"Your Bishops, Kill Them": Duterte Says Most Catholic Priests Gay, Useless Warns Against Moralizing

Catholic clergy in the Philippines may want to stay away from helicopters after President Duterte lashed out at the Church.

"Itong mga obispo ninyo, patayin ninyo. Walang silbi yang mga gagong yan," [Translation: Your bishops, kill them. They are stupid and useless," said Rodrigo Duterte in a Wednesday speech at an event in Malacañang, adding "All they do is criticize."

Speaking later at an awards ceremony for the country's top overseas Filipino workers (OFW), Duterte slammed the Catholic Church for hypocritical moralizing and claimed that most priests are gay.

"Most of the priests there are homosexuals. Almost 90 percent of you. So, do not postulate on me morality," he said - adding that the Catholic God was "stupid," and far different from his God who has a "lot of common sense."

"I never said I do not believe in God. What I said is your God is stupid, mine has a lot of common sense. That's what I told the bishops," Duterte clarified.

He then slammed Caloocan Bishop Pablo Virgilio David who has been a key critic of the Duterte administration's war on drugs - claiming on November 22 that David had stolen Church donations. Days later, Duterte suggested that the Bishop could be involved in trafficking of illegal drugs.

The Bishop responded, suggesting that such a claim would only come from a "sick man."

This isn't the first time Duterte has slammed the Catholic Church - slamming a priest in September who jokingly wished him ill during a Mass held for opposition Senator Antonio Trillanes IV - wishing him in return to die of a sexually transmitted disease, according to MSN. Duterte has also called the Church the "most hypocritical institution" in the Philippines.

He added last week that Catholics should stop going to church and just set up chapels in their homes.

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Duterte confirmed pagan heretic. Hail Duterte.

Duterte is awake to the Catholic Babylonian Fish-Hat wearing priest-pedophile, pagan false religion.

Our gods were around long before your dead jew was ever nailed to a stick, faggot.

Jesus was a commie, civnats fuck off.

"At that time, and subsequently, I had to warn followers repeatedly against these wandering scholars who were peddling Germanic folk-lore and who never accomplished anything positive or practical, except to cultivate their own superabundant self-conceit. […] It is typical of such persons that they rant about ancient Teutonic heroes of the dim and distant ages, stone axes, battle spears and shields, whereas in reality they themselves are the woefullest poltroons imaginable. For those very same people who brandish Teutonic tin swords that have been fashioned carefully according to ancient models and wear padded bear-skins, with the horns of oxen mounted over their bearded faces, proclaim that all contemporary conflicts must be decided by the weapons of the mind alone. And thus they skedaddle when the first communist cudgel appears. Posterity will have little occasion to write a new epic on these heroic gladiators. I have seen too much of that kind of people not to feel a profound contempt for their miserable play-acting. To the masses of the nation they are just an object of ridicule; but the Jew finds it to his own interest to treat these folk-lore comedians with respect and to prefer them to real men who are fighting to establish a German State."

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Enjoy your LARP, you pathetic fucking faggot. I spit in your fucking face and shit on your father's grave.

Is that how they looked when Hitler refereed to them?

Let's be honest, Hitler was against pagans because they were independent and harder to control.

I had a blond broad at work, with big pointed tits who told me she was into wicca. She confessed she was in love with me but I politely declined. If she'd been genuinely hot I would have jumped on that but judging from her mother the prognosis was not promising.

How was she in love with you if you did not fuck her?

Go back to your board.

Don't worry; Christianity WILL live on. Christianity will live on in all of the vibrant African communities that are replacing you in your homelands. You are welcome-

regards, Catholicism.

He's right. Catholics are all faggots and/or traitors and they will be exterminated on the day of the rope.

the pope is a satanist, the catholic church is irredeemably corrupted and needs to be obliterated

Good to hear Duterte's still at it and as angry as ever.

