Israelis Arrested in Columbia Child Sex Ring: Video

Israelis Arrested in Columbia Child Sex Ring Video

Colombian police arrest 6 Israelis behind child sex trafficking ring. he network is suspected of operating in a spate of Colombian cities, including the capital Bogota, the second-largest city of Medellin as well as Cartagena and Santa Marta. All of the suspects were wanted by Interpol on suspicion of pimping and soliciting minors for prostitution. Six Israel citizens have been arrested after they were suspected of running a child sex trafficking ring in Colombia, according to the Latin American country’s attorney general’s office.

In all, fourteen Israelis and two Colombians were involved in operating the alleged network. The detainees include a Colombian police officer who allegedly passed classified information to one of the suspected ringleaders, Israeli Mor Zohar.

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Bitch kid was asking for it.

I mean the kids were probably chinks, so they deserved it.


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I know it is just me, because you all are soft as fuck, but why didn't they open fire on these faggots and bring them in dead? Also, why are they allowed to 'hide their faces'? Also, I didn't count 6 people, I only counted 2 live ones (which is a real shame…they should be dead and laid out in a morgue, unable to hide their faces).

I am just saying…these are fucking FOREIGNERS in Columbia…not citizens. And they are FOREIGNERS who are running a child sex ring out of a FOREIGN country…I guess I could see if Columbians had an interest in keeping Columbian's alive long enough for a trial…but why the fuck would Columbia keep FOREIGN SEX TRAFFICKERS alive for a 'trial'? They have no filial obligation to these people…they have no 'national' or 'kin' obligation to these people. They have no reason to keep them alive. I think massive corruption and bribery is permitting these people to even breathe another breath. They should be dead already…they aren't even trafficking in something like DRUGS, they are trafficking in HUMAN BEINGS.

There's nothing wrong in that. Supply n' demand, right? If there are buyers, why not go with it?

(((They))) own the media of course the faces won’t be shown

It's time to line up all the jews against a wall and shoot them in the head. Everyone else will benefit from the end of the jews.

I would fucking hunt both sides and slaughter them both.

What's wrong with asking for a few children, 'specially of another race? Plenty of them were killed in 'Nam like fucking animals, they weren't even considered human for Christ's sake.
I say let them have their yellow children if it spares a few white ones from being molested.

And while those two Colombians will spend their lives in jail, the 14 parasites will seek asylum in Israel, like they always do.

Congratulations user! You just qualified to be hunted and killed as well.

What did I do? You're the race traitor lol!

Good for them, americans do that all the time, especially when they kill civilians abroad.

Note that there are only two people that aren't cops that are getting the camera treatment.
They weren't even allowed to show them on camera during or after the raid.

You defended child rape and trafficking. That automatically qualifies
you to a one way ticket to hell.
Aryans don't keep slaves user, only kikes do…you are filth that needs murdering.

This is a fed

I move from state to state you douche. Unlikely that you can find me even if you tried tracking me down.
Gone a quarter of AZ through one afternoon with work. Try me, puffy boy.

You don't really understand what is about to happen on Earth do you?
That is ok…all the people of the world are about to be divided into 'ANIMALS' or 'HUMANS'…the HUMANS will be allowed to live. The ANIMALS (such as yourself) will be killed. We are no longer going to permit kike degeneracy on Earth.

Eugenics are going to make humanity whole of body and the LAW is going to make HUMANITY (not you, you are too far gone) whole of mind. It is a PRIVILEGE to stand and be counted as a human being on this planet. In order for progress to take place your type must be expunged (your DNA is corrupt and unworthy) from the planet forever.

Just saying, this will be a global initiative…there is no where for you to run. You can say that you can go from state to state, but in the end your own behavior and degeneracy will give you away.

Even Columbia hate you. Where do you want to hide next time? In Africa or China? You "fellow" white people do not blend there like you did in Europe and USA.

Are you really so politically illiterate that you have no clue how foreign relations work. Nobody wants another country to handle their trash for them

You're a bit of a nutjob, aren't you? Why don't you go on with your "interesting ideas" regarding me not being human.
I'd like to know what you'd to me if I met you in person. Know that?

Emasculated much?

