Finnish independence day

Finland Independence day march has people carrying Nazi flags

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Unironically the success of the Finnish economy an society today owes itself to Nazis. They don't even try to censor this fact in the history books kek

The more they persecute people for a piece of cloth, the more people will come to realize that their government is the real tyrant.

(My loose translation from the original Finnish)ä-tiukka-viesti-helsingissä-liehuneille-natsilipuille-veteraanit-eivät-taistelleet-tämän-takia/ar-BBQAqyS?li=BBr5KbI&ocid=mailsignout

Sure, technically the minister was right that the veterans did not fight for "Nazism". Finland wasn't NatSoc or Fascist back in WW2, but we were allied with Germany against the Soviets. I.e. the minister of treasury is just kvetching like a good shabbos goy.

This you must practice and, in this, contribute to the fu-
ture. No matter what we create today and what we do, we
will pass away one day. But in you, Germany will live on.
And when there is nothing left of us, you must bear the flag
in your hand — a flag which we once raised from nothing.

The Nazis were our greatest allies, unironically. Fucking Soviets, Bolsheviks, and kikes.

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True. I was merely pointing out that Finland back in the day wasn't at least openly NatSoc.

What a bunch of dishonest fucks.

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pic related is of Finnish Volunteers in the Wehrmacht

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what police did was illegal since Nazi symbols aren't banned in Finland