(((Entertainment Media))) & the CIA

CIA tied Media creates a film to bash the NSA titled "Enemy of the State" where heart attack needles (similar to what was used during the UTR rally in VA on the whale), and other tech.
Blaming them for Operations the CIA does

Watch the video in the second post and listen in at 00:10
"requesting immediate Keyhole Visual casting maximum resolution"

"The core technology behind Google Earth was originally developed at Intrinsic Graphics in the late 1990s… they created a spinning globe that could be zoomed into…in 1999, they created Keyhole, Inc., headed by John Hanke"

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The Entertainment industry is so tied into the intelligence complex and all of the tech\weapons\ships they show in movies are just advertisements to other countries and potential buyers.

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I own you Eagle PD

One of the biggest secrets is how tied in CIA\Google\DARPA are into the gaming communities.

Hanke worked and still does in gaming.
Gamergate was about DARPA\DiGRA social engineering on people and the networks\business that creates.

>1998 "Brian McClendon, Michael Jones, Chris Tanner, Remi Arnaud found (((Intrinsic Graphics)))
>2000 (((Keyhole))) is spun out of Intrinsic Graphics and led by CEO John Hanke

What else has Instrinsic Graphics been up to?
Intrinsic Graphics was bought\turned into (((Vicarious Visions)))

Who is now owned by Activision.



Ok and?

CIA has a private software like Google Maps but with unlimited 4k zoom.

I think it's the point of it being in a movie in 1998 and calling out "Keehole" before that company ever existed or was supposed to have been a CIA compay

how the fuck does a thread like this with actual information just gets slid to the bottom? fucking bump.

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The point is that the CIA niggers control entertainment.

I have no idea, (((they))) don't like good info

I remember hearing about this when the game first came out. I knew there was something fishy about an app that uses your real-life location ingame.

Aren't you tired of winning?

answered with an esoteric question

It takes a week for a thread to reach the bottom.

Not only that but they had access to your entire google profile (mail, location, search history, everything) and it was an (((accident))).

Here's some articles I Found:
If you signed into Pokemon Go with your Google account, you might have just handed your digital life over to the game's developers.

The app doesn't always gain explicit permission when iPhone and iPad users sign up to the game with their Google account."

>(((Polygon))) "Looking at the security permissions tied to a Pokémon Go player's account shows that the game has "full account access" automatically.



No user data has been accessed, and Google and Niantic are working on fixes."

looking for monsters to nab, quietly gets "full access" to players' Google accounts. And check out the small print that goes with it. "

BBC: "Pokemon Go firm fixes 'full Google access' error"

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that bitch didnt need a heart attack needle. this thread is a false flag

That's the only thing you got out of the post?
Whatcha doin Rabbi?

Thanks NYT!

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I took it exactly as intended.

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You're a lunatic.

That's a quote from 1984 user.
It's supposed to be nutters

The image just isn't very clear about the message, and the bottom text is hard to read.

Yeah it is, should increase the transparency.
It is in other threads too I see

Pokemans Go expands Keyhole/Google Earth by collecting detailed 3D maps of the interiors of buildings using algorithms from photogrammetry and computer vision (look up "simultaneous localisation and mapping" aka "SLAM"). Has anyone played Pokemans Go in your house? If so, the CIAniggers now have a permanent detailed model of the interior of your house and your belongings that they can peruse whenever they please. When they upload these models to their drones during The Great Problematic Purge there will be nowhere for you to hide.

Pokemans Go was an obvious trick to sell out your family for 30 pieces of dopamine.

the only thing they did was a remaster of the crash bandicoot trilogy… what does that have to do with anything? Interesting post nonetheless

Stealthy decommission in the style of Los Pollos Hermanos. Mission accomplished, blend in and rebrand as a low-profile vidya shop.

wow, you're right

CIA hates the NSA. Snowden may have been controlled opposition to get the people to hate them too. Most people forget just last year in April CIA agents tried to force their way in to the NSA HG in downtown Manhattan, only to be chased out by armed guards. They then had a running and shooting gun battle in the middle of the street at 4am in Manhattan. The CIA also made malware that they sent only to government agencies to spy on them. They do not want the military to have good intelligence because only the military can stop them. Q might be bullshit, but they aren't wrong about the upper brass in MILINT knowing about pizzagate and all that.

Didn't Qlarp speak about Keyhole, over a year ago? I remember something vaguely.

Saged eternally

Yeah Snowden was CIA first, then NSA (no such thing as former CIA). His job was to lower the NSA's funding from congress and divert those funds to the CIA because the CIA was tired of the NSA asking questions and they built up their own mirror of the NSA internally.

