Wholesome propaganda

“The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly - it must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over.”
― Joseph Goebbels

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white genocide is the best propaganda, its why the kikes and alt kike push to have it removed.

White Genocide needs to be a household term like "slavery" or "social justice."

The problem with this video is that no one will be reading the facts there. Their minds will instead be on the asian qts

You have to tailor it to broad audiences.

"The point of a political speech is to persuade people of what we think right. I speak differently in the provinces than I do in Berlin, and when I speak in Bayreuth, I say different things than I say in the Pharus Hall. That is a matter of practice, not of theory. We do not want to be a movement of a few straw brains, but rather a movement that can conquer the broad masses. Propaganda should be popular, not intellectually pleasing. It is not the task of propaganda to discover intellectual truths.”
― Joseph Goebbels

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Blow me

No really. Ban the queers and blow me.

…so "jews are the root of all evil" then?

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I don't know, I think what we need is satanic symbolism and calls to murder your parents for taking away the xbox.

Why are you using kpop? Are we trying to redpill korea?

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That quote clearly says you change the message depending on who youre speaking to, that you tailer it to NICHE audiences and know WHO you are speaking to at any given time.


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most weebs R white.

I like this actually, especially the part about how faggotry is going up because molestation is going up.

Yet, you try to insult constantly

If you hate homosexuals, then you hate humans.
If you hate transgenders, then you hate humans.
If you hate Jews, then you hate humans.

Anything that that calls humanity an enemy, is not a human.

Reformation of the wickedness of the above groups is possible. I will not deny wrongness when it is obvious, but it is reformation and redemption that we must seek. Do not be a fool and give yourself to hatred. Only love can purge the evil.

Homosexuality didn't exist as a concept before the 19th century and it is wholly unscientific. It's about the act of sodomization.

Sodomizers were persecuted, because sodomy is statutory rape. Just like with scandalizing children ('pedophilia', another jewish word), any sex through unsafe and unnatural means is violence.

Was a mental illness until the American Psychological Association was hijacked by commie kikes.

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That is like saying "if you hate cancer, you hate biological tissue". You don't condone or try to talk to cancer - you remove it.

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BTW not sure if those are 2 different APAs of if someone fucked up the name, but heres the video of the former president talking about it being arbitrarily reclassified without scientific backing showing it was not a mental illness.

You don't support love, you only label those you hate as menaces. Jews do this all the time: they label you and then attack. And you know why they don't just skip to the attack part? Because they always attack a former ally, and need to make up a reason.

This is objectively incorrect.

Homosexuality is normal in the ancient empire of the Greeks.
But this homosexuality was in the form of a male bond. Both men would find wives.

It is the act of marriage between two men that is wrong, because they will not create a family. Their genetic chain will break, and they would have failed life.

This is not a moral issue: It is a personal failing and wrongness upon the gay person. Attempting to persecute them as if they were committing a moral wrong is self-righteousness and will lead to degeneracy of the one persecuting.

The right path is to eliminate homosexuality by allowing men to understand their genetic legacy, and the glory of a proper family.

It can never be wrong in a legal sense, a sinful sense, an ethical sense, or a moral sense, to be gay. It is not the act of a man holding a man that is wrong. It is the termination of their genetic line.

This means that we must convince them to seek redemption and reformation. Death is not the answer. Death or imprisoning a person is a greater crime than homosexuality. Remain innocent and pure by only speaking out against homosexuality, and reminding men of the importance of their duties, their responsibilities, and of the beauty of a family.

Beyond just this, where are the pure, beautiful females who will go to men and ask them to be their husband? If this is not rectified, then nothing will change. No one will want to be alone forever if the women are whores and degenerate sluts who disgrace themselves. It is logical in that situation to be gay or transgender, instead of being alone or giving birth to broken children born to unhealthy, ancient women.

Thus it is the situation that must change. Men must be reminded of their duty as men, and women must be reminded of their duties as women.

Anything else will lead to human suffering. It will be you that suffers as you are called a bigot and an oppressor, and must live with the guilt of hurting others, and it will be the gay man that suffers, because he will become bullied, and worse, self-righteous, and think that he is actually gay.

