Jeffrey Epstein

For the first time the Miami Herald has tracked down some of his victims in this shocking interview.
Did you guys know that there was at least sixty victims, unreal!
I wonder why the national media didn't do a story like this.

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because they don't care about us, they don't care about justice, there is not right and wrong, only power and privledge, he and all his co-conspirators have full immunity
"Yet when all was said and done, Epstein served his scant year-plus-one-month in a private wing of the Palm Beach jail and was granted a 16-hour-per-day free pass to leave the premises for work."

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Anti-yid bump.

White skin is an ugly tribute to past generations of neoteny

Jeffrey Epstein raped hundreds and probably thousands of underage girls from the mid 1990's up until his 2006 court case began.

the motherfucking faggot traitors at FBI helped to cover up Epstein's rape-spree. FBI intentionally questioned only 2 of the hundreds of victims of Epstein. the FBI hates little girls. it's that simple. the FBI wants little girls to be raped and abused and then intimidated into silence by Elite Bilderberger-CFR-Trilaterl billionaire kikes. the FBI's job is not to protect your little daughters from pedos and rape gangs, no, the FBI's job is to help the pedos fuck your little girls and then run cover to ensure the pedos get away.

Ken Starr, from Monica Lewinsky fame, was one of Epstein's attorneys. Ken Starr scolded the DOJ for wanting to send letters to the hundreds of victims of Epstein to inform them of their rights to participate in the Epstein case, as required under Federal Law. Ken Starr threatened the cuckold cowards at DOJ and FBI and so they did not send out letters to the victims, in flagrant violation of Federal Law. Ken Starr loves serial pedophiles, because he probably is one himself too. and the FBI faggots are only too wussified to go along with it all, because the upper echelons of FBI Executives are also pedos themselves. see how deep the Pizzahole goes?

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it is an uncontested fact stated in the court testimony that Jeffrey Epstein raped over 100 underage girls. so don't just repeat the (((lies))) that he raped a few underage hookers who deserved it anyways and who got paid fat stacks anyways, so that makes it okay.

HUNDREDS of little girls.

Epstein was such a priapic horn dog sex beast with an out of control lust that he raped 3 little girls every single day going on years straight. i actually have no idea how a 55 year old kike like Epstein could even perform at such a sustained level of sexual stamina. the only explanation is that Epstein is a sick fuck driven by his lust like a madman.

how our society can let a monster like Epstein go free after raping like he did on a scale that nears Genghis Khan concubine rape scale is inconceivable to me.

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Jeffrey Epstein said he likes his 13 year old girls to have butts like little babies.

Pizzagate is real.

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Jeffrey Epstein's pimpess (((Ghislaine Maxwell))) had hundreds and thousands of photos of child porn on her personal computer–of all the underage girls she was coercing to deliver to Epstein. she also had their names and addresses and phone numbers, so that Dershowitz could track them down and send Private Investigators to intimidate and threaten and scare the girls to prevent them from testifying against Epstein and to just accept the pocket change settlement from Epstein and sign the NDA to never ever talk about their rapes.

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(sieg heil)
right up to our traitor-in-chief

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Epstein was a Mossad agent who was set up with billions from Alan Greenberg and Les Wexner. Knwing his inclinations he was to collect dirt on other billionaires and powerful people with the help of the daughter of suicided Mossad media plant Ghislaine Maxwell.

Its all there.

Jeffrey Epstein raped 2 eight year old girls. any defender of Epstein is blow out of the water on this one. you can't claim he only raped sexually mature girls who were already prostitutes. Epstein clearly has a voracious appetite for all age ranges, spanning to very young. how young is too young for Epstein? 8 years old? 5 years old? 3? 1?

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Zognald Trump is all up in Jeffrey Epstein's shit. in Epstein's little black book a dozen times, in Epstein's flight logs on the Lolita Express several times, and Palm Beach PD's wiretaps of Epstein's phone during the year when they had Epstein under 24/7 surveillance, during which time they observed Epstein raping 2-3 underage girls each and every day. well what did PBPD serendipitously discover? Zognald Trump on the wiretapped line, calling for Jeffrey Epstein. this court docket with this bombshell is dated 2011, and the time when Trump called Epstein would have been 2006-2007, so this predates all the Presidential Election insanity, all the FAKE NEWS on both sides, all the MUH RUSSIA and all the Crooked Hillary psyops and infowar.

