9 Month Abortion

German Young Socialists want to legalize abortions during the entire 9 month of pregnancy.


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postpartum abortion should be legal too until age 10

This is some poetic accelerated evolution we're seeing.

Forgot to add, thanks for creating less resource competition for my sons. Lots of space and only right wing Freyas for them.

After they extinct themselves, people will find it hard to believe leftists actually existed.

You know what lets go ahead and extend it to an hour after birth. That should give them enough time to decide if they like it's physical attributes.

But they're the ones who will shit out 20 Achmeds and Tyrones themselves, user.

I bet your parents are cucked shitlibs or jewish you're dumb ass would have never been born if you were the one controlling who reproduced. How does that feel?


For all you so quick to judge, It has been confirmed that one of the shops family used her for a visa. They married her for a visa to the country, then left her and took her other kid without any say. Left her with the other kid which is autistic by the way. When she showed up earlier to try and get answers she wants her other kid back. One of the shop owners hit her in the face. That is when this escalated. Honestly really fucked up and she has every right to be furious. How do you people not feel like complete assholes?

Fathers have half of the responsibility, they shall have half of the say.
Besides, it is murder to kill a baby in the womb who is just as non-autonomous as a newborn or toddler in that they die without constant care. Once there is a heartbeat, it is life and is murder to "abort". Gross negligence at the very least.

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Thats your jewish mind.

I say we increase abortion legalization to 35 and abort her.

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burn coal pay toll

Why stop there? Let the grandparents have a choice to abort their kids and grandkids. Honor killing is just late stage abortion.

Wew. Also, what the fuck are you talking about. They're nothing to do with me, if they want to burn in hell for infanticide I cant stop them. What the fuck do my parents have to do with it.

Not the whites. In 50 years there will only be right wing whites left. And Tyrone and Achmed are pretty easy to beat, if they even threaten you at all.

It's sad they were brainwashed in the first place, but now lost causes like these really shouldn't be breeding more orcs.

Adult Retroactive abortions when?

As long as they use the right instrument.

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Slippery slippery.

why stop there? Is it really fair to limit abortion rights to the family? What about the rights of neighbors, friends, and refugees fleeing poverty?

Spartans would throw deformed babies off of cliffs. There are plenty of abortions that should be applied to fully-grown adults for that matter.

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These are witches and satanists who want this for human sacrifice under the ruse of medicine.

Little shitheads like this in Europe have been saying this for a few years now. That's the new part. They've been about this for decades. Satanic cunts. They go with the jews and shitskins.

Post birth abortion for Thots now!

(((Krauts))) are worthless trash at this point along with the Anglo menace.

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World would unironically be a better place if grandparents had the right to kill off their faggot soyboy grandchildren.

Who the fuck is white outside of these groups?
Slavs and potatoniggers don't count.

What if the fetus identifies as a woman?

asses and elbows fren

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This is our problem, how?

The thing is it will never stop by them killing off their lineage. Abortion is a habit spread through non-genetic means, it is a literal meme in the non-genetic trait sense.

Coal=toll. Then again this would have never happened had (((they))) never existed.

Just another way for the gullible Whites who'll believe anything said from high places to participate in the suicide of their own race.

What would you like to bet the kikess giving this speech is a pied Scheister focusing her desire for increased abortions on White wahmen?

Ireland has some nice rattling bogs.

Sometimes I think women are completely incapable of loving anyone, even their own children.

We both know it won't stop there. The end goal is the slaughter of every person with European heritage on the face of the earth. As we slide deeper and deeper down the slippery slope of dehumanizing white people and allowing their murder later and later in life, we inch closer towards the state standing down as shitskin mobs start killing white people in the streets with zero legal repercussions.

Third trimester abortions are already legal in progressive countries like China, Vietnam, and Canada. Get with the program, Germany.

Wow fuck me that's shocking.

Might as well. Morally there's no difference, the current limit is purely arbitrary based on the child not having grown enough features to subjectively look 'too cute to kill' yet, which doesn't really mean anything.

No honey, look at your kid. There's nothing pure irish about you.


Then the fetus can abort the mother.

A good way to tell if a person is an NPC (overused term, but very accurate in this case) is if they are pro abortion but do not recognize that it's killing a child. I've had man discussions with people who draw the line between a fetus being inside the womb and outside (many can be born at 26 weeks and survive outside the body); it's literal location. I try to drill the absurdity into their head, but it's like talking to a brick wall.