It is better to eliminate the suffering entirely, by creating life and beauty, instead of death or oppression. This logic is true.

That is what you are doing.

All European men are bound by blood. No matter if they were tricked into being homosexual or transgender, they are blood.

You label them as an enemy, and then persecute them. It is you who is wrong. Do not deny the truth, or you are the evil one.

I refuse to sully my mind and view my own blood-kin as those whom I should hate.

You label a European Aryan man a "homosexual" and then you attack. Reform yourself. There is more to degeneracy than mere sexual-wrongs.

I can already assume that many people here are absolute fools, who believe red-pill truths, but only as intellectual facts. They do not understand. They do not yet comprehend.

The truth is that homosexuality is a temptation, because men are easier to deal with than women. It is easier to get a man to love you than a woman. A man understands another man better, and can have a proper conversation, and that can lead to love.

But it will not lead to a family.

Homosexuality is not a sin or a cancer. It is a mere temptation that must be defeated. Once it is defeated, you will have a proper man again. Denying this will cause you to become an enemy to Aryan men, even if those men have gone down a wrong path in life.

It is better to be a mere homosexual than it is to be a traitor of your blood-kin. But it is better to be an honorable person and have a family within a community within a nation upon Earth.

If the theory that homosexuality is determined by birth, wouldn't it be better to just remove them from the gene pool by natural selection and then there's that?
Why should genetic failures need to continue to propagate into the future if they failed their basic biological directive in the first place? Allowing these homosexuals to be reminded of their role as men and have the opportunity to procreate will only read to future genetic failures

Homosexuality is a sin.
The problem with the modern world is that it has forgotten what 'sin' actually is. As with so many of our problems, the corruption of language has made talking about these things impossible.

The closer translation to 'sin' from older Greek texts refers to someone who 'misses the mark' or 'falls short'.

Stop being fucking gay. You have a responsibility and you are letting everyone down, you are failing in your responsibility.
And your wishy washy effeminate apologism is how we got into this mess in the first place.
Your 'I'm so enlightened for my tolerance' shit is the root of our problems as a whole.

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Society has developed to the point that your margin of error can be very high and can still be successful in life. While homosexuality is a sin, if it does have a genetic component, then it's better to remove those genetic problems by letting homosexuals not create children via marriage and leave it at that.
That should mean the future offsprings would possibly be more heterosexual and less homosexual.

A faggot chastising grown men for being faggots while pushing miscegination and decrying endless hedonism.

The dichotomy is duplicious at best.

They are not genetic failures unless they die without breeding.

The mark of the genetic failure IS to be gay, and never reform. It is to not have a family that makes you a genetic failure. But again, there is nothing to be gained by hurting them, for a simple reason: They will die without a family, and the billion-year chain of their genetic code will be terminated for the rest of reality.

This fate is worse than anything you can ever imagine.

That is why homosexuality can be reformed: They will either understand and choose a family, or they will die the truest death.

Merely falling to temptation, especially in this world of propaganda, is not an issue. Not if redemption or reformation is possible. I am not a Christian, but if you do not see the parallels with what I am saying compared to what a man like Jesus said, then you are failing to comprehend what true love for your kin means.

And again, I will stress tenfold that the real issue is with female women. They are not choosing families at the right age and they are not living healthy lives. Men who have love for humanity, and see beauty in males and females will try females first, and be rejected a thousand times by these whores. Men who give up on women and try even once with a man will find companionship and kindness almost immediately.

It is women who must reform, even more than gay men must. One man can still keep alive his species by impregnating 40 women in 40 nights. Gay men will not stop that.

But 40 straight men and only one woman will lead to extinction.

I hope you are at my intellectual level here. I am not interested in speaking profanities and insults to fellow men, just because they were either tricked, or chose an easier path than dealing with modern women. Be reasonable here, and if you are reasonable, then you will find that we can discuss actual truth on the only anonymous forum where we can speak our mind without people playing either victim or bully. It is truth that I seek, because truth will lead to our freedom from degeneracy.

