Ostfront/"Generalplan Ost" Discussion

What exactly were the Reich's longitudinal plans for the East? Obviously, RK Ukraine, Kaukasus and Ostland were going to be locally ruled satellites of some sort (you can see the beginnings with the OUN and Belarusian Central Rada, etc.)
What about Russia? Would RK Moscow be the nucleus for a Russian state in the type of the Lokot Autonomy? What about east of the Urals? Would that just be handed off to the Japanese, who haven't contributed to the war effort against the USSR at all?
I think that this is a good topic for discussion here, as on other "regular" Axis history forums you get shit like "muh lebensraum", "muh Generalplan Ost" and a dose of dubious quotes from Table Talks.
Tl;dr: redpill on the Eastern Front

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You know, knowing Hitler and his trusting nature, he probably would have done just that and the Japs STILL wouldn't have helped him at all.
The Japanese were a worthless ally.
Friggen Germans. They're too trusting for this world.

The general idea was that by saving eastern Europe from the Soviet Union, The 3rd Reich would gain a general sphere of influence over eastern countries. Jews would be deported.

Populated land would likely see an influx in German businesses and german lessons in school, the same way that Japan or Korea or Germany were influenced by the US in the mid 20th century.

Unpopulated lands would be surveyed to either be set aside as forest preserves and parks, or developed into new agricultural land and cottages for the booming german population.

The smartest and strongest children in the east would be offered a German host family under the Lebensborn program to be raised as Germans.

At the time, DNA testing wasn't available to track migration patterns, so historical movements were based on archeology and linguistic analysis. Hitler thus believed that the Germans had descended from the Proto Indo-Europeans and that they came from India/Iran (it is now known that the Proto Indo-Europeans originated in eastern Ukraine north of the Black Sea, and that germans are only ~40% PIE). He therefore viewed eastern Europe as a place the germans had traveled through, and eastern Europeans as highly related to his people. Ironically, by retaking the Pontic steppe (Ukraine and southern Russia) he would have actually be retaking the PIE homeland.


Generalplan OST is jewish lies.

There was a fair bit of pushback from the Wehrmacht from what I understand, it would've been an incredibly unpopular move

This seems reasonable. In 43, the Reich's armed forces started training their soldiers on dealing with the locals using manuals. Some of them acknowledged that Russians have a large Viking/Varangian ancestry, which is responsible for their tenacity/ferocity/etc. It's interesting actually, it seems like at first the Germans thought everyone to the east of them were pure mongoloid and were heavily surprised by Poland's ethnic phenotypes and further surprised by Russia's/the USSR's. I think it was at that point where it morphed from German revanchism to a more holistic pro-Aryan viewpoint.

Protip: redtext doesn't make you an oldfag. I've lurked Zig Forums since far before this place was created, if you think the rules are actually enforced then I have a bridge to sell you. Also this particular topic is rarely discussed and isn't mentioned in the rules, so eat a dick you spastic.

Yes, you're preaching to the choir. I'm not interested in negating lies, but digging for the truths. What actually WAS the plan?

Table Talks is legit, Irving rigorously vetted it. It triggers Christians because Hitler shits all over their mind virus death cult, so they spam quotes from his speeches to the general public about Christianity being good while ignoring every quote from him to party members saying they would phase it out and kill it, corroborated in other books besides TT.

Remove kikes, give the countries back to their owners creating a new order in Europe, Goebbels said everyone would be thanking them by the time they were done.

Rosenberg said to let the Slavs run their own puppet govt. Drug-addled, bare-thin and poorly-counselled Hitler lashed out at Rosenberg. Then he faced the consequences beginning in 1942. Still, even with German soldiers burning down Ukrainian villages and otherwise oppressing them while they rooted out the partisans, the Slavs preferred Jewish rule to Soviet rule. Except the Poles, who are White Jews in nearly every way, especially their victim-martyr complex.

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Sage and report.

Fixed it.

How jewish of you.

Reported for jewishly trying to conceal truth

Hitler considered the urals the border of geographic and racial Europe.
He probably didn't want to include those lands east of it in his sphere of influence except for resource gathering.

I personally don't hate the poles, but there is a kernel of truth to the statement.
They constantly brag about being gifted east Prussia by communists, and say that smashing germany was worth it (even though they lost land in the east).

Think about that statement a little more.
The Russians also brag about destroying Germany, the English brag about destroying Germany, the Americans brag about destroying Germany, the French brag about destroying Germany, the Serbs brag about destroying Germany. Even Germany's allies in Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Finland, Italy, and GERMANY ITSELF use "Nazi" as a hate-slur. And the Greeks call Angela Merkel a Nazi.
And ALL of these people have their victim narratives. Especially the Russians.
Even WE have a victim narrative. Dresden, the war that Hitler didn't want, 10 million Germans, the loss of land, etcetera. So acting shocked that Poland resents having her land stolen and her people killed is reaching jewish levels of ridiculousness. I'm not accusing you of being a jew, mind you. But acting shocked that the Poles didn't like having their land stolen from them is like the kikes feigning surprise that Europeans don't like diversity and the Palestinians don't like having their land stolen and their people butchered.

