America is The Enemy of Whites

The USA has consistently put itself at the forefront of miscegenation, destruction of European culture, and the promotion of Jewish interests. It is a country that will freely send off hundreds of thousands of young white men to their deaths in wars for Zionists with no remorse and then tell those same white men that they should be ashamed of themselves. It subsidizes degrees given to shitskins who will then use their ill-gotten gains to belittle and suppress the whites who were taxed to fund their mudshit existence while making sure a hard working white can NEVER be free from Jewish lenders and must pay into a government that hates them. I cannot believe the audacity of those who call themselves white nationalists and American patriots, that country should be considered second only to Israel as an anti-white state.

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America will do the holocaust, but for real this time shlomo

Krautchan is full of self hating americanized liberals.
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Technically, it's women saying we should be ashamed… only women (and soy boys, including kikes) use shaming.

Anyone who actually thinks america is worth saving or will become a white ethnostate should go and neck themselves. Balkanization is the only way forward and then the game of expansion. You cant transform a mutt nation into a nation that has nationalism. Wont happen, cant happen, and you better enjoy the long collapse.

Half the problem is this idea that America exists. Everywhere I go it like little Mexico, or pure ghetto.

The US is already a nationalist (coined by the French Revolutionary from the French "birth")! Anchor babies are exactly what the people who came up with the term "nationalism" had on mind.

I want a belt buckle that says burger on it.

Oh hey can't you see…

Ok, I was born here, and I cannot change that. It will be a shame to kill you, but it will most likely be in self-defense.


Let me tell you proper nationalism system. Only children whose both parents are citizens can be citizens. Period. BTW this systems existed try to guess were.

Whatever, America was founded by Freemasons and has been used to destroy Whites worldwide since its founding but there is still a lot of White people with its borders and until that changes it can't be an enemy. Wait 40 years?

Is South Africa an enemy?

This. The US was never about what you read in the history books. Few people tried to save it (Jackson) but in reality it was an uphill battle. Break up the u inion and there is hope. Otherwise when European men overthrow the jews, guess who will cpme to their rescue.

Americans need to know their history or they're doomed to repeat it.

Correction: ZOG is the enemy of whites. The whites in America must topple the ZOG.

True, but you didn't have to bump this obvious D&c thread to say that.

If you're born here, then be about here. Don't shoot your shotguns in the air, and don't be all reconquista, just be about here.
Annoying seeing Mexico this, Mexico that. Even more so when it's in a state that was never under Mexican control.

I mean it. If you want to be Mexican, go live in Mexico. I want to live in Europe, I can't legal move where I would live.

this is true, but consider how much they suffered antiwhite propaganda, much more than even Germany, the "baddest Goy" they were selling it as to be.

But just yesterday, on the channel of the fucking white house, people were roasting and alling out Trump and the government for sucking jew cock.

Things have gotten so much better the past couple of years.
Ironically, they are winning, but not the way Trump envisioned.

The recent drama with the EU army idea showed me what whigger americans are all about. The moment Europe shows even a little resistance to ZOG, all the neocon shills like Ann Coulter and co. reveal their true colors.

You just outed yourself.

Oh look, another low IQ D&C thread

there is no stopping the collapse nor the ensuing Balkanization. In fact, it's happening right now without the semantics of an actual named area, or designation as a 'White Ethnostate'.


This. It was american white trash after all the ones that came to Europe and killed the anti-jew whites.

Honestly, the US citizen needs to prioritize by starting over entirely. It took a long time to get to this point, and getting out of this situation will take some time. Currently, Mexico and all points South of it are taking what they believe to be their rightful clay. They can borrow it, but this concept of "Azatlan" is doomed to failure because of the same shit-tier people inhabiting those lands that have been unsuccessful in creating sustainable societies for 1000's of years. The problem arises that now, when they're out of "Azatlan", they're out of bounds. Hopefully, the concept of the 'Clans' will return to give them encouragement to return to their containment zone, this time comprised of intelligentsia


yes americans are kike slaves

I see you.

Good for you.

No matter how much you guys sit around typing random shit online you won't be able to stop the cycle of history nor redirect its course. It all ends in innocent bloodshed and war.

I offered to stop it a year ago. I was attacked for it.

