How about a wall of drones?

How about a wall of drones?

Why do we need an expensive, physical border wall? Why not just deploy several thousand high-tech surveillance drones to patrol the border?

* Build an array of drone solar-energy recharge stations spaced evenly along the entire southern border.
* Drones will fly from station to station, monitoring all movement along the way, dock for recharge, and repeat process on the way to next station
* Drones will be equipped with advanced imaging systems capable of detecting movement and identifying objects as human or animal. If human detected, take images in various light spectrums which are sent back to master control facility where human border agents will be dispatched to investigate and detain intruders

I think this would be far more practical than a border wall which can easily be scaled with proper equipment. High-tech border patrol drones seems like the way to go to me. Any arguments against?

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Not especially useful.

Daily Reminder
Only 1 in 3 illegals comes over the Southern border.
The wall was primarily a symbolic thing, showing America was willing to defend its borders, which would be coupled with greater restrictions on incoming migrants.

Instead, all this focus is being put on the wall, without even considering that it was only a symbol to lead into the more important issue, which was limiting immigration; while instead, we're focusing on a wall that would stop, AT BEST, 1 in 3 illegals, while ignoring that incoming migrants via visas are only increasing (visa overstays being the other 2 in 3 illegals).

The problem isn't the Southern border, the problem is immigration, and the wall would only stop a comparatively small portion of that, at best, while the real source of the influx is being ignored if not outright expanded.

Fuck the wall. Cut LEGAL immigration or gtfo of my face.

Why don't we kill political leaders with kamikaze-drones?
Or attacking refugee camps with kamikaze-drones filled with nails.

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No. They can be recalled from border duties at the push of a button, or worse, turned against the native population.

A stout physical wall would have to be manually dismantled. I'm not saying a hostile future administration wouldn't try to do it, but it would require much more effort than taking drones off the border.

kys faggot. Although preservation of culture is important, it's pointless without a preservation of blood. It reminds me of that arab bitch fromt the UK who said something about being "quintessentially British."

How about both? Put walls into key locations so the invaders will be funneled into predictable routes.

Yeah why not both? A big ass concrete behemoth to block our southern border, and a swarm of thousands of kamikaze drones with explosive payloads?

Because the President refuses to even build a wall.
If the treasonous politicians decided to build a wall and enforce our immigration laws, it would be done in a matter of weeks. But they do not because the jews have given them their marching orders and these orders are to keep our borders open.

It would be easy to keep these hostile aliens out of our nation. All we would need to do is stop giving free things to these arrogant orcs. That's it. They would leave voluntarily. But that will not happen until the jews have been overthrown and White people are allowed to run our countries again.

This is why you natsocs are fucking useless. You actually think there's a chance to have your white ethnostate. We will never have enough house and senate seats occupied by politicians who will gravitate toward ethnonationalism, let alone a president who wouldn't veto any bill geared at achieving that end. You would need a supermajority of natsoc faggots in the house and senate to override a president veto and that will never happen.

Your whole ideology is leading you to fight a war on multiple fronts. Just focus on stopping illegal immigration and deporting existing illegals/DACA already here. You will never get a full stop on legal immigration.

Your pipe dreams are hilarious.

Fucking love this brainlet. Adding to my collection.

Finally, an actual valid counter-argument. Much better than muh jews and muh ethnostate. I, personally, still like the cost benefit of drones much better than a wall, and the drones could be upgraded, possibly even armed with a decent payload in select border areas.

But, yes, a physical wall would be more difficult to take down, but think of all the walls in history that have come down. You damn well better believe that the leftist citizens would eagerly tear the wall down themselves for free and sell pieces of it on Ebay.

How about you fuck off back to reddit?

>instead resorts to ye olde reddit-tier insult of go back to reddit

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the tech to do this already exists in the Pentagon since at least 2007.

the program is called GORGONSTARE.

(by the way, any time i post the name "GORGONSTARE" on Zig Forums, the thread gets nuked–the glow niggers hate it when their top secret tech toys get blasted out on the megaphone and so JRTIG nukes the thread.)

GORGONSTATE is the video footage from all drone cameras and all sensors in all planes being beamed back to Langley or Creech or who the fuck cares which Deep Underground Military Base, and then all of the video footage is stitched together to create a composite video of entire cities and entire regions.

you read that right. the Pentagon has the capability to feed real time live video surveillance spanning entire cities and regions. they have AI that scans the composite video looking for "Patterns of Life", i.e. watching Abu Bakr Baghdadi go pickup a pizza, or watching John Podesta go kidnap a lil' pizza.)

as of 2010, a Predator drone sensor had the capability and high resolution to see 60 miles away like it is directly in front of your face. the USAF has something around 16,000 Predator and MQ-9 drones, plus 4-6 Global Hawks, plus god only knows what other Black Project secret drones that have not been revealed in public yet.

therefore, it is safest if you assume the worst of the Pentagon's all-seeing capabilities.

GORGONSTARE is actually the 2nd version of an upgraded earlier top secret military program. they used it all throughout Iraq and Afghan and by now i presume GORGONSTARE has been rolled out by NRO to monitor every 1 meter by 1 meter square patch on the entire surface of the Earth, live and in real-time.

Everything Is Under Control. go back to sleep, goy.

which brings me to border control. isn't it the most fucked up dereliction of duty and treason for our own military to have the capability of Omniscience and to see everything for hundreds of miles around and to scan it looking for Muzz kike terrorists, yet our military cannot perform the very basics and defend our own borders?

i would fucking deploy GORGONSTARE on the US-Narcostan border fucking yesterday and solve the whole problem with a big ass silver bullet. why the fuck else should you the US Taxpayer sink into poverty so that the Pentagon can light billions of your dollars on fire on mega billion boondoggle gibs-for-MIC programs, and you don't fucking benefit from it? instead some dune coon kikes thousands of miles away on the other side of the world benefit from your tax money, your hard work, your engineering ingenuity and your fucking holy-shit technical magical prowess to even build surveillance systems than can exceed what the popular imagination glimpsed in the fictional "Skynet."

fuck the Pentagon for betraying us all back here at home. they could watch every single goddamn illegal invader, they could see every single nacro trafficker, and they could stop them, but our soldiers and our entire military are ZOG droids who fight for Israel and the interested of Zion, and they couldn't give a shit about you the American goy.

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feels bad, Satan.

It was the first step in a much greater plan on immigration including technology. It's not useless, the migrants wouldn't have the right equipment and wouldn't be to scale the wall.
Even an invading army would have a harder time with a wall in their way and eyes on anyone who attempted to come near it.
I agree drones should be used and most definitely are being used and will be even more so in future. But drones just like that wall are only part of it.

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Shitty boomer take. Pic related.

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no thanks, go tell trump to build his fucking wall already or he isn't being reelected

Because when the next wave of invaders arrives (((they))) will release an emp

What sophistry. It's incredibly easy to not issue visas, that takes no focus at all. Building a wall to stop that 1 in 3 (that's a lot, fucktard) requires resources. The goal is to stop 3 out of 3 illegal immigrants, we're not compromising anymore.

Sure, why not?

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Works in simulation, works in real life. Scalable too.

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This is like when an 8 year old is indignantly stating why don't we just get all our power from solar since the sun is free.