Yes meds are white, as are Italians, Slavs, Germans, and all other people of native European ancestry.

And I assume they then just chuck the stillborn baby into the furnace in the cellar, right?
Can they get any more blatant.

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it cant say its a woman if it cant speak yet ;)
tbh fam its the evil natziiiiiiiiiis chinese commuturds subverting our liberal strength. we arent progressive enough bois

Honestly the morality surrounding this is retarded on both sides. There should simply be abortion or no abortion, the age in which the infant gets scrambled is irrelevant.

What should be in place is child free tax enforcement and abortion tax to make these idiots stop having unprotected hypergamous sex and entice intelligent women to have healthy children again. Let the stupid whores abort their downs babies.

We can sort out it right now. Exterminate the inferiors and only the strong will have babies. Abortion question solved.

why stop at 9 months?
because what if she changes her mind?!
also she should be able to abort her husband, because she has rights! you misygonist pigs

This. Child sacrifice and Baal worship may become prevalent in the next century.

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This is a red herring.
Full term abortions are already legal in every Western country, they simply require permission from a doctor on "special grounds."
The "special grounds" are, that allowing the fetus to continue living, or to be delivered, would put the woman's health at "serious risk".
And therein lies the deception.
What you think constitutes "serious risk to health" to obtain permission for late term abortion:
What in reality is the usual "serious risk to health" used to obtain permission:
>Doctor, if I am forced to have this baby, then I will kill myself because it will make me so depressed and I just can't handle it.
You read it right, the time "limit" is completely flexible, all a woman has to say is that having the child will harm her mental health and put her life at risk. She will then obtain permission and the baby will be killed in utero, or have scissors stuck into its skull as it is being delivered.
So long as the magical thinking is satisfied (that the baby is just a 'blob of cells' so long as any part of it, leg, arm, head, remains inside of the mother) then the execution can go ahead.
Obviously the baby will sometimes be inadvertently delivered before the kill shot can be administered, in which case it is murdered on the operating table by being bled out, drowned, suffocated or incinerated.
This is why the UK's Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists recommend a lethal injection be administered to the foetus prior to the brain vacuum and crushing of the skull, in order to protect the abortionist from a murder charge should the baby be delivered alive prior to being killed.
Remember: the magic vagina transmutes living matter into inanimate and vice-versa.
Using the same logic, if you are having sex with, or finger-fucking a woman, she is within her rights to kill you because you're inside her body and thus "part of her body".
This is the crazy logic of the pro-death brigade.
Most aborted babies are White.
Most women having abortions are from the higher educated demographics.
Working-class "uneducated" women have the lowest rate of abortion amongst Whites.
Anyone arguing pro-abortion on the basis that it "stops niggers", is an anti-White genocidal jew, or under their influence.


Don't give them any ideas.

Not true, but the largest racial group of aborted babies is White. However, Whites are still the largest racial group, and Whites by FAR have the lowest rates of abortion.

Lol pretty good, I'll have to remember this one.

As it should be. Natural selection works on both genetics and culture. If some whites for reason of nature OR nurture decide to malfunction and scramble their babies instead of raising them then natural selection will identify the cause and weed it out, whatever it was. In this case, it would appear that natural selection is attempting to purge any elements among us that would send their daughters to Marxist indoctrination camps despite all the blatant warning signs. Natural selection is going to end any bloodline that has forgotten how to look after its daughters.

statistically untrue, whites have the least children

(In the US) African Americans make up 70% of abortions, with the next being Hispanics at 15%, Whites at 13% and 2% others.

Yes, except, in a sane society fathers should bear all the responsibility and have all the say.

Thats how you get stressed husbands beating their wives. Women need to pitch in and help their communities just as much as men do.

No one said they shouldn't do anything. Men can have all say on all matters while women do menial tasks like cooking, feeding children, etc.

But at the same time the do not want that men have the possibility to finacial abort, human rights don't apply to men.

That kid is way too big for a stroller

Your countries will become entirely Muslim. They won't even abort their kids after their cousin fucking produces entire families of retards.

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You reap what you sew faggot. Haha.

Good. I support post-birth abortion for the children of leftists (the only people who get abortions) up to any age. Abortion is unambiguously good. Our enemies literallly killing themselves off for us.

Paterfamilias nigger. The patriarch has the legal right to kill anyone in his household for any reason

What the fuck Germany


Why stop there? Just take off the age limit entirely so we can post-natally abort these traitors from our nations already.


