The Fall of Judeo-Masonic Republic in France #7

Le French Resistance
Last part of discussion - user's 3 videos with English Subtitles added wrapped up into one vidya:

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First for dead macron

Murder the fucking government. Yes, I'm a fed.

Did they organize enough to have a rational list of demands yet or nah?

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Do you newfags not understand that intelligence services would make up their own demands and distribute them more widely and crack down on, arrest, kill, and censor anyone that said the rebel list? Are you all incurably fucking stupid? If there were "demands," you would never hear what they were. This isn't some protest a thousand years before electronics.

Thinking that only the government can make a good recommendation would be a government position, yes.

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They support further communism and faster white genocide, by giving all dune coons and niggers free housing and lessons in French "integration."

Nigger that shit looks fake as fuck.

global reports for (((OP)))

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No, and that's the beauty of it



I would bed a French woman but it's unlikely I'd make a family with her. With that said, I'm sure France would be better off even if she ended up having a bastard.

Globalism, regulatory capture, subversion of sovereignty, and monopolistic practices aren't necessary. But free enterprise is required to be a free people.

In what way? Gets down to what? Use your words.

It's called male bonding. It's no different than camp or tavern behavior. Shaming it is cuck shit.

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I bet you want everyone on here to have names and addresses too

happy hannukah you filthy oven dodger

Whoever set out those demands are government stooges.

sounds like occupy wall st.


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occupy wall wanted communism, wtf are you taking about?

happy chanukah cuckchan subverter

Oh, it's another blackpill JIDF shill. I guarantee you none of the niggers or mudslimes want to go to France to learn the French language, or their history, or how their civil structure works. They want gibs and European girls to abuse. Requiring this as a condition of asylum will cause 98% or more of them to decide they'd rather go be oppressed in Germany, Britain or Sweden instead.
Because that's not realistic and will never happen for the simple reason that anyone who isn't a sociopath won't advocate global genocide. You know who does advocate global genocide? Kikes.

Are you actually a super retard, or just pretending?

Organized movement can have objectives. Don't pretend that almighty government can only be blindsided, and blindsided only by purely a reflexive unthinking mass-movement - that somehow manages to co-ordinate its actions.

And what do you want? To make movements exist only as disorganized mobs, politically impotent and tactically suicidal?

May I - as a fucking Communist - be permitted to say what is and what is not "bourgeoisie"?

The bourgeoisie we are talking about is Haute-Bourgeoisie (Capitalists). I.e. people who "earn" their living in the same way as those in the upper 0.1% of income do.

Middle class (unless we are substituting context and talking abour size of income - which makes the whole discussion meaningless, as it is a different term, not the one Marxists use) is Petit-Bourgeois (self-employed, basically; though that is a major oversimplification), which is - for Communists - absolutely irrelevant, as it is not a part of social production. I.e. whether they be allowed to roam free (even freer than now; as there are no Capitalists squeezing them out through state regulations and taxes), or be collectivized depends entirely on the situation at hand.

It is assumed those jobs will eventually evolve and develop sufficiently to require social production (at which point they will be naturally outcompeted by those engaged in communist mode of production).

How do you intend to seize the power, to keep it, and to enact policies you desire?

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No actually the french are pretty retarded when it comes to immigration

they're getting simultaneously Jewed on about 150 other things so when you ask a frenchman whether he thinks immigrants are screwing them over, he has 150 other things he would rather complain about first without getting called racist

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First it was just grass roots activism regarding actual corruption with the financial institutions and economic policy. Nothing anti-capitalist about it, just anti-monopoly and anti-corruption.

Then two things happened. First, the marxists got in. Then the alphabet agencies got in. What happened next is anyone's guess, but it ended up with groups of social justice retards arguing for hours about which race and gender gets to speak first, white people literally being told to shut up because they're white, and alphabet agencies apparently trying to entrap/radicalize and fuck with the movement in general.

Some interesting things came from that. First, some notable subversive figures known now were active being retards in occupy wallstreet back then. Some of those "nazi" marchers with Spencer who gave the Democrats great campaign material were actually commies back during Occupy Wallstreet. What you make of that is your own guess, but you don't go from full commie to that in only a decade or two.

