Here's a video with Priscillia.

She's literally some stupid fucking nigger who created an online petition. Once the Yellow Vests started, she asked herself how could she take advantage of this? SHE REPRESENTS NOTHING. Shall I go ahead and translate those comments?

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Fuck off yid.


Joan of Arc didn't do jack shit though, all she did was be in the front of an army and "fight" for the French peasants.

Glyphosate (carcinogen)*

She was inspired by God to lead the french against the satanist brits. Which later went on to become the main enemy of whites.

Doesn't really matter in my opinion, she can't have any effect without the support of the people protesting. If her demands are met and they aren't the demands of the Yellow Vests, they'll just continue.

(((Priscillia Ludosky)))
(((Priscillia Ludosky)))
(((Priscillia Ludosky)))
(((Priscillia Ludosky)))
(((Priscillia Ludosky)))

You're never going to not stand out.

(((She's))) making them look retarded with the dumbass list of demands.

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where is the source on deporting illegal immigrants being a goal of the yellow vests? I'm seen Zig Forums say this but I can't confirm it anywhere.

Did a nigger right this by chance? REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE


That is true, I suppose that would be the most damaging thing she could do to the movement. The protestors really need to be more vocal about their demands and what they are upset about, like more posters and signs so people watching videos of them can see.

OP reeks of subhuman. This trhead starts as a mess.

I just show the face of people who try to stole the yellow vest.

Well translate to English some snippets for context of any material you post.

Ask Percolatrice for this.

The nig "initiated" the movement.
The French Republic always uses nigs, arabs, Jew and womyn to speak for the White man
This is how they're castrating the White man.
When you refers to Joan of Ark, did you know her name is written on this highly Masonic Monument (so Jewish) in central Paris :


(((They))) control the narrative, for centuries.
If you don't name the Jew, you're doom to fail.

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for sure

We are on Zig Forums.

I love how the Frogs are protesting high gas prices but apparently could give less of a shit about a Truck of Peace running over 70 fucking people in the street or armed terrorists just shooting people at random. None of that cause riots and protests but fucking high taxes

French people are selfish.

This is exactly what they do. An organic anti-status quo movement crops up and then they infiltrate to become the leader/face and lead it off a cliff. Like what Richard Spencer tried to do. Frogs need to be warned just how fucking serious imposters like this bitch are.


There's 67 million people in France, even if Truck-kun takes out 100 that's still only a 0.000000015% chance of a given Frenchman being a target. Meanwhile this tax affects 100% of the population. People only truly care about what affects them personally.

filthy nigger

Who knew?


The protesters need to stop playing nice and get the police and military on their side. It's hard to itemize boundless rage into a neat little list of bullet points, especially into one that any 2018 EU-burdened government would actually be willing to offer more than lip service to. A list of demands won't do anything other than give the people a heat sink for their rage, and something the government can use to temporarily pacify the citizenry, allowing them to pass new laws, cut internet connections, and assassinate potential threats in order to stop all this from happening again.

Anybody that doesn't think that's what will happen is fooling themselves or a shill. The only demand is complete submission to the people. Anything less is insufficient.

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Can you elaborate? I work in a rural supplies warehouse and sell loads of the stuff.