Schindler's List Going Back Into Theaters

The propaganda film that spawned the Shoah Foundation and indoctrinated a generation is returning to theaters because its director Steven Spielberg says, "People need to see it now more than ever.

In a new interview with NBC News, Steven talks about the 6 million and much more.

Be sure to leave a dislike on the video and to comment facts about the Holocaust.

This is a serious piece of media for our enemies, we need to counter it at all corners.

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Reminder the book is labeled as "historical fiction"

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Are there Holocaust survivors who speak honestly about their experience? Yes. In 1994 Steven Spielberg created the Shoah Foundation ( This project involved interviewing some 52,000 Holocaust survivors and recording their testimonies. Hundreds if not thousands of survivors gave honest assessments of their treatment in the camps, indicating it was humane. As evidenced by countless detailed Jewish survivor testimonies, recreational and cultural activities were available to the Jewish inmates: sports, art classes, musical performance, plays, etc. In 1998, Spielberg produced a "documentary" film called The Last Days ( which highlights five Jewish survivor testimonies from his Shoah Foundation archives. But of course Spielberg didn't choose any honest testimonies to highlight because they would undermine the "horror story" he wanted to implant in the public psyche. Researcher Eric Hunt ( visited the Shoah Foundation archives ( at Stanford University and copied numerous honest survivor testimonies. Here is a small sample:

Trying to put the genie back in the bottle. heh.

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Fuck's sake, they really don't get it. Many, many people, across not only the West but the world, are sick of hearing about the holohoax. It's annoying as shit at this point. They've had 70+ years to use this event (of little historical veracity) as a cudgel to beat Whites over the head. Schindler's List is probably the biggest single propaganda film they've ever made, which is really saying something considering how many WWII/holohoax movies and shows have been made.
They're know we've figured out what they've done, so they're cranking up the guilt propaganda from 10 to 12. Too bad it won't work this time.

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They must be desperate.

This is great. Pointing out how emotionally abusive this film is, and how it's always shown to captive audiences of children in schools as a form of indoctrination, is a pretty brutal redpill for a normalfag to deny. Just hold fast to how manipulative it is, from the music to the intentional inaccuracy to the casting choices, but especially the music. Normalfags notice they're being manipulated by music if you point it out to them in a way that makes them feel smart.

Keep doubling down you goofy kikes.

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History is history, goyim.

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This exact sentiment was what I felt when I started exploring the rabbit hole. As time goes on I understand why so many feel that the only way to deal with them is to just wipe them out. The list of atrocities they've committed just against the United States, just since the war ended, is so long and appalling it would take an encyclopedia to list them all. That's not even taking into account the crimes they've committed against every other country in Europe. And those are against countries that were ostensibly friendly with them.

To see how the kikes treat people who actually defied them, look at the peoples they hate most, Germans and Ukrainians. I was actually told that jews hate Ukrainians even more than Germans, if you can believe that.

What sort of new kike trick is this? Jews controlled "Allied" nations through the banking system, and sacrificed millions of us in destroying a threat to their power. There was no saving kikes from anything, because there wasn't anything to save them from, you crafty jew.

Its not just a movie, but an instruction manual ;)

Yeah, in how to save Jews from a camp with a swimming poolm

The message in every case being: "Don't think". I hate these people so much.

What's their beef with Ukrainians?

Nobody who went to war on the Allied side knew anything about the machinations of international finance. They certainly weren't told that Winston Churchill wanted war with Germany so badly because his creditors and financiers demanded it. Everyone was lied to by a controlled press and a government that they trusted. Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt were corrupt, scheming bastards, but you can't pin that on literally every man in Russia, Britain and the US.

It was told to me (by a jew) that it stems from how the common man acted in those countries. In Germany, while they obviously hated the jews, the typical German wasn't going to go out of his way to harass jews or harm them in any way. The Ukrainians, though, when the German military entered Ukraine, the Ukrainians were only too happy to help them find where the jews lived.

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And what's that? How to ineffectively kill people by throwing insecticide that has to be heated down a solid concrete beam as one door is flimsy wood with a glass pane while the other door is completely open? All the while bicycling through in between gassings with no regard for your own safety? Meanwhile, stripping skin for non-existent tattooes on orthodox jews, making soap and lampshades, shrinking heads with some South American voodoo magic, and putting your cigars out in pelvisbone ashtrays as you laugh watching the masturbation death machines and holocoaster? Nice plan there.

Surely it's so important that it will be free for all to see, yes?

