Macron is literally grenading protesters

There's a word to describe political and class apathy like this, it begins with A but I forget. Either way it perfectly describes this.

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The reason France has these protests is because the tolerance of them is intertwined with the legitimacy of the French state.

Decent point, but I'm not saying the protesters have a right to defense just that Macron is escalating the violence like a complete tard. He's either going to have to go full fascist or book it to the US at this rate.

So what else is he going to do, let the rioting continue until maybe the rioters at some point will grow tired of being allowed to loot, riot and destroy with near impunity? Step down and send out the message that election results can be nullified by not even 5% of the people going out and setting cars alight? Give in to the yellow vest demands and thereby recognize rioting as a force that overrules the decisions made by the French government?

Not that I pity Macron though, he's reaping the results of human rights lawyer, atrocity spectacle liberalism, the "european values" he himself seeks to set for all european countries.

Based. The rabble should be gunned down

Yeah the protests are ironically brought on due to liberalism which Macron is saying he stands for. But the man's literally setting himself up to falling down even harder on the stairs.

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It is almost like the gilets jaunes is a diverse movement of people.

1) macron isnt using any 'fascist panzer grenadier squads' or whatever, dumb retard picked a flash grenade from the ground to throw it back, if it was a live grenade it would crater ~15 protesters not just 10% of 1 hand
2) if macron brought full might of the french (nuclear) armed forces into this, the protests would end in a day, protesters are still treated with kiddy gloves
3) combat rules are extremely simple and no amount of moralism can change them, think of changing the rules of gravity through moralism
formally recognized, uniformed and recognizable combatants using symmetric tactics are usually treated as per geneva convention: you dont shoot the medics while they work in the field, you go easy in the rear, you do not massacre the cooks and mechanics and logistic battalions and medical tents in the back, you accept the white flags, you dont abuse the prisoners etc

irregulars, insurgents, commandos, guerrillas, mercenaries, terrorists, war criminals, entire recon battalions (special forces, artillery spotters, snipers, infrastructure saboteurs and explosives planters, watersource poisoners etc) all traded their human rights for their illegal tactics and guns
these people love setting up white flag ambushes, shooting medics, beheading prisoners, using child soldiers, force marching prisoners to clear minefields and test enemy fortifications, setting up military bases in dense urban civilian areas, human shields, poisoning water, abusing chemical weapons etc

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Stand down, new elections for a constituent assembly, new constitution. At minimum. French republics get overthrown every few decades anyway, what makes the Fifth special?

You bootlicking fags are getting shot.

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no retard, the point of those posts is that you cant half ass combat operations

if you are serious about overthrowing the government, if you arent a cringy larper or an unemployed protester, you are supposed to find your watersources, set up logistic and air bases, dig out a front, have a mortar and howitzer production, have enough trucks in the system to circulate fresh food, warm bodies and new ammo, start seizing mines, factories, shipyards, ports etc

the point is that these protesters are cringy, if you are not serious about it, if you have been doing it for months and you still dont have any major encirclements and at least like 100.000 prisoners by now then what the fuck are you even doing jesus christ just go home you shitty larpers

You're dumb as shit.

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yeah it is
a 70 year old grandma and a 25 year old man who can bench 100 kilos and has an engineering degree do not have the same political power even tho both have just 1 vote

can a grandma just 'vote' a bridge into existence? no, ofcourse not, voting is irrelevant, protesting is irrelevant, what matters in this life and what political power consists of is how much labor and how much violence you are capable of

read marx or something

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ballot box mysticism and cringe larps dont interest me
political power rests on labor and violence, no one in your picture has a capacity for either one


Has not been mentioned

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It's literally a class war now.
And only one side is allowed to use weapons, and if the other side dares to defend themselves with helmets and such, they are going to be punished even for that.

you see this is the biggest problem here
we need a legitimate workers culture

in this day and age, 90% of jobs are utter useless trash, welfare jobs if you will, they are there just so people have something to do in life
and basically 10% of the population who know math, electronics, aeronautics etc can basically drone/missile/airstrike the remaining useless 90% of the torch and pitchfork hordes out of existence

technology has radically changed the landscape and we need to be that 10% that matters, but no one even realizes how irrelevant and inconsequential he is in the grand scheme of things "working" a fucking nail salon or fast food "job"

a single engineer outlabors the whole perma minwage class with his small house sized mining drill or tractor combine machine, and a torch and pitchfork mob cant hunt down a satellite or a nuke sub no matter how large it becomes
if we want to establish socialism we need to be said machine, satellite and missile makers instead of thinking other useless crap is relevant