Golem are out

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the yellow jackets are doing fine with some Facebook and what's app boomer organization - they all show up on the same day at the same time in the same place
and they all have relatively similar complaints

more organization than that would allow the french FBI and the Jews to infiltrate or assassinate their organization

it's a popular movement of the people, it's super effective and that's why Jews like you are so scared

shut up kike

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All things considered immigration is late-stage problem. There are 150 things that have to happen first before unchecked immigration becomes possible: Traitors, open borders, leftists in schools and academia, high taxes, welfare state, a lying media, lack of political choices, etc.

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polite sage and polite global report, migrated to a better bread

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Holy shit your ID, Satan.
Banks should all burn.

Most videos are somewhat misleading in that they show only the most extreme things that are happening on the ground. 95% of the protest is completely peaceful, nonviolent and uneventful, except the videos where nothing happens never go viral, because they get no 'likes' and do not get reposted.

Did they? AFAIK Occupy went belly up precisely because they didn't. Movement kept mob-like mentality and had a bunch of populists to control the discourse.

Which is the same type of organization as militia had during Paris Commune. Totally not going to backfire (like before). And I'm saying nothing about vulnerability to infiltration or subversion.

There is no organization. As they are now, Yellow Jackets are not a threat to anyone. What are they going to do? Set a few more cars on fire? They'll end up making Macron a hero who stood up to moronic rioters.

Effective at what? My complaint is that they can't do anything, unless they organize.

The essence of "anti-communists". Can't even make proper links.

Get a job you smelly fuck.

The ID reads baitdick666, because 8=eight & d = the d
You swalled the baitdick, congratulations.


Reported for paid shilling. You were told fact. You denied it. You are done here.
lol no, it just means they won't integrate and no one will care.

They've done a billion dollars of economic damage to the Jews and they're on track to do a lot more
they shouldn't change anything

That seems massively exaggerated.

France is a big economy. Simply not working does that. Sure, the collateral is not being paid yourself either, but only simpletons like most Zig Forums users (especially the (((special))) people) will love to pretend that world doesn't have a metaphysical structures like, say, principles.

A billion dollar is not a lot of money anymore, especially for an industrial nation, it's literally just 10 fighter jets, half an airport, one skyscraper or 0,003% of NASA's CGI & stage props budget. It won't be long before the homeless ask you if you can spare a billion.

Did you notice that nigs, jews and muslims openly call for white genocide without problems? Global genodice will eventualy hapen. But propably white genocide because future looks very dark.

They also clearly portray that the people perpetrating this are volatile shitskins

user benknowst it is your holy duty to report on the proper #7 bread:

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Ex French Foreign Legion, General Piquemal is supporting Yellow Vests

This is exactly as it is in burgerland. Word for fucking word.

Bump for proper thread. Report other half-assed fake slide thread from butthurt LARPer.

It's like this in literally every single nation on earth except for iran, syria and NK.

Fucking RIP.

Their Economy is at a standstill. Debt is piling up unpaid. This effects French Banks which affect German Banks which Affect US Banks, Spanish Banks etc.

They’re pissed off and refusing to allow “society” to function anymore and it’s gonna work. The Yellow Vests could spend a year or more debating what needs to be done between all the little fringe groups who have their own issues. That isn’t appropriate at this time, what is appropriate is dealing with the common denominator, dealing with a Government that doesn’t care about its people’s well being, and just sees them as debt serfs to be milked.

Listen redanon. The jews or (((capitalists))) as you call them want you divided and fighting for scaps with your brorhers and sisters, while they eat the bread.
Both sides (Nationalists and comm/Socialists) can achieve many goals together. End the EU, end non-white immigration and you will get A+ free healthcare, good wages, fairer taxes and an incredible standard of living.
Wirk together. Find similarity, not differences.
When the bankers, media, and politicians are not lying to us you will see that both sides want pretty much the same thing.

Good luck frogs you are brave and honorable people!

No list of demands. Governments are weasels. Follow your heart.

Yeah they’re not going to suddenly start caring. If they do they’re lying.

worst gold swing I've ever seen. you have to swing through the ball. and it has to start from the feet he's doing way too much with his arms.