Zognald is almost certainly (((blackmailed))) by (((you know who))). Zognald and MAGAtards may want to rethink when they cheer about how high Zognald's T-rates are. high T means you're a raging horn dog and throw in a mutli billion fortune and you have the perfect pedo combo–sexual motive and the narcissism to think you can do whatever you want and that little girls are mere objects for your pleasure and the means to do it and to pay off anyone in your way and thereby get away with it.

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Try close to 400 victims

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Epstein already settled the civil case

That's just one case. There's more to come.

"I've known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy,"
"He's a lot of fun to be with. It is even said he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.

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I think this is where they've really got Trump by the balls…he won't be able to do shit in the end.

absolutely, that is implying he would if he could and he's not just completely full of shit but at this point it really doesn't matter


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Holy shit this stuff is bad.

Yeah I'll say; entire global elite are the lowest child fucking scum. They're probably so used to it that it doesn't even thrill them anymore. Even murder and drinking blood of children is probably ho hum to those degenerate vermin by now.

Haha too comical. Evenlyn Waugh would be shaking too hard with cynical merriment to even be able to write it down on paper with his pen.

But when asked today whether she had paid back the cash, her spokesman told MailOnline: 'No comment'.

Its blatantly obvious. Why do you think Alan Dershowitz is so involved and determined to defend Trump and Epstein. Mossad operation through and through.

He will nuke Iran and Russia to distract away from this and if they ever released their dirt. Either way, they don't just have Trump by the balls but also America.


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>Jeffrey Epstein said he likes his 13 year old girls dudes to have butts like little babies.
Read the last part. That "girl" is a dude.

The entire leadership class, all of them. Not just the Island but also his huge NY City mansion the most expensive in town.

The entire place is wired for sound and high def video by Mossad to blackmail the entire elite.

Who made this high school math teacher so rich and influential?

But once Epstein was charged with engaging in sexual activity with minors, Wexner dropped his old friend, replacing him with JPMorgan's Dennis Hersch. Without Wexner's backing, Epstein is almost certainly not a billionaire – so why is he continually labeled one in the press?

It's all Mossad front shit by the jews…

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trump banned epstein? quick spin it it somehow so we can keep talking about trump and not jews

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Fake news

Is he trying to be as blatent as possible? Mocking the world with what he can get away with? Can any anons find flight records between virgin islands and israel?

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This is why they have secret societies in order to operate outside of the Legal consensus of normative society, the citizens contract.

They are only bound to the rules of their own organizations, a society within a society, as long as they don't break those they can rely on such support should any difficulties arise with regards to crimes against normative society, of course you will have ever deeper organizations within such societies that even operate outside of the rules of the lower tier organizations such as the Freemasons, ultimately you will find a relatively small number of kikes doing whatever they want to everyone, a system that has been operative for thousands of years.

This. When you join some of these groups you become an indentured servant. "Freedom of association" and all, don't you know?

Of course when you have LE who swears to upload the constitution and then talks about "higher loyalties" for not doing their job. there becomes problem. Legally this is called racketeering. So James know Hillary did something wrong, but because Hillary is in an associated cult like James, and she is of high rank, he's supposed to cover for her.

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TBH we only knew about the pizza thing starting a few years ago, and many here should know that freemasons and others actually got blatant because a) it helps recruiting and b) they are so arrogant they figured everyone would cover their ass… I guess you've figured out by now that the media in addition to LE is masonic.

Wait, what?

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Yes the primary reason the Freemasons have always focused on recruiting from the Legal system and Law enforcement and thus maintaining control over it, that way they can guarantee immunity from prosecution for operating outside of the laws of normative society and avoid investigation, if all else fails at the very least damage limitation should the public inevitably become aware as was the case with Epstein given the scale of those activities.

As ever with the kikes it is about the contract, the idea of the citizens contract arising at the same time as the Masonic societies, a pyramid scheme, legality the means to control.

This case reminded me of this kike.
Surprise surprise, charges dropped. You wouldn't put a (((chosen one))) in jail for torturing children, would you?

i've been calling for rope for this kike since the inauguration of our first nigger president. nothing will happen to epstein because nobody cared when it mattered =/

Much more difficult now that you can catch a lying cop on personal CCTV and cameraphones.


Trump doesn't drink, remeber.

Sure but apart from making sure they owned the Legal System and Law Enforcement they also made sure they controlled the flow of information, only the internet changed that providing the current and last window of opportunity to make people aware of the nature of the society they live in and creating the potential for an alternative.

whatever you think of the man … he's hot.

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such a classic look

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