College Kid: White Built the Modern World Rant

College Kid White Built the Modern World Rant

I defy you to find something factually incorrect about what this kid said. White people are awesome. Liking – no, loving White people is the natural state of any White person. That’s all the kid said: “White people made the modern world, I love White people. I don’t hate myself.”

The swarming began almost instantly. It really is every. single. time. Like wow. These kikes are on White people patrol 24/7, just looking for innocent White lives to destroy by bringing the power of the media to bear on their lives.To see it play out so nakedly in front of you, in real time… it is breathtaking, even to a veteran counter-Semite such as myself.

Another she-kike sleuth quickly took over from there and doxed the kid.

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Somebody identified this person as Julian von Abele. He's a Columbia College student.

— Amelia Roskin-Frazee (@ARoskinFrazee) December 9, 2018

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All they're doing is giving him no options other than violence. And they keep doing it, over and over. They're creating the very thing they're afraid of.

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IOTBW was the most successful thing Zig Forums has ever pulled off.

It's European. But not just any European.
You are welcome, Zig Forums, now let's save that shit.

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this kid is a genius physicist who was recruited to colombia like kentucky recruits basketball players
it will be very interesting to see how this plays out

Whites, specifically white men really don't understand how most non whites and women in general think, what their thought process is, its one of our biggest weaknesses.

We assume everything thinks like we do. They do not, they only are after one thing, domination and power. They may not outwardly show it, but whenever their position is challenged, the fangs come out. Its funny we get accused of what they are, "Supremacists."

Moshe's last ditch effort, "Muh fellow whites, we are the greatest."

Maybe he will break away from the system and join our side. Best thing you can do is figure out some free energy shit and then just upload the shit free to the internet. Under mine the kike system.

Buy his book.

They'll make sure of it by trying to bully him into submission
People just need to offer him moral support, ensure him he's not the only one who thinks that way.

scots are great people, so are the rest of the european peoples

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Violence is inevitable. Even with one or a few legal routes available, the jews will never yield. What was the response to the rise of the NSDAP? WWII. What was the response to other countries abandoning international currency? (((Intervention aka War on Terror))).

Many on Zig Forums mistakenly believe that if a non-violent solution is reached in removing jews from positions of government power, violence can be avoided, but jews will try to bring violence. False-flags, someone getting (((suicided))), it's all part of the jews trying to stave off whites trying to do things the nice way. Jews will only be removed if their lives are removed.

Eventually whites will call their bluff, and the jews will be revealed to be weak and impotent.

It probably won't save him. James Watson got the nobel prize and they still blacklisted him just for stating the scientific fact that racial differences in IQ exist.

They'll think it was out of the blue and completely unjustified too.

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Send him some encouragement anons

Maybe they want a violent uprising so they can directly genocide us this time. So far they keep it soft; migration, demographic displacement, affirmative action, anti-white propaganda, holocaust cult. Maybe they're now trying to to move towards a more direct extermination by pushing us into a corner.
I dunno, just a thought.

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i'm afraid you're probably right

great idea, that is the easiest way we can support him

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If you get a nobel prize it generally means that you are smart enough to earn it, astute enough to con it, rich enough to bribe for it, etc. Mr. Watson can just say that those who criticize his earning of a nobel prize are brainless retards.

All the US, Canadian, and British discoveries/inventions were Scot discoveries/inventions. Basketball, for example, was created by a Scot who lived in pre-caliphate Canada.

Is it me or does he look like a jew?

thats fine, lets say scots are the best people in the world, this is not the place to turn europeans against each other

Most jews are genetically haplogroup G and

Most jews are genetically Haplogroup G (ydna) and Haplogroup K (xdna). The ones that aren't genetically African, Indian, or Asian.

Sorry, user. Too many beers.

The only thing scots are known for is scotch tape and bag pipes, shut the fuck up.

Exactly. He's a fucking kike.
Not as long as the Scottish list. Sorry, celtiberianon, you lose :^) Italians and Greeks get med culture prize.
Though the Portuguese and Spanish are the greatest world explorers having colonized most of the world. And Gaudi was preddy gud tbh fam.

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Yeah half of them tack themselves onto the success, plagiarize, and leech off white people.
The other half try to bring down, subvert and belittle white people.
Then they get together on their unholy sabbath and laugh about it.
Nothing changes.

