Media blackout on Canada protest: Nine arrested when (((antifag))) showed

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Rise up and oust that White Genocider, Macron's fag lover Trudeau! Rise now you free men of the west all you have to lose is your chains!

This is now a racialist movement anons, this is the moment all have been waiting for to cast the kike out for good. This is a total media blackout (Leafanon here) and there is no co-opting this away from our hands if we seize this for National Socialism NOW.


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Vive le Québec

Oh fucking no….what ever shall they do?!

Jewtube link to Jillet Jaune TV, this is where I got this footage. If the Quebecois is standing in solidarity with France you can be sure that this movement is ready for action. We must rise to ensure that our forefathers dreams of white unity is no longer betrayed, we must fly the red and never stand divided again.



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Canada needs an organic Right Wing Militia that transcends borders, has no official title and only grows by word of mouth at shotgun ranges. Dubs and it happens. (Yes we have guns - just not the fun ones.)

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I love the Red Ensign.

A lot of Quebec flags there.

rolling for 100k leafs on trudeau's doorstep


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this compact needs more attention.

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Quebec Independence now!
All provinces Independence now!
Dissolve the death pact federal government.

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Good job Frogs of Canada

the Canadian government is illegitimate, and has been since 1931, so technically the provinces are already independent and the people in the country aren't even citizens

Enough is enough. Look leafs, you burned down the fucking White House. You know how to handle business. Fucking do it already. You're our hat for a reason.

I don't understand the filename user.

Reminder that Antifa are bought and paid for. Track their employers and give them no quarter.
Phone number: (310)-441-1717
Pic very related.

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Forgot to post their client list.

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What the fuck are ABQ women? I try to keep current on the cult lingo, but they've got something new every week.

I just looked it up. It's baby murdering whores.

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Aspheric bio-luminescent quark

So are they still protesting or what? Are we going to have to cancel hockey?


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They love talking about being left along and living in peace but they never think about the white man's need to be left the fuck alone or left in peace.


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Yea I genuinely hope you fucking kill yourself cuckchan nigger

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You should've left their pensions alone motherfuckers!

To the benefit of the people thereof, ideally.
Ideally, the given territory in question is the state, the state being the territory of the nation, the nation being a thing of blood, the government being the means via which that nation is governed.

Not quite, given that in the modern era (and historically I suppose) citizenship was by no means requisite to fall under the jurisdiction of a government.

Ideally there is no need, only when there is an aberrancy of the ideal condition does there emerge a need for any such 'weaseling'.

False, ideally. The nation determines the laws, they determine the 'technicalities' of those laws, through their willingness or unwillingness to take action. The laws exist to govern them, by their allowance, and if they should refuse to permit such governance AS THE NATION (or at least in large/effective part; as opposed to as mere individuals/small groups/ineffective parts), the authority of the government and their laws is rescinded.
The nation is the final arbitrator of such things, and only by their allowance - whether knowing or not - does a government hold power within a state.

No Cosmic Judge will do so, no - only by the hands of the nation can the nation be freed from unjust governance, only by their own will can authority of law be rescinded with finality.
No other being will come forth to impose on your behalf, and once a certain degree of power is established, only when the nation comes together and stands together can they dictate the laws to those so-empowered, and sometimes not even then, in the worst case scenarios.


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I know you were genitally mutilated after birth and shot up with more vaccines than beef cows.
I've got no time for you

That user didn't bother reading this:
Which is why I said the government is illegitimate

damn Trudeau's in deep

Yeah whatever. Wake me up when I'm at risk of losing access to my maple syrup.

Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine have tons.