It's ridiculous. I am German but I am not so jingoistic that I am unable to comprehend how my Slavic brothers feel about land theft. And don't you come back and talk only about Danzig because Hitler annexed a hell of a lot more land than Danzig. Maybe you ought to examine the demographics of sourthern East Prussia before you tell me about the demographics of Danzig.

This very much. Also Germany would not have taken a role in educating or especially uplifting the local peoples, but they of course would have indirectly benefited.

Map somewhat related because maps.

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I'm not even german, my man.
Just a euromutt burger who is tired of every single WW2 thread getting derailed by polish crying, followed by vicarious pleasure at the rape of berlin, etc.
It is just ridiculous. The poles may have won more land, but to act like WW2 was a "victory" for them is fucking laughable.

i begrudgingly have to agree. I used to put it down to the long term effects of communist brainwashing, but lately i am not so sure.

maybe you should actually come to poland and check out some of the old graveyards. please don't make excuses for others it makes both sides look bad.

As far as european russia goes this is true, however the Asiatic part of russia would not have had the same level of access to education.
Compulsory education was to be kept to a bare minimum (i.e middle school).

That is part of it, they have been fed many of the same lies the rest of us have. Nevertheless, the Poles did win a big victory against Germany in that war, and so from a geopolitical/intl. affairs perspective they have cause to view the results of that war positively. In Russia, it is still known in history books and on federal monuments as the Great Patriotic War, a term that Stalin used.

Anglosaxons, Teutons, Franks, Nords, Latins—all of us on the nationalist right are united in our belief that the destruction of the Third Reich and Hitler's New Order was on the whole negative for the future of Europe. The Slavs, Poles and Russians especially, have since 1991 not been hit so hard with race replacement policies, and so their nationalists tend to believe in the myth of the Great Patriotic War agains the aggressive and oppressive Germans. In places like Ukraine, where national socialism (Andriy Biletsky uses the term social nationalism which is pretty smart) is making an organic revival, there are Slavs that understand their national interests and balance them with the interests of all European peoples against the swarthy hordes at the gates. The Poles and Russians seem especially incapable of recognizing what a loss the destruction and occupation of Germany was for all European peoples. Britain and France lost their empires and are now being invaded by their former colonial subjects, America has been screwed by the lack of a common national identity with too much European immigration before 1965 and since immigration reform, the flood of second and third worlders. Western Europe is on the verge of civil war and the Slavs seem pretty heartless about these plights just because they scored geopolitical victories against a historical enemy in 1919 and again in 1944. I personally am critical of Hitler's policy and grand strategy in the East, but I am also capable of separating myself emotionally from these historical questions and say that ultimately the Axis powers should have won that war, which Slavs generally seem incapable of doing.

I don't hate Slavs, and I think they have a right to defend their national interests where they conflict with those of other European nations, but this whole problem is exacerbated when they spread govt sponsored propaganda supporting their historiography. In the Holocaust threads on cuckchan, there is often a Russian or a Pollack supporting these Jewish lies uncritically. They also love those maps where Germany is split betwixt Denmark, Holland, France, Czechia and Poland, which is exactly the plan the Jews like Theodore Kaufman supported! I really want was is best for Europeans as a whole, but Slavs need to decide whether they are in our camp or in the Jews' and they should do it quickly. If they are in our camp, they should not be cheering on the weakening and destruction of their historical enemies.

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I have never once seen this sort of niggerish behavior. However, if I do, believe me I will correct them. In fact, I doubt they'd be real Poles at all. Just kikes.

a big part of it is being honest and taking responsibility for what was done, without making excuses. the most problematic issue is this “us against them” attitude, and the prioritizing of one’s ingroup over the needs of society as a whole (in this case europeans). Although i must say i don’t know if i can agree with grouping all slavic people together. There are honorable and dishonorable people and maybe some people have more to answer for than others.

OUN was rad. They technically killed more Jews than the Germans ever had.

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Yeah this is jew my dude

Slav here. It is indeed as bad as you describe it, but more of us learn the truth every day.

Es wurde verkauft, cucki.

This thing isn't German.

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Proper analysis.

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Not over here. You weren't even on the mountain.

Where's my gear future convict?

That's quite a throwaway statement. What would happen to the Poles, Ukrainians, Ruthenians, Kashubians, Belarussians, and other peoples under direct jurisdiction of the 3rd Reich in the event of an Axis victory? To "Aryanize" or "Germanize" worthy Poles still implies annihilation of most other Poles. I've never gotten a straight answer out of Wehraboos who want to claim the Axis was more righteous than the genocidal Allies, but I only get meme answers from the proles.
So where would Poles be in 1950 under a NSDAP victory in WWII? Would they really be better off than the borders they have today?

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My view is that the Poles would be kept in the Generalgouvernement. If the Germans really got a stick up their ass about it, maybe deported east to other slavlands. Though I could be wrong about that. I just personally don't buy the atrocity propaganda.

As much as I researched a lot about that out of interest, I cannot find a precise answer to what exactly was planned in the east, because so much of it is blurred by Soviet Propaganda, which portrays the Germans as being more Anti-Slavic then they actually were (after all, if Hitler hated all Slavs, he wouldn't have promoted the Kashubian Erich von Manstein). It seems interesting though, that the Germans seemed to have a more positive view of Turkish peoples rather than the Slavs, probably due to their geopolitical history.

