European Court of Justice rules Britain free to revoke Brexit unilaterally

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Clown world.

Clown world.

Sneaky and devious.

They are going to need a new revolution or they are going to die out, killed by their own government. What is new warfare even going to look like?


Why are they in such a rush? All they needed was time and patience. The jwo indoctrination works so well, it transformed young minds into those advocating that boomers anhero, and simultaneously increased the suicide rates of White boomers; the very group the globe wants gone as Pri. 1


If they don't go for no deal and/or if Corbyn does not become a PM after all of this I will be dissapointed. I want maximum chaos for everyone.

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Yellow Vests UK coming soon?

The best part is even if they abandoned brexit the economic damage won't ever be reversed.

Why don't the Brits just tell the EU to fuck off? They have a military, the EU doesn't have shit. Bunch of cucks.

Friendly reminder for all the white people intending to survive the upcoming years…unleash the shackles of modern life and start conquering again, asap!

Because the brit government is six ways of cucks.

Fuck Britain. It's basically now everything Orwell warned about. They should be kept out of the EU.

A beautiful marble castle inexplicably being burned by its owners, yet inside, a Korean HD flatscreen plays footage of Jon Stewart-Liebowitz commenting a video while picture-in-picture The Big Bang Theory plays on repeat, before all three+ participants are rounded up by the armed police guarding a Jewish-Chinese lesbian couple, stomping several White families to death in the process, seemingly appearing only to die, but then an Aztec slave cartel arrives, sacrificing all the men by crucifixion and submission in a mixture of mud, chihuahua testicles and salsa ("because we're Catholic" they claim) and selling the women to Jewish-Arab oil barons who then don't fuck on them because these slaves are only for shitting on.

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The EU would heavily sanction the UK, which would 100% collapse the country. That's what you get when you join one of these unions.

That image made me sad for a brief moment. That's a feat.

So what? Better than being an EU bitch.

Not to the people in power, no.
Nobody in a position of power is ever going to do something like that, because it would equate to them taking the action that doesn't serve their own interests or those of the (((men))) with (((money))), but serves the interests of the people.

I don't think you understand what I mean by collapse.
I don't mean a recession, I'm talking Venezuela 2.0. That's not preferable for anybody, the people least of all.

"The EU would heavily sanction the UK, which would 100% collapse the country. That's what you get when you join one of these unions."

There would be no collapse. It wouldn't work that way. The UK has the 5th biggest economy in the world, and becomes, at an instant, the biggest and most important market for the EU outside of the single market itself. The German car makers are already going mad that their access to that market might be hurt and the rest of Europe doesn't want all its trade having tariffs slapped on it by the UK. For the UK, the loss of "free" access to the market is painful, but no more painful than it is for the EU.

There would never be any "sanctions" imposed on the UK by the EU for several reasons. One, the UK retains a permanant seat on the UN security council - and so has a lot of international power to do such things. 2. Retaliation - a lot of EU money is kept in the (((city))) of London. This could be frozen and significant harm done to the EU economies. 3. The City acts as the clearing house for a lot of EU (((debt))). This prevents it being held to ransom. 4. They still have to pretend at least to comply with (((international law))) and seen as the UK hasn't done anything in breach of international law it would be an extremely hard PR sell to do so. 5. They want the UK to rejoin their empire - punishing a people in this way is not likely to lead to it. 6. If they did, the UK people would elect "literally Hitler", re-arm the Royal Navy, and enforce an embargo off the entire European seaboard and possibly in the Med, likely leading to massive starvation on the European continent and world war 3.

In none of these scenarios is the UK Venezuala 2.0. It's just not possible. The more likely scenario is war.

Actually, it IS preferable for the people… Or rather, I guess you're probably right, not so much 'preferable' but definitely beneficial.

If the choices are social collapse and a chance at recovery or slow demographic demise, the former is clearly the preferable option unless you're a suicidal ethno-masochist.

Jesus, I fucked it up myself even.
The former would clearly be the more beneficial; the whole point being that, because its scary and represents reduction of comfort, it might not be preferable beforehand, even in the face of demographic demise (which many in play now will not live to see the consequences of).

But not the power to veto the implementation of such sanctions, or any similar action, I assume?
> 2. Retaliation - a lot of EU money is kept in the (((city))) of London. This could be frozen and significant harm done to the EU economies.
That would be war-declaration worthy and give the EU full justification to create their army and beat the UK to final death.
>3. The City acts as the clearing house for a lot of EU (((debt))). This prevents it being held to ransom.
So they'd just take it over. How would that effect the situation?
>4. They still have to pretend at least to comply with (((international law))) and seen as the UK hasn't done anything in breach of international law it would be an extremely hard PR sell to do so.
They can always make something up m8. International law is a joke, its "whatever we need right now" in 99% of cases.
They want the UK to be non-White more than anything. The UK doing something that would justify war - like trying to hold their currency hostage - would give a perfect chance to subjugate the UK and achieve full de-Whitening power.
And the EU would become more aggressively gay and make a new EU-SSR Red Army of Somalis and "Syrians" and invade Cuck Isle, probably with full US support despite remaining "neutral".
Keep in mind also, UK (2.3%) is already spending the most (%GDP wise) of the EU powers on military operations, and they're barely maintaining forces greater than France (1.9%) or Germany (1.2%). Its not the early 20th century anymore, the

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The 105 year old Federal Reserve system is set to blow apart and they know that clock is running out on them so they're throwing hail mary passes at this point.


