DOW FALLS AGAIN -500 PTS (2%), BELOW 23900

It is just speeding up. This is really a happening, a full blooded, genuine happening. 500 index&oq=s&gs_l=mobile-gws-wiz-serp.1.1.35i39l3j0i67l2.171937.171937..173621…2.0..……0….1…….5.T_7Vusn-GVE^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author

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Very nice and comfy.

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prophets are never welcome on their own turf.
it's fucking over.

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Global report for paid shill.

Also no, paid jewish shill, it isn't.

It all makes sense now.

The plan is to blame the massive economic crash that's coming on the rise of the right and nationalism, Brexit, Trump etc (obviously the true cause is long term debt bubbles, ie death of nations via usury.) This will be used to further demonise nationlists as sheer insane and dangerous. It might be used as preamble to ban right leaning opinions outright.

They will issue a new globo currency after the dollar crashes and burns (probably a state or even UN-owned crypto) and it will be cashless. To buy and sell you will have to have a chip, or at first at least a card, with all your details known by the state, every transaction recorded and 'rare malfunctions' used to destroy bad goys ability to buy bread.

What they're not counting on is how fucking bad this is going to be. People are so angry at western governments, and banks have a black reputation, already. When the crash comes large portions of society will have no reason to partake in clown world anymore as they won't be getting paid. Soicety will fragment into tribes and fight for food, and anyone associated with the power structure is either going to have to go underground forever or be lynched by starving mobs. Bear in mind they've trained 80% of people to be soft lapdogs of the system who lose their minds without a phone and central heating, let alone reliable food in the shops and electricity.

TL;DR The plan is to collapse society and then "save it" with an explicit NWO (pure hubris), what's actually going to happen is society will collapse and almost everyone in the cities, most young people, and most old people, elites included, will die/kill each other in the chaos.

PPT will save the DJI in December, I think. What comes in January? No idea. Pic related.

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Fuck off, degenerate exhibitionist.

The end of the burger empire is soon. Get out while you can

OP is a faggot, sage and report.

Reported for supporting jews.

There won't be a crash. They can't afford one.
Pic related.
Except no one is ever going to fight back against any of this. They control everything and have all the guns and food. People aren't fighting back now; they're not going to fight back later.
Of course they will. QE exists for a reason.

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thank for your extremely short term advice.

Implying that they'll be able to stop it or control it.
France says you're wrong.
The US civilian population has more guns than most of the rest of the world's armies combined, blackpill-kun.
Once again France.

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Bring it. We need more reasons for the weak to lynch themselves.

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Kill yourself.

They have total control of the entire global economy, you stupid fucking lunatic. 2008 wasn't a crash; there won't be one in the future.
Yeah, the people who are demanding MORE communism and saying nothing about the EU, UN, NATO, or white genocide are totally fighting back against the jews they're also not naming.
Once again, wrong.
You are the only one who has said this, self-admitted paid shill.
Blackpills don't exist. Nothing you said is relevant to anything I said. You have outed yourself.

Hope it heads to 15000 fast.

Enjoy The Collapse

If you truly believed there was no hope then you wouldn't be here furiously posting to try to convince others that there was no hope.

You're dick is so small that you couldn't reach it even if you had the flexibility of a cat. Glow moar.

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It will take couple of months. 2007/08 crash took 9-10 months to unfold. And we are just 1 month in.

Howdy tallest. Hows your day?

It's already back over.

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It's fucking nothing.

Hopefully it goes to 0 so I can watch all the niggers starve.

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Market has already bounced back. Stock market crash nonsense will never happen, it's too centrally managed nowadays

No argument. No evidence for your claims. Nothing even remotely resembling a refutation. Thanks for admitting you were proven wrong.

Checked. They will try, but kikes aren't as smart as they think they are.

Goldman Sachs have done nothing wrong. Trust me I am an employee.

It is fascinating to watch the unchecked greed as these fools attempt to make as many dollars as possible in any vehicle available that increases their personal wealth; ignoring what happens to purchasing power during inflation
1929 awaits them

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t. short-seller

Government manipulation/damage control.

Eat shit, avatarfagging jew

Reminder, the vols are the ones making these slides every week.

Wrong. They repeatedly crash the economy to pick up all the cheap assets when there's blood in the streets. There is no cost to them apart from if there's an actual revolt and they get lynched. Which they are too arrogant to believe can ever happen.

It's not about fighting back retard, it's about chaos. The system relies on a lot of cooperation of the slave class, when there's no food in the shops the system will collapse from sheer panic and fighting over scraps. What the fuck is the police force going to do for the government when none of them show up for work because they're out fighting for food?

Thanks for showing you don't understand how economics works. It's NOT completely under anyone's control. They can tweak it, stimulate it and harvest it for themselves but in the end they can't hide inflation.

NOT in America they don't!

They do, yeah. What the fuck is wrong with you? Do you really think anyone will believe you?

Exactly; so it doesn’t matter.
So it’s about losing.
And there’s no indication that this will be a problem.
They own every currency on Earth. They can do whatever the fuck they want.

Exactly. The only thing I don't get is why you didn't sage. This thread, like almost anything that DOESN'T get deleted, is nothing but newfags, doubleposting, and all around shit.

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Fuck off shill. You're hopelessly uninformed and pulling shit out of your arse, or lying.

Raise those rates.

Great thread, OP. :)
And I'd like to thank the mods as well for allowing it to stay up!