Personally, I think that what Hitler should have done, was to colonize Transcaucasia and Siberia with Germans rather than the places where the Slavic peoples are truly native there. Ah, imagine walking into Russia and everything was clean and orderly, with nice roads, buildings, trains, cars, etc! What a shame it is that Hitler never won the war.

Zig Forumsacks like to talk about the Jews as being subhumans that should be wiped out, and thats true, but I think that Zig Forumsacks seem to forget a little about the Central Asians. They are also a bunch of subhumans that have truly had a net negative contribution to humanity. It truly frustrates me that these subhumans are still allowed to not only exist, but pollute the gene-pool of other races that fall victim to them. They fucked (literally) the Chinese civilization out of existence. Mongolians, Manchurians, Koreans, etc… why the hell my country ever try to protect these subhumans because of MUH PAN-ASIA is beyond me.

Why in the world should Hitler have given land to a rather useless ally that not only never helped him, but despised him and the Third Reich's ideology? The Japanese were a bunch of civic nationalists, only united with the Reich against a Jewish common enemy (who in fact, the Japanese refused to see as a racial enemy, but an ideological one). Besides, had the Japanese taken control of Siberia, they would have further spread their civic nationalist cancer upon the region, just like they did to Manchuria. Hitler should have just taken Siberia and shot every fucking nomad subhuman in the region, ignoring all Japanese whining.

It's even worse than that. They literally didn't attack the Soviet Union, "because they were distracted by the Germans": they then proceeded to pay for their treachery in 1945. And yet, Japanese nationalists hypocritically complain about how crafty white people are.
Some Japanese actually have this victim complex, where they think they were betrayed by the Reich because they sold weapons to the Chinese, and had that Molotov-Ribbentrop pact. Japanese nationalist pundits like to whine about how evil the Germans were (because muh holohoax, muh raycism, etc) without thinking for a second that the Allied lies they like to fight against so much (Nanking, comfort women, etc) might have affected the Germans also. I swear, the Japanese are such Jews sometimes, it disgusts me.

Attached information on what Germany was really planning to do. 2nd pic is the unproven Allied propaganda.

The cucking in school got you completely brainwashed. You know nothing of your history. Watch TGSNT. When you understand Hitler you will understand what he was and wasn't willing to do.

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It's not rocket science.

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Russians are tragically caught between rock and hard place. WWII was for survival of their state. But results of this war is denial of nation for Russian because everything national is fascist and now they are replaced by muslim hordes from South. Do or don't Russian are fucked both ways.

Kinda of European are caught in the Christian trap.

After 1991, when southern economies collapsed.

this. germany was always multi ethnic (not in today's warped sense of the term)with many germanic tribes joining together; they did not even have a problem with mixing with slavs, it was more a question of not being dominated genetically by them. Slovakia for instance was to be germanized before czechia because of its small size and the good character of its people.

Kid, history is my life. You are the one ignoring the details to suit your historical narrative.
Nothing I said was untrue. This is why you could not address what I actually said.

Most people are opportunists. Nationalists the world over must realize that there is a bigger (((enemy))) than our neighbors. Personally, I'd rather never again fight my brother Poles, Danes, French, or English in war. However, if our destiny really is to conquer each other and exterminate most of our own race, then let us do that later once we have purged the hateful jew from this earth.
And who knows, maybe in fighting together to rid the earth of pure evil, we will learn to respect each other a little more.


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Things that never happened

Oy Vey! All true! And Ukra fascist still routing for the damned Nazis, all the while "Fatherly Joe Stalin" keep his protective hand over them, so ungrateful!

First it wasn't "their" land to begin.
Second "their people killed" includes Germans and jews living there before the war and the non-polish people in the east that wasn't rightful polish to begin.

The polish narrative of second world war is nearly as inventive as the jewish one and quite similar and synchronized with the jews.

The demographic was overwhelming +90% in case of Danzig, German.

There was a reason there was no referendum held on the territories given to poland after the first world war, poland would have lost all of them. The only referendum held was overwhelmingly in favor of Germany, +70% Silesia, only massive gerrymandering with immigrant polish workers allowed the allied occupation force to give crucial steel and coal towns to poland.

The slavs are as retarded as the burger and get fucked into the ass without noticing it. Ever checked the immigration policy of russia and the rapid islamisation and turkification, mongolification? Poland is not one bit better and ever so eager felating the jewish dick, without having being forced too…

Big deal, the Germans killed hardly any. And the Ukrainians mostly slaughtered bolsheviks, that incidentally happened to be mostly jewish.

That sounds suspiciously similar to what the kikes say about Germany.

You can stop right there. I am not talking about the Polish narrative of the war. I am talking about the truth. And the truth is far and away different from the official narrative.

I am aware of that. I am not talking about Danzig. I am talking about the Polish majority areas of Poland that are Polish.
Some areas of southern E Prussia were majority Polish. If Poland had invaded Germany to liberate these regions, you would be crying foul. Yet here we are shitting on Poles and calling them subhuman because they acted exactly as Germany would have if roles were reversed. At least in this particular instance.