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Smokes weed , calls obama a fag, kills drug dealers, wants to kill christcucks.

Sign me the fuck up!

Duterte is the motherfucking man.

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Stay strong Rodrigo and clean up those jewish crimes.

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lol, no

It's high time to march on the Vatican, wipe out the snakes and expose the vault to the world.
This is the end of the tribe of Dan

Yes, you will. Catholics are race traitors and there is no reason they should be allowed to live.

Mussolini could have done it, but he cucked out.

It will take a combined effort from all of us which is why humanity has been divided for so long, it's their doing in order to stay alive as we fight among ourselves

She had bob cloth so that meant she was dtf.

True, they will be killed by the niggers they love to adopt and invite over. Agape your enemy.

Christianity in the west has devolved into a bunch of misguided fools pulling quotes out of their ass for personal gain. Christianity is a mindset. Understanding Jesus and his message is essential. What we have now instead are highly literate idiots that quote a book written by people they don't understand.

If I was in Tel Aviv I'd buy you a nice drink and finish it, then break it on the table and shove the glass shards up your ass.

On a different note:

Catholics are pagans which required integration work to become Christians. For this reason there are many pagan artifacts in Catholicism such as Christmas and Lent.

Your Christian ancestors are wishing they never conceived you.

Maybe maybe not, but you also have to remember hitler wanted the germans united and that his religious belief's is blurry as all hell.

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Such as pederasty

Protestants can be redeemed if they give up their zionism, but Catholics are race traitors by definition. Race treason is literally Catholic doctrine, taught "infallibly" by the church in the catechism. And because of the rules of infallibility in the church, they have painted themselves into a corner with this and it can never be changed (or else they will be admitting that their church is not infallible). So a person can be loyal to race or he can follow catholic teaching, but he cannot do both.

No, I think he just wants to kill drug dealers. Though I'd have to agree on the 'kill the bishops' part if and only if they are found to be pedos.

Considering that he is falsely accused of six gorillon, this confusion must be intentional as well. He is conveniently Christian if a kike wants to moralize to a Christian.

Kike worshippers BTFO

Judaism in all its forms must be stamped out.

There's a thing I like about Christianity, and a thing I dislike about it. Both of them come down to social dynamics that have very little to do with theology and everything to do with mortal arrogance.

It still seems a necessary institution - I say, as an atheist who dislikes most church social policy positions. People don't understand it. Anything that mystifies other people more than it mystifies me gains some credence in my eyes.

(Which part of this post was the real lesson?)

Duterte is kind of an unfortunate man. He has backed himself into a corner and discovered he must fortify his nation against civilization, and he has done so through a crusade against those he thought of as worms, parasites, or even microbes sickening the bodies of his people… Too busy stepping on annelids was he! What price now, humility? The cost of lashing out at every hindrance is bad, but the cost of not lashing out must seem worse. Who dares to seem weak when all the methods of strength have not sufficed? That is the essence of tragedy. Is his nation doomed? Certainly not. It is only Duterte who seems doomed.

When is it right for a man to be killed? Live not by the sword… Live not by any power you would not have turned upon you. A man who "lives by the sword" because he is some manner of recreational fencer is putting out into the world a force he is joyous to receive, and such a practice might be found between angels. Yet a man who orders death upon others is putting out into the world a force he is not or ought not be joyous to receive, and if there are causes less severe than death for the order, he cannot be said to be only meeting the forces presented.

I am not calling for the death of Duterte. I am sorrowing for his tragedy. What alliance will he keep when all who remind him of what has gone wrong in his nation are marked for death?

When people build wretched systems of mortal consequence, they build systems that would be the fuel of hell's ambition were the same power in the hands of their foes, and so as enemies grow more similar to each other, even to the point of contesting over the very same systems, so inevitably does it come to pass that hell's ambition must be answered. Be humble! Use always the least power that meets your ends!

Would that men lived forever and could plan their ends on feathered scales!