Do this with jewish facts. It hits them harder.

You know who causes us no problems today? The Olmeks.

Humanity was a mistake.

Are you implying that I am doing that?

Are you arguing in bad faith then? Right yourself, man.

I am pure Aryan and understand the truth of winter. The dark ones do not. They must keep their own lineage pure, just as we must. There does not have to be war: The sun is the ultimate teller of the truth of race. Where it is cold, the white skilled dwell. Where it is hot, the dark skinned dwell.

That is how it is. Mixing the race is to deny the truth of the sun.

It is the same with being homosexual for your entire life. Temptations like porn, lonely men, hedonism, and amusing propaganda will destroy a person's mind and turn them degenerate in multiple ways.

They will be turned into a slave.

The path to freedom is to comprehend reality and see that it is the family that is the most beautiful thing, and like I said before:

An honorable man with a loving family in a healthy community within a strong nation upon the glorious Earth will be an actualized human and they will know true happiness and the miracle of life.

Anything else but this is degenerate. But degeneracy can be righted with regeneracy. That is why I will say that women who become unhealthy whores are more degenerate than a gay man, and people just within this thread here that see homosexual men as enemies or weak, are also degenerate.

No man is weak. We all have our strengths. But also weaknesses. I will just briefly bring up the concept of a classic "Dungeons and Dragons" character sheet, with its stats like CHA, INT, WIS, STR, DEX, CON, representing that just because a man might be weak in one way, they might be strong in another.

And you are quite likely bound by this as well: You might be physically strong, but do you have the charisma and wisdom to see other people as humans like you, and feel empathy and love for them, no matter their flaws? If you do not, then understand that others do, and they can see you as weak for being unable to do this.

The path to true strength of body and mind is to excel in all attributes, and if you are lacking in one, the answer is to find someone who is skilled in such a factor that you are missing, and become their friend, as part of the community. This is the nature of a community, and if you do not see that, you will see your own blood-kin as your enemy. That is the ultimate degeneracy beyond anything else.

Reform yourself, and you will be able to reform others, instead of either hardening their heart and driving them insane, or hurting them, and causing them to die.

It is better to live and have a family.

Honestly of all the anti fag rhetoric, the idea that a modern day man is a failure as a human being for not pumping out as many live ones as he can is fucking stupid. I don’t like fags, but miss me with that rugrat life.

I sometimes see this as well.

I look at animals of nature, without the sort of mind that we have, and I feel jealousy. I sometimes wish I did not carry this intelligence and wisdom with me. It is often too much. The pain on this world is only better comprehended by this sort of human wisdom. And a world in as much pain as it is in today is nearly beyond my threshold of sanity. I often just want to die.

But I know that humans can be redeemed and reformed. We can find our place in nature, and live lives that have value. Mountains will crumble and rise, and rivers will dry and flow, but life itself has not ever died. Not through meteor, volcano, frost or fire, nothing has ever defeated life.

So I think that there must be proper value in an animal that has a mind. So humanity is not a mistake. Instead, the truth is that we simply make mistakes. But we are not the mistake. We are a glorious thing that must perform glorious act.

Glory is the opposite of degeneracy, and so we must strive to do glorious things. For me, this means typing this sort of "wholesome propaganda" for my Aryan brothers. I do not want to see foolishness take place. I do not want to see people killing or enslaving each other. I do not want to see an age of chaos, when we have come this far.

Last night I had a dream that I was in a beautiful city. Everything there was good. It was very technological, and simply amazing. The food was good, the clothing was charming, the people were friendly, and everything was peaceful.

I do not think this dream can become a reality if we go to war. I will say one thing: Flying robots exist that can track multiple people and kill them nearly instantly.

I will not go to war against human-controlled machines. That is madness and insanity. The machines themselves are a blight upon all that exists. It is the same for nuclear weapons. These things are pure badness and ultimate fear, pain, and death.

I will not allow my people to go to war in this world, because I love them too much to see them die in such terrible ways. It is better to find homosexuals and degenerate women and reform them. It is better to find malicious Jews and reform them into our brother or step-brother, whatever you feel is more accurate, considering the nature of evolutionary divisions.