What an awesome little shit.

he was drunk and was about to say "I love my race!" but his IQ overrode the drunkenness and he chose what he thought would be better words
the kid has been a famous physicist since he was 12 so if he was a kike they would have claimed him at some point before now
if someone confirms that he's a heeb i'll apologize but until then we need to treat him like a brother


And whiskey and haggis. Mighty fine whiskey and haggis, if I don't say so myself.


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He doesn't actually say a thing.
What this seems like is he and his friends are trying to make it illegal to say things or believe things like that on college campus. Those were his friends, the niggresses around him filming.

ah another one of (((them))) inciting anger against the white man

Gee, putting something on (((social media))) and getting kikes kvetching, wow, who would have thought?

haggis was the first thing the freemasons offered me when I went to check out their house. never liked the stuff. grand kilt is pretty cool.

Love means different things to different people. I have platonic love for most people of European genetic stock.

They even invented money.

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I had their vegetarian haggis at a whiskey bar at the very top of the Royal Mile…absolutely delicious.

"Twitter do your thing" I hope this ugly raghead sandnigger dies soon. Muzzie culture was always shit, discount Euro culture.

Fuck off, reddit.

Sodomitic alt-kikes will tell you this kid should have kept it in his pants instead of "destroying his life" like that.

Yeah…but all they are going to do is pill another YWM to our cause. {shrug} life is pain…better he learn when young, think how much time he will be saving.


And our end will be there end if that is what happens, but yet we continue to push forward

Good find

Wow it's almost like Jews operate on short sighted goals and immediate rewards.

It was worse than just being blacklisted. Jews were so upset about the discoverer of DNA's shape and properties (don't ever believe that shit about Rosalind Franklin, schools teach that to downplay the importance of Watson and Crick's work) discussing race that they financially harassed him for his entire life until he eventually had to sell that Nobel Prize.

Unfortunately we built modern society reflecting our high trust,pro liberty, pro personal responsibility, pro individualism, pro independence values. Which "gaps" have all been used to rob and subvert us.

That late in life and he hadn't setup passive income like managed rental property and long term capital gain investments? That's a slip up.

Idk man do they? I feel like they used to but this whole slow demographic genocide proves otherwise.

Did you watch a different video from what I watched? He's already one of us……

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Links break automatically when you post them on Zig Forums, you don't need to do that. Look:
Also, they are already review-bombing his books. Typical subhumans.

Look at those fucking mulatto POS's next to him, look at the shame in their eyes when he tells them the truth.

A shame he had to be a bit of a clown about it but if he wasn't they wouldn't have posted it.

The vast majority of human inventions and innovations come from a small area encompassing Britain, eastern France (particularly northeastern France), the Low Countries, Scandinavia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and northern Italy. Loosely oriented around the Rhine river. This region is also Europe's industrial core, which the FDR administration wanted to destroy and was only stopped by Henry Stimson blowing the whistle and generating mass outrage in the USA (as it would have killed some 25 to 30 million Germans in famine-genocide).

Cultural achievements (art, literature, and so on) are somewhat broader, but still at their peak in that geographical area. In America's days of growth and success, most of its immigrants came from those regions.

He is plant, he can't possibly be talking about serious stuff, that carry lifelong repercussions, with that smirk in his face. I bet he is joking or will probably apologize in a week or so.

It is not like kikebook, twatter, thotgram weren't strictly devised as tools of social and narrative control to shape public opinion. In the end she is just using their tools as intended, denouncing thoughtcrime.

No lies detected. Glorious kid with a good future ahead of him.

That would be the phrase Hitler Did Nothing Wrong

Hwndu is bretty gud and shows that if Zig Forums ever felt like it they could out cia every fucking org in the world.

he has been a known physicist since he was 12, not a plant, not a jew (they would have claimed him at some point prior to this)
he authored two books
he was drunk
he was obviously tired of whatever white guilt bullshit this group was spewing at him with before the recording
he was joking and laughing at their retardation
hes a spergy genius kid who probably didnt know how life changing those innocent words would be

Not true but I love the mental image so I'm going to choose to believe it.

I'd like to see them try.
They have made all the gains they have through our willingness to allow them. The moment it goes hot, truly hot, all bets are off - and Europeans exist because for 30,000 years everything this planet has had to offer, we have weathered.

I would rather a fight we might not win than a life of being cowed in fear, watching all that is good on this Earth fading into obscurity and muddy memory.

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Those kids are adorable and they are learning useful techniques too.

