US Becomes Net Oil Exporter for First Time in 75 Years

America hits a crucial milestone of energy independence

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wtf I love zog and jewish fossil fuels now

You don't have to, user.

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So what are we doing with all the wastes?

Who are the jews exporting it to?

Wow this is great news for the Jewnited States!


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Why does the US export oil AND import oil? The US has something like the cleanest crude oil on the planet.

I wonder how big the explosion of one of those tankers would be.

(((merchants))) love middle-manning deals shipping materials across the pacific to be processed and then shipping it back to be sold as a finish product
more transactions, more fees, even if it's terrible for the ocean to run those huge ships and horrible for us workers to give the value added to the raw mats to the chinks

Same reason why we give money to Israel for nothing in return. It's to keep Israel afloat. But in this case we import gas from Saudi Arabia as a form of aid. We don't need to for our gain, it's for their benefit. It's also to perpetuate the myth that the US is dependent on saudi arabia oil.

Daily reminder to look up the Doenmah (pretty sure I spelled that right). Saudi Arabia's royal lineage is jewish. Saudi Arabia is the controlled opposition in the muslim world. Saudi Arabia never affects Israel directly and the zionists that lead the republican party never talk about that. They almost talk about Saudi Arabia the same way they talk about Israel being, "our greatest ally." They're both run by jews, one just leads the muslims and the other leads the muslims indirectly.

Drive one to your local Synagogue and find out!

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Dubs say he's calling you a Jew.

Yeah but fracking is so expensive that this domestic fuel is a money loser. Russian and ME oil is hugely profitable

thorium reactors when

Kek, no wonder Trump wanted to pony up to the Saudis, the US is basically becoming Saudi Arabia.

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Tough call.

On one hand, the anti-Whites want to destroy the US coal industry because it mostly employs Whites.
On the other hand, energy independence of that sort would be undesirable to them, as it could spread into electricity replacing fossil fuels for personal/public conveyance and that would fuck the petroleum industry (aka the Saudis {aka the Democrats [aka the Jews]}), and they've got the easy "muh environment" argument (and tons of kike media to back up the nuclear scare tactic) to oppose it with.

Those in power don't want you off petroleum (because its owned by foreign jews), but they do want you off coal (because its employed by native Whites). Real conundrum as-goes the nuclear option - it lets them put Whites out of a job but it also threatens their energy monopoly
Probably more likely they'll keep propagandizing against nuclear while promoting those shit-tier low-efficiency models like solar and wind.

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you said it, we cannot efficiently store energy for peak loads, renewable energy is a fucking meme and (((they))) hate nuclear energy
"President Emmanuel Macron said Tuesday that France would shut down 14 of the country's 58 nuclear reactors currently in operation by 2035, of which between four and six will be closed by 2030."
"France relies on nuclear power for nearly 72 percent of its electricity needs, though the government wants to reduce this to 50 percent by 2030 or 2035 by developing more renewable energy sources."
"Macron said France would aim to triple its wind power electricity output by 2030, and increase solar energy output fivefold in that period."

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There is no justification for,our level of oil production without becoming an isolationist state.

Now this is Jewelry

Of course.

Some of that is for tax dodging purposes.

great post, thank you for the information


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wtf I love jewish green energy now

I've been glad of the oil production increase. Environmentalism is damned expensive, and oil is good for more than just burning. It's used in vast swathes of chemically complex manufacturing to produce all kinds of goods, some of them very critical to life, health, and progress. It's at its most ambiguous in environmentalism itself, but it does still have purpose. Many processes still rely very much on oil in ways we can't afford to stop fueling while we work on their replacements. As well, there's quite simply a lot of environmentalism stuff to build. If we were to solve the world's carbon problems with air-to-fuel plants, we'd have to build the biggest giant fan factories in all of history first. Any solution is likely to have similarly industrial components. Try doing *that* without oil.

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Oil is.


The real significance of this is the US will never be BTFO’ d by a bunch of fucking sand niggers again, OPEC is done.
The Technology to extract oil from the sands in Montana the price per barrel will never be over $75 or $80 USD and only that price for a short time.
The fracking technology will keep the price of Natural Gas down and the US will be competitive with Russia in Western European Market in a few years.

now if your keyboard had the right plastics in it you would have spelled all that correctly

the saudis never export more than 1 million bpd to the US
it said that in 2005 we were importing 14 million bpd from all sources
so you kind of just got BTFO?

Fills most of the video camera frame big and then exceeds it as the fireball rises. There are videos.
I've always wondered about those massive LPG ships, now that would be something. Back in the days some fertiliser ship went up and took out most of a town.

Texas City Massacre

OPEC still controls oil prices… If the US didn't rely on Saudi economic support you think we'd still keep them around as an ally? They actively work against our goals.


Dubs say he's a fed.

Curacao is part of the Netherlands, so those top two bars should really be one long one.



You mean Venezuela and China.çao#Oil_Refining

Presently Venezuela's state oil company, Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) operates the Isla refinery, which has a 320,000 barrel per day capacity .


What a surprise.

the US was keeping this oil for when the rest of the world ran out it would have a supply lasting 100 years.

now they are selling it.

problem is oil is a renewable resource.


so why sell it? Can't the USA just cut itself off from the rest of the world?