It is better to be a united humanity that knows its place, as told by the sun, than it is to racemix, to grow too high a population and face extinction, to fall to homosexual or pornagraphic temptation, or perform the ultimate degenerate act of killing the most beautiful thing: Another human.

I would rather see two men in love, rather than a single lonely man who has rejected the idea of a family.

It is better to be gay than a lonely person filled with hate.

But it is better than either of those options to have a family, with as many kids as you personally want. I'm not going to recommend flooding the Earth with more than you can handle or want, but even so, there is honor and nobility in having a proper family. As long as you are ready, of course.

However, as I typed before, one man can impregnate many women, so there is no need to think that we will go extinct just because one man becomes gay or celibate.

It is women that must be urged to reform.

Who let this faggot in here?

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What is wrong with you?

You are incredibly simple-minded if you are failing to comprehend what is at stake here.

It is better to be a gay man than a man who has given up on humanity and prefers to be alone.

You are the degenerate if you argue in bad faith.

The man who seeks love is better than the one who does not.
But if you do not know the next line, then you are below me.
The next line is this: The man who seeks love with a woman is better than the one who seeks love with a man.

That is the reality, and if you devolve into a memetically brainwashed fool, then you will never understand this truth.

I would rather be single than put my dick in a dude for company, but you do you, bud.

Stop coping, you delusional faggot. You were so close to being based and redpilled.

Korea needs a heavy dose of redpilling. They are major hebrew-philes and have the highest rate of circumcision in the world. There's a reason Nips thought gooks were retarded subhumans.

Preferring to be alone isn't "giving up on humanity" and it won't destroy your soul and mind like homosexuality does.

You can be totally loving and do much good while being single.
There's no justification for being a homo, you are absolutely confused and need to repent of your faggotry.

If you hate paedophiles, then you hate humans.
If you hate cannibals, then you hate humans.
If you hate south american drug cartels that skin prostitutes' faces live on video, you hate humans.
If you hate niggers, you hate subhumans.

I'm surprised that people are playing such a role as you are.

Are you not able to comprehend things that you do not already believe? Does everything have to already conform to what you already think is true?

You will understand if you take a step back from your personal view and your personal ego, and see the truth from a wider perspective.

You are mistaking that when I say "It is better to love a man than to be lonely because you've given up on women on humanity," that I mean that it is good to be gay.

There is no justification for abandoning humanity as a deliberately single person who is filled with hatred for both men and women.

It is better to be gay than to hate humanity and desire to not have a family.

It is better to have a proper family than it is to be gay. It is better to have a root in this world than no root. The most sturdy root is a family. A lesser root is to find companionship with a man. The path of no root is to call humanity a mistake, hate women and men, and live alone, where you die alone after a life of hatred and degenerate masturbation.

But again, are you arguing in bad faith? Are you deliberately misreading my words? Read them again. You are playing the fool if you make enemies of people that can be reformed.

You are meant to hate the sin, but not the sinner. Surely you understand such an ancient concept, even if it is not your religion.

That means it is better to reform them if they are doing something bad, so that they do good things instead. Their acts are degeneracy, but all people can be regenerated if their heart and mind is pure, or if you can convince them to become pure, if they are already not. Fear is not the answer. Telling people that you will punish or kill them if they do not obey will not lead to true redemption or purity. They must understand the actual beauty of having a pure and valuable life.

And as for Africans? My people have never had a problem with them, for all of history, and beyond history. My people lived in the frost of Europe, and we did Nordic and European things.

The Africans lived where it was hot and sunny, far to the south, and they did things their way.

They did not cause problems until the ones of the hotter sun decided it was fine to enter Europe. That is the problem. People can use the internet to communicate if they want to exchange perspectives. They should not be migrating, unless they seriously want to join the native culture, and it should be as individuals, not mass-immigration. Mass-immigration is genocide for the natives. It is a wicked, wrong thing to do.

Do not argue in bad faith: Onlookers will see your folly, and they will see that you deny truth in favor of hatred and foolishness.