Cyber and economic warfare. Money is your ammunition.

The problem I have with these EU army stats is that individual armies in the Eurozone are made up of volunteer forces or professional soldiers. They would need to actively erase the cultures of all the combatants' countries if they even wish they can get to the 1 million mark of zogbots. Even then, it'll still mostly be made up of mercenaries and soldiers of fortune or even rapefugees turned combatants. I wouldn't rule out that the EU, were it to form its army, would become Rome 2.0.

This is an example from America, but you can rest assured the Europeans aren't much different in terms of this age bracket.

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It's going to collapse anyway, may as well bite the bullet now and inflict as much damage to the EU as possible, perhaps kick off the global economic collapse. At the very least they'll be free of the EU.

Yep, they're similarly fucked.

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This announcement is interesting since it lets everybody here instantly highlight the traitors in our midst.
And not the ones that simply want to be in the EU, they just have a different opinion.
I mean the ones that are actively screeching for our government to do this without so much as a parliament vote, let alone a second referendum.
Their answers are also telling when you point out no other kind of vote gets a do-over just because the losing side didnt like the result.

… And?
No, seriously though, my response would be to suggest you're drastically under-estimating the willingness of soldiers to do what they're told in exchange for money. They want to get that EU military bit off the ground, the UK trying to break away and hold a bunch of their capital hostage in exchange for witholding trade sanctions aimed at forcing them back into line seems extremely dubious.
That's one way to look at it I suppose. They certainly wouldn't turn up their noses at the prospect of creating a non-state specific military force heavily composed of foreign non-Whites, especially in the face of what's happening in France these days.

I'm sure the unelected officials would rest more comfortably knowing there was a heavily armed ape-brigade ready to beat any of the slowly-diminishing native population into submission should they get any funny ideas.
It really kills me on some level knowing how these cunts are going to use niggers and muds as a weapon against Whites, and how few Whites even seem to realize its coming. I mean, know why we don't send women into combat, besides them being shitty warriors? Because Europeans value their women in a way that most cultures do not. They are more affected by, say, the sight of a bunch of niggers raping a White woman than, say, a bunch of niggers would be about Whites raping a sheboon - hell, in that case, the niggers would probably be more inclined to ask if they can have a turn! Point is, sending our women into combat is a shitty idea because we give a shit about them, and thus its more demoralizing for our forces when a woman soldiers gets, say, raped in front of her male fellows or the like. Its bad news. Now, imagine what happens when the demographic inversion starts to really be felt, first in the US and later in the EU. The muds will undoubtedly be state-loyal, because the opposition to the state will be Whites who want to kill or deport them. And the people in power will fully recognize this state of affairs, and you can be sure that all these rapes happening in Europe EVEN NOW are not entirely organic: They're organized, meant to demoralize the White population.
Now imagine an army of muds whose sole purpose is to demoralize and combat the native Whites. I think you can see where this is going, and why its going to be genuine and proper horrorshow.

If Corbyn gets elect, sure, that would be nigger communism, but that is independent of Brexit.

Wishful thinking of some has beens.

The thing is, as much as the Politburo wants to punish Perfidious Albion, it is not in the interest of the leading (((people))) in the EU and UK to break much of the porcelain, because it is theirs. So with all doom and gloom, scaremongering by blighties ruling oligarchy, it will be business as usual. Some thing become more expensive, some are getting cheaper and the Spanish are not going to refuse the British tourist money either.

Than is the thing that is profoundly changing and ruining Britain, immigration of brown people in masses. Nothing that Brexit is changing´and faggots like Farage do openly promote the further browning of Britain by import from the "Commonwealth".

Everybody must revolt NOW !!!

It's not too late, we still have a chance to make EU collapse !

♪ Let the body hit the floor ! Let the body hit the floor ! ♫

jews rule that jews can jew.


Its not surprising. Most everyone knew that the neoconservative party, especially with May at the helm, would not deliver Brexit. Globalists would never let the UK leave, they will drag their heels and implement all kinds of stoppages and demands to end the process or even reverse it.

Holy shit they have spent the last two weeks openly validating everything "conspiracy theorists" have been saying for the past 20 years. Fuck with enemies like these who needs friends?

Nothing funny or amusing about it you faggot. It's jew world.

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The hive in the City of London needs to be removed before the Brits get their balls back.


The EU sure hates Democracy despite crying otherwise. Why do they keep even pretending?

This would be the same court that ruled telling the truth about Islam is offensive, and therefore a crime.

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Juden, Juden über alles,
Über alles in der Welt,
Wenn es stets zu Schutz und Trutze
Brüderlich zusammenhält.
Von der Israel bis an die Europe,
Von der Vistula bis an den Nile,
Juden, Juden über alles,
Über alles in der Welt!