Multiple reports of police starting the fights and caught agent provocateurs pretending to be protesters were reported and documented.
The reason France is the way it is, is because it's working class are not easily fooled by this. The very high amount of injured among the protesters tells us a different story as well. One injured riles up their friends and relatives and makes them less likely to believe official reports about who started it.

Of course totalitarians will defend this. They need and intact power structure for their takeover and purges

It's literally a class war now.
And only one side is allowed to use weapons, and if the other side dares to defend themselves with helmets and such, they are going to be punished even for that.

I'll never understand what possesses someone to sell out their class like this.

This is perhaps the worst misunderstanding of capitalism I've seen on this site.

They're already in control fam, their disagreement with Macron or Trump are based in spooks but their aims to maintain capitalism are all aligned.

This one.

He doesn't really have a choice

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anyone got a webm of this so I can jerk off? I love acceleration porn.

If that's your kind of thing sure.
Note: Original capture was soundless, nothing I could have done to add sound.The livestream was 4 hours long and I am not looking through all that shit.

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Yeah the moderation really ruined this.

The modern parlance is
Or just or just nade. Grenading is impractical word to use, while out while bashing fash. Primarily because it takes to many syllables to say. Especially when your competing with a five second fuse. Keep it short an sweet in the field. It also just isn’t as clear as yelling
Or in france

Also dummy in OPs pic picked up a unexploded flash bang either because he thought it was a tear gas canister or thought you could pic up flash bangs and throw them back at the enemy. You cant. There fuse is much shorter. Its also not worth picking up because unlike a nade if you see one you wont die so its not worth the risk to even try. Turn your back to it and cocer your ears.

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haha fucking retard lol
warfare is postmodern (boundaryless) nowadays. It's network vs. network, where everything from PR to economics need to be taken into account. Everyone is already participating in WW3.

Capitalist states are not legitimate and have no right to use violence.

Based Macron. GJs are scum and need gunned down


Rioters deserve to have grenades thrown at them

Only if they are fascist.

No distinctions

Fuck off Macron

wtf I love macron now

Macron was a socialist until a year or two ago. He’s an ally. France is a socialist state


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GJs are fascist Le Pen loving retards. Macron should gun them all down. Based anti-riot law about to passed too


It's a popular front against neoliberal capitalism.

Aren't there a shit ton of right wing nationalists in this movement?

Neoliberalism is better than fascism

Only in the sense that there are a shit ton of right wing nationalists in France and any broad-based movement of proles against Macron will inevitably include some. The movement's demands aren't right wing or nationalist.

Fascism is just neoliberalism without a smiling dipshit like Macron leading.

How? What awful things did fascists do that neoliberals do not do right now? Yeah, fascists suck dick (often literally), but I cannot think of anything that they did that was more horrible than what the neoliberals are doing right now. Each of them is blood-soaked, insideous, and tyrannical.

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General Yuri (Idol) Discussion Thread
Hello Zig Forums
Current thread:



Macron is unironically /ourguy/ but you’re just too blind to see it

Pute de Juis ain't nobody's guy bruh, unless you count Globalist scum as our guys. Lick boots harder.

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fuck off Zig Forums

fuck off, pseudo-leftist. Let’s look at some facts: from 2006 to 2009 Macron was a socialist and even served under a socialist government. He’s a leftist, plain and simple. GJs are petty-bourgeois labor aristocrat wreckers who are mad that their gas would have gotten a bit more expensive. It’s bourgeois individualism in its highest form. The real suffering and exploited proletariat is in the third-world. Lin Biao was right: France is party of the “city of the world” and even when a socialist like Macron comes to power the bourgeoisified labor aristocracy rejects socialist policies. Gun them all down

France's PS isn't socialist, that's why it incorporated porky slime like macron.

Succdems always backstab the proles and he isn't even a succdem anymore but running his own Jupiteran totally-not-fascist cult of personality party named after himself.