Nice irrelevant defense of that jew's narrative. Literacy continues its decline. Speak less, and think more, jackass.

I love this, Zig Forums movie night anyone?

We need another round of propaganda since there's not a lot of people who give a fuck about the holohoax anymore.

I don't think you came goose-stepping out of your mother's womb in full SS regalia. No one does. If you want to be irrationally angry at people who aren't actually involved in what you're upset about, then do that. You'll gain nothing from it.

I laugh my ass off every time I watch Schlinder's List. It just has so many good scenes. How could anyone watch this and not want to be a Nazi?

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The annual Holohoax propaganda isn't working so they're just re-running old shit; not even a remake or a reboot. Pedowood really is out of ideas.

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I laughed my ass off at the Pianist. Who believes these clownish scenes of cartoon evil?


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This is a last ditch effort to bluepill the masses. Anyone with a twitter/social media, start dropping some cheeky red pills on burner accounts or something. People should be able to seperate the fiction from the non-fiction in theater and film after all :^)

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Oh boy, finally something to get me back into the theaters!

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They're fools :^) They just fucked up.
< pushing old shit
< old shit looks fake and gay

This is an own goal. Bravo, kikes! We appreciate your laziness.

Rolling out the big guns.

The holohoax only works when it is collectively remembered as a nebulous historical event of pure evil. However, now the jews want to shove all the ridiculous details that break the illusion back down the public's throat? Fucking hell, how stupid.
When this propaganda movie becomes a talking point once more, it will easily pave the way for mass redpilling as it is one of the easiest things to totally debunk.

Lets hope Batman comes to save the day.

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We're going to make the Hollywood Nazis real. I want our best men on designing pedal-powered kike brain bashing machines. Best men.

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been seeing hitler/nazi documentaries on tv about every time i turn on the tv for the last couple years

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I don't know. When I was younger, I watched that scene where they pushed the grampa in the wheelchair off the balcony and I guess it didn't have the intended effect on me. I thought, yea well the Nazis were obviously the bad guys, but they were also human and most humans (especially not most white ones) don't act as comically evil as that.

That cow is grotesquely large.

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It was real in my mind, goy.

This is going to tank miserably, isn't it?

question, would it be a good thing if I seed this kike propaganda in an attempt to mitigate sales? I almost exclusively seed movies and music just to spite the (((artists))) now

You know public school teachers will give their kids extra credit for seeing it in theaters. I remember when Red Tails came out, all of the history teachers at my school gave extra credit to students who brought in ticket stubs.

Lucas is a brilliant film maker so I approve.

No one does IRL shitposting like Straya. That's why I love them so much.

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You're probably right, it's old by zoomer standards and not flashy ADHD capeshit (although less subtle and more emotionally hollow at that) so I doubt many would go see it on their own.

and Kek
I would love for a bunch of Brave glorious fuckers to record themselves turning this movie theater into a comedy club
also can we see it in IMAX …the little girl yelling
Goodbye Jews in 3D would be Kino

You're right, it's not going to work this time. In fact it's going to backfire and earn further resentment towards jews. The holohoax has had its day, and other than a handful of brainwashed boomers and kikes, it will be viewed cynically by everybody else.

First time I visited kiev as an adult (went there as a kid all the time) a couple years ago, I was complaining to my grandparents about the rapefugees pouring into europe and then my grandma went on a rant about kikes, it was great

don't forget the 10inch wooden butt plugs

I'm reminded of that Simpsons episode with Declan Desmond where when he goes to file his oscar form it has only two boxes for whether his documentary was holocaust related or not.

All Eastern Euros deeply hate them tbh. Once the Germans rolled in they didn't even have to look hard as we either handed them over or killed them ourselves. For a while Poland even had something called "antisemitism without Jews", it's in history books kek.

But who could benefit from broadcasting historical fiction again and again?

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This is so obvious. As Israel experiences a PR crisis they bring this back to brainwash people and silence jew criticism.

Great winning strategy there.

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And whoever wrote this, thanks for the laugh.

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It's fucking ridiculous. Not only can't they rehash remakes and sequels to the goyim, they literally can't even redo their propaganda. Imagine that shit in 3D IMAX. You can almost smell the ashes

We need more downvotes.

I noticed that. There have been WW2 movies that have been releasing and falling without creating waves. People aren't interested anymore in their propaganda.

Another video, downvote this one too!

