What was it like living in America before 9/11 ???

What was it like living in America before 9/11 ???

And what went wrong?




When the republic was formed there was a debate about the bill or rights and whether it should be included. A battle between positive and negative rights took place, and unfortunarely positive rights won out. Negative rights are things like "freedom of speech" that do not create any obligations on others other than to refrain from infringing upon them. A positive right is something like a "a right to healthcare" which then creates obligations on doctors to provide you with care in order for your rights not to be violated. Positive rights have echoed chaos through the timeline of America, eventually leading up to things like the Civil Rights act, and now things like healthcare for non-citizens, and soon universal healthcare.

The same thing can be said for phrases like, "all men are created equally" which had echoed disastrously through time like a tweet that doesn't age well. Niggers and women vote now, and a non-land owners vote counts just the same as a land owner. It's impossible to sustain a country when you have ultimately disinvested parties voting, who can simply move where ever they want and vote without feeling the consequences on their property (and race).

Also keep in mind Jews were pumping niggers into the nation feverously even when we were just colonies. The Civil War wasn't about slavery obviously, but it segways into it. Another critical philosophical breakdown during the civil war was Lincoln's trashing of the concept of states rights. Now, instead of the soveriegnty of the states being higher than the federal govrrnment, they're basically just shell companies for receiving and executing orders from the federal governement.

Another vector if catastrophe has been the banking system, as it has funded unjust wars and slowly robbed the wealth of people over time making savings harder and harder. The economic environment and relative wealth of the average person has gone into the shitter, and will get worse. Sure, some of the gadgets we can buy now are shiny and neat but the consequences of these gadgets is dystopian at best with isolation, spying, depression from social media etc…

Immigration is the worst of all vectors for disaster, stretching back to the civil war where German and Irish immigrants were allowed passage if they fought for the north. Indentured servitude is effectively slavery for a period of time and the north had no issue with it. Then in the late 1800's we allowed waves of jews to immigrate who quickly set about creating the hollywood apparatus we have today. Then of cours there's 1965, the year of the immigration act that would prompt 25% of Mexicos total population to stream over the border over the next 30 years.

In the 1960s a group of warmongering kikes defected from the leftwing party and became the "neoconservative" movement, which would eventually displace genuine conservatism of the classical liberal variety, and desert storm, patriot missiles, and oil were the vehicles by which they would provoke and orchestratr 9/11, to then subsequently install permanent war, the NSA, the patriot act, government spying, etc… all of these were just the "state of emergency" needed to push through everything at once.

You see these problems don't break shit immediately, which is why politicians have an easier time getting the legislation passed for them, and we're often too short sighted to go back and see the fully realized consequences of these policies until the damage is done. The 1990s was the last happy decade before all of this cocophony of problems finally overwhelmed the buffers and became real and present.

Not as many metal detectors in buildings (although that really started after the OKC bombing)

At one time cops could bring their guns into the cabin, now I believe only Air Marshals are allowed, and they a special ammo that won't put holes in the fuselage.

We didn't know half as much as we do now about Islam. It was almost marketed to us after 9/11. Get to know your new goatfucking overlords!

Government documentation was looser / identity theft was easier. They're still catching guys who stole ghost identities from graveyards in the 70's. (You could use a dead child who died out of state, they cross-reference everything now.)

Internet was just starting to get high-speed where I lived. My parents and girlfriend (who showed me Napster) had it, I had dialup.

Compare with life after Pearl Harbor in the 40's I guess. A general tightening up of everything with lots of useless (((money making))) schemes like putting all the black DMV ladies into the TSA.


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This reminds me of Columbine for some reason.


We became blissfully ignorant of jews jewing us.

It was pretty good and better than now. So there were not cameras every where. There were only cameras in the 1990s at places that were high crime or needed extra protection like a bank. So you didn't have this "big brother is watching you" shit. People weren't glued to their phones like zombies.
I remember being a kid and knowing who my neighbors were. They were old white people except for the "kid from central america" across the street. My city was "diverse" but blacks got along for the most part and didn't really bother anyone because they are a minority. There wasn't this white vs black racial shit shoved in your face 24/7 by the media.

What went wrong? Greed. Israel. Bushes and Clintons.

Nagel / Straghini / Donovan thread, do not reply.

actually you're asking a question too big to answer. we lost everything. i feel sorry for youngsters that never knew what America was like before it became a jewish plantation and international strip mall.

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parties to blame in America's downfall:
Yankee Anglo scum (White jews)
Corporate yes men in the billionaires club
Niggers (because they were a tool used against us)
The jew run Media
Anyone who made, or repaired televisions

It was great. People were definitely a lot more relaxed, social trust actually existed, kids could run around free, you could pretty much say anything without filtering yourself. In a few red states in the 90s it was even more socially acceptable to wave the Confederate flag and say nigger. 9/11 was where nanny-statism got its biggest boost.

it's easier to ignore all of the problems plaguing the US when so many were focused on paying down debts, out-working/out-thinking the competition, getting wealthy or trying, building material belongings and out-doing the Jones'
Now, we're unable to clean the swamp because we're up to our asses in alligators

Two goods one bad. Alt news was utterly underground. Birchers we're more extreme than pol.

Far less beaners/fags/fems. Still easy to believe your economic future would be better than your parents

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It was how America was supposed to be. Minus the multicult.

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Jews did 9/11.
What went wrong? It went wrong long before 9/11.

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The 90s were pretty fucked to be honest, Keep in mind the 90s were the generation that became wiggers and other shit, the nigger gangster shit was in full swing and all of the terrible political decisions and changes that led us to this position were being made at the time, without anyone even being aware of what the implications would be.
Most people are just nostalgic because they were kids at the time and were shielded from all the stuff going on. That, and it was probably the last generation where parents actually tried to shield their kids from the horse shit insanity of adult politics.
Now we have trannies reading gaynigger atheist propaganda to school kids at libraries.

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Global report.