Feminist Icon Thread

After reading the rampant misogyny thread, I thought we might have a feminist icon thread just to balance things up.

Post info or links to articles about inspiring women.

I'll start the ball rolling. Nina Onilova. A Ukrainian who cleared a jammed belt-fed machine gun and took out the onrushing Nazi's, and blew up a Panzer III with Molotov cocktails.

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I dunno most of them always had a view about their own kind that I was like "nah I don't think so" for instance Rosa Luxemburg was opposed to women suffrage because women would vote like milquetoast conservatives, which is weird. I don't agree with that because most of the time it's only white chicks who do that. Otherwise she'd be correct. Pretty strange. Just my two cents though.

I'm sure some unicorns do exist but I'm pressed to find one. Maybe Eva Peron but I'm sure she's just "le ebil nahtzee" to you folks

Kaneko Fumiko

Japanese Egoist anarchist, sentenced to death for wanting to assassinate the Emperor. When her sentence was lightened to life imprisonment by the Emperor himself, she hanged herself to prove that the Emperor had no rule over life and death.

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Wow thanks for reducing all the ways women can be inspirational to being a pawn to own the anti-feminists. Truly feminism is a champion of women and not cynically stealing valor for political capital.

That one quote is specifically about bourgeois women and not to treat them as leaders. Electoral politics is a meme anyway. Rosa wrote a thing about why reform is bullshit called Reform or Revolution.

Resolve is impressive, strategy is retarded. Your opponent is dumb enough to give you ground and you just surrender it back? You don't try to do a prison strike? Don't hatch a plan to take out a guard too? Don't try to escape? Don't organize other prisoners?

No you idiot you can't fight fire with fire by making a pro feminist thread after some retard makes a misogynist thread and you both END UP TAKING FUCKING BOARD SPACE
A thread praising female leftists is okay, doing it "To own the incels." isn't.

I still like her (comrade Onilova.)


Were on "infinitychan", there's lots of space for everyone.

Thanks to everyone else who contributed.

The eternal vaginism

No she is even worse; she is a SuccDem

Oh, for fuck's sake. Why are you feminist faggots still here? You are not welcome here; this is a board for non spooked leftists, not first worldist feminazis.

Just go back to r/socialism, you virtue signalling retards.

Any list that doesn't include Lucy Parsons is shit.

With that spacing I'd be careful about telling anyone to go back to reddit.

thinks I'm a

I wish I could do the Damien Hirst telephone exchange trick.
As a stunt for the end credits of an art documentary he was in, the famous East end artist got the telephone exchange operators of Channel 4 and the BBC answering a phone call to each other, instead of him.
A pox on both your poxy houses, in other words

The only spooked one here is you.

Vaginism is hella spooked, cunt.

t. Rosa

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Someone post the chick that Marx commanded to expel the non whites and feminists from Socialist groups. I forgot her name but as long as we're posting girls who did stuff like that let's go all the way.

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Did Nina Onilova call herself a feminist?

Was Rosa a Trotskyist before it was cool??

feminism is right wing, and because of this it must be dismantled
think about it

the working class is flocking to the right because the right is subverting the patriotic old left with this hot new forced inorganic garbage
doesnt matter if you go around dissecting corpses, knowing basic biology, or just watch female olympic powerlifters, you come to the conclusion
that women do not perform equally to the men when it comes to physical tasks, and this is easily demonstrable but why would the mental tasks be much different?
your average construction worker knows this, your average miner knows this, your average welder and car mechanic and
knows this
its only ivory tower gated community tax net leeches and parasite quasi intellectual """left""" that disputes this

kinda like with the black and white army pictures you see
where do we see women? in propaganda poser bullshit stunts, in the rear, maintanence battalions, medical battalions, signals bat, kept kilometers behind the front
where do we NOT see women? feldmarshals, high command (strategy), low command (operational and tactical command, battalion and division leaders in the field), special forces, scout bats, sergeants and professional soldiery, front liners, front penetrators and armored cores, mechanized infantry and soldiers actually expected to carry out or receive grand offensives

Anything laudable about "feminism" is long past, its current incarnations having become both in practice and in popular opinion the exclusive preserve of sex supremacist con artists.

Like & said, up until the 1950s, self-avowed "feminists" were universally regarded with disgust by female proletarian activists (socialists, labor unionists, etc.), and bad blood between the two groups continued to accrue.

Victoria Woodhull. Even better yet, her modus operandi conformed precisely to the influence-peddling wrecker antics of modern SJW feminazi wreckers.

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It's doesn't seem like it's the w/class, at least not to the far right, going by this investigation of The NY Daily Stormer book club.