Remember, this conversation did not begin because I or anyone else disagrees with Hitler. This conversation did not begin because I or anyone else believes that Poles are superior to Germans. This conversation did not begin because Poles started rattling off a jewish narrative and shitting on Germans.
This conversation exists because 3986a1 believes that the Polish people are subhuman. This is anti-White and is absolutely disgusting.

Again, let's consider the obvious. What if the roles were reversed? The jews say that every German annexation was gerry mandered and illigitimate. Yet the Sudetenland was clearly German. Alsace Lorraine is clearly German. And since these regions were inhabited by Germans, why the fuck shouldn't they be ruled by Germans?
Oh, but when Polish people are concerned, suddenly you anti-White jingoistic fruitcakes betray your nationalism and say that Poland should be forced to abandon its sacred land the same way Germany was robbed of hers after WW1. You say that Polish majority areas should be handed over to a foreign power and ruled by foreigners because Poles are subhuman.

One rule for Germans. One rule for the Poles. Funny how that works.

If there were ever a chance for the poles to win a referendum, the allies would have forced it. So "self-determination of people" was reserved for the enemies of Germany.

The "lost polish territories" in the east were majority non-polish. If you claim they were polish, I could claim them for Germany, because Germans lived there as well in similar numbers as a minority. The Baltic were basicaly made by the Germans and dominated, economicaly and intelectually by Germans until the end of the first world war as Russia-Today correctly remarked. If one complains about MUH crusaiders, well shit, MUH Romans, MUH Greek.

Poland did invade this region that were not polish.

It was not reversed, Germany did not annex clearly foreign territories even if the could. Who would have stopped the annexation of Denmark? Germany had many opportunities to do so but never did, even if that would have been strategical advantageous and easy to to pull off because of the disparity in population. the Danes still hate the Germans for sparing them

Yeah why the fuck, should territories, that were and are German (all of this places) but not ruled by Germany but by poland or france or the non-entity of czechoslovakia (that creation was the usa dearest wish), quite clearly against the interest and wishes of the inhabitants? Alleged "self-determination of people" was the most urgent wish of Wilson and the USA, written into the UN charta. And "democracy", that means supporting countries that all were less democratic than Wilhelmine Germany and that includes the USA.

Not only that, they did not take Apenrade back despite the German minority living there and the fact that it had been part of Germany for many years, they recognized it as part of Denmark. The same with Alsace-Lorraine; Hitler relinquished claims on it. The same with South Tirol. All of Germany's territorial claims were on regions that were absolutely majority German and had been part of German lands for centuries and were facing oppression from eastern rule.

You assume a lot of things. First of all, there were no "Allies" in WW1. You're confusing them with the Entente.
Second of all, you're assuming that the Entente actually gave a damn about the Poles. They did not. They simply wished to harm Germany but not to destroy her. France wanted that, but the Anglo elite always seeks to maintain their precious balance of power.
Thirdly, handing over majority German areas to Poland and majority Polish areas to Germany is completely in line with Anglo policy. They always seek to maintain their precious balance of power by screwing with people and borders.

What the fucking shit?
So you're saying that you don't even care if the Polish were a majority at all. Yet like a kike, you turn around and then complain about Danzig because the Germans were the majority. What a dishonest, hypocritical, anti-White you are.

Why do you care? If a small minority of a larger nation is a justification to invade and annex your brother's homeland, then nothing Poland did was wrong because Poles are also living as minorities in her neighbors.
Oh but you're a jew-like hypocrite who has one rule for Germans and another rule for the rest of our race.
You are a spiritual jew.

wow reading this polish apologist nonsense is so boring. havent you got any refugees to welcome?

You might go to Germany for that.

Note how the jew no longer even tries to back his anti-White tirade with facts.
See here for the takedown of (((his))) anti-Polish "arguments"


Irrelevant, we face a completely different situation today.
Just because the solution is the same, to eradicate the jew menance, doesn't mean we're back in the 1940s with the same demographics and tech level.

To be fair, Hitler repeatedly offered peace to the Brits after he rolled France and that peace included him basically taking Danzig, Poznan and the rest of Silesia - leaving the rest of Poland alone. When the Brits refused, he ended up forming the Generalgouvernement as a stopgap measure.

The Entente cordial were France and England, but there were Russia and Italy and the USA and a bunch of smaler vultures.
Your appeal on nomenclature is irrelevant.

The USA allegedly fought for the right of self-determination, Wilsonian principles, for Poland, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia etc.

France and Britain invaded the Baltic's during the "armistice" and armed the poles with tanks and artillery and military adviser. They encouraged poland to attack Germany with that, mostly french weapons. This aggression during "armistice" was misleading called "polish uprising", inversion of the reality, were Germany had to resort to quickly assembled, provisional armed volunteer units, Freikorps, while under attack of a regular polish army.

There were sizeable German minorities, that made local majorities in nearly all of eastern Europe. If some few polish inhabitants make a territory "polish", so by that logic, do make long established (1000 years) German communities a territory "German".

Because they invaded and occupied and annexed vast tracts of my country, displaced, murdered millions of Germans.

Even before the second world war did 1 million Germans flee the persecution by poland.

That poland dindu nuffin doesn't fly, not against Germans nor anybody else in eastern Europe.