Take out the biblical quote at the end of the video, or at least move it to when the bible was mentioned earlier. The better note to close on would be the tie between molestation/recruitment/faggot populations.

what a surprise that the tor pedo is promoting jew talking points
kill yourself kike
Holy Hatred of evil is God's Will

spic detected

Are you unwilling to actually debate my points?
Are you unable to understand my words and my logic?
Are you just a fool?

Love purges the degeneracy because when you use hatred, and say: "Kill yourself, faggot."

The faggot in that situation acquires a harder heart that will reject your words. That homosexual will think that your view is bad because you are cruel and vindictive.

If you say to a homosexual instead, with love: "It is fine to be gay, but better to have a family. A family will bring more value to your life than being gay. A family will allow your genetic lineage to continue."

Then the homosexual will ponder this more honestly, and perhaps come to the conclusion that it is actually a bad idea to be gay, on a personal level.

They will not require fear or punishment or social exclusion to be straight against their will. Instead, they will willingly become straight because they understand why it is better.

But as for you? You are the sort of degenerate who breeds enemies of your own kind. You make homosexuals view proper Aryan men as bad people. You make Jews hate us. You make Africans hate us, don't you? None of these people would hate us if you did not speak such disgusting words. And if they did hate us: Then our hatred in response will only develop a feedback loop, and that loop will end in war and death, instead of life and family.

You make everyone hate us, because everything you speak is hateful and filled with wrongness and a desire to hurt people.

Reform yourself. Your mind is degenerate.

Why do you faggots derail so easily?

It's no wonder nothing ever gets done. Fucking tell him no and move on. You don't need to explain to anyone why homosexuality is bad. It's clear and obvious. Get back to making propaganda.

This is like saying it's better to eat shit than to eat vomit. It's better to worship rocks than it is to worship rivers.
You' aren't making any sense, both of those things are evil, in their own ways.

Right and wrong don't care about your silly relativistic ethics. Hating humanity and doing homosexual things are both evil, there's no love and no compromise. Your long winded blabbering is embarrassing.

It's better to be a rapist pedophile than to hate humanity and desire not to have a family? Fuck off with your new age garbage. Homosexuality, in all its flavors, is evil and degenerate. We don't negotiate with faggotry here.

You're trying to sneak homosexuality by the rear, hoping no one would notice. We notice, no go back to /cuteboys/ or Zig Forums or whatever garbage board you frequent.

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Onlookers who are not you will see that you are simply wrong and misinterpreting the issue.

There is no way for you to disagree with me in good faith, because I am correct.

It is better to be gay than to be a hateful celibate.
Just as it is better to eat dirt than to starve.

But it is clearly better to have a family than either of those.

It is better to eat real food that is nutritious and delicious, than to eat either dirt, or to starve.

Do you see enemies where ever you look, even when they are on your side? If you do not see me as your ally, then you have denied truth as well as love and the search for a real solution to degeneracy.

There are men who ought to be straight, but have been tricked and tempted by sheer propaganda, into being homosexual.

I want them back on our side. Will you abandon your own men, just because they are wounded in battle? They still live, so we must save them. We have all fallen greatly, so do not judge them just because their fall has to do with sex.

Sexual issues are far too easy to point at as being a sign of degeneracy, but there is far more to degeneracy than mere sexual concepts. You are not innocent, and we have all been wounded by the demoralizing propaganda. Just because our wounds are different does not mean we can abandon our own people who are bound to us by blood.

Now gtfo.

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How about, No.

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But why would the Negro want to return to Africa, in danger of wildlife and without foreign aid or technology? Only the spear on his back, whatever food he can scavenge, and whatever shelter he can make out of mud.

Why, when he can continue to escape into more advanced nations that will clothe him, feed him, and generally make him as comfortable as possible? Why, when he already lives in that environment would he have a reason to his homeland?

If you want to get the Negro out of Europe and America, even if just to return him to his homeland, force is required. There is absolutely no reason for the Negro to want to live the primitive, struggling life of an animal. If aid is sent to him after being sent back in such a way, the population of his people explode and the ecosystem of Africa would be sent into ruin once again.