"Even after becoming a full-blown neo-Nazi, Eric continued to work at a liberal tech office and lives in Greenpoint. Despite his cushy job, fancy haircut, and soft hands, he represents himself as “blue collar. " "

It's seems its more like the historical precedent for fascist support, the disappointed middle class, as the writer says "downwardly mobile." . (That's not to write these people off. The middle class are still part of the proletariat - they have to sell their labour to survive.)


proper neonazis are "serving the fatherland" 40 years in max security prisons for carrying out armed robberies, murders, kidnapping and terrorism
they live in bumfuck nowhere mountains where they can cook meth and lathe guns

thanks to the neo left, modern right wingers are just working class people sick and tired of professional welfare class leeching them as much if not even more than the capital owners

Of course user. Here, pic-related is a highly respected feminist icon who conducted the first rape studies in the US and is by far the most influential feminist scholar on sexual violence, even advising the Obama administration on how to conduct rape studies. Wow, what an icon!

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I remember a while back Unicorn Riot doxed a nazi and he lived by the community college I went to after high school. It's on the border of Houston and Cypress and while there are working class neighborhoods, due to rising rents and home costs in Houston, there are also enclaves of petit-bourg and managers throughout it. I believe he lived in the latter neighborhood, and most things I've seen points to the reactionaries coming from this segment of society rather than the working class, who in my experience tend to be apathetic about politics yet open to class struggle if framed in a way relevant to them ie wages and rent.


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Is anyone actually stupid enough to buy this screamingly obvious bullshit?

being =/= identifying as

all of right wing populists in europe, whole trump crowd, etc
you dont leave ideological hugbox often, huh? look around you from time to time, see what the world is like, see what the other sides have to say

Bayonet all cuntzis

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kek feminazis caught out yet again

wrong melee weapon

Just give up already and go back to reddit, you femifaggots. Stop trying to subvert our board and turn it into r/socialism.

Is that a tank? Did she really pull a Solid Snake without grenades or being a super soldier even? That's quite impressive.

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Reminder the original Nazis, and other fascists in neighboring countries, primarily drew rank & file from petite bourg "temporarily embarrassed millionaire" classcucks and butthurt military/police vets. Throughout that period, actual proles were overwhelmingly syndicalists, commies, and socdems.

No need to be fussy

"Later that month, under heavy attack from Nazi Panzer tanks, Senior Sergeant Nina Onilova ran out of bullets for her heavy machine gun so she left the trench, crawled twenty meters over open, exposed ground towards a thirty-ton Panzer III tank, lit the fuse on a pair of Molotov cocktails, and threw them onto the enemy tank, burning the crew and then igniting the gasoline stores, blowing the damn turret off the Panzer."

Sound like total fucking bullshit.

This is a Panzer III for reference

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I highly doubt that

Cities are a representative of how mob rule doesn't dictate the opinions of the nation as a whole. Just because the majority of Americans live in big cities doesn't mean they should make choices for less densely populated areas. Id prefer a voting system that was strictly based on the electoral vote. Cities are also full of liberals too.

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Cities are full of proles while the countryside is populated by petty-bourg reactionaries and it has been that way for 150 years. Centralization of production in the cities is a mandatory first step for any form of collectivised economy anyways.

I'm glad we're back on topic.
We need a diagram showing the location of the fuel tanks.
I doubt Panzer III's were completely oil and fuel tight. Vehicles today aren't. Everyday when I'm on the road and its been raining I see petrol spots, oil, diesel slicks from overfilled tanks etc.
Just a leak and it might go off.
Even vapour is combustable (obviously so, that's what happens inside the cylinder, the spark ignites the air/fuel mix.)

Please note carefully the difference between a feminist icon and a socialist icon who happens to be a woman.

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Oh god what a qt.

I'm in love

A woman's place is blowing out fascist brains.

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Nobody who slaughtered 42 men has a shit eating grin like that

I can't tell how much of this post is nazi sympathy and how much is not knowing shit about psychology.

Unless you are a complete emotionless phsyco. Look at images of snipers. Every one has a dead look in their eyes

Fam, nazis are not humans. Killing them is like killing a cancer eating your body. Each nazi dead is like a succesful day of chemo.

Pick one

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We both know that’s not true now don’t we user.

Feminists think they speak for all women but some women actually prefer traditional gender roles.

And some proletarians prefer fascism. We have enough bullets for everyone.

Thank you for that insight, porky.

I wish you would try something on my traditional waifu. Why don't you man hating carpet munchers just accept that women love the dick, and you'll never be able to give it to her like I can.

Pretty much. A submissive little bitch doing whatever the führer tells you to do.