Just get off the internet, it would be good for you.


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kys mutt


Its going to collapse in the next 2 decades anyway

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Absolutely this. America has always had too much power for its judaized and materialistic national zeitgeist. It has ensured the dominion of jewish power because it had no ethnic roots of its own, much like the kike. The power base must be broken up, and the kike must have his most useful tool removed.

swedes are still 1,785714285714286 times whiter than you

Global report.

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I don't get it.

top banter

Before America's century of socialism & war there was commerce & peace. We used to be the most peaceful nation on earth until the spanish-american war.

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Your history is so fucking wrong you shouldn't even speak on the topic.

First off, the root word 'nation' comes from Latin, not French.
And the meaning translates to: a large aggregate of people united by common descent, history, culture, or language, inhabiting a particular country or territory.

Common descent, as in shared ancestry and heritage. So no, anchor babies are the literal exact opposite of that.

Then onto this fucking retarded idea that the French revolution was the birth of nationalism, again, completely fucking wrong made obvious by the fact that 'nation' was a concept when all of Europe were speaking latin, and the concept pre-dates even the romans.

Just stop opening your mouth and spewing bullshit on a topic you know nothing about.

You actually believe the EU army will 'resist ZOG'.

The EU govt are the ones currently implementing the kalergi plan.

Only American President that even tried anything was Jackson. The problem with mixed European Americans is they don't give a shit about their ancestors, culture, heritage, tradition because most of them are 1/4 french, 1/4, German etc. So which 1/4 do they choose? They choose the authority figures instead through media, stage, goverment. This is why Americans are so easy to control, much like mixed race mongrels. This is why Jews love America, and there's theories that Jews created the country from the beginning to be the template for a consumer, debt slave human farm. The country is set up perfectly that way. When an American is born, they are already a debt slave. Then you add the biological and psychological warfare, the consumer slave mindset and so on. I don't think people realize just how nightmarish America really is. It's the modern day Sodom and Gomorrah, but much worse.

This. It's the Jew.

And which German doesn't have a Polish ancestor, and which French is not an Italo-Gallic Frankish "mutt," and which Swede, Russian, or Balt does not have Uralic ancestry?

And if jews created America, why does freedom of speech and the right to bear arms exist in the constitution? Lately free speech has been eroded, in fact we are where the UK was 20 years ago, but if jews really were the omnipotent power behind America, why do we have the Bill of Rights?

but KC is dead, der general killed it

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If Germany in the 20-30's had mixed European mutts they would have never risen from the ashes like they did. The entire reason why they had a successful rise to power was because they were all fucking German. America is too divided. And Jews were there in the beginning with the founders. A Jew named Haym Solomon gave personal loans to the founding fathers and was key for their war founding. It's clear that you know nothing of US history, since the fake "war" of 1812 to remove the "First Bank of the United States" was smoke and mirrors, since the "2nd Bank of the United States" was chartered just 4 years later. Jews and banking have been with the US since the beginning. And since then, America has been nothing but a Jewish dog called to slaughter Europeans and enact a Jewish NWO. America has always been anti white.

Then why am I free to deny the holocaust or advocate for white separatism while in Europe I would go to jail or be levied massive fines? Why was the eugenics movement so big in early 20th century America?

I'm sure many Germans have Polish, French, Czech, Danish, Celtic or some other European ancestry but you won't find that many Germans labeling themselves as Polish-German or French-German and chasing their non-German ancestry. People in Europe simply stick to having one core nationality and that's it. We don't care about anything else. Our nations are old and our core nationality stayed the same throughout the ages. We never had to accommodate millions of strangers, Europeans or not. America shifted too much. It lost its core Anglo-Saxon component and its British culture. All in a span of less than 3 hundred years. The 13 colonies were mostly settled by the British, then the mass of Germans came, next the Irish and the Italians. All great people in their own right but they should never mix together in a single state.

Why did Jews fund the US revolution? Why did the US have Jewish ran central banks since America's inception leading to the Federal Reserve? Why Americans slaughter each other in the Civil War? Why did Americans slaughter millions of Europeans in WW1 and WW2 combined? Why did the US go to Vietnam and lose over 50,000 thousand soldiers? Why did the US go to Korea? Why did the US go the middle east and then set up central banks immediately after conquering said countries?

