The Fall of Judeo-Masonic Republic in France

The Fall of Judeo-Masonic Republic in France



Make the Kike screams

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In a foreign land
In a foreign town
Reaping time has come

Ah, I knew it. The cretin frogposter who thinks the yellow vests are far right is actually a shitskin immigrant.

Oy vey, look what we have here ! A Jew ! How surprising !

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Aren't we forgetting something?

France is 30% non-White. With widespread unrest, the entire police and military preoccupied with quelling riots, what do you think Tyrone and Mohamud are going to do? Sit around and twiddle their thumbs?

There will be widespread victimization of French people. There will be break-ins. There will be rapes. There will be murders. This is all playing into the jew's hand.

leftypol upset that the average man hates his kike and tranny friends

so shitskins doing a shtiskin is going to benefit the jew how? by making white people despise them and accelerating racewar?
are you a dumb reddit piece of shit or a kike?

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I can smell your fear, kike and it makes my dick hard.
Bump for the frogs. The kikes will burn.

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The rapes, the murders are already happening for decades.
Yes, there will be huge collateral damages but this is precisely the chance to stop it once and for all.
What are you suggesting ? Wait until Whites die like in USA ? Playing the 4Dchess like with Trumpstein ? Fuck off kike

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Good thread title, but the US etc are run by the Anglo-masonic branch and they're much more rational when governing. They don't make stupid mistakes like mass-raising fuel costs and then act arrogant about it. The A-Ms keep a close eye on the pressure valves to avoid this.


You and your whole family will be oven'd very soon kike. There is nothing you can do to stop it.

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Was it all worth it to be put Feet first into the fire of the biting ovens for you

lmaoing @ ur life

The streets will run brown with mud blood

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Daily reminder that we stand on the verge of a legit, old-school Revolution with all that that entails and there'll still be people here whining about how this ruins their optics for their jewish party of choice in the next election and oh boy, watch out, might make those shitskins riled up.

I've shittalked the French for the past 4 years and in the space of the week gone to considering selling my truck and what I have left to buy a plane ticket there if this shit kicks off.

Vive Le France, Heil Hitler.

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Reminder to always run, bike and ride your motorcycle in your yellow vest in solitary for the France fighters and the added bonus of being safe on streets

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meant solidarity


The US would unironically be better off if Hillary had won and she pushed for some insane mass immigration thing and it devolved into riots right away. Since then about 650,000 more young adult Hispanics have crossed the boarder into the US, and GOP invited in another 200,000 from Puerto Rico, on top of already large legal immigration.

Our side is weaker by years more of aging, which each year we lose more fighting men than we gain, and the enemy gains more fighting men than we gain. No trend is in our favor for waiting. Trump has failed us in every capacity and complacency may very well be more dangerous than civil war in the long run but every day we stand a lower chance to win.

I want you all to think of the gravity of letting this country become nonwhite in a generation. The nuclear weapons of our forefathers will be within reach for brown people to control. People that cannot manage anything else, that have a history of failure in every capacity. They have a majority in a city and suddenly they can't even function enough to have clean water. Crime becomes rampant, bodies strung up on overpasses is a normal daily site. There's a lack of power. Inflation goes through the roof and buildings fall into disrepair. It devolves into caveman like tribal warfare and becomes impossible to police. They will have a majority say on when to use nuclear weapons? Is no one else horribly alarmed by this? Even if we manage to create a small ethnostate and we build nukes, then these idiots here will do whatever Jews say and they are too stupid to understand MADs.

How could the FBI and CIA and all the deep state folks let this happen? Do they not realize that the nonwhites here are totally unfit to rule a modern country? Even if we become marginalized peacefully and we can continue to exist, the blacks and Hispanics will still probably nuke the first country they have a problem with. Their rule could very well lead to total ruin. It must be prevented even if it means pushing hard for the US to disarm it's nukes now. Hispanics and Blacks are too stupid to produce new ones any time soon.

I suggest that a core demand in white nationalism needs to be the total disarming of nuclear weapons from the US since no projected outcome leaves them all in our control.

Why do you trivialize? Whites are not ready for a race war, but that's what they may get if France destabilizes. The jihadists and rapefugees are already positioned.

Kikes are easy to kill user

nice attempt at derailing juden

Those fags are too busy fucking goats, rabbi shlomostien

I wouldn't bet on it sir. Everyone here knows that Mosques are literally weapon caches for those inbred dunecoons.

Does everyone in the whole country have a fucking yellow vest?

Oh it's related, France has a lot of nukes, it's why they have been a major focus for marginalizing whites and establishing Jewish control. Jews desperately want our people's weapons. They are even suggesting 2 state options for France, where no doubt they would kill us all as they so often chant.

No 2 state options exist anywhere when Kikes or brown people keep our ancestor's weapons.

Why using a goatfucker word tho ?

Go back to reddit, nigger

And thats where the yellow vests can get weapons from to face off against their own countrymen zogbots protecting the zogcorps.

