(CNN)Police and CNN have issued an all-clear message after the network's New York offices and studios were evacuated Thursday night because of a phoned-in bomb threat.
"The NYPD has now given us the all clear, and employees have been permitted to return to the building,"CNN Worldwide president Jeff Zucker said in an internal memo to staff. "The building is secure and safe for everyone to return in the morning."
"We appreciate the swift action by the local authorities, and the patience and professionalism of all the employees who were impacted."

The threat was not substantiated, the New York Police Department tweeted.
The threat came Thursday night when a caller indicated there were five devices in the building, according to a law enforcement source.
Several fire alarm bells rang inside CNN's New York newsroom, signaling an evacuation after the call was received shortly before 10 p.m., the company's security said.
Staffers evacuated the CNN New York offices in the Time Warner Center building and Don Lemon's "CNN Tonight," which had been on a commercial break, was taken off the air.
The network temporarily went to taped programming for about half hour before going live from the street while police investigated.
"We were told to evacuate the building and to do it as soon as possible. We grabbed what we could and got out of the building and now, we are standing outside of the building," Lemon said.
Police and firefighters arrived around 10:30 p.m. to the Time Warner Center in New York.
Police and firefighters arrived around 10:30 p.m. to the Time Warner Center in New York.
"All of the employees, all the people who were in the building as we were doing our live broadcast are out of the Time Warner Center now," he added.
Numerous police and fire department trucks blocked all vehicle and pedestrian traffic on West 58th Street between 8th and 9th Avenue due to a police investigation at Columbus Circle, where the Time Warner Center is located, the New York Police Department tweeted.
A bomb squad was on standby outside the building as police officers search the offices, a law enforcement source said.
The network's bureau was evacuated in October after a package with an explosive device, addressed to former CIA Director John Brennan, was discovered, officials said.

That package was among more than a dozen improvised explosive devices sent to prominent Democratic politicians and donors around the country in October. None of the devices detonated, and no one was injured.
Suspect Cesar Sayoc, 56, was charged with five federal crimes and is currently in custody waiting for trail. If convicted, he could receive up to 48 years in prison.

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I disavow

Welcome to 8chin. It's like Twatter only 10 hrs later.

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Bet this is already getting blamed on Drumpfh.

Dumb false flag, like they all. No actual resistance would anounce it, just made it explode and kill as many as it could.

Stay mad nigger.

You turned yourself back into a slave.

I mean how dumb can you be? I was just in jail and am constantly being watched. Did you think you could get away with such behaviors at this point knowing who I am?

Who still watches jew tv let alone this particular jew station to care? A stretch.

I would bet money the call came from a CNN employee

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checked, that's good enough for me, cnn did this to themselves

It wasnt me

I hope someone blows up your temple later.

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Has anyone ever written a fictional story in which all of the power centers of the jews' Legacy Media receive calls that threaten them with bomb threats on a daily basis?

Maybe for the last chapter or the epilogue the novel could draw a comparison with the age old story of "The Boy Who Cried Wolf"… hinting at the explosive plot of the novel's sequel.

"The Boy Who Cried Wolf is one of Aesop's Fables"

A fictional action story… maybe even a screenplay.

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The "false flag bomb threats against the media" episode is a re-run anyways.

This is good. Target their apparatus of repression and propaganda. Corporations can be brought down by reducing their ability to produce poison.

As for the Everything is a false flag people, imagine how a theoretical person would seek to harm the apparatus of repression and propaganda. Would they not do this except a lot?
This is how the PIRA operated except with massive bombs.
Target their infrastructure and financial institutions.

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maybe it would be good if they actually blew something up, this is just a big fat nothing for us an weak of playing the victim for them, people are right to doubt this garbage.

Blowing things up is dangerous.
It's far easier to just call in a fake bomb threat and shut the place down for a few hours.
Blowing things up is fine and all but history shows that building bombs is a very risky business. See, you people sitting here playing arm-chair revolutionary take for granted almost everything about bomb-making and delivery. I cannot tell you how many times a wannabe bomb maker died when his own device went off prematurely. In addition, planting the bomb is very, very difficult. You can mail it, but then you need to figure out how to make it go off at a specific time or place and this increases the complexity of the device and thus the likelihood of premature detonation. And mailing a bomb also increases likelihood of detection and arrest. Furthermore, a complex device is more likely to fail thus leaving plenty of evidence that can link the attack to you.
Compare all this risk with simply buying a burner phone, making a 10 second call, and tossing it in the Hudson river.

