Waifu marriage and the DOTP

Will 2D-to-3D marriage be recognized under the rule of the dictatorship of the proletariat? It is often taken as a meme, but my relationship with various 2D characters is as tangible as the feeling of my fingers tapping these keys as I type. Obviously the difference between fiction and non-fiction is entirely fictional and anything else would be idpol. Or would the situation be more like how Kollontai described marriage under the DOTP - with the relationship being outside of the concern of the community as long as it adhered to (her subjective) communist morality? Surely this would ensure the safety of my relationship with my harem of 2D lolis than I cultivate on my computer. Through a free union of true love our love will be allowed to grow deeper and deeper under socialism and into the next mode of production.

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Funny shitpost, user.

If you're actually serious about this, marriage is a spook.

you have a mental illness bruh
when dotp happens you would be cured through a 40 year sentence in the uranium mines, hard menial labor has beneficial effects on your mental health which is why its always these soft handed bourgs and libs who keep getting these mental illnesses

you dont see construction workers or miners ever obsessing about anime or hyper flamboyant sexual behavior or public displays of any kind or artsy fartsy and pseudo intellectual utterly useless parts of the academia which never solve any problems for society, in fact they seem to create them and so on

a good old hard labor penal colony would set all you junkies and criminals and general anti social non workers straight, and then you put in an extra 10 years just to be sure, and when they release you into society you have no problem working for your bread

Perhaps marriage was the wrong word. I seek free love with my waifu haren. Not "free love" in the promiscuous sense, but relationships founded on a bond of free love. A union between individuals and no more. Jealous love, even with 2D individuals, is destructive. If we held jealously in regards to my harem I would never sleep, knowing so many other men have laid claim to my waifu in another representation or form.

2D love is just as legitimate as any 3D relationship. I do not flaunt my relationships, they live in their own world, often residing in a folder on my desktop. This is no mental illness. Human/non-human relationships will soon be common, just wait until sex-bots come. Capitalism has conditioned your mind into anti-love mindsets

I'm already married to my waifu in spirit.

all forms of 'love' that do not result in a healthy viable offspring for the revolutionary effort, distract resources from the revolutionary effort and therefore must be purged from all areas under revolutionary socialist authority
all unhealthy and unproductive behavior is simply undesirable behavior

you will get a shot at reforming yourself through hard labor, or you will get a shot to the cranium
enemies of socialism are currently great and revolutionary phase requires of us nothing less

We are in total agreeance, comrade. However, 2D love is in deed capable of resulting in viable offspring valuable for the revolution. The powers of creation are inherent to the realm of fiction and, if me and one of my waifus agree, can easily put in the effort to literally create offspring through artistic abilities or sheer willpower. These offspring, intangible as they may seem to normalfags, are in fact extremely volatile tools in the revolutionary struggle. 2D art can be weaponized as effective agitprop. Otaku culture becomes proletkult. They will become the foot-soldiers of the revolution.

This is glorious to witness. I imagine the exact same discussion is currently happening on Zig Forums.

I think marriage in general would be abolished, but yeah I agree 2D>3DPD

Zig Forumstards are largely normalfaggots actually who don't actually watch much anime and only use anime reaction images because it triggers the libs or something dumb like that.

then go and breed your anime waifu, but if you fail to provide at least 3 viable worker and 3 viable soldier offspring quota for the revolutionary effort, you will get your 40 years in the uranium mines on antisocial behavior charges and charges of sabotaging the socialist effort and revolutionary duties

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If I recall correctly, there have been a handful of Zig Forums threads arguing that anime is degenerate.

While I certainly think anime is childish, I couldn't care less if other leftist like lolis.

Zig Forums fails to understand the dialectical relationship between 2D and 3D. They take a metaphyiscal stance and view 3D as unchanging, eternal, the only "correct" form of being to be reproduced with. The Marxist analysis of the situation shows a new form of woman dawning on the horizon. Men are products of their material conditions, and we are entering into a world were women are being displaced by a superior alternative.