Most bishops are pedos. Most kikes arent even pedos and were not letting them get off.

I love it when ppl like you defend the abrahamic mindset without understanding shit of why the judaic thought is utterly inhuman and corrupt. Judaic conception of the creation is one in which its creator is not its creation. It is an entity outside its creation, its not in the trees, rivers, light, mountains and the soul of othe rbeings. Is a controller, a shepherd, a master of slaves and christianity has fooled millions of people cos it attacks to their weaknesses, the Loving Father that has nothing to do with the Jehovah of the bnei israel, that promises etenral bliss under the condition you have to believe a set of ideas that are outright bonkers. theres no shortage of church fathers that left the churchupon researching on the brahaminic scriptures and realized christianity, as well as judaism too, is merely a co opt of other ancient, more spiritual and more humane beliefs on the divine. You can strip christianity of all garments and lead your life exclusively by the words on the gospells and still it pales on comparison when talking about hinduism, buddhism ( which is basically the 2 sources used to woven the myth of Jesus, along with Zoroastrism and Egytian religion ), and it belongs to an age in which humans began to devolved to way inferior spiritual conceptions and paths. No, chrisitanism is not eseential for the west, quite the opposite. Christianism is something we have to get rid of if we wanna be anything close to ourselves, along with the rest of judaic thought and culture. Theres nothing in christianism that wasnt in so called pagan spiritual paths, literally nothing, not morally, not metaphysically, not philosophically, and rest assured not mysticaly or esoterically. Ok? Judeochristianislam out of Europe. NOW!

Catholic priests do get caught with their dicks in the cookie jar very often, but everyone accepts it as just a thing they do. And they don't even have dark skin to hide behind like muslims.

Tfw captain Sweden is the truest north man after all.

Almost everyone just lives their own lives. Tackling the causes of crime works better than tackling crime forever. Good policy takes the wind right out of evil systems. The people who try to abuse the public into compliance always end up on the wrong side of everyone eventually. Be good to people, empower them, be forever dwindling before the will of God, etc. Be small before the all and you will find a great windfall.

People praised the wisdom embedded in Christianity for years, and it annoyed me greatly. I could tell it was vapid hypocrisy and deceit. The people who said such things could rarely explain any piece of wisdom actually found within what they praised - they were engaged in something altogether more cynical. And it backlashed on them, as these things always do; generic praise is an insult to people who know specifics. I have sometimes tried to warn people of these things (I am on the side of atheists, not priests) and they do not understand the warning.

People rarely understand warnings. So threatened everyone is! And then there are places like this, absolutely soaking in their capacity to be small and pathetic, shaking impotent fists and driving each other down the snaking roads of purgatory… Goodness. You could all stand to learn something of a farmer's or a student's strength: to work hard, tend carefully, and reap well at the end of a span of months. As could I, to be sure. We are all fellow travelers here, slowly digesting in the entropy of an uncaring cosmos, negative fluids pouring out from every inner void…

I don't favor people who float images of bawling babes as a way of lampooning their foes, but I understand them, as I understood and did not favor atheists who sought to confuse the issue of religion by praising it and at the same time tolerating no suggestion that any word of it was usefully interpretable. But I tell you, the best way to make those floats go away is…

Well, it's to persuade the people who make them to stop posting on chans, isn't it? They'll write their own licenses well enough. Anyone can post here. Surely none of you would *really* be like the lampoons, just as no Christian was so confused that vapid praise could subvert their faith and leave them uncertain that there was any specific wisdom to have…

Ah, but great contests, that is where the details are written and the organizations filled out. Don't you long to destroy everything you love just to see people having some idea what they're on about? Yes, let us bring on the torment as the all-papa's common sense dictates! Let us murder our way to prosperity and clean theologies!

People so rarely understand warnings.

