The Fall of Judeo-Masonic Republic in France #7 but the OP isn't gay

Since last OP was a fagget and posted some fake and gay OWS demands, we are storming the board
sage and report commie OPs

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What position are you in to declare them fake?

I didn't read them in that thread but it seems like the same document that was posted and translated (and explained by a frog here) last night

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looks like ferguson without the niggers

Degenerate rightwing scum, git fukt.

I'm more interested in what position he's in to declare OP not gay.

Fuck off Anqueefa

Ah, so you indeed are retarded child roleplayer that is pretending to be angry the swaths of upset middle aged normie frogs actually aren't going full 1488


Who approved that list of demands? The yellow vests? Did the yellow vests all unanimously voted and approved those demands? Was it a "leader" that pushed those? If so, isn't the yellow vest movement a leaderless mob? Why are some points of the list of demands contradictory (we demand an end of the fuel tax but we want more taxes, or we demand to root out the causes of illegal immigration but we demand a fair treatment of rapefugees by giving them welfare)? What makes this specific list of demands legitimate?

Triggered as fuck. But what else should we expect from a rightist. Choke on a regressive cock.


It's only as legitimate as it is seen/circulated by the frogs. Anyway if you weren't a newfag you'd have seen and read many frog posters here explaining the situation in full. What I'm saying is you're a fucking retard if you expected anything else. The YJs have no party ideology. Here, I'll paste one I saved:


The goal was to make sure that the governement wont be able to raise taxes for the years to come. But now that different political movement have joined the fight they all ask for different things..

As you can guess the right is asking for less taxes and less immigration, when the left is asking for taxes on the rich to reditribute.


Police was initially inclined to put down their helmets in sign of protest to the governement but since the left joined the police has shifted sides. People where initially chanting "Macron Démission" (Macron Resign) now they are chanting "Tout le monde déteste la police" (Everybody hates cops)…


Violence is escalating mostly because the people protesting aren't the same anymore.. it used to be people age 30-40 working class strugling with taxes but the young leftist and immigrants have joined and they … don't like cops… i guess.


It itsn't slowing down but i'm afraid to say that it isn't what we expected innitially.

The couple first weeks we made sure that the (((unions))) won't join.. but the are too powerfull and control the youth.

sorry for bad english"

Take note that what this means is that the movement was simply usurped by the leftists/niggers that joined later, due to them not immediately having a real list of demands.

Anyway, OP is still a fag

Bumping this thread because the massive specific list of demands is a psyop to D&C like Occupy. France is for the French, and Macron serves the jewish goal of white genocide through usury and deceit. That is enough for now to unite the people.

Prends les catacombs

And what makes you think that I expected something else? Stop being so fucking defensive. Im not saying that the yellow vests have an specific ideology (yet). Im saying that for such a mob, it's sketchy that a list of contradictory, ineffective demands are floating around.

yeah, bla bla bla the movement is not affiliated to any political party, it doesn't have a concrete set of tenets/ideals, commies and nogs are already trying to influence the movement, violence is escalating. Time will tell whether the frogs let the be co-opted into a progressive useless parade or they actually kick off a revolution.

Yeah, no shit about the demands. But non-faggot OPs that make threads like this are supposed to report what exists, not what they wish existed

Otherwise, defensive? The fuck makes you so special to think I was talking to you and only you.
Here, rephrased "What I'm saying is one is a fucking retard if one expected anything else". Are you a fucking nigger or what

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Let commies riot, burn and loot thus keeping the cops busy. While revolutionary anons get some Real Work Done Soon.
Godspeed frogs.

Filter and report (((this))).


ran across this just now - is this legit?

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So progressive.

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