You know what's funny? I actually don't know whether you are just trolling or whether you are one of those sad degenerates who wants to lower the age of consent to 5 so they can marry a 6 year old.
This is how bad things have gotten here.

The gentleman's way of abortion I think.

>German Young Socialists Degenerates
No matter what they want to call themselves, leftists should only be described by words that correctly encompass their beliefs, e.g. "degenerate".

>(((German Young Socialists)))

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make schoolgirls watch abortion procedures

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But what if it's a girl?

Women are legally allowed to murder their own unborn child against the father's will
The child is more the father's than the mother's, as girls are just an oven for the male's seed. Men should be allowed to have an abortion against the women's will

Only half the child's genes come from the father. Learn how genetic recombination works.


the only thing we need is to make white children abortion illegal. 13% is still a lot.

The next step for liberal/leftist nutjobs is to legalise post birth abortion. There's no significant difference between that and a 9 month abortion. It's gonna happen. Screenshot this.

Exactly they truly are godless

Juden, Juden über alles,
Über alles in der Welt,
Wenn es stets zu Schutz und Trutze
Brüderlich zusammenhält.
Von der Israel bis an die Europe,
Von der Vistula bis an den Nile,
Juden, Juden über alles,
Über alles in der Welt!

Juden Frauen, Juden Treue,
Juden Wein und Juden Sang
Sollen in der Welt behalten
Ihren alten schönen Klang,
Uns zu edler Tat begeistern
Unser ganzes Leben lang.
Juden Frauen, Juden Treue,
Juden Wein und Juden Sang! 

Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit
Für das Juden Vaterland!
Danach lasst uns alle streben
Brüderlich mit Herz und Hand!
Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit
Sind des Glückes Unterpfand;
Blüh' im Glanze dieses Glückes,
Blühe, Juden Vaterland!

Only leftists abort their children, so it's a good thing. Saves us the trouble fo killing their little leftlets on the day of the rope.


My hate for the kikes grows everyday. If I ever see a kike getting beat up in the street, I'm encouraging their attackers.

why stop there? Is it really fair to limit abortion rights to the country you reside at? What about the rights of the entire human population?


Why do you lie?

Data is from the report "Characeristics of U.S Abortion Patients in 2014" by the Guttmacher Institute.


Sex went from the action you do to have children and start a family to solely chasing after the PEEPEE FEEL GOOD part. It has gotten to the point where the children, the thing sex is meant to produce and the sole purpose of sex, are being killed because they get in the way of the incentive.
This is how bad it has gotten, hedonism must be stopped

Any "pro abortion" here is just a cover jew.
of course niggers should be aborted, but that's another issue . There shouldn't be nigs in your country and the discussion is about abortion among white people, not alien invaders

IIRC Bush was the one that banned partial birth abortions.

European abortion laws are much more restrictive then US abortion laws.

Are you trying to poison the well with extreme positions and pseudoscience?
No, men should not be allowed to "have an abortion" against the women's[sic] will.
What should be allowed is legal paternal surrender, if requested within 1 week of being served with notice of pregnancy.
The mother can then decide if she wants to go ahead with the pregnancy without the support of the father.
This would itself massively reduce "oops" pregnancies.
Taking it a step further and abolishing government welfare, alimony and child support, except in cases of widowing or paternal abandonment, would reduce bastard births to virtually zero, overnight.
Women do not simply "forget" to take their pills,or any of the gamut of contraception options open to them.
They enjoy the rush, drama and power of toying with and causing anxiety to a man and the financial benefits, while not having to get married and lose the freedom to sleep around.
Take that away and make the consequence instead, ruin, i.e STOP INCENTIVIZING IT, and it WILL stop overnight.
OF course you will have a few outliers, the nymphomaniacs, the mentally retarded etc, but by and large.

Why do you lie?
Partial birth abortions are available EVERYWHERE.
That's the ONLY WAY TO KILL A BABY AT TERM, which is sometimes "REQUIRED".

I need to clarify:
>the only way to kill a baby at term without it falling under the definition of murder.
And that DOES happen too. If the baby is delivered alive, they don't simply say "aw, we better save it now". They kill it on the operating table, by whichever method the abortionist pleases. Usually scissors to the base of the brain.

I think they just want more dopamine rushes from sex, and a pregnancy gets in the way of sex.
Make the consequence of having an abortion jail time.

for jews
and make it 100

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