You can brag about the eugenics movement and the constitutional rights all day but it means nothing. America has always been a Jewish dog because they are mixed European slaves who are easily controlled. America has done way more harm than good, the only good I can find in America is the constitutional rights, but here we are today, with most of those "rights" taken away anyway. America has been the spearhead of the Jewish NWO for over a hundred years and there's nothing you can say that refutes it. Balkanization must happen in America or America will continue to be nothing more than a Jewish dog.

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What is Kohlchan?

Ironic that there's so much anti diversity talk on this board but when it comes to Germans mixing with French or British, it's fine. Germans apparently have the same exact genetics as British. Just goes to show utterly brain dead Americans really are. The cognitive dissonance must be painful for them.

Many Germans really do have those mixes, Alsace and Lorraine with the French (who are now being assimilated with the French), Bavaria with the Czechs, Ruhr and eastern Germany with the Poles, and Schleswig-Holstein with the Danes.

Think about how many eastern German towns have Slavic etymologies, including big ones like Berlin, Leipzig (Lipsk), Dresden (Drezdany), etc.

Autism kills.


If you go to Middle America then it's still a 1950's WASP paradise, but yes the coasts of America are total kosher trash and all of our government is ZOG. My dream is to take Middle America and Western Canada and Alaska and make a new nation out of that.

Based. DOTR will reveal once and for all that multicultural democracy was a failed experiment.

You don't get it. There is no white culture, tradition, or heritage in America. It's been like that for hundreds of fucking years. When you look at the culture in Germany in the 30's it's rich and full of history, tradition and heritage. There is none of that in America, since it is so incredibly divided with different nationalities and ethnic backgrounds. Americans are a blank slate, and they will conform to any media that Jews put in their faces because they have no culture and tradition of their own. This is why they are so easy to manipulate and control. Germany and Hitler for example, were not so easily manipulated and controlled because they all shared one culture and background. They could all unite under the same blood. America is the total opposite.

Why are you acting as if every major war for the last few centuries weren't funded by jews playing both sides? Why are you acting as if the ZOG movement didn't originate in England with the Rothschild family? Why are you acting as if only the USA was against National Socialist Germany in WW2 when the UK was the biggest aggressor until the USSR's betrayal? Why are you acting as if only the USA consists of brainwashed anti-white whites when every EU nation (At first at least) complied with the notion to let millions of shitskins into their borders completely unfettered? Why are you suggesting that whites in the USA should abandon millions of acres of good land to the spic and nigger hordes?
Everything you try to pin to the USA, you should also pin on the UK and in more recent years the EU nations as a whole.

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The EU army is being organized by kikes to crack down on anti-ZOG resistance you mongoloid.

Well keep trying.

No shit. I'm not calling for whites abandoning US land you retarded faggot. I'm calling for Balkanization of the US. The US is the most useful Jewish tool in their arsenal. I'm not necessarily blaming Americans, they have been brainwashed since the beginning, what I'm saying is multiculturalism never works, and that includes Europeans mixing with each other. America is the perfect example. Multiculturalism has never worked and that's why it's always been forced. It also goes back to the point of a multicultural society being very easily controlled, which was the main point I was trying to make, along with the host population of said multicultural country being very easily controlled and manipulated for Jewish gain.

But that is exactly what you're calling for. Should the US balkanized, who would stop the literal horde of spics out west from stealing all that land by numbers alone? You think divided pockets of whites could hold on to it for more than a couple of years? Now tell me, how is the US the most useful tool in their arsenal when they also have the EU? Wouldn't control of the government of your natural enemy be more useful to you than a glorified guard dog?

I would really like to know how America was always kiked when we had leaders that actually killed the ZOG banks and chased shitskins out of their lands so whites could have them. I agree with you to a point, the USA as it stands now is a ZOG puppet like every other first world nation. And you're correct that it's been this way for about a century. But I absolutely cannot agree with you're outright lie that America was always kiked when the opposite is obviously true. Most of the European ethnicities in the USA didn't even start to mix on a massive scale until around the same time ZOG took over. I say this with confidence as you can still easily find populations that are all Irish, Italian, German, etc. If muttery on the scale you suggest has always been the case then these populations wouldn't exist today.