If you own a vehicle yes, it's the law.

the British have decided to fly uranium in the vicinity of paris in order to suppress the protestors, its what hitler used on the jews in concentration camp to warp his armies,

So just rob the mosques??????


For faster detection of kikes like you

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I'm sorry, what ? Is using pedophile goatfucker's language white ? I would gladly learn your standards my fellow european :^)

Fox News might be more up to your speed, nigger.


Fair enough, I guess you're right. I'll spread the idea this evening.

Don't know I'm burger but night runner fags will wear yellow vest in fear getting hit by a car or a walking pedestrian. You could find cheap yellow vest easily at Walmart.

Take your pills grandpa

… Or definitive proof that you are a shitskin. That's okay, you can stay. But once we overthrow this corrupt kike govt I promise we'll send you semites back to Africa in the same supertanker as your fellow niggers.

Oh we'll remember to implement this idea this time around, alright

A single word triggers you Moshé, this is the only proof we need

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this is how retarded you sound

I want nu-Zig Forums to go back to Reddit.

when you (((blog))) post with your emotions you two things. A faggot or a confused scared faggot.

Racewar now

The only thing triggering me is when white racial brothers of mine talk in cut-dick. But since I know you aren't my kin, you can carry on I don't care.

It doesn't help Jews at all. Currently Jewish families are fleeing European countries because of the shitshow. This is one of those jewish conspiracy theories that really makes zero sense.

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I hope the police & army will fuck these yellow retards up.

Protest when you're invaded by niggers and muslims? nah
Rise up when your country is taken away from you and you're nothing but bank account? nah
Maybe when the politicians constantly lie to you and the media wants to brainwash you, you'll surely do something right? nope

Oh i know, taxes on gas that make my wagecuck life a bit harder, that's something worth an uprise! Truth is most of them are 60yo boomers that will just go back to the countryside once this thing blows over. They'll replace macron with some technical government or literal EU puppet like they did with italy, and everything will go back just the way it was. Protests will disappear while the children of those white boomers will get LITERALLY OUTBRED by foreign invaders, and they'll gladly accept is as part of "egalité, fraternité, cuckité" because that's the true nature of the french, a complete fucking loser cuck that does everything in his power to shit up europe. Like the germans. inb4 D&C shill, i hate everyone equally.

The only reason this is relevant is because it's interesting to watch frogs fuck up paris, this has 0% political relevance and will literally change nothing.

And this thot was [allegedly] raped.

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woops, wrong pic. this thot

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Whitey's out for blood now, kike. Whatcha gonna do?

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I am, and God witnesses me I am. Born to 100% celtic parents. My genealogy goes all the way back to Normandy in the 1400s.

Cry harder, kike. The yellow vests are the real deal and will tear down the kikes system in France. There is absolutely nothing you can do about it.

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They think whites are just as antisemetic as muslims

They mainly get funding and assistance from the USA which isn't receiving Islamic immigration and they have a stranglehold on politics there anyway

They mainly see Europe as the enemy, and want to balkanize the native countries as they saw the ethnically unified european countries as threats. Again, they are not "Fleeing", they have a stranglehold on economic and political areas.

Yeah sure thing shlomo, i'll believe it when i see macron's head on a pike and a 90% vote on a french referendum to fuck off out of the EU.

You are a fucking retard. We whites have invented the art of hermeneutics and gnoseology exactly for this. "Intifada" is a symbol that, at least to our western perception, is interpreted as having the meanin of mass civil unrest against Israel. This word has a completely different meaning in it's original language, where it is a generic term.
Given the context in which we are using the word, it is completely plausible for us to use said symbol without actively identifying ourselves with middle-easterners.

Protesting against that is justified by negative values. Fighting against government opression in the form of taxes, on the other hand, is an accepted form of civil unrest, even if the protests itself have an implicit agenda. Literally every single legit social revolution in the last 100 years have happened this way.

From what I have seen in translated comments, some frogs are livid about the tax because it will in part, help migrants. If they don't have the money then stop bringing them in. I know the yellow vest movement is split all over but that did seem to be a line of thought among them.

No, that's your pseudo-intellectual brainfapper definition. To the few white masses who know that word it just means "some fucking sandnigs fighting over a dozen olive trees". To the other who don't know that word for shit it just means "shitskin babble". Fuck this shit.
Listen, I don't know if it will work in your country, and Frankly I don't care. But I can 100% assure you that we French people will NEVER use such a word to verbalize our fight. Call it counter-semitism for example, a fine alternative signal to "anti-semitism". Use a fucking Roman or Greek root, or it will not work.

Saturday sure looks like it will be interesting. Be safe, french Anons. Maybe this will even cause a domino effect, although I do not bet on it.

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In no capacity.

Sure, i will just take our 200-year-old theory on the philosophical implications of word and throw it on the trash bin.
Oh well, jews haven't ever liked hermeneutics for a reason, it is the art which enables the goyim to see through your lies.