Finally, bombs kill people omg wow didn't kno that!
Yes, obviously. And this is a problem for many people. High body counts have proven detrimental for some revolutionary organizations. High body counts are used to garner sympathy for the repressive forces that the revolutionary seeks to delegitimize. Thus, many revolutionaries throughout history have sought to minimize collateral damage and merely focus on destroying buildings rather than killing "people."
The IRA did this by phoning warnings before a blast. The FLNC accomplished this by bombing buildings at night. Others do this by simply making fake bomb threats.

Mind you, I am not defending this practice. I personally want HUGE body counts. I want to see the mangled corpses of these lying journalists hanging from the smoking ruins of the CNN corporate headquarters. I want to see their treasonous blood flowing like a river into sewage drains. I'd like to see their homes burned down and their families shot so that they can get a taste of the pain that they inflicted upon the world.
However, most people are not like me and seek to avoid "unnecessary" bloodshed.

Anyway, in short; bomb making is difficult. It's easier to just lie like these reporters do every day.
I'm not saying I am certain that this is real. I am merely saying that it's not that odd to hear of fake bomb threats.

but shutting down CNN for a few hours literally does nothing. Also, we have no idea who made this threat and you're already pretending it's some act of revolution. The entire thing is pointless, it's mind control tactics, and I'm sick of telling people to stop paying attention to the news at all, because it controls you from both angles, but here we are again. I'm not getting baited by CNN anymore, so you guys can have this thread to yourselves.

CNN hoaxbombs themselves so Don Lemon can say OMG THIS IS DRUMP AMERIGA XDDD on live TV. Yawn!

Daily reminder journalists are lying scumbags who believe it is their God given right to decide what is true and you'd better just accept it got its been published AKA IT IS NOW FACTUAL

sources: Goldstein at al

(((a CNN employee)))

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If the syndrme is "Boy who cried 'Wolf'", eventually JNN will get a visit from a real Wolf

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Spoken like someone that knows fucking JACK about how terrorism works. I don't need to explain to you why Afghanistan and Iraq are falling back into their hands despite the body counts they try to score on our guys and despite our fucking 24/7 global propaganda about these eeeeeeeevil right-wing goatfuckers. Hell, the fact that the propaganda itself is often mocked with comments like "goatfuckers" is plenty of proof that body counts don't affect the resistance organization's legitimacy. Only the establishment fears delegitimization.

t. counterterrorism expert

Kill yourself, cunt.

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Bless your hearts, you bunch of gimcrack nitwits. Your Grifter in Chief and his State Television at Fox isn't going to help you when you wake up a realize Q has been an FSB troll operation all along.

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This isn't the_donald, retard.

Daily reminder only siegetards and shills will celebrate this. This is an obvious false flag whose purpose will be to blame everyone from Alex Jones to Zig Forums and enforce ever increasing censorship and anti-self defense laws.

Hi Rick, your granddaughter has the same complexion as my last bowel movement.

Odds are it’s another Israeli tourist perpetrating a hoax.

That is not true. It causes them to interrupt their wicked business for a few hours. Now, you and I could argue over whether or not interrupting them for a few hours is worth $20 for a burner phone. I would say yes. But this is irrelevant. IF I am not saying anything for certain since I don't know and neither do you this is someone who despises CNN's lies or their business practices did this, then clearly they believe that harming them for a few hours is worth a 20 dollar bill.

Actually, I know a lot more than you. I also have greater reading comprehension than you do.

Notice how I said
>High body counts have proven detrimental for some revolutionary organizations.

And this advice was taken to heart by the PIRA, ETA, FLNC, and countless others. In fact, when the ETA deviated from this advice and took down a shopping market with a high body count, it destroyed their organization's ability to operate.
If you were actually a counter-terrorism expert, you'd know this. But since you are speaking out of your ass, this is likely the first time you were introduced to the ETA. So enjoy your Wikipedia reading, you worthless child.

Good. Once the punishment for "crime think" is as bad as the punishment for violent revolution, maybe pussies like you will finally decide to start shooting. Some people just won't fight until their backs are against the firing wall.

And yet here I am, living rent free inside your head. Bless your heart.

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Uh huh.And how long until we find out it's some kike in israel again?

Can they at least kill off an intern? Like are they even trying anymore?