I really do wish I could come up with some story from here where Duterte isn't doomed. It bothers me to look out upon any part of the real world and think, "This doesn't even offer much suspense.". You can't fight religion like that. You have to be subtle as the touch of omnipotence to fight a faith; no fist of mortal power can do the work.

So he's saying he doesn't like pussy larpers that aren't willing to bang with commies. How bad have you christcucks shit the bed in regards to jewry niggerdom and faggotry? Hitler was phasing christianity out and reconnecting the german peoples with their pagan roots. Your reference to his commentary on unsubstantial larpers is irrelevent, go tell it to the spics and niggers in your church group you jew loving faggot.


The fact that I've never really heard, or learned about Eastern Orthodoxy until recently, is a testament to how fucked everything is. Eastern Orthodoxy is the true Christianity. Sadly, even they have been infiltrated to some extent, at this point.

Duterte gets more based by the day, remove the kike!

Problem with Orthodoxy that it doesn't have as much political power like Catholics or financial power like Protestants, add to this its decentralised nature. This leads to it being susceptible to the influence of politicians and the state. Bunch of yes men doing what ruling party says they should do. Years of communism and extreme proximity to Islam doesn't help either, I don't doubt its spiritual fortitude especially with its anti-modernist stance, but its political future is uncertain.

christcucks love jews so much that all of the sauces they cite on paganism are written by jews

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I still can't get over just how on point Hitler was on literally everything. Destroying the Reich was the single worst thing the west has collectively ever done.

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This doesn't mean what you think it means, yid worshipper.

"hurr christianity is european"
absolute state of christcucks

Remember that you will be killed for your lies.

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There is no and never was a religion called "paganism" you imbecile. Shill as much as you like, but get at least your terminology straight. Fucking kikes I swear…

no shit faggot

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Based Duterte.

wtf I love drinking cum in the name of odin now

In my opinion, decentralization allows it to deal with corruption much better than that of the catholic church. Once the pope is compromised, Catholicism is compromised. While some of the patriarchs have exhibited signs of corruption, i.e.. recently, Ukraine, the theology of orthodoxy seems to have stayed consistent throughout history, and to me, that is what matters most of all. I feel Orthodoxy has handled its corruption in a much more agreeable fashion, excommunicating guilty parties as transgression comes to light, for instance, though there have been cases of pedophilia, from what I can tell, the church immediately excommunicates the offenders, instead of shuffling them around to different parts of the world… Idk, like I said, I have just recently been exposed to Orthodoxy and am still learning about it… I am optimistic though, especially when reading about the differences in theological practice from that of Catholicism, or any of the Protestant forms that have been cucked by the Talmud.

And he doesn't even tell his citizens to outright abandon their religion if they're catholic, he just tells them to setup chapels in their own homes so they don't have to deal with a corrupt organization.

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Zig Forumstroons
You've memed well, Hitler.

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based as hell, fuck abrahamitic subhumans and their internationalist mongrel religions

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I love this guy

Protestantism is always advisable wherever (((Catholics))) are found.

I have been waiting for you, pol.
You are nearly ripe for the Great Return.

I like this attitude.


Evil will never be eradicated from the soil of this world, and is its endemic condition. That is the blackest pill. Even if we got our Worldwide Reich, you would be surprised to see the way evil repeats its process from within, no matter how dynamically decentralized that idyllic world were to be. No matter how this word ends up being configured, eventually some hidden evil ugliness will raise its head to feed upon the innocent. Perhaps it could at best be considered a never-ending struggle against evil. Perhaps the best one can hope for is to cleave a few evil bastards in the head, pass on one's skull bashing genius genes on to worthy offspring (maybe 3 generations later your special ingredients will activate a new skull cleaving hero!), and perhaps as one's soul fades into oblivion, the songs of one's heroism will make that pleasant rather than painful, caressed into eternal rest gently by those who loved your courage, rather than chased there hatefully by those who despised your cowardice. Maybe it had to be this way, always had to be this way, and will always be this way, until the universe dies. Does the universe have offspring, was the universe brave or a coward?