The old system has passed away. The NWO is ramping up into full swing. You don't recognize it because you are daft and think that things are going to 'keep going like they always have' but this is the furthest thing from the truth about what is going to happen on this planet.

There are a lot of us. And you defended full on slavery and child rape, not "tee hee just downloading some CP from /b/ :3" so… get fucked, kike.

As for why these jews are still alive, I can only hope it's to pry information out of them about the larger Israeli network.

Advocates of pedophilia, slavery and sex trafficking get a bullet to the head. No one likes or wants or needs you on this planet. We all hate you.

It's going to become legal one way or another, so just drop it.

Y'vamos 60b:
תניא ר' שמעון בן יוחי אומר גיורת פחותה מבת שלש שנים ויום אחד כשירה לכהונה שנאמר וכל הטף בנשים אשר לא ידעו משכב זכר החיו לכם והרי פנחס עמהם

A female who converted to Judaism below the age of three years and one day is permissible to a kohein. (priest).

Haha get nailed to a tree kike. :3

Jesus was hanged fag.

No one cares about your plagiarized mythology, kike. I like lolis as much as the next guy but you're advocating slavery and baby rape. You absolutely get nailed to a tree for that. Have fun.

So you enjoy watching prepubescent children? A'ight then. You're just as sick as I am.

No man. Sane people do not have pedophilia as part of religion. There is diference betwen lolis and sex slave trafficing. Good trolling but you know that more and more people know about jewish crimes. You can't stop it. Sick demons like you will face justice one day.

You both are fucking unnecessary for a true functional HUMAN society. You are both the reason why only 500,000,000 people pass the HUMAN test…much like the Turing test there will be a judgment about whose DNA was able to rise above its animal nature. It is not an option because technology will not permit anything else in the future. HUMANITY either rises above its position as an animal or the Species and the planet dies at animal hands. Since this is not 'permissible' people who cannot pass the HUMAN test must be exterminated. It is not like you will 'be alone' though…7.5+ billion don't pass or meet the moral or ethical requirements to continue on the planet as a sentient being.
Almost time for the 'HARVEST'. ;) There really won't be any place to run from the Hunt…but I am going to enjoy watching people try.

Juden Raus!

E Palma St. Right in Tucson county, guess where I'm heading.

To Hell

>To Hell the gas chamber

Bullet is faster.

Also, it is illegal to text and drive. Is everything you do a fucking joke?

the beginning of the end of the jewish rein

you think with your emotions just like a woman.

the logical thing to do is bringing them to trial and extracting information that will lead to other degenerates like them so you can cage in more degenerates

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When it's considered hate speech to criticize Israelis or the Jews, what do you expect to happen? They can get away with anything.

No the logical thing to do is put a bullet in their brain over and over and over, every instance you find them until the Earth is purged from their degeneracy completely. It has to be non-stop purging of pedophiles, homosexuals, drug dealers ('legal' and illegal), usury, murderers, incestuous, adulterers, thieves, black magicians, vampires, cannibals, etc etc all the things kikes specialize in and the deviance they have brought and perpetuated on this planet. A mass purge of all those who cannot qualify as HUMAN.

I am very thankful that the trap was set so effectively. We could have never gotten so many rounded up in one fell swoop without giving them the idea that they were 'legally entitled' to act in these manners. We could have never sussed out those without letting them feel emboldened to come forward and self admit who they were. It was an EXTREMELY good trap. The only thing left is watching the hammer fall upon them all.

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Is this related to the kike crime lord Assi Ben-Mosh that turned an entire Columbian fishing village into a prostitution(including child prostitution) and drug den?

Based Columbians. Good bolice work.

Killing you is going to become legal one way or another so just drop it.

Wrong guy, yid.

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likely 16 jews
probably shipped around to hellholes like described here:
satanic ritual pedophilia for hedonism with the evidence used for blackmail purposes

Yeah, that's typical jewry

Israel is a Pedophile's Paradise

You are correct "Colombians" (wink, wink)
Just like the Italian snuff murder pedo cult was full of "Italians and Russians" who never faced any penalty for their horrific on camera tortures and murders but were extradited and never faced any criminal proceedings to Israel and Russia.
Bullet to the head of every single one until they are all gone from the Earth.