U mad bro? Have you watched the videos at all? You can see it and also see the shadow of the drone they had flying over the event they had staged (staged by Hollywood directors just like the MAGAboomer's prop van

This. They also use the location attraction points to get people to walk/go to areas that they want better pictures of and use your camera for the mapping. It's almost like they worked backwards, "how can we get everyone to map out the earth for us using cameras…. I know I have an idea!"

I bet the trend of starting Pokémon parties (which are still a thing) was created/suggested by them to get a large group of people to go to areas where the (legendary) Pokémon are (that need better mapping).

Nigga what?
They had 300+ titles

I've been marathoning SG-1 lately and some episode has glow in the dark vibes to it, anyone else notice?

the mass hysteria over that game makes alot more sense now. it was promoted and pushed for surveillance. and the cia got realtime tracking with photos and videos because of the nature of the game (AR). interesting.

my ex coworkers were playing that shit when it came out and were egging me onto download it(they were like 25) and I brought up the fact that its a data mining tool and they thought i was a paranoid retard

In BSG there was a doctor who was using "vaccines" as a way to kill a religious group.


I hate this technocracy. I want off it now. Everything about this society, culture, political climate is so evil. Uncle Ted was right about everything.

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The board was assassinated by the (((globalization))) and is now just limping along. If this were a thread about giving zog tax money "for epic lulz", I guarantee it would have stayed at the top the whole time.

Kill yourself.

Have a bump, OP.
Who has the real history of kikebook? kikebook.com used to be registered to a different name.

I had the exact same thing happen and then the next day the news broke about it having full access to your google account, it was like 5 days after release (soo many people were compromised)

I've heard this mentioned before too!
The Canadian billionaire couple (that were suicided) worked with groups that used vaccines to wipe out entire African towns. They would send their children out of town to school for a day and infect all of the parents with "Ebola" It wasn't really Ebola and kill them off and kidnap the kids for organs and sex.

Another story I remember was on CDAN about a "cancer shot" I'll post it here;
Annexin A2
"Yes, I think it is the most unusual title I may have had for a big blind. It is the focus. The person who has been investigating this for the past decade spent about 30 minutes talking about Annexin A2 and how it works in the body and I just wanted the person to get to the good stuff. The long and short of it from what I understand is that it plays a big part of having a certain kind of cancer. Apparently there is also a way to inject this protein into your body and promote a certain kind of cell invasion which can kill you.

I need you to go back in time a little over a decade ago. Much like last year it was a big political year. Candidates from both parties were desperate to be the next President. One of those candidates had some political baggage. Baggage that was going to come out. Baggage in the form of a written diary that this female former A- list celebrity had kept in longhand for decades. This diary spelled out some very big secrets when it came to sex between herself and some of the most powerful people in politics. When it came to the election, if it came out, it would destroy one of the candidates. The diary mentioned the candidate in detail and also mentioned family members of the candidate. Everyone knew there was a diary. Would the diary be believed? Could they discredit her? Honestly, that would have been tough. Were the entries speculation? Some of it could have been. However, they also knew that she had a year of pillow talk with one of the most powerful people in the country. They couldn't take that chance.

Attempts were made to buy the diary. Attempts were made to find and steal the diary. There was one attempt to burn down the home where they thought the diary was located. Finally, they decided to incapacitate her. Their rationalization was that it would incapacitate her and she would be sick for a year or two, but would recover. They were also told during the year of campaigning she would be at her worst and even if she could or did try to speak, they could blame it on the illness and that she was not to be believed.

They waited until flu season. She always got a shot every year. She always did it at an event to encourage others to get theirs. An event that had dozens of volunteer nurses giving shots. One of those nurses gave a very special injection to the celebrity.

Just as predicted, she got sick and developed tumors and was out of commission for a little over a year just like everyone said. It was all a big sigh of relief that they had got away with it and no one died. Our celebrity recovered and people went on with their lives. Then, our candidate thought about that diary and thought about it turning up again if they decided to run again. What would happen if they did it again to her? The scientist said it would probably end up killing the person, especially with the last illness so recent.

Well, once again, our celebrity got a flu shot at the same public event and the same nurse was back four years later. This time the celebrity got sick and never got better. She died.

There is a footnote to this story. The reason the person got in touch with me and gave me a ton of documents and letters and pictures was not because of what happened before, but what happened recently. Last year this A+ list politician was at a public event getting a flu shot and what looked to be the same nurse from before. Before you knew it, the A+ lister was near death. Apparently when you are young you can beat it once, but if you are older, your chances diminish relative to your age."