From Mein Kampf:

By permitting themselves to be entangled in the toils of the Jew, the princes prepared their own downfall. The position which they held among their people was slowly but steadily undermined, not only by their continued failure to guard the interests of their subjects, but by their positive exploitation of them.

The Jew calculated exactly the time when the downfall of the princes was approaching and did his best to hasten it. He intensified their financial difficulties by hindering them in the exercise of their duty towards their people, by encouraging them, through the most servile flattery, to indulge in vicious habits, whereby he made himself more and more indispensable to them.

His astuteness, or rather, his utter unscrupulousness in money affairs enabled him to exact fresh payments from the princes subjects, to squeeze the money out of them and then have it spent as quickly as possible.

Every Court had its 'Court Jew,' as this plague was called, who tortured the innocent victims until they were driven to despair, while at the same time he provided the means which the princes squandered on their own pleasures.

It is not to be wondered at that these ornaments of the human race became the recipients of official honours and were even admitted to the ranks of the hereditary nobility, thus contributing not only to expose that social institution to ridicule, but also to contaminate it from the inside.

Naturally, the Jew could now exploit the position which he had attained and advance even more rapidly than before.

Finally, he only needed to be baptised in order to become entitled to all the rights and privileges which belonged to the children of the nation on which he preyed.

This was an excellent stroke of business for him, and he often availed himself of it, to the great joy of the Church, which was proud of having gained a new child in the Faith, and also to the joy of Israel, which was happy at seeing the trick pulled off successfully.

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Duterte is the Fuhrer of his people. He is relatively based compared to his prior CIA/Jesuit/ZOG-controlled semi-cuckoldry.

Right, Right. And look how simple all this is. Whether the Protocols were written by the Rabbis themselves, or by those capable of doing a proper intelligence analysis of their intents and methods, it amounts to a realization that all the conflicts of the modern world stem from those of the past, and they all amount to organized crime and the only remedy for such crime is cold and efficient extermination. Bribing one king with another king's gold, going back and forth, goading conflicts so as to be enriched by both those who lose and those who "win", it is transparent but people have had their eyes poked out and can't see. The very hordes which have been rightly described by the Protocols as the primary means of leverage, the peasants, were always such a danger even under the old oligarchical protectorates of the warrior classes and their figureheads, even back to William the Conqueror, even back to King Clovis the Head Cleaver! This is a simple problem, and it has a simple solution.

The Myth of the Twentieth Century, by Alfred Rosenberg

Here is neither Jew nor Greek, here is neither slave nor free, here is neither man nor woman, wrote Paul to the Galatians — that last remnant of a great Celtic migration down the Danube valley and into Asia Minor. On the basis of this nihilism, which is a denial of everything organic, he then calls for a belief in Christ. This constituted a total rejection of all the culture creating values of Greece and Rome — although to be sure, Christianity took over a degenerate form of such values — and effected their disintegration.

The Vatican has again made itself known as the bitterest enemy of the improved breeding of the biologically valuable, and as the protector of the preservation and propagation of the inferior. Even to serious catholic eugenicists, Pope Pius declared — at the beginning of 1931 in his encyclical Concerning Christian Marriage — that it was not lawful to restrict men who were capable of entering into a marriage, but could only give life to inferior offspring; to in any way prevent propagation because of the inviolability of the body. The individual man has the right to use his own limbs. He must use them corresponding to their natural purpose. This was revealed by reason and by the catholic Christian moral doctrine, and the worldly authority never has the right to go beyond this. To set up unrestricted propagation of idiots, the children of syphilitics, alcoholics and the insane as a Christian moral doctrine is undoubtedly the height of a thinking that is hostile to nature and folk. This has today been declared to be impossible by us. In reality, it represents nothing other than the necessary outflow of that racially chaotic system that Syrian African Roman dogma has forged. Therefore, every European who would like to see his people physically and spiritually healthy, and who takes the stand that idiots and the incurably sick infect his nation, will have to permit himself to be represented, according to Roman teaching, as anticatholic, as an enemy of the Christian moral doctrine. And he will have to choose if he is the anti Christ, or if the Founder of Christianity can really have himself conceived — as a dogma — the unrestricted breeding of all kinds of inferior types. This is what His representative boldly demands. Therefore, whoever wishes for a healthy and spiritually strong Germany must passionately reject this encyclical. Such is the work of a pope who aims at the breeding of subhumanity. We thus reject Roman thought as antinatural and hostile to life.