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Hello, reactionary. You aren't taking the material conditions into account and are desperately clinging to old forms of relationships while the material conditions for 3d-3d relationships has obviously eroded away. You are like a feudal lord lamenting as his privileges and serfs are taken away. 3D women are becoming obsolete. Marxists can see this, but you are blinded.

while you are distracted with that trash, fascists and capitalists are encircling these other leftists who are also shirking their revolutionary duties by masturbating to that trash instead of performing socially necessary labor for the revolution with their genitals

warm bodies will be required for front penetration operations, garrisons, recon and artillery spotting, in the heavy industry sectors
warm bodies will be required

Look at this sad creature. He is a reactionary, clinging desperately to a former mode of reproduction. He would literally choose a stinky animal over a perfect 2D girl

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penal labor colonies will clear your mind from paranoid schizophrenia and delusions, castration will cure your pedophilia

as long as you are willing, you can still help build socialism
if your only contribution is marching in the open to bait enemy artillery to reveal its positions, or help our officers test and determine how fortified enemy positions are, or force march through a minefield so more valuable troops can pass, so be it

Dude, if we really need soldiers this badly, we'll just lab grow some Clone Wars style.
Me thinks you just really want to cling to reactionary family values.

Homosexual (or butthurt roastie) detected. No one wants to follow your red fascism. 2D love is real life. You are spooked on bourgeois family views and it really shows


And I thought I couldn't hate that flag anymore.

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and where are your lab vat grown clone soldiers, what documents are you quoting or did you just pull this out of your ass? i dont care about liberal capitalist values, i care about efficiency and delivering results

you cant stop capitalist drone strikes and aerial shelling with.. wishful fucking thinking, or buying le epig commie merch online
gas chambers that fascists are going to put you all in are too good for you

based nazbol gang

Sorry, user, but I am not spooked. The next mode of reproduction was discovered through a materialist and dialectical analysis of the situation at hand. As Darwin did for evolution, as Marx did for the evolution of societies, so I have done for the endless change of reproductive preference and the inevitable overcoming of physical love in 3d-3d relationships.

And thus the fascist reveals himself. Here, have a loli

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its simple, capitalism has never been stronger so revolutionary requirements have never been higher
if you fail to meet viable offspring quotas, then how are you not just an undesirable distractor of very limited physical resources from the revolutionary effort?

yes, fascist gas chambers that are in your future ARE too good for you, i mean what are you going to do, throw some pedophilia drawings to block sturmgewher bullets? doesnt work like that, we invented kalashnikovs for a reason, and you will realize such facts either in the gulag or a gas chamber, i recommend the gulag

I was really just refering to how women can donate eggs and men can donate sperm, but it turns out we're much further ahead than that.

You're as liberal as they come.

But you are, you mask your spooks as being a natural law with talks of materialism and dialectics, but in truth you prefer 2D because it pleases you. Free yourself and admit that so you can enjoy your qt anime girls without twisting yourself into knots attempting to justify it.

Whatever you say, tankie. Your spooks are literally flying out of my computer screen. When are you going to start a dialectical analysis of the material conditions and realize the futility of your delusions?

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Who are you talking to here? You realized you're a retard so you invented someone as retarded as you to talk to?

Hey dude, he's one of yours, not mine.

My preference for 2D is not "masked". You fail to regard my completely objective outlook. All of my opinions are scientifically derived

Funny thread

There is no higher degree of being spooked than to believe your spooks are real, just take a look at the christfags or your fellow nazbol. Free yourself so you may enjoy 2D not because dialectics demands you do, but because you simply do.

i dont understand how are his pedophilia drawings that now contaminate some random registries in my ram and processors a viable countermeasures to the ills of capitalism

i mean i get he cant be serious and probably has a raging hard on right now because someone is giving him (you)s but still, spamming that vile shit just makes the board look bad and not serious

First, focus and try to tune into the flow and fluctuations of the Dialectic. Open your very mind and let it animate your body. Electrified, you will notice the material reality around you. Lenin had this same ability, as do all great communists. 2D is not merely a preference, just as Lenin's views on the timeliness of the Great October Revolution were not simply whim, but harmony with the Dialectic


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We're on a site known for pedos and nazis, at least half of this board is dumns as shit and doesn't know what they're talking about (like you), and we're addicted to bait to the point we'd rather talk about anything but books, strategy, and current events. A lolifag is the least of our image problems.

