ITT list ways we can destroy this vortex of white communist scum and their brown pets

For Fields!

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So are ya FBI, or CIA?

make dinner reservations all over town and not show up
order food at drive thru and say you forgot your wallet and leave
pit the left against the left

poop in the water tower

Zig Forums is a board of peace and will never physically fight back against anything happening to whites, anywhere in the world.

Too radical

Zig Forums is indeed, other places, not so much

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1. Move there.
2. Have dozens of white babies each.
3. Teach babies good morals and ethnic pride.
4. Win.

Zig Forums does not condone violence, CNN

pol is a board of peace kike

Block traffic? I've heard that you can do that there.

Buy all the fried chicken and wait for the nogs to riot.

Drone the power distribution stations.

Swat some random fagots.

Dress up as woman and complain about sexism.

Shit on the public transport.

Tell nogs that they can have free shit (nikes, starbucks, mcd) to celebrate the fields trial.

I'm not trying to take the blame off of Charlottesville's ZOG, but the ecelebs who knowingly led their followers into such an obvious trap are equally complicit. Is there anyone who really thought it wouldn't at the very least result in the ruining of countless young White men's live because of doxing?

Purging it of Jews would go a long way


Hubris cometh before the fall

You should stay in school, kid.

Creation that culture for whiteness resistance.
That is illegal. Then no will it, m'kay?
However, theoretically individual can drove outward these treasonous, backstabbing scum by making their lives that living hell.
Theoretically, individual can creation that listed for liberal traitors and their jewish leaders and their orc pets and randomly target them taking vandalism. Slash their car tires, scratch their painted, toss that molotov cocktail onto their place while those're upon Starbucks (use styrophoam the on gas to increased destructiveness), threw trash on their yard upon 4 am, stolen their mail and replace it taking dog shit, toss that rock through their window upon 2 am, sent drug dealers to their place and then the called police taking that threw away phone, the burn cameras those inevitably would do set upon taking that high powered laser, kill their pets and toss their mangled corpses onto their backyard, toss nails onto their lawn before those mow it, pour draino and soap (not sugar lol) onto their car gas tank, knocked over their mailbox, called them the on middle the for night taking that threw away phone and prank them, dump oil everyone over their garden or lawn, knocked over their trash cans upon night, drop that thermite grenade onto their roof taking that drone (works best conditionally the to roof is flat), spread meaning rumours around them, used their wifi to create bomb threats the to police and mentioned this you are armed and endanger, dump lye powder or bleach & vinegar onto their air conditioner unit, put quick-cement onto their door key hole, wire that bomb the to ignition for their car the on middle the for night, or a several other annoyed thing to convince them to the left area.
Theoretically, remembered to used gloves and to take other basic op-sec precautions.
Theoretically, that allows that relatively small numerable for people to take that disproportionate effect the in culture for that region.
That is with a method africans and mestizos drove whiteness people outward for their homes.

These are all small irritants to a larger problem that doesn't need 'irritants' it needs extermination. But you are correct, these are all techniques that have been used against Europeans by all the various invaders to drive us from our neighborhoods and homes. Realistically extermination is going to be the only solution, throughout history it worked this way when 'multiculturalism' was practiced it always ended in the genocide of one particular race. Europeans simply have to decide if watching their children and family be brutally murdered by subhumans is what they want.

Also, bleach and ammonia rather than bleach and vinegar. I am not sure what bleach and vinegar would do other than make a HUGE FUCKING SMELL in their house and alert them that someone is trying to murder them…bleach and ammonia makes an odorless gas in industrial situations that 'accidentally' kills hundred of janitors per year because they don't have enough common sense or brains not to mix the two. If you have ever seen them mixed, it results in a misty gas that simply rises up off the mixture.

Deplatform and defund them.

Actually, I chose bleach and vinegar due to their corrosive qualities, not as means of killing the fuckers. I'd theoretically rather use bleach and vinegar in such a situation because I do not know how it would react if poured into an air conditioner unit. Frankly, I'd be worried that I'd theoretically injure myself in the process.
Instead, bleach and vinegar poured into an air conditioner unit would rust it up very effectively and cost them some money to fix.

And I agree that theoretically extermination of the anti-Whites is the only option. They are trying to murder us so it is only fair that we theoretically pay them back in kind.

Mkay? Also organic chemistry is not my presidendd. God praise niddric groups XDDDD

Posting in a low-quality FBI thread.

How about we get rid of Spencer and his accident-prone “alt right” instead?