The Fall of Judeo-Masonic Republic in France #5


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Thanks for the new thread OP


I'm not sure we needed another thread for today. Really seems like the last action happened already.

Grow up. You're not fighting shit, you're not worth a damn, you're shitposting on an imageboard and the best you can do is cheer for incapable frenchies. I recognize failure when i see it, and i've seen it from the beginning in all the faces of these yellow retards, all in their mid 50s with grey hair, all white. It was doomed from the beginning and i called it, and you said i'm a defeatist? Off yourself, if you can't distinguish reality from your fantasies where they storm the building and cut off macron's head you unironically have mental troubles. They are boomers who got riled up on gas taxes, made a huge scandal, got media attention, got the tax removed and went home.

No amount of left/right/center/nazi/commie hijack will change what it was and what has been. Now they're going home, macron is still in office, and you're still here hoping for whatever the fuck you small brain tells you. How about waking up, retard? Nothings happening. The french people are a failure, if they weren't they wouldn't have elected macron in the first place.

Depended if this thread is needed or not since previous OP went to sleep and no-one bothered to make one.
Previous thread

Looks like they're all down or over.

Toulouse is getting a little action as protesters construct barricades.

It’s only 7pm in France right now. Seems odd for things to be winding down instead of ramping up

Molotv guy

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Which ones the Toulouse stream?

The Toulouse stream is still up



Someone post the pamphlet that was being distributed at the start of the protests.

The media is trying to smear the protests as a socialist movement. The media is ignoring the pamphlet.

They fear the pamphlet.


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But nobody wants to read your defeatist blackpilling bullshit or join your faux-intellectual masturbation. Go make a "Fuck Everything The Jews Won" general and see how popular it is. Faggot. You go in the filter.

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Toulouse bro is still at it.

I filtered you out, defatist shill. If I see you again, you are confirmed for being autistic. Toulouse

Just filter him, there is no reason to kill the whole thread with a back and forth

Makes no sense at all. imo

these protests are pretty low energy tbh

Relinking to this post for any amerifats who have just joined in and need a quick primer on French policing.
Also seems the guy in the blue helmets are all gendarmes.

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All things in due time, user. We have started the fire. So they got shutdown, big deal. Civil unrest is good for our cause. Everyone got over excited because they thought "IT'S HABBENING!" but in reality these things take time. Baby steps.

Am I disappointed they got shut down? Sure I am, but it also isn't very surprising. What this means for the big picture is that once DOTR does come the RWDS will have the support of the general populace, which is a huge boon to our cause.

I've seen one post with 2 people lying on ground with French flags covering them. We're they really killed?


There have been a number of deaths including sniper fire. Supposedly.

Alright. Fair enough.

The kikes are really stepping up their defeatist posts in here while there's a lull in activity.

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All the half chan threads on this are getting botted hard.

Truth there, but the Paris protests really are smashed. Toulouse and Bordeaux still hold promise though.

They need some kinda catalyst in order to start through.
A happening

I'm calling it for being over and done, the protests might continue for another couple of weeks, but they're only going to keep diminishing in size, but I think the frogs are going to give up.

inb4: Bot, shill, kike, nigger

If I were French I'd probably be in jail right now.

Pick a class lads

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There is a big push right now to say it’s over and urge everyone to go home

Yes Shlomo, you're all 4.

Kikes really don't know how this motivates us even harder.
They can already smell the gas. Shills are right it is too late. For the jews and their shabbos. Nothing they do can stop us now. So let them cry and kvetch. We will see this through.

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If this is true, then this would turn out like that sniper rifle shooting in Kiev protest, possibly with that the news of course aren't going to report about this.

Any French anons here know the mechanism that France has to remove the president?
Obviously its not guns like the USA. Nor is it a monarchy like the UK.
I presume it comes from the ministers?

so no pamphlet then?

I've seen you frogz do better than this

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The powers that be can vote no confidence.

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Lmao all these jews working on sabbathhh are going to incur the wrath of yaweh for shabbos insolence. Hopefully their fag deity sees to it that his evil people will soon be eliminated once and for all. How can anyone like jews? Let alone a god.

pyromancer x mecha

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Rolling for knight

Vote of confidence maybe?

dob jej

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Since the tractors didn't make it the protest the trickster has been by far one of the most useful supports. I would go with that class. The paint forces the police to take off their visors, and when they are blinded they are scared and it is easy to lead the charge against them


second file just a bypass

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New barricades going up in Toulouse. Let's see if they actually defend this one. Last time they had a good one and abandoned it as soon as they were gassed. You would think they'd learn after a month of protest you should bring respiratory protection to these things.