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user, not all ideas work. Both my personal experience and historical accounts say one thing: disorganized movement is doomed to fail anyway. It will either be dispersed or hijacked. It may fail at being organized, but it fail for sure if it is not.

And people laugh when I say that 80% of Westerners (Americans included) are pro-Communist (consciously or not).

Occupy was taken over by SJW entryists and their progressive stack. This rendered it useless. The left can do things like this because it is a cult.

Get a job.

The bot is broken again

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The Latest: Macron to address nation Monday evening

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Why are only absolute faggots posting in this thread ? Actually get some work done, share intel, look at footage etc.

look at this RT footage, at 1:17:30 and at various other points in the video, you can clearly see that the police force is partially made up by random hooligans with improvized armbands and equipements, that fat fuck is literally wearing skinny jeans with his iphone peaking out, and the guy right next to him appears to be wearing a bycicle helmet.
This remains a thing across all the footage of police availible.

This explaines why Police is acting as remorseless as it is, unusual for protests in 1st world countries,
all the real police alredy joined the protests, Macron literally has to pay hooligans to beat up Frenchmen.

Easier to infiltrate then.

He can talk. People are not listening the cocksucker.
They are mad. And they want blood.
Because blood-thristy kikes aren't going to stop and Macron is only a fag child who likes the BBC, Macron will triple. And people are going to experience the ultimate rage.
Nothing will stop the approaching storm on the Mount Temple the so-called "French" Republic is calling "Elysée"

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Waited for a new thread, eh fed?

I am curious to see what he "offers" and how many passive aggressive insults he will manage to fit into his speech.
The only thing bigger than the protests is that faggot's ego and he'll prove it to us once again.

Well done satan


Meh, Apple deserves it but they wouldn't put it out front if it wasn't replaceable

Double meh.


Antifa cowards.

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Why, dumbfuck? There's nothing in there that has any worth. At least the golf supplies and technology have value.

If Macron announced he was stepping down, would the riots eventually subside as the normie masses withdraw their support, or would the violence continue to escalate?

When you see articles about Macron calling in reserves, that's what they mean by reserves; random people with minimal training. They're basically just deputized.

They're not necessary 'remorseless'. Probably pro-Macron or pro-police people in general. Not overly intelligent, probably manual laborers or if they're middle class then it's their way of playing cop. Probably plenty of right wingers who think they're facing communists (France has a lot of violent communists).

These people are fresh and inexperienced. They scare easy, don't feel comfortable with restraint in a fight or flight situation, and aren't in the job for a career. They also lack loyalties to a local police force that keeps them within the group consciousness with all their actions. All of this makes them more aggressive. Are there going to be opportunistic thugs who just want to beat people up? Probably, but most are just normal people. This is how normal people act when given sudden power and placed in a chaotic and alien situation.

Keep in mind, your IQ is most definitely higher than most of them. They're somewhere between 90 and 110 on average (at least by standards of other countries. I don't know about France.)

Lott a fucking bank? Line up all the kikes and good goyim in front of the guillotine and chop off their fucking heads.

Leave that shit to the lefties.

You are pretty much right. Basically the feminists and queers decided to use it as a platform (or (((they))) made them the platform) which lost them half of their support (flyover America doesn't want to be on team transsexual). Communists (cultural marxists) started to take a leadership role at this point because all of the libertarians and conservatives left when the queers started getting involved. The communists totally fucked everything up because they were AnComs and established no leadership structure. There was one instance where a government entity in Colorado tried to meet with the OWS people, and they sent a dog as their representative "because we don't believe any single person can represent all us special snowflakes" or something like that. ( too lazy to archive) So the queers/SJWs being front and center caused the conservative/republican/libertarian half of the country to want no part of the movement, allowing it to be taken over by the progressives, and they once again proved incapable of actually doing anything meaningful because they were too busy virtue signalling and being "ironic."

The right wing then created the tea party but it took 3 years to get people in office and the media smeared them into oblivion for almost defaulting on our debt (which would have been fucking glorious).