Are you talking about the lifelog theory?


Forum sliding. This is legit and something they want killed. Back it up/archive

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This. This is a great thread

Yes. Also keystone, snowwhite, Alice, hammr, and Thor among others that do have spook real world items. CiAniggers use common terms to hide search results for their projects.

archive does not work for me.

It amazes me how blatant they were with this one.
They put that info in the movie 5 years before it was even hinted at publicly!

worked for me.
crazydaysandnights.net/2017/12/four-for-friday-annexin-a2.html looks to be the original link but I put it in a jpeg for you too user

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Yeah, it works fine for me too, you sure you accidentally didn't delete a character from the link when copying and pasting or something?

Every time I use it won't work for other links as well.

Years ago when Facebook was hot I tried telling people about it and some thought I was insane.
They don't thnk that any more.

Funny because a couple of my friends make a KILLING when they started doing direct targeted facebook ads for their greeting cards company. Ironic because these same friends brush off my Zig Forums approved paranoia with these sorts of things

Sorry about that user, I don't know what to do. Atleast has a screen cap for you.


Lemmings never learn, do they?

holy fuck im triggered.
brings back memories of parents calling pokemon, pokemans, good times, thanks for the consumerism virus, nipponese!

I was always very skeptical of Ingress (beta testing the tech before pokemon go) and now it makes so much more sense. This John Hanke guy is clearly a CIAnigger.

Look at the trend: Ingress, a game not that many people heard about was basically just a stripped down version of the mapping tech. They run it for a year or two to work out the bugs and then shift to the two most popular IPs among vapid and useless young people who are most likely to spend all day playing.

It's actually genius. Our enemies are not fools.

Until we kill all jews and glowniggers, technology will always, forever and eternally, be used in a bad way.

Kikes like you belong in an oven.

I'll make screencaps of the other people's links user.

But look at this video I linked, it reminds me of the jpg
This is what they're doing\did with the Pokemon app
Notice the (Rotate) and analysis

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Okay, I'll make them

No you are just retarded

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Great Thread.

I also want to point something important out that is often missed . A common way that you are tracked through out the internet. That is through ad cookies and requests.

For example, I just checked 8ch and it seems clean but head over to 4chan and you will see you are not only connecting there but to these additional entities which have embedded links on the server or page being viewed:


So lets say you think you are posting anonymously @ 4chan. BUT any one of the three above ad services utilized at any other site you go to (and perhaps without an expectation of anonymity, one with your name) will be able to piece together a map of you, your IP, your activity. Now apply this across a whole population and your probably going to gain some unique insight into how people think.

FACEBOOK/GOOGLE are notorious for this.

In firefox… This can be checked by viewing "Third Party" cookies or the requests made when vising a page.

Firefox has settings to prevent this by requesting not to be tracked, blocking third party cookies, and other ad-block add-ons, but even this has limitations and its not just ads. There are many other services (cloud front, Google Captchas, etc) that use the same techniques.

I do not know if the ads are as lucrative as people think or if it is a giant front for intelligence services.

Here is the Pando Article with the accompanying scribd

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in the Snowden leaks, there are about half a dozen mentions of something called "Google Earth Globe." of course (((Greenwald))) and none of the Fellowship of Snowden's Cache among Pierre's paid pals have bothered leaking anything about what the fuck is a "Google Earth Globe."

you did read all 21,000+ pages leaked by Snowden, didn't you user? you also read the 5,000 or so pages declassified by DNI immediately after Snowden leaks began, as part of their efforts to smooth over the brouhaha, and which inadvertently contained a few mentions of "Google Earth Globe" in the footnotes? of course you read all that shit, because you actually give a fuck to know what is really going on in the world and what our Deep State is really doing to exterminate White Civilization and to usher in the apocalypse?

i'll tell you what a Google Earth Globe is, because i have seen one. well, i have seen a photo of one. i even stood in the very building where the largest installations of Google Earth Globes were designed. then SecDef Chuck Hagel had even stood inside this building upon a visit to hob knob with the defense contractors. by the way, the building had been vacated by the time i was there.

and i shit you not, the building was on the Disney campus in Burbank. the building had belonged to the former top boss of the Imagineers. das right. when Disney Imagineers aren't inventing new cutting edge methods to broadcast ambient sound throughout the entirety of Disneyland, they are working on Top Secret black projects as Pentagon contractors.

