heard a similar phrase around here… hmmm, perhaps when kikey banned me for "Impkamfy Derangement Syndrome"

yes, you pulverize it.


why are mods allowing these Siege spam threads? There's like three of them right now. As bad as cuckchan.

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It is a mystery.

Except for Alt right PR cucks who have been continually triggered by everything that isn't Mike Peinovich's rumbly jew voice.
Case in point

What books have they written? Nearly all of their published books are from JM himself.

You don't get a final solution to this through love of your people when your people don't have a context for joining you which is what siege is about.

TRS shills were the biggest enemy of IM. Remember when Kike enoch was saying they were behind all the doxes with no evidence?

I think he was referring to Tempel Ov Blood.

Yeah but he said AW

Who wrote Liber 333 and Iron Gates anyways?