Kikes ultramad at pewdiepie for shouting out /E;R/

Kikes ultramad at pewdiepie for shouting out /E;R/
Jews severely asshurt that the "based and redpilled" most famous jewtuber promoted neon nazi propagandist, E;R

One of our good brodies, E;R, who makes cultural analysis videos of (((modern cinema))) and cartoons and shit, is currently being ultra sperged at by kike media for calling out their kike trickery via the medium of comedic dogwhistles (that are enjoyed by all).

Ironically, Armenian genocide deniers, (((The Young Turks))) are pretty uppity about this. Friendly reminder that the actual TYT was controlled by kikes.
Here's a video from one of their whiny jewish lackies

E;R's videos are being shut down left right and center and multiple outlets are kvetching at pewdiepie. Grab the popcorn, this is going to get good.

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Forgot to include:
E;R's twatter.

Inb4 muh e-celebs – things like this are a strong indicator that the pendulum swing of the cultural shift is coming further and further into our direction; the hebraic tears are delicious.

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I don't watch eceleb but this is pretty cool I guess.

I have always known this since pewdiedie appears in Murdoch Murdoch.

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What is the state of YouTube alternatives? Last thing I heard was that BitChute ended up compromised somehow. What else have we got?

Are they all on Bitchute?

Nah BitChute is a UK based company so were forced by law to remove National Action's Darlington speech and some other NA videos, because they'll get arrested for hosting "terrorist" (lit: nazi shitposters who put up mean stickers) materials.

Invidious if you don't know about it already.

There's also Liveleak.

I should add: they are transferring the location of the company to Burger so they can host anything.

Invidious and Hooktube are just frontends for (((YouTube))), they don't host anything themselves.

Not last I checked, some reuploads and Get;Out, since jewtube banned that one from the get-go.
But E;R has a large fanbase, his vids wont disappear.

E;R's steven universe video is amazing, but all things considered I am amazed it stayed up as long as it did. He criticizes Jews a lot in his vids.

tl;dr There isn't

However you can upload to completely unknown sites if you want to share a particular video.
mediagoblin is one of those.

I love how they can be pissy all they want about pewdiepie but hes damn near untouchable because he was the first whore not entirely of his own choosing to be paraded about and (((they))) probably put billions into him and his brand.


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His videos are some of the best edited in that particular corner of yt. Streisand effect will hit hard on this one, I heard he gained around 20k subs since pewdiepie gave the shoutout yesterday.

Here's a backup.

Somehow I can tell zoomers would pick Pewdiepie between him and news media calling him a racist jew hater. In fact this might even redpill them on who runs the media.


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anyone here got the video of Pewds shouting out to E;R?

E;R is on borrowed time on youtube anyways. I bet his videos are still only up so they can try and take pewdiepie down with him after another big press hit on pewds which is rolling out now it looks like.

It's the don't subscribe to pewdiepie one
around the 15 minute mark

I think pewds is one of youtubes shareholders, hes kinda untouchable.

and not a peep from them about pewd's commie hat

Do you think pewdiepie saw the Steven universe one?

I've seen plenty of channel owners with checkmarks commenting in E;R videos before, even ones that play it safe and have very clean normiefag content. The Jew is simply afraid.

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fuck off trs

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E;R's content has always been amazing. It's cool to see this stuff going more mainstream, but at the same time this is going to increase the censorship push against E;R and pewdiepie. It's probably worth mirroring E;Rs videos to bitchute and other platforms.

There's also vimeo right?

Reverse promotion of controlled opposition.
It's the HopeNotHate effect.
Whoever they wish to position as "based and legit" controlled opposition, they pretend to viciously attack.
They also have their other shills promote the same person, if their persona lines up.
tl;dr staged bullshit and you think you're red pilled falling for this?

Book 31.

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In today's post (Dec 10, 2018) Pewdiepie slips a red pill to his 9 year old army.

"BUSH DID 911".

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So to sum up, anyone actually attempting to push these ideas to a made audience is a shill. If you are legitimate rethink what you are trying to achieve. Making a video that shits on Steven universe, knowing the audience of it, focusing on the Jews behind the current transgender degeneracy, and ending on a fantastic Hitler speach is a shill.

Don't bother with the damage control yids, just look at them. Look at them and laugh.

Is E;R the jewish dude who runs encyclopedia dramatica?

E;R is some of the best shit on jewtube.
But then pewds was in a communist hat today and thats garbage.