*saged for offtopic

>Calls to expel white Columbia University student, Julian von Abele continue after the sophomore physics student goes on racist tirade.
>A white Columbia University student has been caught on film launching a white superiority tirade at a group of students of color, shouting in the early morning hours along campus steps that ‘white people are the best thing that happened to the world.’
>Sophomore, Julian von Abele‘s seemingly drunk racist spiel was caught on video outside of Butler Library around 4am on Sunday.
They want to ruin his life, he did nothing wrong, simply standing up for yourself as a white man, and frankly for white men generally, is a capital offense.

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Maybe? He's about to be expelled from college for being a hate criminal.

They do. The demographic genocide is just Jews following unconscious behaviors over and over. Jews are de facto NPCs, and are slaves to their unconscious minds. They are animals who can only follow instinct. It just so happens that thousands upon thousands of short term choices, can sometimes lead to long term consequences, whether they be beneficial or harmful. Jews are not acting when they are taken aback by people being anti-semites. They are not acting when they are surprised that people hate them and want them dead. And they are not acting when they are completely oblivious as to why this is all happening. Do you not remember when Jews (and their sub-kikes) try to emulate memes in 2016? To meme (well) you have to have conscious thought. Do you not remember when they emulate art? To create (good) art you have to have conscious thought. Do you not remember when they do not understand morals and the simple Golden Rule? To understand ethics, you have to have conscious thought. Stop projecting your superior way of thought onto unconscious and conniving beasts.

racist facts are still racist, and that's against the rules.

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Except poles.

Good lad. We need more like him.

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They move pretty fast trying to ruin this kid's life. Well, it's also not going to take him long to become one of us.
He'll learn to dehumanize himself and face to bloodshed soon enough.

The comments at the bottom are infuriating.

We need to recruit him. Is there anyone who has twatter who wants to start pilling him and pulling him over to our side? We could use that sort of intellect in a wartime situation.


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Seemed like a drunk sperg to me.

Reminder that no one will ever stand up against this. Reminder that no one will physically fight back in any capacity. Reminder that this kid is now unemployable for the rest of his life and will never finish his degree at any college, simply because he told the truth.

shill harder

Mudslimes invented algebra though and the chinks invented math too since they made abacuses :^)

No one gives a shit what you think, yid.

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That mp4 is heartwarming as fuck.

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Why can't these retards see what they're doing? Trying to lead a lynchmob to ruin this guy's life for saying he's proud of his race but doesn't hate other races. A lot of normies are picking up on the double standards they face, and this shit keeps shoving the race issue in their faces.

defeatist shillbot is defeatist

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Green light means GO
Red light means STOP


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The buyer did not take the prize, just gave him a few million. There are good people out there.

Still proving me right, kike.

Reminder that no one will ever stand up against this. Reminder that no one will physically fight back in any capacity. Reminder that this kid is now unemployable for the rest of his life and will never finish his degree at any college, simply because he told the truth.

< Lefties post corrections, mentioning Muslims, Persians, Egyptian, Chinese, Mayans, Greeks.

Niggers BTFO. Even the anti-racists know you're dumb!

So white people.
So Iran, so white people.
Who are white people?
The fuck did the Mayans ever do involving math let alone inventing any? By all means inform me. Do they just mean calendars?
Hey first one. Well one out of five is pretty bad. Nice job there Columbia University. Aren't you glad you're known for your diversity and inclusion?

For fuck's sake. I am so utterly done with thieving retarded shitskins lying about everything.

i was so happy for a whitepill when you posted this, then i saw it was a russian billionaire and i was even happier

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Just a reminder folks that Columbia university hires a literal Marxist terrorist that was charged on felony murder and robbery charges to teach your kids. Oh yeah and she’s Jewish no surprise.

see pic related, pulled from a recent front page thread on reddit. they can't even see their own irony.

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This one? By the same artist who supported Hillary? Free speech in your society is society establishing that freedom of belief is allowed, and exists as a tool to undermine the current ruling regime. Taking people's method of dissent away just pushes them to more extreme choices.

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I seem to remember another very bright person in STEM too smart for those around him, and hated by the system

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Oh shit

So, cucks and shitskins are gearing up to lynch this guy.
The question is, what we are gonna do about it? Protest? Launch a campaign on Yidder with lists of White inventions getting shoved into everyone's faces? Or just sit here and pick lint out of our navels?
If they succeed with getting him expelled, it will only embolden them. Like a pack of hyenas managing to get a bite out of a giraffe.