A lot of Poles had migrated into Germany illegally prior to 1914, look it up. The deportations of Poles had stopped as a humanitarian measure, and then you turn around and you say the land is Polish.

Aso remember, that the Poles carried out massacres and pogroms of all their neighbors, whereas the Germans ruled with justice. So it want only just but important for the Germans living there to receive some sort of protection.

After reading the additions to this thread, I will only say again that all the Slavic (viz. Polish) dindu nuffin behavior displayed was addressed by my post here:

The Polish national mentality regarding the World Wars is simply 'we got ours, fuck everyone else'.

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I addressed this here.

Allegedly. However, since we're supposed to be adults here, I should just point out that the real reason that the USA entered the war was to please the powerful jewish lobby. All this fluff about "freedom and demokrashy" is propaganda for the lemmings.

I am aware of World War One, user.

And? Polish land is Polish land. The only sane way to determine which European land belongs to which nation is by who lives there. And where Poles constitute the majority, there is Polish sovereign soil.
Also, I will point out in red text so it gets through your skull
According to your position, a German minority/Polish majority IS GERMAN LAND yet a Polish minority/German majority is also GERMAN LAND
That is disgusting, hypocritical bullshit.

You didn't even look this one up.
I am getting mighty sick of this anti-White, anti-Polish bullshit.
Consult this map from 1896 and see for yourself.

As for the Pogroms, the existed yes. They did not kill millions of Germans just as the Holohoax did not kill millions of treasonous jews. It's a crime against Germany and if I encountered a bunch of jingoistic, anti-German Polish nutballs arguing in the same jewish manner as does, then I'd be talking about that a lot more. However, since this is a conversation about defending my Slavic Brothers against jewish slander, I will point out that unfortunately, this was common practice in brother-wars. The Prussians had persecuted the Poles for a hundred years. It would have been great if Hitler had put a stop to this practice diplomatically. And remember, Poland only began persecuting Germans (post WW1) after Hitler began making demands upon their territorial integrity.

Anyway, next time you lie, consult a fucking map.

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poles dindu nuffin. case closed. jeez stop with your tirades and pogroms. i am not a jew!

Imaginative, Belorussia, Ukraine and Lithuania are not polish because some parts were some times governed by persons related to a much later polish state, a polish national state that in fact came first in existence in 1916 declaratory and actual in 1918.

By polish standards of attribution, Sicily is German because a German king once ruled it. Hey why stop here, all of the American continent is German because a German was once on the Spanish throne while Spain claimed America for it self. Now it is geting out of hand, king George in England was German too, so that makes Canada rightful German clay, damned rebels!

Yeah and that were Germans overwhelmingly, +70 percent and +90 percent in Silesia and Danzig recpectivly and in East-Prusssia it was not different.

Now you might say, there are no longer any Germans in that places (because you did drive them off or killed them), so you think that makes them polish, until you will be removed frome the premises…

No, I never claimed it. I just made clear that polands claim for its "lost eastern territories" is as valid as if Germany would claim that territories, which it doesn't, never did for obvious reasons.

You, looking into the mirror.

Yeah, so what? That territories that overwhlmingly opted to be German in 1918 were German then.
Only very smal parts of it had a polish majority and there Germany was willing (in 1916!) to concede those polish majority place for the creation of a polish state but not those overwhelmingly German.

What is mostly forgoten, that Germany was the iniator for the creation of the Baltic states, Finnland and Ukraine (still existing instead of artificial "Czechoslovakia" or "Yugoslavia" the allieds pets). Germany was willing to create a polish state, on territory actual poles were living, not the overblown imperialist dreams the poles have.

You poles together with czechs, serbs and russians killed at least a million Germans. That is a conservative estemation, because German victims are underreported, hushed and covered over.

Don't dare to compare the jewish lies to the suffering of the Germans.

You dirty lying polish pig!

Never ever did any Germans, "ethnical cleanse", genozide the poles, even if the could. Neither under the Prussians nor under Hitler. That polish claims to the contrary are again imaginative twisting of the reality. Just one point, all of the poles living in the territories stolen from Germany did come from eastern poland or were refugees from the SU, none of them were "returning to the homes the Germans did steal them".
Stealing (and robbery and murder) is the precise description what the poles did, literally puting them self into the made beds of the Germans, no hyperbole.

Even before Hitler came in power had 1 million Germans fleed the persecution in the territories occupied by poland. Polish persecution and murder of Germans started already in 1918!

Most of the guys coming from Central Asia(Kazakhstan, Kyrgyztan, Uzbekistan) are ethnic Russians(or in my father's case half Russian)

How much miscegenation is going on/has gone on historically in Asian Russian?

You are a dishonest kike who argues in bad faith.

Not Polish.

You subhuman kike.

That is not accurate at all. Germanization of Poland is an act of genocide. If you were a White nationalist, you would know this because we use the same argument to prove that displacement of White Europeans is an act of genocide.
That you don't know this is evidence that you are a subversive enemy.

And ended shortly thereafter… then began again around 1938. Hmm. I wonder why?

This is literally your own argument towards Poland, you genocidal kike.

No, no German claims, claimed poland proper for them self, fact.