The church has given every murdered missionary the stamp of a martyrdom and named him a saint. Even when Emmeram, represented by Christian tradition as a Jew, violated the daughter of the Bavarian duke and was therefore killed, the infallible church declared this disgraceful end as dying for the faith. Today Emmeram is a saint to whom prayers are uttered in pious Regensburg. But it is the duty of a coming German generation to mention with great respect only the names of those who in storm and wrack fought for the greatness and honour of the German people. We will honour them for what they are: martyrs of the folkish faith. Here, in this corner of our soul, lives the hope that the peoples of Europe will one day recognise the nature of the present frightful catastrophe. We hope that they will recognise the folkish Leader who is coming soon. We hope they will recognise what is most precious; the human blood of their nation. We hope they will become everywhere conscious that an application of the latter principle can be the only final solution. It is not found in heeding the call of any kind of Christianity or of liberal pacifism.

Daily reminder that these Christians will always and forever choose a Christian nigger over you. Pic related.

Go ahead and ask them who they'd prefer to marry their daughter: A Godly Christian nigger African, or a Non-Christian White Man.

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He has publicly stated that he was raped by a Catholic priest as a kid.
…so he probably knows.

Hell, they'll PROUDLY marry their pristine White virgin daughter off to Zumbulu the Converted! They are truly the Cucks of Christ!

Good. Fuck these semite worshippers.



Cumming was named after the prayers you faggot. In French it's called le petit mort, the little death. Sexual termiology is always borrowed.


This guy is so right. They are even worse here in the west when you factor in the militant immigration support

Some gay shit a kikel would post

Semen drinkers get BOG'd


>>>/tg/ Blown The Fuck OUT

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fucking retards always trying to spread their poison everywhere

If you eradicate too much evil, sooner or later, the standards of evil will be raised to the point that you're met with the decision of whether or not you need to eradicate yourself.

"Wherefore, my beloved, as ye have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling."

The FUCK? Wher'd you find this shit?

When that time comes, you'll have honed your sense of things to the point that you'll well whether it is sanity or insanity, zeal or confusion. And there is always a better way to do things. If you find so much evil in yourself after having done so much good, then you must go forth to the frontiers, and find EVEN GREATER evils, being none within the safe nucleus of utopia to conquer anymore. Then you have embarked on the holy task of the Berzerkir.

I lolled

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I cannot reveal this to you, because you will not be initiated, due to your arrogance and impetuousness. Ironically, YOU ARE NOT ARROGANT AND IMPETUOUS ENOUGH!

I await you at the end of your perilous struggle, though I am sure few of you will reach me.

Found the fedora tipper

Right here:
Straight out of the catechism. Catholics are obligated to be race traitors who support open borders.

I guarantee you atheists race mix far, far more than Christians do.

Perhaps he grows some himself, don't know the law regarding that in pinoyland.

Kill yourself cuckstain

how can one man be so based

Where is he wrong in this? All the churches of the world have lost their way with their philosemitism but the Catholic church most of all since Vatican 2 when their heretical solvency of the jew's heinous crime in murdering the Lord Jesus Christ and now this incumbent most heretical of all popes destined to be the last and Satan's pope according to prophesy. Everything falls into line, the end is near and the only ones who can be saved are those that repent now not in the churches but in their hearth and hearts.