Germany is under threat of rising Neo-Nazi presence in German society

"Some 470 neo-Nazis, a number of whom are wanted for violent crimes by the German authorities, are at large throughout the country, as support for the far-right has increased …

"According to information provided by the Interior Ministry, the German police have trouble in finding and arresting violent neo-Nazis. At the end of September, 467 right-wing extremists were being sought under an arrest warrant, with 108 of them wanted in relation to politically motivated crimes"

"Aromg those being sought are known to the security authorities as perpetrators of violent crime. Some are known to have gone abroad, with Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic and Italy being among the destinations.

"German authorities are increasingly concerned over growing right-wing terrorism in the country."


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pics show German Nationalists at gatherings in two different cities, Berlin (by Brandenburg Gate) and Cologne

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Nah. We have a thread, anyway.

The whole of Europe is going to be interesting.

Is it time?

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Like denying the holohoax? Oy vey


I love me some Death in June.

Insinuating Islam and uncontrolled African migration isn't double plus good is VIOLENT HATE CRIME.

Oy gevalt those evil natzees go to far

What a great timeline my friends.

Those (((violent crimes)))? Speaking the truth.
Wir müssen die juden aus rauten!

Lügenpresse at it again


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Deutschland über alles

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lol, kikes really are cowards

I'm getting deja vu

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Welp, the guy in the black T-shirt has been saying it's time for months now.

And the girls and men giving Merkel's limousine the 'thumbs down' gesture are likely to think "IT'S TIME".

So yeah, by George, I think you're on the right track.

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there is always some straw in these situations user. Once broken the deluge ensues.
The sinking of a merchant vessel, the assassination of a Duke, a false flag at a German radio station.

They are about two inches away from making all non-orthodox thought and opinions finally and officially illegal

Go back to the Daily Informer.


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tribal belonging is one of the strongest and most basic needs of a human. when you take that away and tell people to be ashamed of their tribe, they often find other ways to substitute that loss (sportsball teams, political alignment, music niches, etc) but they are poor substitutes.
most people have found that even those tribes dont feel like "home" to them.

when you start to introduce them to racial harmony and awareness, they take to it like a dehydrated person that didnt know they were thirsty takes to water. they get alittle on their tongue… and before you know it their stomach hurts because of how much they drank, and they realized they cant get enough.

the government can try and pull that bottle of water away, but once they know what it is and how badly they need it, they'll go try to cling onto it like their lives depend on it and little else will seem important.


Look at how the numbers change and grow even within the same article.

So white people who said mean words?

Oy Vey goyim! Haven't you heard about those 467 evil neo natzos in Goymany? Those 470 neo natzos are evading law enforcement! 500 neo lithics could be at your door if your dont take 50 more niggers in your house today!
There's reports that some 108 of these 1000 neo dumbos commited violent crimes! What are you going to do if those 200 neo hitlers are near your children? You don't want 1 million niechtzes out in the streets! About 3 million of them could gas your local synagogue! What are we going to do when 6 million rednecks crash my bar mitzvah!!!?

oH My gAwD oY vEy tHe hORror!!! It's like anudda shoah!

What a retard you are indeed.

Look at the way the salt seasoning differs from fry to fry at McDonalds.
Don't miss your turn at the fast food counter…

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Here fixed that for ya.

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It's almost as if OP can never stop sucking cocks.

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You have poor reading comprehension. I bet you often misunderstand jokes and laugh for the wrong reason. It's sad because then nobody notices how much help you need.

an unlimited amount German nazis you say??
its another shoah!

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The system is really scared shitless of the Germans, that's why they are starting to overreact more and more. I figure soon will come the time like back in Codreanu's days when nationalists will go to jail by the dozens, just to come out more determined later and be embraced by an even larger number of radicalized youth. The kike system can't win. It will fall. But there will be a lot of sacrifices to make until we get there.

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Fry yourselves. Catch up losers.

True. Here's your reminder that the more public you are, the more the judenpresse inserts their foot in their mouths and can't stop aiding your rise to popularity. Without kikes constantly kvetching lies in their newspapers, the NSDAP would have never risen to power.
Use that again.