No German claims Sicily for Germany either, that would be silly, but poland claims Prussia for poland because Prussia was once a vassal of poland.

The "polish partion" was the dissolving of an empire that was disintegrating by itself. An empire that was ethnically majority non-polish, it's founding monarchy was Lithuanian and it's territory like its population not polish.
Most, overwhelming part of the ethnically polish remains of the commonwealth became Russian after the partition. The parts Prussia inherited from the commonwealth were overwhelming German and only in periphery minority polish. The parts Austria got were either majority German or other than polish slavic.

There is nothing inherent "unjust" in the "polish partition", because the Polish-Lithunian Commonwealth was from its beginning a multinational, multiethnic empire. An empire that reserved the right to rule over many different ethnics can not complain if those multitude of ethnics are later governed by different empires.
The poles were not separated (most of them) forced to live in different countries, something that most of Europe thought, thinks is just for Germany, but came under Russian rule. Russia granted the poles a limited autonomy and ethnicall identity with the creation of the duchy of Warsaw, that incorporated most of majority polish territory.

What many people are not aware is the poles dream of recreating of an polish empire from the Baltic to the Black Sea. That is not fringe thinking in poland. Even during communist rule were children taught (indoctrinated) in school with that thinking. This megalomaniac imperialist polish dreams are a main point of conflict with poland's eastern neighbors.

remember kids, being pro germanic is being anti-white!

this polish guys style of arguing reminds me of a famous artists' description of coffee house dialogues in post ww1 vienna

>A (((TORpedo))) defending German aggression and land-grabbing

The six zeroes are the mark of the Shill.

just out of interest, where do you stand on the holocaust?

All propaganda (from both sides) aside, it can not be overstated what Hitler's goal was: a Germanic Empire.

Not an anti-communist federation of European brotherhood.

He wanted a German empire, run by and for Germans. If millions of Slavs starved, so be it. Of course, it was a total war. An army must be cruel to those it defeats, but within reason-enough to secure stability.

We have 2 recent yet quite distinct examples of German empire-building in Europe. If I am wrong (if Hitler actually is a oood boy who loved all whypipo) tell me why the Kaiser's empire was so less brutal to the conquered Slavs, when they were in the same situation? Germany in 1917 was starving and lacking everything at home. Yet there was not wholesale destruction of communities as happened in WW2. And you can not pin it all on "Ackshyually the Soviets did it!" or "Allied/Jew propaganda".

Hitler was indeed a genius in many ways, and could have had his dreams realized, but his thinking was too short term, and too self-centered.

In Hungary, nazi is not a slur.
"liberal" is.

Because they were not subhuman commies back then. Next.

Could have arrived to this point without being a faggot.

Poor little pooland never lashed out at it's neighbors and totally never had war plans either!!

Driving Germans off of Schlesien and Pommern were not le genocide?
At least you are getting colonize by Euroweek camps, LIDL and Aldi now. Divine justice.

Funny how he dirty polacken literally just ignore when someone points out what happened between them and Ukraine and Lithuania in the interwars period!



Hi (((Andrew)))


Which is why Slovakia was getting preferential treament and their best were admitted into Lebensborn!
Funny how the muh v4 talk all but disappeard. You understand why, oleg?

Here's a logic puzzle for your tiny brain to try and solve: The Nazis didn't treat the Romanians or Hungarians, willing and important allies; with any form of honor or trust beyond seeing them as more meat for the grinder. Now try, and I mean try to think how they would treat deserters and traitors to their own Motherland as well as the Standard Operating Procedure of the Wehrmacht when it came to Partisans and those who harbored them.

Hint: It involved rope, spare ammunition and plenty of hay.

So you're ignoring the exact same thing the Germans did to Poland back during the Partition my dear little (((Andrew))).

But according to Zig Forums Slovaks are Germanic due to years of crossbreeding with the Aryan Gods. Are you going against what the rest of the community says? Are you a D&C shill? Are you simply a retard who got cucked by a big Polish bull's Kielbasa?

Still ignoring this? Poor little pooland never tried to hurt his neighbors! Poor little pooland didn't have talk of preemptively strike Germany with France and the anglo either!!
But… You just quoted yourself like a schizo.

I have seen anti-communist protests where the communist regime was likened to "Nazism"
Don't misunderstand me. I love Hungary and I would defend them as strongly as I defend Poland if some anti-White bastard accused them of not being White.

Poland Proper is the place where the Polish nation is the majority

I have never seen a Pole here claiming all of Prussia. As we can clearly see on this map from LONG before 1914

Germans constitute the clear majority in northern E Prussia. If any Polish nitwit claimed the whole of Prussia based, I'd show him this map. But again, I have never encountered a single Pole here who did so. Yet here you are demanding that Polish majority areas be genocided of Poles. This is anti-White treason.

Essentially, you're saying Woah to the Vanquished!
Which is what your hypothetical Poles might say about Germany.

And? We're not talking about 1560. We're talking about 1939.