Juden Frauen, Juden Treue,
Juden Wein und Juden Sang
Sollen in der Welt behalten
Ihren alten schönen Klang,
Uns zu edler Tat begeistern
Unser ganzes Leben lang.
Juden Frauen, Juden Treue,
Juden Wein und Juden Sang! 

Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit
Für das Juden Vaterland!
Danach lasst uns alle streben
Brüderlich mit Herz und Hand!
Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit
Sind des Glückes Unterpfand;
Blüh' im Glanze dieses Glückes,
Blühe, Juden Vaterland!

Bye, goyim!

There are easier ways to commit suicide.

I'll bet Amazon UK is getting hammered with yellow vest orders.

Even British politicians are aware that this would lead to civil war. When kike journalists from the BBC and channel 4 brought it up with random politicians, every single one of them has basically ignored them and if pressed said that it means nothing because it cannot be done.

There have been violent and growing protests in Britain for a while now, and with everything heating up in France and on the Continent; I simply cannot believe they would be so stupid as to try to keep us in.

A list would be nice for concernes citizens in the UK.

Those raw force numbers being used as an argument always reveals the armchair general. They never take into account things like logistics, morale and geography.

What are you going to revolt with, goyim? Plastic butterknives you need to present ID to buy? Even homemade firearms aren't an option for you - where will you get the bullets?

But please, please try. We already have our fortified ethnostate. We no longer need you.

Doesn't take high tech to kill and the vast majority of jew orchestrators defense is obscurity through distraction and indoctrination of plebs to keep them thinking contained misdirected reactions.

One of the reasons jews have made schools so dismally poor is to depress the knowledge of all the wonderful chemicals that are readily available at the local grocery store and hardware supply, and what they can do.

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Okay? So maybe you'll get some middle management types. Good job!

No, practically all of them, only at the tippity top are running with any kind of security detail.

Oh, okay. So when is this going to happen? Around the same time as this magical 'DOTR' I keep hearing about?

You can do it, goy! I believe in you!

And yet, every time I see Antifa committing violence in the name of globalism and diversity, it's always the younger generations that are mindlessly involved.
If anything, those opposed to nationalism are in their 30's and 40's.
As for boomers, those that are left simply stay at home and vote in elections.

Already went over it,

… Oh, okay. So when is this going to happen? Around the same time as this magical 'DOTR' I keep hearing about?

Already went over it,

That's great. I didn't ask how, I asked when. I know you're just a goy, but try to keep up.

The welfare cockroaches would flee en masse as well. I would like to see the shitskins fleeing into Europe proper to try to weasel more gibs out of them. This is all so exciting!

What I've gone over already explains the issue of when.

Because we have a zionist wench that nobody wants here attempting to undermine parliament at every turn.

Come on Zig Forums, keep up.

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Does this mean that the people who said that "your vote doesn't matter" were basically right?

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No nigger, you aren't right. If they didn't vote this issue wouldn't have come up before the yids making their declarations so people wouldn't be seeing just how fucked up things are.
Now kill yourself.

fuk u

You thought you were free to leave Jewish Globalist control which forces mass immigration wherever it can?

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what is the life expectancy of minorities versus whites

Don't pretend you know anything about this land.

I remember seeing a movie about your 'fortified ethnostate'…it didn't end well for you.

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Oi Guv nah, ya'been properly conquered.
Time for some; 1776 Don't Tread on Me.

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Oh no, anything but a movie!

They are right and wrong. I vote because it costs jews money. Not because I think anything will change because of it.

I do everything else in preparation to do my part in this global rahowa.

It doesn't.
It works well with relatively ignorant people. And of course most are still ignorant. But now that information flows so fast, "redpill" aka hard truths are being fed to normalfags and they are starting (very slowly) to wake up to some interesting facts that we knew for many years or decades.

This rate of information can lead to a political movement (not necessarily translated into votes or "democracy") which at the end could remove the parasitic and negative influences in our society (jews mostly)

So what was understated in the book that jews use, the protocols (for example), is the role that information flow could create. It is unusual and unthinkable at the moment, and now we almost take it for granted.

Yes, they are trying to poison the net, as they always do, but this time it's more difficult or near-impossible.

I believe this war can be victorious for us but will be very hard with many casualties and a lot of work to ensure victory.

I can't speak for any of them but personally I would welcome the opportunity to disembowel you with my bare fucking hands.

"We want to leave"
"Well you voted for it but we give your government SPECIAL permission to ignore you"

What the fuck is this? How fuck did this even happen. Im so god damn confused.

The appropriate response is, "so fucking sue us, cunts."

>A government can ignore its people legally because an outside court said it could
It's extremely jewy. The court has nothing to do with the British people, Great Britain could ignore it (if they really wanted to leave), yet instead the government defers to it rather than its people. I see absolutely no reason a country should listen to it over its own interests like the shit the UN pulls, but, jews and their pawns never were for the people's interests in any country that's not israel.