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Bretty gud

The german folk know that the lies they were taught about WWII are wrong. One of my previously staunch liberal german friends (a 1960s child) broke down in tears when I talked to her about how much her people loved Adolph, and how much he loved his country. All her life, she'd be programmed, as I was, to hate National Socialism, and all her life, as I have, she's known, deep down, that it is the best way to run a country, and the banks are evil sons of whores.
She's now converting her husband on the perils of Islam.

Those photos don't show edgy youngsters and druggies. Those are normal German folk. Merkel has stoke a fire and hopefully she burns on it.

They bought me a cup of tea once, after a concert was cancelled by commies dialling in a bomb threat

Have a bump for the racecwar niggers

Do not assume any information from the German secret service to be accurate.
Do not assume any information from official German sources to be true.

Won’t be long at all before everyone to the right of Duane Dixon will be wanted for violent crimes.

What a bunch of low iq reprobates. I thought America was the only country with skinheads.

Imagine being this much of a dumb nigger.

True X2.
Nor the Lügenpresse either.

In this picture's lower left corner a member of the German nationalist 'Right' gives the finger to a Lügenpresse photographer..

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That must mean there are quite a few that aren't wanted for arrest, I guess.

I miss flags with real symbols on them. Everyone has faggot bars now.

haha wignat cucks amirite? they really just need a BASED GERMAN TRUMP, amirite fellow reddorinos? XD

Imagine shaving your head to prove how tough you are.

in the past week i have seen some absolutely BASED t-shirts
like the red one with NAZI in huge letters lmao

What does your Trumpression Points collection have to do with Germany?

uh theyre clearly not think about optics my dude. since theyre not wearing tuxedos and dont have LE FASHY haircutte, that makes them feds.

Revolt already!

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I have said it before and I'll say it again:

I think the brightest hope will come from the darkest places. The countries now undergoing the worst of the migrant crisis will be the hotbed for future revolution.

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Germany isn't under any threat except from muds and kikes, they are the ones that have everything to fear.

Die Deutsche wach auf!

oh no no, hanz, these are not germans, these are those pesky, racist EAST germans.

Pic related.

Though it honestly shows how stupid they are to try and criminalise them, just makes more people ask a question, which leads to the JQ.

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These insane fuckers really think they'll actually obey?
Dude weed lmao? That's just going to push already semi woke kids to the full jq as the memes speak out on jews encouraging degenerate behaviour.
Thank you msm.

So it will finally be the "cool" thing to be clean and sober….. I might have been born too early rather than too late.

Yes, we live in times that virtue, integrity and honour are now radical behaviour.
Anecdotal evidence: 60% of my countries white kids aged 13-18 identify as fascists. Shits insanely whitepilling.

It's satire; and Onion news article.

True, but the fact the onion is doing a piece or whatever on it means it's in their minds which means its in the normie-sphere which means that despite their satirical angle there is some truth in it

the Onion is low key based and redpilled

Probably for posting a funny meme

KILL (((THEM))) all.

Kill your local policemen,media moguls,jews,politicians,jurnalists,influencers,CEOs,big pharma representatives,bishops,progressive and conservative artists, bankers.

We will all benefit from their rest.

oy vey it's the evil whites! not the evil subhuman niggers and evil muslims, fuckin goy!


Some Germans just like to LARP as Nazis at the Apple store, but others are real neon-nazis.

German police say they can't find the real ones. Can you tell them apart?

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This is why the poles endorse kosher nationalism. That is the price of receiving something that does not belong to you from kikes.

No because the real national socialists have proper OpSec and ensure their picture is not taken.
The real NatSocs don't get caught.

fuck off germ, you even stole one of our Silesian Kings body in order to "prove" that he's one of you, your whole culture revolves around LARPing and stealing history

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FTFY. Anyone wanted by ANY Western "authorities" is likely the Salt Of The Earth.

You cant pull the same tricks twice.

The almost overnight appearance of neon-nazism in Chemnitz this summer - in spite of more than 70 years of political taboo & oppression - shows how close to the surface White Nationalism actually is in the Germans..

No wonder the cops can't find the footloose nazis.

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He is a literal German. Most of Poland’s Kings were nobility from saxony

Lel. Gets me every time.

"A disgusting little creature…"
The Grabbler.
It was amazing to watch that segment and see them put up the Moichant as the picture of the Grabbler.

Or have they edited it out?

with greece now in on the rioting fun and the yellow vest shit spreading all over, yeah it's gonna be quite the ride

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