>There is nothing inherent "unjust" in the ANNEXING POLISH LAND, because the Polish-Lithunian Commonwealth was from its beginning a multinational, multiethnic empire.
Once Prussia annexed Polish land to her Empire Prussia became a multicultural empire.
Would you defend France annexing Prussia because Prussia ruled over Poles and is thus multicultural?
Answer the question. I would like you to state what a hypocrite you are.
Again, same question.
And I will remind you that you are claiming the right of Germany to rule over Polish people. Thus making you everything that you are complaining about.
Does Germany have the right to rule over different ethnicities, yes or no?

And we're not talking about that. We're talking about your anti-White, genocidal ideals. You chide Poland for ruling over non-Poles back in the 17th century yet defend Germany ruling over non-Germans in the 20th. You are a hypocrite.

I'm not Polish and yes, that is genocide.
Unlike you (I suspect) I do not rejoice when European men exterminate each other.

That's an outright lie. In their campaign to take Silesia, they relied extensively on attacking and terrorizing civilians so they could drive them out and claim no Germans were living there. Germany in no way started that mess, it was a naked land grab by a greedy upstart using underhanded methods.

I am not talking about WW1 and the bleed-over conflicts. I am talking POST WW1.
And if you would simply do some research, you will see that I am correct. The persecution of Germans was not bad up until around 1938.

Why are Germs so autistic and annoying?

After you murdered the owner, you claim it for yourself.

That is not like it's working

Don't lie so transparent

No, I retell how it was.

OK you little dimwit, the Polish-Lithunian-commonwealth has nothing to do with modern Poland but the imperialist dream of the Poles for a new empire.

We allready noticed that the Poles think that Ukraine, Belorussia, Lithunia and Prussia is theirs.

The part Prussia annexed were mostly, overwelmingly German, some isolated small communities doesn't change that.

If there were ever any significant minorities, the allies would have used that to justifiy the partion of Germany by referendum. They didn't try referenda, because they did know they would loose for sure. So they handed vast numbers of Germans over to Slavic brutes for mistreatment and murder.

France annexed vast tracts of Germany and Prussia, dumbo.
Only today we could witness the result of 500 years of French policy.

I do not lie. I have yet to encounter even one Pole saying what you accuse Poles of saying. You on the otherhand are a hypocrite and hypocrites tend to be liars too.

And? Do you support France annexing Prussia because Prussia was multi-ethnic?

Let's consult the map again

Not isolated. Not small. Interconnected Polish majorities.

And there you go lying again.
Let's consult the map again, anti-White

Did you get a chance to consult the map?
If you keep lying, I'll just keep linking the map so that everyone who reads this can see what a lying jew you are.

Maybe. I have not met them. Instead I have met several jingoistic, anti-White kikes like you pretending to be Germans so that you can drive a wedge between Germans and Poles.
You have not been successful on me.
Let's consult the map just for good measure and marval at all the Poles of Prussia.

I'll also ask you the question that you wormed out of answering again.
Do you support France annexing Prussia because Prussia was multi-ethnic?
Since you support annexing Poland due to this fact, why don't you support annexing Prussia for being an empire?
Probably because you're not German at all buy a subversive kike trying to sow division between brothers.

Prussia was never multi-ethnic.

That is just another polish talking point, that has nothing to do with reality like the imaginated "Polish miniority" in Germany of today that the Polish government seeks to secure special "minority rights". Yes, after annexing of a quarter of Germany and disposing, murdering its German inhabitants, Poland now uses EU freedom of movement to further its territorial demands on Germany.

It really is amazing how these kikes argue. First you screech about how Poland deserved to be annexed for being a multi-ethnic empire, thus making Prussia a multi-ethnic empire.
Now you deny it.

I'll just link the map again for all to see.

First, there was no Poland before 1918
Second, Prussia did not annex the Polish-Lithunian-Commonwealth as a whole, that was no Polish national state, but made up of mostly non-polish nationalties, undisputet fact.
Third, the parts Prussia annexed from the Polish-Lithunian-Commonwealth were majority German.

So, if Germans are reunited with Germans, the result is not multi-ethnic.

I warned you, guys. I warned you three days ago

Your reward will be everyones favorite copypasta and 1488% effective recipe to make anyones mind judenrein:

Numbers of jews gassed by national socialists since the alleged holocaust: 0. Zero.

Numbers of penises mutilated by jews since national socialist Germany: millions
Numbers of animals slaughtered with inhumane kosher slaughter practices since NatSoc Germany: probably billions.
Boycotts against domestic gentile trade with the kosher label and prerequisite for jewish patronage: countless.
Instances of masquerading as whites of European descent by ashkenazim for the purpose of race baiting and other sabotage: countless.
Resources drained from gentile nations and people, including the alleged saviors of the jews, the Americans: many, many billions worth.
Numbers of chickens waved around in the ritual of kapparot that transfers sins from the jew onto the chicken: probably billions.
Numbers of oaths and promises voided which whites take seriously and at face value via the ritual of kol nidre: countless since it happens every year at yom kippur.
Amount of antiwhite propaganda produced and aimed at even their alleged saviors: countless.
Amount of atrocities committed against gentiles: countless.
Amount of usurious FIAT currency created, peddled and cultivated by jews: a figure that doesn't fit inside this comment due to the sheer number of zeroes.
Amount of meddling in foreign affairs despite usually being only 1-5% of the population: nigh infinite
Amount of marxism, bolshevism, globalism etc: infinite
Amount of kvetching in general: infinite.

