"We demand a (((people's))) vote" on Brexit: Heseltine



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You have to love how retarded politicians sound when they're trying to spin shit.

The audacity of these cunts claiming to be the real patriots. Traitors should be chopped.

As always said, subhuman anglos are destined for extermination either way. Enjoy your spitfire beer and churchill larp, subhumans.

same M.O. century after century

The hell's the point of a referendum if you can have as many as you want?

No wonder pic related was at Brexit Betrayal march yesterday

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real patriots felch the government loyally even when "their man in the WH " is making decisions that will destroy the nation from within; while placing all importance on any nation but their own

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To muddy the waters when people debate whether they live in a democracy or are presided over by a tyrannical police puppet state.

a very similar condition exists in France with the protests (e.g. UN dictating migrant policies for the EU). What is happening is organic because it's neither a Left nor Right set of issues. It's an amalgam of average people rightfully pissed off.
With any good fortune the protests won't be hijacked to promote individual political pet issues, but will remain all about the core issues.
The "leadership" is not listening now, nor have they been listening for a very long time; but, we could see a response at the street level which sets globalist plans back years/10's of years

These fucking kikes and traitors.

At this point it's probably better if they just keep going and eventually either throw brexit in the trash or make referendums till stay wins, maybe then Brits will finally get the memo that democracy is a farce and start actually revolting.

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They did the same shit here. Remember how everyone got deplatformed everywhere because we're all rush'n bots?

It's to keep the sham of kike government going as long as possible.

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The problem with golems is that they always spill the beans

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For the first time in their lives they're scared that things won't go (((their way))). It's like a smell in the air, the smell of fear.

Jesus Christ…

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Yeah, leaving EU will help british to cut jews out, sure.

How anyone can deny that there really is a Satan and that Satan does truly, as the Bible says, rule the secular world after hearing this one is simply beyond me. This is just such a huge, massive, fucking blatant lie that it makes my skin crawl. This isn't just some typical bureaucratic boilerplate bullshit, this is pure evil straight up telling us how deeply it hates us and how much they really do want to enslave us.

Nail it to a tree.

See your trainer after your shift.

This is why I favour hard Brexit. It's like negotiating how often your wife gets to cuck you. Just kick her whore ass out.



Under the current government, this is correct. But I've come to understand over the years that brexit would be beneficial since both the UK government and EU are absolutely overrun with kikes, but with Brexit you at least get independence from a larger segment of kikes. I guess we'll see how this plays out. Doesn't help that both remain and leave campaigns lied to get people to vote, and interestingly enough David Cameron resigned which gave us this ultra kikess lying witch in his place. Say what you will about that pig fucker, at least he wasn't as deeply in the pocket of the kikes as this fucking demented witch.

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They didn't learn what's happening to France after Macron said that. These doublespeak lunatics and their neverendums.

The disconnect is profound. In his own mind I'm sure he is completely rational… well, in my mind I don't have to explain my motives to the hamburger, but when the cows show up at my bedside at midnight with an axe to grind, I might sound a lot like this guy.

These people, they really are like wolves looking over some prime beef, but the difference is that the beef can completely tear the wolves apart. At least real wolves actually have to overpower their prey on a relatively level playing field. In a fair fight our ruling class turns into stuttering retards..

The brexit campaign was a dubious idea promoted with lies. Not that I like everyone in the ruling class - they're accelerating themselves with their own reliance on lies - but Brexit was a bad idea that should be tested again.

Like staying in the EU is any better?

Wtf I love being a vassalized state unable to control it's own leglislature now

Wtf I love being a vassalized state unable to control it's own legislature now


Are you serious right now? This is why the Remain side is ridiculous. Like other leftist factions, it's only democracy when you win, otherwise you want to flip the table.

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They both were promoted with lies.
The intentions in the first place were probably to advance their own standing, but it's evolved beyond that now..


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The City of London must be dealt with.

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They should at least initiate Brexit, leave, and then vote later to rejoin, but no - they're only continuing to hurt themselves in confusion.


Nigger, learn to embed because your bait is weak.

So you have a referendum on leaving the EU. You vote to leave. You don't leave. Two and a half years later, still there. Same government, even. For many a nation, that would be the breaking point. Or so one might think.

Drop the pretenses and start killing politicians already, they are leaving no other solution.

That's some shit a villain would say.

This is important and shows how this has happened again and again. The British government have now proven their illegitimacy to the people.

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Other than gamergate, what else spooked the msnbc so badly?