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So sucking off Daddy Stalin's cock isn't the same as being a submissive little bitch? Lmao.

Where did I suck off any Stalin cock?


You do know that the Hungarian revolution happened after Stalin died, yes?

According to the wiki, she was a sniper, though.
We could file her under "charming psychopath" perhaps? (unless someone's going to complain that's
>>stolen valor blah)
The Soviets cult of "sniperism" during WWII is briefly mentioned in this book review theguardian.com/books/2004/jun/26/featuresreviews.guardianreview12

We're not debating the origins of the term. Even if you don't like Stalin you're still an ML who bows to the state.

I mean, if nazis killed 3 of my brothers in their invasion, I would probably not feel much remorse sniping 42 little Hitlers.

Sure, insofar as the state is the working class organized as the rulling class. I bow to my own class for my own benefit.

Yeah I bet the citizens under Nazi Germany did the same thing.
I bet the femanon who's anti feminist does the same for her own benefit when she took her boyfriends cock down her throat. Enjoy being gangfucked by your fellow men in the communist party.

Imagine being such a massive cuckold that you’d have a “feminist icon”.

Imagine being so afraid that a woman will never love you exclusively that you see "cuck" everywhere.

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If women and men are equal that means a woman should be accountable for her actions, like cheating. The idea that "my neglectful husband drove me to cheat" is traditionalism that makes men responsible for "their" women's actions.

A cock down the throat isn't about traditional gender values fam. The feminists who sucked my dick did it a lot better than the conservatives.

Fuck off to Zig Forums with this tradcon virginal purity meme.

Women are subhuman creatures only fit for breeding. Only 2D women are worthy of true love

I'm sure the 3d women of the world will be devastated to hear you wont be showering them in your love.

willful cuckold is actually a pro-woman psyop because it tells certain kinds of men to stop bothering women.


Nah not even good for that, breeding is a travesty and needs to stop

Yeah and thats why most of them are shit, enjoy your gold digging tradthots

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The opinions of the 3D have no bearing on my opinions. I have an entire harem of superior 2D women and traps that loves my entire essence

So you're saying you're not a robot because women rejected you all your life?

Women do not even factor into my thought process except for when I see disgusting threads like this. If it's not 2D it's not worth my time

The fact that women trigger you so deeply makes me doubt what you're so saying.

Forsaking 3dpd for 2d isn't /r9k/ culture newfag.

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So this entire thread is merely full of white knighting beta orbiters and manginas, complaining that their feminist thots aren't getting worshipped here.

You're not gonna get laid, faggots. There are no girlfags here; get over it.

(OP here.) You're not going to get laid on an image board anyway you dopey cunt. You're probably not going to get laid on Plenty of Fish either. Adultwork is a safer bet, but a terrible money drain. There's really no substitute for getting out in the fresh air, or city smoke (depending on preference) and meeting someone and falling in love.

There may be no women here but there used to be.

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here's a couple feminist icons talking about domestic violence

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Domestic """""violence"""".

kek SatanNazi was hilarious. Literally talked about having sex with astral demons and how aliens were communist.

sure they are.

urban guerillas have a significantly lesser success rate that rural guerillas so have fun with that.

that's it. I'm just gonna use this place as a shitposting repository.

I don't think that word means what you think it means.


And they call us circlejerkers. Never change, r/socialism fags. Give up already and go back to reddit.

Indeed, Zig Forums late 2015 - early 2017 was a hell of a place.

I remember she said jacking off to her tits was empowering her with sexual magics or some shit. I miss that kind of crazy.

With that spacing you got no business telling anyone to go to reddit.

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I don't support whore posting.

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I don't support you, but here we are.

satanchan didn't use a name until much later and the majority of namefags, tripfags, and avatarfags were as bas or worse as what we have now.

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It’s all part of the dialectical development of mankind. The man becomes less important than the machine or moniker. The man is devalued as the words become essential. Just as capitalism flows towards a certain point, so flows the river of posters with names. All flows towards the pinnacle, or apex just as water flows down to the lowest point. All flows towards the Zenith of tech under which all will be subsumed.

Do not lament, rejoice

Yes, it is only through the rose-tinted glasses of nostalgia that we can view Milo, Hoochie, n1x, Howard_Scott, and the rest as anything less than perfectly obnoxious.

Yeah I'm nostalgic for old Zig Forums but yui, tripstache, megyn, marxist matey, and all the others were shit. It was the anons who made the board what it was.

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n1x was pretty cool tho

They talked about stuff besides REEEE feeemales though.

Milo and Hoochie didn't. For real, though, the feminism/anti-feminism shit (and I would add all the other incarnations of sexual politics) needs to be in permanent stickied containment.