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Except that Bush II was quite possibly our stupidest president and could not have possibly orchestrated 9/11. Good dodging skills though.
Netanyahu on the other hand

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Posts "death to all jews"
Flushes $13 million contract with Disney down the toilet, deliberately, keeps $13 million and doesn't have to do anything but say fuck you Disney. Hero tier maneuvre.
World press comes out against him. Subs go from 48 million to 60 million.
Indian pop music site is going to surpass him. The entire You Tube comes to his defense, even Jordan Peterson. Subs are currently at 75.89 million one year after running Hitler speeches; pulls away from T Series with the entire Indian sub continent behind it.

i love this nigga

Fuck off Moarpheus

He's going to lose to the Indians. Then the world will learn how much poo there really is.

It's a joke dumbass he's playing Tropico 6 Beta…he's a South American dictator so he's wearing a S. American dictator hat.

How's the weather in Tel Aviv?

Don't let Bush off the hook so easily. He wasn't stupid, he has Lyme disease.

pewds said nigger on stream

Yep saw that. Good redpill.

Getting normies suspicious towards government is the first step.

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fuck off trs

Not very funny.
Yeah, looking closer its not even hammer and sickle as I thought… What the fuck is that?

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E;R makes some good stuff. Shame they're going to crack down on him.

Is E;R the guy who did the Saving Private Ryan video a while back?

Bush was having breakfast with Osama bin Laden's brother on 911. He got the entire family out of the country on a special flight (when all other air traffic was grounded) without letting the FBI interview them…


Calm down.

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Pewds rides the wave so fucking well. Everything he does basically points them out, but the way he does it is so subtle.

yeah how about your fuck off trs

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The 9 year old Army will fight and die for our fuhrer Pewdtler.





Dammit. Now E;R is going to get booted off Jewtube. Why does everything I love have to go away?


courtesy of /cow/

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It's mostly for the newfriends lurking

He knows that art of subtlety very well. Jews can't touch him because he's hidden himself in plain sight so well.

Pewdiepie is Nazbol and spammed by TRS. Now fuck off.

First is from pewds and the 2nd is from E;R

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Oh right I forgot, their entire worldview is a fog machine that emits fantasy for them to inhale.


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absolutely epbic

A tropical Tree, which is the logo for the Tropico series.

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haha so that makes Felix a commie..

singing the communist national anthem makes him a commie..

Rite. Irony is beyond you even when served up on a big silver platter.

yeah it's all irony bro. just like lauren southern and all the other commies are just ironic. fuck off trs

I remember when PewdiePie was one of, if not ==the==, biggest cancers on the internet. Now look at him, doing the good work.

I didn't deserve those dubs. Forgive my mistake.

I wonder if making a "pewdiepie is /ourguy/" compilation would be good or bad for us.

Ah, makes sense then.

No it doesn't, especially not while doing so mockingly. Just straight up wearing Communist insignia, now that would be suggestive.

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Checked for kind of hard to be a White person on the internet these days without seeing the way the wind blows, especially if you've been specifically targeted by kosher journalists trying to lay you low for saying a wrongthink word.

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As long as you learn from your mistake and don't repeat it it's all good, d00b. I'm happy with how PDP's changed over the years. All those kids are seeing and hearing those jokes and they're starting to get old enough to join the workforce and vote.

Do you even know what those shirts say?

What's wrong with the first one? Its just a Russian language meme.
As for the second one, why don't you go ahead and link the source of that image. I'll wait.

Except TRS is (((Libertarian))) you fuck wit

Get it right.

This is exactly what kike shill would say.

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TRS is connected to Kushner so as to shill for Israel though

Really? You got any proofs?

They don't do a very good job of it. Certainly not relative to, say, Dicky.


trs is nazbol

You do know right that it says Cyka Blyat

Reminds me of the guy who made the vid about beating-up a feminist in RDR2.

No it isn't, retard. Moarpheus is just an ultrasperg who calls literally everything controlled opposition.

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I guess I need to repeat myself.

Dealing with non-Whites is always a struggle…

I'm glad Zig Forums knows him. I found him by randomly while watching people breakdown star wars.
Hes the only YouTuber who gets tons of views that calls out the jew that I know of.

So you don't know what the shirt says. It says the same thing that you are: Fucking Shit.

This is some Streisand effect shit.
Looks like the SHUT IT DOWN on his video about the shitflix adaptation of DN?

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Look back at all the CIA connections its all there
The alt right was created so it could die and take NatSoc with it
We're at the stage where the alt right is dead and we're left with huge amounts of pro Israel shilling that is not countered