Care to support that claim beyond saying he was? What were his actions? His promises and rhetoric for being pro socialist at least. Where is it?

It’s called the Parti SOCIALISTE, retard
Muh social fascism

Everywhere. It’s not my job to educate you when the Internet exists

You use “globalist” as a pejorative. Socialists are internationalists first and foremost. The EU is the first step towards socialist Europe. If I am lickig the boot of a socialist, it is an honor

Fair enough.
Care to respond, dog?
By the way here is one French site with the supposed video but I can't speak Frog so I can't be certain.

no, fuck off, retard

Well then perhaps you'd like to lick the sweat off my balls and penis you little faggot, because I am a reformer to Socialist scum everywhere. You are foreign scum that can't understand that Europa can't be one because of their history. Maybe I shove Brussel sprout up you asshole and you take it like a goodboi? Have some fucking fight, cuntrighteh? The lot of you need to be Sectionalized, lest you die.

>he's either going to have to
Have to implying he's not a fascist yet
Get better reading comprehension before you try writing retard.

Calling yourself not a socialist doesn’t mean you’re not socialist. Just like how China is not socialist despite claiming to be so

Fair enough.
May I ask what your definition of socialism is before I keep bringing up my points?

I’m not a disgusting homosexual liberal like you are, so I’ll pass on your offer. 3D men and women are repulsive. I have ascended beyond them. Nice job admitting that you are a reformer though. Kys kautskyite scum
Awfully xenophobic of you :^)
Maybe I shove Brussel sprout up you asshole and you take it like a goodboi?
Sick fantasies, my friend
Have some fucking fight, cuntrighteh?
Learn to speak English

on one hand, macaroni is bad and he should be replaced
on the other hand, if the guys you like do it through violence and protests it doesnt mean that next time it wont be the guys you DONT LIKE who will be doing the violence and protesting

is barbarism really the way to go? im not saying its not, just merely asking cos i dont have a clue how's it like in baguetteland

Playing dumb isn't your style friend. Capitalist as much as you want, but you've no idea what a True Reformer is about. Perhaps I should just go full Wahabbist on you and kill you and your family? No? What is your native language and where are you from? You aren't a Proper Leftist and you certainly aren't and Englishman.

If you aren't willing to spill blood, then I reckon you are just a Nazbol-lite. Weaksauce coffee at a shit diner that makes you feel disappointment. Strike at the gaps and hit it hard and fast otherwise fuck off.

no retard, 'spilling blood' is ultimate decision and as such requires ultimate consideration
gotta make sure you fixed the cards before you go all in and as i said i have no clue how things are in france

fascism invariably arrives after a failed violent attempt at a revolution by the left, this is true everywhere fascism ever rose, go ahead on your full retard path and lose the violent route, see what happens, there is a reason recon battalion goes ahead of even the armored divisions during front penetrations

I was in another life 1st Recon. Burn them all out and hit France with kilotonne-type thermobaric devices and neutron bombs….wait for radiation to clear and then put Old Bloodlines back in power who have the experience to control such a place. You realize that there are people outside of France who are of older and greater bloodlines than the scum, arabs, negroids, and other cunts who can repopulate the country don't you? You must be against The Restoration of France, Europa, and Britannia if you aren't even willing to consider such options in the face of animal scum populating in great places. I want to restore The Old Order; a place in which Europeans know themselves and can fight one another to sharpen their teeth up like it used to be. Not this Globalist/Fake-Marxist/NWO shite.

This is your brain on idealism

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You fucking homophobe

Straight men don't generally join all-male groups that march under a faggot (or fasces, to use the latin term) as their banner. Soviet homophobia and anti-fascism were intimately linked.

Not that you should persecute men who want to suck cock without turning it into "muh nation" idpol but there's a reason so many fascists are gay, and it didn't end when Hitler purged Rohm - look at, say, Yukio Mishima or Jorg Haider.

Stop assuming heterosexuality is normal, homophobe. Deal with it

go back to >>>Zig Forums

What’s the reason?

I can hear his voice scratching the inside of my skull

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So Hitler's not socialist party was socialist, got it.

Poster using the SJWs' trademark phrase defends Macron to the surprise of absolutely no one.