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Why do the Trumps keep retweeting anti-Q internet personality James Posobiec?

Mingling or baiting?

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How did he get the jew checkmark anyway?

Because Q is a retarded LARP that only appeals to the niggerest of the Trumpniggers.

I'm going to let you get off Scott Free with that comment.

Because Q is a deradicalization psyop that backfired so now they are doing everything they can do to distance themselves from it.

Anyone who believes that bullshit needs to play in traffic.

Why are you so asshurt about Q that you have to keep making threads about it

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That's a whole lot of people

Did I ask a question or make a statement?
Would you like to try harder?

There is a containment board set up specifically for this topic, populated exclusively by people [or bots] who want to discuss this topic and all tangential topics.

because Q is a meme spun by intelligence agencies to co opt and cover any potential normalfaggot redpilling with Nerf foam by turning Qcumbers into the next flattards
neither, you are seeing things that never were there.
stop chasing windmills and get back to watching talmudvision, gramps

Because Q is a retarded larp that the average nigger would understand is a shit, D&C campaign.

Whoop whoop! That's the sound of the police!

Do you know what Q is oh great red piller?

Global report.

Commit suicide now.

Why so angry?

The pedantic, cryptic, strange language thing pays much better on your containment board where others are interested in people who don't speak plainly or forthrightly. Take the thread over there.

Why waste your time commenting on a larp?

Pays? Is someone paying you?

Q is a shitty LARP meant to convince people who were starting to wake up to Trump's kike bullshit that it's just 4d chess and there's some secret plan if they just be quiet and don't cause trouble.
It also convinced boomers who 10 years ago opposed martial law to think that martial law is necessary for the implementation of Q's bullshit plan.

Hello Poojeet, how is the weather in India?
Did you take your shit in the designated street today?
Why are you not in Hindu Kush, liberating it from Pakistani dogs?
Do you not care about your country?
Why sit here online and talk to americans when you can be doing India a great service?
Please think of Vishnu, and your guru…



Well you hit all the NPC talking points. Good job.


Sounds like you've got some beef with India. Imma stay out of that one.

Tick Tock

Trying to hide something?

all signs point to this

And yet here you are.

Go back to reddit.

Global report.

Global report.

I am calling (You) an Indian who is being paid 20 rupees per post.
Can you show us your bank statements to prove otherwise?
All I see is an IP belonging to India, and a lot of low effort retardation. That typically signals a poojeet shill.
Can you go home to your circlejerk?
Or you can contact your supervisor if this level of english is too much for you.

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