God had opened covenant to the Goyim 2018 years ago. By the looks of it, he is werking on it. For the Jews, they already broke the Sabbath to kill Christ.

Theyre building barricades in Toulouse

I'll be the Mecha-Tank. I've always admired Marvin Heemeyer's work

My sides.

To believe that this is over and will result in nothing is beyond stupid.

Yeah. :-)

That's a pretty serious fire going on there. It's not over yet.

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Protests need a testudo.

it's over goyim

Pyro or healer

if I heard correctly 2000 people in total were taken into custody by 120,000 police in France

post this shit

How is this different than say the National Guard in the US? or the FBI… Both have tanks and snipers and riot gear. Fuck your local police force here these days probably has a tank.

Since today was so fucking boring here is a highlight reel from the other day.

For tonight, yes.

The stream is still comfy though.

or tetsuo

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I told you yesterday to escalate the destruction and violence. And nothing happened therefor the thing is failing. TBH seems like to me frogs just want to be on the world stage and accomplished that. Nobody is ready to risk their lives, are you delusional?



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Do we need some fucking notables, OP?

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So…. why haven't the frogs brought out their funs yet?

Well my local PD has the BAE systems MRAP but unfortunately for them they're not that hard to disable.

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Seriously the cops all train to use a shield wall / Saxon keel where they pull through people and arrest them - if you want to stand against the police you need a formation or a tank.

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It was a photo op. They did that shit repeatedly on stream.

These protestors right now are basically antifa-tier disorganized. Chaos troops. Nothing like what we saw in Ukraine.

Once shit gets more serious a molotov will deal with shield walls

Unless that ass is stupid huge too those tits are too big.

Because this is civil unrest not civil war, at least, not yet anyway. Also, do that many frogs have funs?

I suspect the funs will come out tomorrow. My guess is most of the frenchies thought they could do this relatively peacefully

they could get toulouse under lockdown… then force macron to negotiate, would just need some hardware to build proper barricades.

Let's hope that changes for next saturday. 1000+ people got arrested today, hundreds before the protests even started.

I just think its so fucking hilarious how Jews try to find these elaborate new methods to cheat their gay ass kike god.

They just cant help themselves, nothing is sacred for those subhumans.

National Guard aren't explicitly for this purpose.
Their function is still primarily defence against external threats and they rotate in and out of active military duty.

Gendarmes are a paramilitary force whose purpose is explicitly stated to be for use against the public.

Thought for future protests: what is a cheap, gas proof box you can get? Pick up tear gas, if you can't throw it back just shove it in the box until it burns out.

France has a respectable number of firearms and a lot of decent ones at that. Their laws on semi-autos are much looser than much of the rest of Europe.

No french leader would negotiate over Toulouse. Only Paris matters to them.

Oh well that is good news. I didn't know that.

theyre doing a good job of dispersing the crows in toulouse

who is that kike on french tv, just now who didnt speak?

The same person you called gay ass kike god has erased the assyrians, whipped some money lender asses and send us the Pest. Soon the Jews will have to suffer again. Also most laws in the Talmud are man made.


this is must watch tv. this is why we have problems in the world. when this 2% can inject themselves into 95% of the most influential roles in the world you're bound to have a white genocide.

Point is, if they have one city hostage they can get more. Paris is nothing when they loose big infrastructure around it. Just imagine 50 pissed farmers doing nothing but dumping stuff on highways for some days. The financial impact would be huge.

Probably because Ukrainian men still have their balls LMAO at thinking frogs would rise the fire. They couldn't even target more than a few zog'd buildings of influence with minor damage much less major damage. Not even going to talk about whacking your enemies because no chance that will occur. I at least had some hope for more infrastructure damage.

Shut the fuck up christcuck

Anyone have a pic of the ambulance protest? I heard they blocked a road with ambulances but I can't verify.


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Don't have a pic but yes this did occur.

Is it possible that thigns heat back up later this evening?

Its only 730 there