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Zouaves Paris will find these scumbag

Antifa = undercover cops

It would probably pause them if nothing else for the people to see who would replace that faggot. But if the next retards doesn't initiate MASSIVE changes, regardless of the demands floating around here but similar to what they say, then they would continue next week and the week after and the week after and the week after…

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Of course not all ideas work - some are terrible and others are correct. But the jews will screech and look for "fracture points" to D&C.
That's funny because I tell people that most Europeans are nationalists.
It doesn't matter what we call ourselves since actions and not words define a good position.
Even Hitler didn't give a shit about names (he wanted Germans united against Jewish bolshevism). He took the DAP (German workers partei) and put tho good things together for a wider audience, thus National Socialist DAP.
Marxist-Leninist ideology is definitely the bad kind. While Stalin was at best a Mossolini - concerned with ruling and the government/party over good policies for people (he did fix some batshit crazy problems invented by the previous communists).
This is why we admire Adolf Hitler - he was an excellent peacetime leader who wanted what's good for his volk and took an impoversihed, beaten nation from the gutter and made it a superpower during THE GREAT DEPRESSION. And it took the entire communist and capitalist world to enslave them again.
Regardless whether you agree or not, after we defeat (((the bankers))) we can create NS and communist systems and compete for the best results like we do at the Olympics. Everyone who fights now will have their say. NO MORE BROTHER WARS.

If you wish to learn more about NS torrent / YouTube The Greatest Story Never Told.

Is there something wrong with replying to posts addressing me within a continuum of threads?

On my (((cable system))) I have the opportunity to rent some documentary about the aut-kike, featuring Implicit Dick (who smokes cigs, I didn't know) vs. some 500 lb groid from Charlottesville. Totally follows the Skokie 2.0 narrative, and no, I'm not going to pay to rent it.

In the era of (((cashless branches))) why would you? Everything is done from your kikecard ATM.

Other way round

There is no cash in the cars they burn.
No cash in the little shops they smash.
But the banks never seem to be touched. Why do the rioters seem to leave those alone? Why burn some little fagmobile minicooper when you can burn a bank?

A) Security gates
B) Cash is locked up
C) You would need some serious hardware to brute force A and B
D) Cops would be all over you, they might not care about local stores, but they know who they really work for

I didn't know Feds listened to punk, but, ok.

Fuck, I was watching Die Hard and posted like a new fag.>>12531964

They are smashing up a few banks in this video

A bank is generally secured, well armed, and monitored. Theft tends to lend itself to the weak, unprotected, and the helpless, as its victims. Crimes of opportunity, like riots, tend to lead to other crimes of opportunity, like theft from chain stores and setting cars on fire. True revolutionaries, would storm a bank to secure funding for their operations, but this group hasn't went that far yet, so they are happy with a little light looting.

these are pretty handy

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Reminder that communists and magapedes are trying to hijack the movement.

Oh yeah, and leftypol is bragging about shitting up these threads.
They'll probably false flag as zealous right wingers claiming the movement is communist.
Reminder they want us to side with Macron.

French anons, kill all the cops and judges, steal guns and kill them . burger fbi can not touch you

Won't do anything of meaning to bank vault doors.
Neither will acetylene toches.
What's needed is hydraulics to open bank vaults.

There are roughly 20 million guns possessed by civilians in France. People who own guns usually have more than one, lets say the average gun owner has four guns. That means there are 5 million frogs with guns. I am also guessing these are people likely to be yellow vests. Let's say two million have semi-automatic pistols (which for concealability are the only real option, it would be nice to have your AR, but good luck getting it into a city) this gives them an option. The only reason it isn't a very good option is because the police are undoubtedly wearing soft vests which can stop most handgun calibers (anyone have an obrez?). Just the threat of guns and their use would be enough to totally change the dynamic of the way police are operating and possibly cause enough protestor deaths to further escalate the situation.

What hydraulic systems would be used? Also, you can cut into the walls of the vault I think.

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With what exactly? That blade will disintegrate before getting much deeper than a scratch.

Something like a jaws of life. Put 6-10 tons pressure at multiple points, clear the room; and that bank vault door will open.

You're not going to explode your way in unless you have military grade shape charges, and lots of them.
You're not going to cut your way in - at all.
You're not going to break-in in any way the movies show.

He just needs to refer to the usurers by (((their))) true name.