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wew lad, where do you think you are?

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I think we're reaching a tipping point where half the population would genuinely celebrate CNN getting bombed (in Minecraft)

That gives me a fucking idea for a psyop
What if you went into a minecraft server, built something really gay and bluepilled, and destroyed the fuck out of it for all to witness. You'd be desensitising those younglings to the idea of bashing on bluepilled stuff, if you did it right, you could even make them find it funny.


Oh look! A bomg threat just in time to divert attention away from the news about the Clinton Foundation being investigated. What (((cohencidental))) timing.

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Less threatening and more doing.

Look at this no life having faggot rotting away on semen swallowing Jack Dorsey's sms site hahaha KYS cunt.

If nobody died then it's fake and gay

The IRA phoned in warnings because they wanted to be taken seriously. A bomb kills, it doesn't give you authority or credibility. Being the guy that can avert the bombing (even if you are also the guy that planted it) gives people a reason to listen to you. Please explain what on earth you think anyone would negotiate with CNN for.
I am completely against violence and criminals acts. But a real bomb at CNN would be there to kill CNN people, it would obviously have no other function, and so there would be no warning.

That would be quite something considering that the clear goal of all Q-trolling is to trick people back into trusting the American establishment.

Dat girl…

May her ghost haunt the offices of all media tyrants.

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If you are trying to imply that the IRA only phoned in warnings to establish credibility, then you really should not be talking about the IRA as you know less than nothing about them.
If you would actually study them, you will see a trend towards a strategy of reducing civilian casualties up until the late 90s when they perfected the ability to detonate huge bombs without killing a single person who wasn't an idiot journalist who didn't listen to instructions.
They did not phone ahead to "establish credibility". They already had credibility. Instead, they would warn people up to two hours before detonating a bomb so that they could evacuate the civilians. And instead of just calling the police and army, they would call the people in the buildings themselves so that they could be CERTAIN that the police wouldn't allow the people to die and blame it on the PIRA. Sometimes people did die due either to police incompetence or malice. And the PIRA always apologized and pointed out that this was not their intention that they did not intend to kill people but instead to harm the system directly.

Now, again, as I have said in every post; I am not saying that this was a revolutionary act. I am saying simply; that revolutionary warfare does not mean killing people. It often means that, but it does not necessitate killing people. It is in fact possible to bring the System to its knees without directly killing a single person. I have calculated that 6 men with moderate resources could do exactly this without killing anyone directly.
Once you assimilate that truth about revolutionary warfare, consider the obvious; IF someone opposes the criminal activities of CNN, he might decide that negotiating with the jews (whether he is JQed or not) is impossible and resort to direct economic 'terrorism'. This means all out war to hinder Time Warner's ability to make a conduct business and make a profit. The PIRA actually put several corporations out of business by this very tactic except they used real bombs and caused damage on a massive scale. A lone wolf on the otherhand, does not have the resources of an international terrorist organization. Thus, he might decide to follow the advice I offered here
Op-Sec is crucial and if you're not a bomb expert, it may be better to simply use a $20 burner phone to cause a small profit loss than try to make a bomb and go through all that risk to you and your freedom for the chance that it might go off and cause a big loss in profit. Frankly speaking, calling in a fake bomb threat is no laughing matter. In fact, if one made several bomb threats during rush hour or a time of increased stress upon the System, it could have devestating economic impacts upon the area you're terrorizing. And I use that term intentionally. Fake bomb threats are acts of terror. It also ties up resources of the state investigating your phantoms. Bob Matthews employed this tactic during his war against the System creating real and fake bomb threats in order to distract the police so he could rob banks.

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Heil to the girl who targetted the System directly.
Ten Thousand Bowers
Ten Thousand Aghdams

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Never threaten violence. Be violent or don't but threatening just shows weakness.


Did you hear about the kike? He was convicted last month of making hundreds of threats. He lived in israel, and threatened lots of US synagogues. But he was very much a kike. So the news in the US reported the rise in "antisemitism", and the ADL never corrected it - but it was actually just moshe faking bullshit, yet again.

Situations determine if acceleration or deceleration is preferred. The emergence of Generation Zyclon is reason enough for a delay, and that's why I voted straight ticket Republican, and will continue to do so, and insist everyone I associate with does the same.

That said, I'm not naive. I know that "lesser kike" is nonetheless kike still.

Fake news

:^) I can tell you're a kike.