Similarly, reforming homosexuals and whores is also not possible. The early trauma from molestation that makes a gay man, a gay man, is not something so easily undone. You can do your best to prevent it, sure. But even that would force to keep restrictions on them, to prevent them from 'reproducing' by repeating the cycle that happened to them. This is all ignoring the disease and immune system weakenings many are bound to have.

With whores, the pair-bonding damage done by having their first relation with a man broken is likewise impossible to reverse.(A problem for gays too, with their high partner counts.) And a problem that compounds the more they have 'whored out'. Leave them to their actions, and they'll continue to break people's ability to pair-bond through engaging in, and promoting promiscuity. Like with the gays, that is a cycle which can be broken, and one that again requires force. Or at the least the threat of it, through laws.

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Thanks for your post, brother.

Repent kike.

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If only you were human you worthless faggot.

Trust the plan.

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This doesn't make sense.

Been noticing this as well. Had to get even the mischlings out of my life completely. There really are no good jews.

it's only a temptation to a faggot like you
A man would not ever be tempted to engage in sexuality with another man

Sodomy isn't sex, it's debasement. The faggot wants to burgle the little boy's turds because it's a form of power. (The feminists were right about rape.)

I will not waste my time debating your jewish talking points because you will slither and slime your way into denying reality
You are such a cunt you do not deserve honest debate
I hope your death is an especially painful and humiliating one
Now take your fucking disgusting opinions and GTFO

dude, just stop.
I see you posting this same nonsense in a number of threads (your post style is extremely unique and easy to identify).I don't know what made you decide to come here as an obvious outsider without a clue of what you're talking about preachnig your hippie dippie goofy, but nobody here wants what you're selling.

We've tried this society of dancing in the flowers, and it's failing miserably. You want us to tolerate the fags that are now trying to corrupt and rape our children with the assistance of the state ?
Sorry bud, you need to go elsewhere.

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The idea is good, but something without chinks might be more relatable for most white people. Something like this maybe?


The chinks add a layer of protection against claims of racism/white supremacy. If you have white girls in wheat fields it looks like our propaganda. If you have korean girls it confuses libs/normies…"is this racist? well it can't be because of the minority…but it's also telling me facts against another minority…"

I have never seen Salisbury from the street angle.
Have anymore pics?

Lol we need more hate facts over kpop, this stuff is hilarious.

Normies will just think a fat white weeb made it, and they would probably be right.

Then what do we do with the kikes who see all others as goyim?

Is it better to be a mudshark or a traitor of your blood-kin?

70 replies and nobody checked these Hitler trips.
Zig Forums is dead.

Kill yourself and go the fuck back to 4chan.

And now for something completely different.


And then be thrown away, again and again, like a smelly, ripped, used up sock by thousands of one night stands, or tenmen weekends. Fags are the furthest thing from kindness that exists save for females.

ah yes, it's the white mans fault, fuck off kike


Meant for (checked btw)

So how brightly do you glow in the dark? What's it like, working for the CIA?

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hitler trips say white genocide needs to be pushed. It is the ultimate weapon.

jews are not human.

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We don't like dicks in our rectums. We find the entire concept disgusting and think those that (((promote))) it belong in the bog.

>>>Zig Forums

Real normalfags don't know what a weeb is.

It's sticking a man's penis in a fetid, shit-encrusted whole where ringworms, flatworms, herpes, gonorrhea, and other parasites and diseases live. You have to be mentally ill to do it, similarly to putting your hand in a wood chipper.

if you honestly think this then you are whole heartedly out of touch with the reality of how queers act and the situation the world is in as a whole

God is hate.

This is correct. Always go for the vageen.

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You know how I know you did a good job, OP?

Because I've had this earwomed for days and randomly mutter "read the Bell Curve" and giggle like a lunatic…

And I like the song too.

Good, now the public will associate annoying gooks with annoying online cunts.

They're kawaii not annoying,, redditor.

Is it possible to like this music and not be a dickless virgin

I'd rather be a redditor than be you.

Good job.

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RIP Rhodesia.

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