Only a shitskin muslim like you would ever use the word 'intifada' to signify glorious battle.

Aren't you achmed? I bet you live in the banlieu with 20 other family members in the same occupied household.

Hey, Froganon; what's the word on the street about France leaving the EU or NATO? Can you guys force a vote when you depose Macron?

The possibility is there I think. I haven't seen any posts about this so if this goes full civil war and the french economy tanks, will it cause the EU to tank? With how interconnected America and Europe are, wouldn't this hit the American economy as well?

It will be a bloodbath.
Military will attempt a coup.
NATO will step in.
Putin-Chelomova will send his Red Army to make sure the Jewish interest prevail.


Did you know that israel is surrounded by countries full of millions of "anti semitic arabs" and yet nothing happens to israel even though they are surrounded at a greater ratio than 5:1?

Ironic shitposting = shitposting.

The so called browns in France think this is a civil war between whites. I heard a bunch myself. If anything, learn that this behaviour is probably be repeated elsewhere: whites clash while predator shitskins wait to prey on the survivors.

On the street NATO doesn't raise an eyebrow doesn't mean we aren't against it but since it's more "foreign affairs" bullshit it's just not a concern for the masses, but holy fuck we hate the EU with passion. Don't forget we voted against the EU constitution only to have it shoved up our asses by Sarközy. You can count on a Frexit, but not a ukaliphate-style brexit, no. A fucking definitive and immediate Frexit.
Fucking hold my beer bro.

Would be better without the coon tune.

Thankfully this one will be a curbstomp in favour of yellow vests however they need to start applying pressure to all the fucking garbage in their land. The niggers need pressuring.

Ahahaha if only. Jews are getting fatter and more numerous than ever, and gatekeep anything they can infiltrate.

I'll hope against hope you're right.

French unrest was already against hope. Now everything is possible my friend.

not getting my hopes up. justice never prevails in this world. dumb soldiers will do as they are told.

to those who lost their lives tomorrow.

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Just watch half the soldiers desert after being ordered to shoot at the civilians they enrolled in to protect

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Reminder that Germany went 1488 due to the dismal Weimar republic economy. They tolerated jews, up until the point where it became untolerable. History repeats itself.

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The globalists are not human beings. Henceforth the word globalist means to us the most terrible curse. From now on the word globalist will trigger your rifle. We shall not speak anymore. We shall not get excited. We shall kill. If you have not killed at least one globalist a day, you have wasted that day… If you cannot kill your globalist with a bullet, kill him with your car. If there is calm on your part of the front, if you are waiting for the fighting, kill a globalist before combat. If you leave a globalist alive, the globalist will plot and scheme for more globalism and finance your local synagogue. If you kill one globalist, kill another - there is nothing more amusing for us than a heap of globalist corpses. Do not count days; do not count miles. Count only the number of globalists you have killed. Kill the globalist - this is your old mother's prayer. Kill the globalist - this is what your children beseech you to do. Kill the globalist - this is the cry of your nation's earth. Do not waver. Do not let up. Kill.
>Among the signatories are the presenters (((Stéphane Bern))) and (((Cyril Hanouna))) , the producer and creator of Ten Percent Dominique Besnehard, the journalist Maitena Biraben, the actors (((Michel Boujenah))) and Thierry Lhermitte, the actress Sonia Rolland and the philosopher (((Bernard-Henri Lévy))) .

They're out there; waiting. They have lots of things on their minds. They'll say nothing. They'll just do it.

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The soldiers have said they disagree with you

Fuggin checked. The wolves shall hunt.

This "INTIFADA" shit spoils the energy. I'm out.

France isn't 30% non-white, theres no official data but I've heard its actually closer to 85% white. Its just Paris and several other cities that are infested.

Don't take the black-pill, theres always hope. Moorish Spain was in predicament and yet they bounced back and founded the Inquisition.

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Remember what happened after Ukrainian Clanking? So what part of France would be come Russia?

None. Ukraine was caught between EUSSR and Russia, between Soros and Putin. France is a different battleground and different circumstances.

Just in !
According to a somewhat radical and recently banned french website, hundreds of "ultra nationalists" are being arrested right now all over France in order to prevent them from joining Le Bataille de Paris.

They are getting really desperate and they are tipping their hand. Of all the people they could've gone for they chose right wingers. That will blow up in their faces as anyone who is a great enemy of the current French state becomes a hero almost automatically.

You retarded shitskin, how aren't they laughing when you just posted that they're in charge of making the transition happen.

UNATCO is cracking down on Silhouette?

have you more radical websites than DP to share user ?

They are pleading you dumb fuck. They are even distinguishing themselves from the Elysee instead of boasting about how they own it as always. They call for CALM and DIALOGUE after asking the fucking FRENCH ARMY TO SUPPRESS THE REVOLT.
You didn't follow shit on the Yellow Vests, so now you're perturbed. That's alright. Read the other threads after filtering the derailers (should be 3/4 of the posts) and come back.