The biggest hurdles the USA faces are waking up whites and culling the spic and niggers. Balkanizing the US will achieve neither of these on a large scale. You're kidding yourself if you think breaking up the country will turn a bunch of ZOG drones right into National Socialists.


Those who call ourselves American Patriots understand that non-Whites are not Americans. Just as Arabs aren't Germans and Africans aren't French. Sure they are "citizens" for now but they are not us.
Non-Whites had nothing to do with the creation of America. They hate America. They regard themselves as non-Americans and by God, we should treat them that way.

The American political elite on the otherhand are traitors and they all deserve to die.

You fail to understand the concept of balcanization.
Let me give you an example:
Right now in jewmerica: anyone can be american, no borders, no common heritage, zog
The proposed idea: you and your volk (if you still have a racially homogeneous one ) separate into an isolated state, and from there, create your own businesses and government system, as well as protect your new borders and create your own national system of citizenship (if one at all).

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Correct. The greatest enemy of whites in history is the USA. Many people on the right have already recognized this through history.

Lmao I find it hilarious you sayvthis while Macron has his own white ZOGbots out in the streets beating and maiming the French who are are protesting his admin and neoliberal policies. Not only that but the sheer amount of rape and miscegenation that takes place in Europe, its even sanctioned and promoted by your governments lmao. And youre white soldiers are dying in that same deserts as American soldiers are all in the name of Zion.

Lmao keep crying you dumb faggot.

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Boomer trash like you will be killed on the day of the rope

They used free speech and the bill of rights to foist themselves into power in the first place.
Now that it's no longer useful for them they're attacking it, but in the 1960s they pushed for these rights to be taken to extremes and would regularly do grotesque and outrageous things, then sue the government when they were censored.
Liberal democracies are fairly easy to subvert, but harder to remain in control of. Now that the subversion is already well underway they want to attack the same rights that allowed them to gain power in the first place.

No, before that was reconstruction, when anti-White US military forced White Southerners to live under nigger rule.

White Nationlist American citizens shouldn't take this personally. Afterall, our countries are led by people that seek to wipe our very genes away afterall.

That wasn't true at all until the 1960s, don't let yourself be gaslit.
While it is true that it was hard to define an overall 'American' culture, the various regions of America all had their own culture, and the country was 90%+ white in most countries.
The history doesnt go as far back as mainland Europe, but America had its own cultural centers.
Most of this has been erased post 1960s.

Germany had millions mixed ethnicity. They had been Germanizing Poles, for example, for decades.

You didn't answer user's question. Americans are freer than any other Whites on earth. Somehow we have blundered our way through decades of jewish subversion and somehoe managed to hang onto our basic human rights.
Like it or not, the revolution must happen in the USA before Europe can break free from the jewish domination of our ancient homelands.
The head of ZOG is right here in New York City and it must be destroyed.

The butthurt over even suggesting that Europe shouldn’t be a military dependency of the US was astounding

Fuck off yid. You know nothing about white men.

As an American I found it funny. Go ahead, form an EU army. Its only going to be used to suppress the Europeans themselves lmao.


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This thread is filled with Burgers

Laughably false.

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Okay, please inform me where we can speak more openly about our racial struggle and the jews.

applying this to african americans is a very strong idea of removing much of american history.

or at least history of people on american soil.

So jazz isnt american, all the african american atheletes are not american, all the african american business men / scientists/ police men are not american. All the african american military men are not american.

And what would you say about civil rights??? Would it not be difficult to say that its not part of american history/culture even if you dont agree with it?

This statement is very shallow. And falls apart quite quickly.


Let's not forget that the (((French Revolution))) was when the Jews took over France and paved the way for the bourgeoisie and the eventual Marxist takeover of Europeans.


Kill yourself, TV-watching boomer.

All of Asia, some of east/south europe, most of South America, the near/middle east.

And you cannot speak freely about it in the USA unless you are independently wealthy, because you will be shut out of most employment and financial services. Or Trump will send the FBI to arrest you like he did to RAM and the proud goys.

It is the Jews and America is a Jewish empire.

RAM actually, legitimately had never done anything wrong. Was a fucking shock when it happened.