The Dialectic is a spook, by elevating it to a holy entity you have made yourself subservient to it and ave nullified it's usefulness as an analytical tool to justify your preference for cartoon women. Let your spooks go user, enjoy what pleases you for the sake of pleasure.

Nice taste in lolis, OP.

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I use to not think that the Dialectic was abstract until read some Soviet philosophy works and realized that it is an active universal principle. It is not god, but it acts like a god. Even if my preference for loli was not scientifically arrived at I would still adher to my unscientific views for purposes of my spiritual well-being

That said, mandatory loli to make the other guy butthurt.

I try to cultivate a good collection. Nice to see another comrade of taste

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It obviously isn't, but neither is having children, or being a non-degenerate. Masturbating to whatever you masturbate to is hardly revolutionary either.

its just that you lose heart when you see fascists promoting lifting, fitness, regular small arms training, large families, innawoods culture, amateur radios, overall combat readiness increasing activities
and then they encourage each other to go be apprentices at various mechanical workshops, plumbers, electricians, construction workers and these other non meme economically rigid jobs you can quickly become self employed at

meanwhile look at the left, encouraging pedos and junkies, eceleb faggotry and pseudo intellectual books with absolute zero applications to anything in life

when the shells start flying and tanks start rolling in this ever increasingly hostile political environment it really makes you think which side will win

None of them follow it and they're all fat fags who can't get a gf and are completely useless. Stop believing everything you read on Zig Forums you fucking idiot.

im talking about real life
local branch of fascism where im from has medical students and engineers, work actions, welding and machining workshops, they teach members all sorts of stuff they can put on their resume like being proficient with co2 and electrode welding or acetylene torches or reading technical/electrical drawings, have legitimate youth programs where they teach children how to not get diabetes

meanwhile my local left wing clubs are all dying junkies and prostitutes 1 punch away from dying with their yellow mouths and eyeballs probably from hepatitis

I gotta admit: You Zig Forumsfags know how to create funny shitposting threads.

Nigga, reality is a mirage. The digitial plane is the real reality while the world you claim to be so invested in with your fascist pals is the real artificial existence. What created what? Truly an enigma. For all we know we are product of the imagination of one of the lolis ITT. There are multiple universes, perhaps even one where you aren’t such a blatant Zig Forumsluter, but there also exists one where these 2D lolis live everyday lives

Mental illness is a spook if spergs can't carry weapons but trannies can

Today is opposite day I guess

Meanwhile in gonna lay on a webpage and drink some java and download a sandwich to eat while I'm at it.


If he is a sperg himself why would it be in his interests to be barred from having weapons?

No, 3D > 2D is every way possible
Fuck off back to 4cuck weeb

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Cuckchan is normalfag center now, why don't you go back there?

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If you don't mind me asking user what's the flag? I can't see it listed. Is it a flag for drivers?

Pseudo intellectual books! It's true!! I've got a copy of Beyond Good and Evil in my bike delivery box as I type.( Nietzsche the inspiration for many freaks, not just right wingers, but vegetarians, anarchists and even some feminisists.) I read an aphorism in between jobs and let it soak in on route.
But it's true. It won't tell me to how to fix a puncture, sadly.

Why is Richard Spencer always complaining about thuggish tactics by antifa on his podcast then?
When things get heavy Chris Cantwell gets lacrymose.

If you're serious about this, as long as you don't harm anybody, do your own thing. It's like complaining about sex dolls.

Under communism, you'd be free to get loli sex dolls, if you must.

At first this was pretty funny but then it occurred to me what degree of alienation would be necessary for this to occur, and now I'm pretty depressed.

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"real" characters are real as 2d characters are. They exist only in your head. Well not really, they in fact are less real than 2ds are. They are lies pretending to be true, pretending to adhere to the reality of a somehow real existing thing. Pretending that that thing which they supposedly represent exists. They are just holograms, and even then, less real than holograms, whereas 2d persons are extensions of our spirit, and thus really real, really human.
btw I'm in favor of extending marriage to everything, thus effectively abolishing marriage thru the same means of the neverending power of love.

Spoiler ya NSFW shit lad, especially if its lolishit.

Triggered now, are we?