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sorry bro, they wont even try the israelis, they will be extradited to their criminal hq and be punished there

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This is the pure truth; I've worked hard and endured a lot of shit in my life so I could enjoy my life and I'm not. I'm gnawed with worry and it gets worse and worse every time I see the news. This kind of flagrant criminal evil, the streets of LA lined with homeless tents, SF turning into Calcutta with people shitting in the streets…it's all very very bad and intimidating.

Not happy at all these days. We're headed off a cliff.

IKR…at least the Columbians should get the pleasure of shooting them in the heads 'during the arrest' if they know that they are never going to face any penalty for pedophilia and sex slavery.
Anything less is simply a betrayal of your own flesh and blood.

Why do Jews always get a free pass? What the fuck?

It’s almost as though all Western governments have been owned by jews since 1946 or something. It’s almost as though you know fucking nothing about the world.

just ask yourself who is giving out the passes?
the most important thing to understand for a coherent world-view is that the bad guys won world war 2 and every other war for the last 200 years but start with world war 2

Columbia is even part of their control? I knew it was the case in white countries. They can't blend in there.

…which explains why the kikes wanted into the BTC-scene. They're making shekels on the Darknet while exploiting their psychotic freak Luciferian dogma

ColUmbia is a district in America and also the name of some canuck place.
ColOmbia is the place where these news happened you illiterate fucking monkey.

>network is suspected of operating in a spate of Colombian cities, including the capital Bogota, the second-largest city of Medellin as well as Cartagena and Santa Marta
see highlighted passage of pic attached for jew locations and history in colombia

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BTC the ultimate completely WORTHLESS fiat (in every aspect of its being) 'currency'. :)

Unless (((one))) is producing or buying illegal pR0n on the deep web

kvetch malfunction

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Those hook nosed cunts are just beyond comprehension.

SF is gone down the tubes. Now (((they))) have ramped up Section 8 housing to the nicer areas of the city like my own. Blacks everywhere now, black males preying on college girls and having their way. Blacks in stores now either stealing or annoying other customers. People are now leaving their trash bags on the sidewalks . Nobody really cares anymore. More human crap then dog crap on the streets. Crazy homeless forced from downtown to the avenues. Clear attempt to get the middle class to move on. So all that will remain is two extremes. The very rich and very poor. These are sad days and just beginning.

Seriously, I wouldn't even know. I am going to have to take your word for it.

Our pols sold us all out to the kikes. Their day will come when they suffer for their sins, on this earth and beyond.

Is this related to the last sex traficking ring where an IDF captain was involved?

But goyim, we are one of the red nations going against the UN migration pact! We're on your side, trust us!

Pretty sure like our countries, Colombia is a ZOG as well.

This. How I wish you had repeating digits.

Culmbros, do shit right.

Fake news! No Columbian newspapers reported this. And those people are Moroccans, not Israelis. Jesus, I swear you boomer pizzafags make WNs look retarded.

You make ZOG sound like a retarded boogeyman. Not every country is under Zionist occupation. Learn to differentiate, or you lose credibility.


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you're first post: showed how disingenuous you are
but for the audience ill agree with your second claim as you are technically correct that NAXALT but the list is shrinking by the day

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It's almost like Osrael js the cornerstone for the temple of criminality. They obviously need all the help they can get to build their temple. Send them more Jews, STAT!

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The fuck autocorrect

Bump to expose jew crimes against children and humanity.

Bump for this.

Dont send them back coloumbians, hang them from the rafters.

I wish I knew a way to goad the blackst to fuck with the rich hard.

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Is this your first day here? Watch Europe Last Battle and The Greatest Story Never Told. Israel is pedo and sex traffing hideout for jews.

Go back to leftypol kike.

The commies on leftypol love section 8 housing. Falls in line with their fairytale beliefs.

Kikes love Columbia.

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I wonder who was behind this post

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Kys faggot. It just shocks me that Jews have so much control even over Mestizo and South American countries. You'd think they have less control when they don't look alike.

Intended to reply to

One reason jews want you to mongrelize is so they don't have to worry not looking like you anymore. I can't tell the difference between a mexican jew and a mexican.

This is the worst damage control ive ever seen.

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I'm genuinely impressed with this raid tbh.

why is cockmonkey allowing this?

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This is the worse coded NPC ever.

Bump because fuck you jews.

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