I think a major reason for that is that the generation that fought in WWII is almost gone. Even the youngest ones who were 16 or 17 at the end of the war are 90 years old now. For an 18-year old born in 2000, World War II is something that happened almost a century ago. It's not relevant anymore.

done, thx

Better worse that has to be your posting name c'mon 5 comments accusing posters they are bots?
I mean wtf makes anyone think you are not pot>kettle>black

I think its about time someone made a mega pozzed porno saying shitlers fist

Just make it a bit bigger and put kike in head first.

Why reinvent the wheel?

I rather watch Roots.

Personally I wanna run experiments with penis pumps to see if you can actually kill a kike with them.

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Hol' da fug up.

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Done voted.
Patrolling comment.

Best way to corner a kike in argument about the holocaust:
Talk to a jew who claims to have suffered the holocaust. Don't argue. Go with the story, be amenable to the jew.
Then ask him did he experience XYZ torture, killing, magic technique by the Germans; or did he see it done.
Prot-tip: XYZ should be 100% completely made up by you.

I like to go for double circumcision, where the nazi doctors shaved the skin off the glans of the penis

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Kikes really misplayed their hand with this one.They were winning the culture war after having planted shit like this in people's minds 30 years ago when we didn't have a chance to meme against it. Now they're rushing it back into the fire and giving us a second life to relitigate the matter. As usual, kikes got too cocky for their own good. Now they're going to realize the gravity of their mistake.

We better have hardcore autists on the scene making sure the ratio looks something like 50 likes to 800 dislikes.

It is 30 likes to 25 nays right now so not to bad.
This bitch should be trolled though.

oh yes yes, just like how the nazi doctors hooked jews up to masturbation machines

I already wore her out. She called me a denier and ran.

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as of this post.

Could mobilize cuckchan but may compromise.

Don't forget the Holocoaster.

Right, she defined you as a member of the out-group (the evil goyim that must be destroyed) and there was no longer any need to address the concepts presented, because they are presumed to be by default bad.

Kikes, there aren't any intelligent ones.

If you have never seen the film, it is the story of a man who gave his life savings to provide employment at his factory exclusively to jews during a time of economic hardship due to war. Not merely jobs but food and shelter for hundreds of 'em. Post-war, this man never managed to build a successful business, died destitute, and jews didn't do shit to help him.

Yeah all that but if I remember correctly in the film there was some old jew that pulled out a gold toof and another (((jeweler))) made it into a gold wedding band for their dear hero Oskar. Because he pawned it or something to save the juice through his factory.

Jewish gratitude doesn't exist, not even for fellow Jews.

They also hate romans and philistines with a passion still as well.
A jew never lets go of a grudge.

Wehrmacht found barns full of dead jews on their way into Ukraine.

Seriously, if they would have thrown their biggest golem (the US) a few doggie treats, kept the country 80ish percent white, and didn't mindfuck the populace with Hollywood propaganda, they could have made (((pax Americana))) last for literally hundreds of years.

This reeks of desperation. They know the goyim are starting to forget their lies, and they're shoveling propaganda out to try and remind us of the 12 million.

I get the feeling we'll have Holocaust "survivors" long after all the WWII veterans are dead. In twenty years you'll have some 85 year old yid regaling us of the time Adolf Hitler fingered his grundle, and anybody who bothers to do the math and call bullshit will just be shouted down. I'm already very suspicious of how many survivors there are. Some genocide when you can't kick over a fucking menorah without finding a "survivor" under it.

This is invaluable information :^)

So, don't be so damn bent that Mr. T has cucked it for the kikes, hoping they shall be his salvation. You know the rewards for those who sleep with the snakes, user.

Go away satanists

Sounds like he's trying to weasel out of admitting that it may not be 100% accurate but is what he was told.

guilty by association nigger, the scheming jew only survives by scheming with other jews, it is how they become successful in business, and it is how they fuck us

pic related is 100x more efficient desu

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Can anyone find an image of the porno title "Schindler's Fist"?
I didn't have any luck.

Not advocating degeneracy… just wanted to meme a more honest film than Spielberg's.

We should all get tattoos on our forearms. To show future generations that we survived a cultural war against whites.

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You don't even need to acknowledge or debate the holocaust to accept that fact that White Europeans have a right to exist and have an ethnically exclusive territory. I just don't see the point in denying the holocaust. Surely jews exaggerate the numbers but it certainly happened, atleast the fact the jews did die. There are literally photos and videos of jews being put in piles, being plucked and dragged like popsicle sticks.

It won't matter if you mention other European atrocities or contest the holocaust in anyway because its emotional. I think the best way to red pill is to convince people that the Holocaust really doesn't matter.. except to jews of course.