so what is a Google Earth Globe? imagine a 2 story tall orb with a suped up version of Google Maps projected onto it. it looks like a hologram, but it's just a very clever optical illusion using old projection methods. except this isn't the Google Maps you or i use. this is the TALENTKEYHOLD shit that you Morlocks are not cleared to know about. these maps are the high resolution snap shots from the NRO's keyhole satellite constellation. oh and by the way, these maps are not old photos–they are live and in real time. and you can zoom in so far to clearly read the date on a dime in your palm.

i imagine Google Earth Globes look more intimidating than they actually are in real life. some clueless faggot Pentagon brass just wants his war room to look like Skynet on TV, but actually using a 2 story tall fake hologram like Hologram-Tupac to do any real work requiring real time maps is a comical waste of time. ironically, NRO faggots are more efficient using plain old Jewgle maps on a computer.

so that's yet another Top Secret partnership program between Jewgle, Disney and the Pentagon that has been in existence for at least 10 years now that you still don't know exists. i would not be surprised if every speck of cyberdust collected by Jewgle is fed into the Pentagon's Disney Globes for mapping and tracking at will.

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Quantcast (quantserve link) is a dirty AI tracking company that is working with the Brady Center for Gun Violence and JP Morgan.

They know who you are if you post on multiple sites.
For others, If you haven't seen the Twitter Veritas video where the engineer talks about having all of your private data and knowing who you are even if you don't have a Twitter profile I suggest watching it.

1/5: HIDDEN CAMERA: Twitter Engineers To "Ban a Way of Talking" Through "Shadow Banning"
Jan 11, 2018

2/5: A Message for Jack Dorsey: O'Keefe
Teases Next Undercover Twitter Video
Jan 13, 2018

3/5: HUNDREDS of Twitter Employees Paid to View "Everything You Post," & Private "Sex Messages"
Jan 15, 2018

4/5: Twitter Bans Users Under Pressure From Their Foreign Governments
Jan 17, 2018

5/5: Ted Cruz Grills Twitter Policy Director Over Project Veritas Videos in Senate Hearing
Mar 12, 2018

one of the rules they have to stick to is to show the victim what will be done to them. it is their code of honor. this is very important nto them. this is why if everyone were to boycott entertainment, they would literally pay people to consume it.

This is great,
links to the 21K Snowden and 5K DNI pages?
I remember when the leaks happened and I was still eating blue pills. I always thought the leaks were destroyed by Greenwald at the behest of the UK Gov?

I'd bet chem trails are used as cloud clearing so clouds don't block their vision

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Lets not forget about AWS either and the counter intuitive contracts (in the Billions) they made with the CIA (project JEDI anyone). AWS has the largest cloud market and growing with no end in sights. Theoretically their most valuable asset is the data (traffic analysis) reaching their hardware.

I remember the AWS Reddit thread
image not related

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Most of the imagery comes from Digital Globe's WorldView imagery satellite constellation.

Digital Globe < Radiant Solutions < Maxar Technologies


Leading U.S. Defense and Intelligence agencies
Multiple Allied Nations
Hundreds of Commercial Customers

The images come from regular aircraft you fucking NASAnigger. Satellites, even if they existed wouldn't be able to take pictures this crisp & clear. The amount of particles in the air would make the picture grainy and blurry.

They funded facebook too.
I don't know why anons haven't made a list of all In-Q-Tel projects they've funded


The cia project

what about all the 9/11 references

its well known that most google earth pictures are from NRO

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Because that has been covered as nauseam and this is the first time this one has been brought up.

That's a trippy patch user

Look at that, the flat earth kike showed up and thinks he's welcome here.

39 is a classic

I was here long before you globeniggers turned up and started playing snooker with your marbles.


It's all good, user. Feel the love.

Fake news.

Didn't the Google tech who was killed the other day in NY work on something related to AI bots?

Surely you don't think that's as far as they go with that shit do you? They have been exploring ALL SORTS of manipulation, basically using human beings as 'meat drones', especially in urban environments. Sometimes they are playing pokeman, sometimes somethings else. Sometimes they go it alone, sometimes in groups. Sometimes it is to go on "Easter egg expeditions" which means to find "things" the handlers designate on the other side of the keyhole. These shitheads have cost me various jobs, places of residence, and my own peace, all because they think they are part of something fun, cool, meaningful, spiritual, mystical, important to national security, important to public safety, important to becoming a transhuman, possibility of joining some cult or organization, etc etc. The specific sorts of applications so as to harass, spook, frustrate, injure, distract, gaslight and otherwise fuck with people's lives is ENDLESS. Limited only by the level of depravity each asset and the circumstantial vicissitudes of each case.

wtf are you on about?