And many, many, many other things that happened after the alleged holocaust, including the lie itself and all the atrocities against whites derived from that.

Now to the important tally:
Number of worries about jews voiced by gentiles based on actual things happening like genital mutilation et cetera legitimized by jews and golems: 0
Number of worries about nazis actively hunting, killing, persecuting, gassing jews despite none of that happenin legitimized by jews and golems: as many as there are claims made.

tl; dr:
jewish fear of persecution, which they deserve due to their heinous acts and despicable nature but is, sadly, not happening is routinely legitimized.
Gentile fear of the degrading, parasitical, atrocious effect of the jewish race in the light of their many, many actions which they commit daily is stamped away as irrational.

Chutzpah is a mental illness, though, and whitey has long grown tired of this stupid game. Next time the table gets flipped, you'll wish for the lies about the holocaust because they will be considered heavenly in comparison to the fate this abomination of a race will face due to its own, never knowing when to leave well enough alone, actions.

Attached: hate_them.jpg (2048x1365 194.7 KB, 324.81K)

Irrelevant. Poland did exist after 1918 and the Polish people have existed since long before that.
We are talking about land theft and I am defending the right of White people to live in our own lands without being murdered.

Irrelevant. Annexing any part of land occupied by any non-Prussians makes Prussia a multi-ethnic empire. Which is your justification for occupying Polish land.
Why the hypocrisy?

Time to consult the map again since you are too fucking stupid to do so.

Polish majority in the South
Prussia = multi-ethnic

Polish majority in the South
Prussia = multi-ethnic

Polish majority in the South
Prussia = multi-ethnic

Polish majority in the South
Prussia = multi-ethnic

Polish majority in the South
Prussia = multi-ethnic

Polish majority in the South
Prussia = multi-ethnic

Polish majority in the South
Prussia = multi-ethnic

Polish majority in the South
Prussia = multi-ethnic

Polish majority in the South
Prussia = multi-ethnic

Polish majority in the South
Prussia = multi-ethnic

Polish majority in the South
Prussia = multi-ethnic

Polish majority in the South
Prussia = multi-ethnic

Polish majority in the South
Prussia = multi-ethnic

Polish majority in the South
Prussia = multi-ethnic

Hey, just for you, I circled the Polish majority areas in red so everyone who reads these posts can see what a dishonest, lying kike you are being
Annexing non-German land makes Prussia multi-ethnic
Like all empires.

Attached: Because this kike is playing dumb, I circled the Polish majority areas in red.jpg (1192x776, 533.22K)

I have decided to run an experiment on this kike to see if I can force a jew to write a truthful thing.

Excuse me, honourable user. Would you please answer yes or no, no worming around like a disgusting, lying yid is this region that I circled in red, highlighted, drew arrows pointing at, and labled "Polish Majority within Germany 1896" German majority?

Yes or no?

You can try to throw excuses and write your life story afterwards, but there is a clear truth and then there is a lie. Which ethnic group constitutes the majority ethnic group in the area I have circled, highlighted, drawn arrows at, and labled?

Attached: Experiment.jpg (504x255, 91.11K)

Good on you, user.

Duly note that I am a nationalist and I agree with you, invading Poland was the worst mistake Hitler ever made and the followers who defend that decision from him are braindead.

looks like the polish internet defense force is out pretending that they were the victims again
you are the niggers of europe

I'm not even polish and stop that anti-white nonsense.

Poles really are a bunch of niggers. Of course we as fascists and national socialists would love to see a big Germany. Poles are worthless and German tech and industries are invaluable to any cause that seeks to strengthen Europe.
Of course invading pooland was a bad decision in 1939, but dont pretend that if the Axis had won anyone would have missed them.
Faggot pildunski even wanted to attack Germany. But its German education probably stopped the insane idea. But Beck went ahead anyway, lel
With anglos choosing pajeets and chinese over the poles and Visegrad talk being a joke, consider how even jasnunz here has to pretend it never existed, safe to say in any case pooland shall forever remains a slave state.

Attached: 783c6b281a18b3229fd00db2534aa936f5238f6fd2400fa2be807e898fd545a3.jpg (1422x2040 115.19 KB, 132.52K)

Is it as anti huwhite when innocent poland striked Ukraine and Lithuania?

Here we see the retarded nazis trying to justify their mistake.

inb4 muh german holocaust in the 1939.

So because Poland "striked" Lithuania and Ukraine, it makes it okay for Germany to strike Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine?

inb4 it's liberation, goyim

Sure sure. Dont you have bigger problem in the new world?

The thing is, as I said, Germans can bring values out of the land they own. Poles now own Prussia and what do they do with it? A fucking driving school for their cheap rusty soviet scraps.
Like when niggers took over detroit. Same for Kalinigrad. Just a missile storage. Nothing else.

Commies, niggers and inferior, not even once. If you want to end Germany you really have your chances NOW.
But we all know you cant, jasnunz. You will always be niggers sucking on German tits until the end of time or when they are done with you.

I'll just state that to think Germany would have destroyed the fair-skinned Polish people, who (even at the time) had a large proportion of blue eyes and blonde hair, is fucking delusional.