FBI arrests ISIS sympathizer planning copycat synagogue shooting

FBI arrests ISIS sympathizer planning copycat synagogue shooting
Boomerwaffen Bowers inspired an "ISIS admirer" to plan his own synagogue shooting

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Reminder, faggots, this is why you READ SIEGE before you do any dumb shit and get yourself vanned.

Do. Not. Talk.
Never speak to anyone about conducting any acts such as this.

Not that any of us Zig Forumsacks would ever do a thing like nasty ISIS sympathizer-kun, since Zig Forums is nothing more than a humble mongolian basket weaving board of peace.

This may or may not be completely fictional fake news, whoever knows with these kikes?

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How do these people even get picked up by undercovers? How do they work their way into these people's lives, or does the FBI get somebody that's already involved with the suspect to do the dirty work?

Interesting question that I doubt the CIAniggers and FBIniggers will give us an answer to, as it will unveil their methods of entrapment.

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They probably got his parents to rat him based off of some shit they managed to trace to him online.

Is that /v/s Mark with a shitty beard??

implying I need that book to tell me not to be a dumbass.

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Golly, where have we seen this before? Daily reminder that anyone calling for IRL violence on a public forum is either a spook or stupid.

He too skinny to be Mark.

They just look for a retard who's easy to manipulate and isolated. Then they place several undercovers to be his sole friends, and then they convince him to do this shit with weapons they supply. Then once he's agreed and states whatever intent they need him to for their promotion or media piece, they arrest him.

this, I feel like they flipped on one of their own (((informants))) for some reason. Is something big coming?

That's a jew in goat's clothing.

Is it illegal to "plan" something like this to fuck with glow in the darks while having no actual ability to actually do it?

Not advised. These aren't the type of guys to walk away with their jimmies rustled

This guy get it. Alphabet orgs are a racket. They manufacture schemes and spend our tax dollars to "thwart" their own plans, pinning it all on borderline mentally retarded people who would never have been a threat to anybody. Then they point at their mountain of "busts" and demand more funding, repeat, here we are in an America where tons of people live with at least a slight fear of an attack and ironically the orgs claiming to bring peace of mind are the fucking terrorists.


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Fuck off you TRSodomite. We’re at a point where there aren’t many options remaining. Expect to see more of this over the coming years.

Kys TRSodomite.

You as well.

t. Moshe

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Looks totally legit and organic

This once again proves all white men are fanatical killers and one step away from shoahing the entire jewish population in America! Do something Trump!

You glow in the dark.

Niggerjew, TRS loves your kind.

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Soon as they can find a way to make being white illegal.

Suck my dick you cocksucking piece of shit gay faggot. Leftypol took over /b/ recently and they’re going to fucking destroy Zig Forums and /cow/ soon. Fuck you.


if you want to get vanned quickfast, sure.

He's a fucking jew. look at him.

How the fuck did he even make contact with them? What part of his """plan""" required outside help? It's like needing to consult on whether you to go Mcdonalds or Wendys. They dredge this shit up once a month to justify their jobs because there's SO little actual extremism going on.

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Global report for porn.

It's not illegal tranny.

True, but you deserve to get banned.

Discord, dumbass. One of the agents probably pretended to be an atomwaffen or ISIS member then sent him a hip meme with bomb making instructions. After the entrapment they arrested him. They've done this to thousands of average to low IQ white men. These agents literally just send messages like "hey planning on killing anyone, X?" or "boy I sure wish we could get back at them jews, right? Here post what your plan is if you could". They're a fucking joke. Just like OP says READ SIEGE nigger.

Stay mad, cunt.

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A long time ago right after 911 they busted a terror cell in Fl.
They were planning some kind of major event but the feds arrived just in the nick of time. I cant remember all the details but basically it was a few homeless niggers that were camped in some abandoned warehouse. They got all up into the NOI and some shit but I doubt they had enough money to scrape together for bus fare to DC. Let alone acquire all the munitions and shit for their main event.

tldr the feds set up some homeless niggers on a terror plot and annonouced to the world how effective they are at keeping us safe

HRT running low and no one to foot the bill? Bummer dude.

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Check /b/, that board belongs to leftypol now. Y’all are next along with /cow/.

Well yeah, job security. Without them we would have to take care of shit ourselves and we would fucking handle it. The kikes don't want that. They saw what our own were willing to do with the planes. They can't have white people acting like white people.


What bitch, vols not jumping fast enough for you?

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I see why you losers never win anything and are on a constant losing slope.

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Tactically retarded and ethically inexcusable.

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Typo? "Inexcusable" is the bad one.

you mean when you feebly tried to shill there and the /b/tards told you to fuck off and get gassed? you are a pathetic joke

Pittsburgh was a hoax and so this would be a copycat hoax

I guess what I don't get is that, if some people I had no reason to know started trying to ingratiate themselves to me socially, I'd be real fucking suspicious. But you're right they find lonely idiots who are just glad somebody is willing to talk to them, even if it is somebody that they had never seen before but suddenly start working their way into their lives out of nowhere.

Not fake, but pretty gay. Saw this on the news at the bar.

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He looks like that Jew who's known as the screaming muslm.

Funny how the (((ISIS))) attacks on jews always seem to get foiled, but they have no problem cutting the heads off of Syrian kids

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So the FBI busts one of their own plots to justify their budget?

I live in the affected city, and it was known among socially active people that undercovers were fanning though the city at the time. I think one may have interviewed me, probably because of my social media postings. I think I escaped the drag net, because I don't have plans to commit mass murder.


You clowns think we can't trace and geolocate your IPs, even through your secure' VPN ?

Ha! You're all one shitpost away from being vanned. We have bigger fish to fry than Chan Larpers. This guy showed his hand in other ways.

This is all I can say:

female agents

Yeah, the whole "secret agent" thing you guys used, "Hey im from the FBI, we are looking for bad actors that want to shoot up bars" thing your agents were using wasn't totally transparent or anything. lol. Again living in the affected city, pat yourself on the back, you did good work here. Thanks!

They're retarded and accept help from anyone who offers it, even strangers

They are the types of retards who call you "optic-cuck" for not following the dumbest plans out there. IE.
They cannot think long term at all.

You're probably memeing but please accept my application.

They'll arrest and monitor you, even if you aren't sincere about it.

>some sandnigger copycat of (((natural and organic))) false flag fednigger

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How hard is it to buy a gun and go shoot up a place? It’s fucking easy. Bowers did it no problem and took out a dozen of them. This clown in Toledo was a retard or he was setup.


Toledo is notable because there were two different terrorism cells. There was the Isis guy who wanted to shoot up a synagogue. Then there was the nazi lesbian who wanted to blow up a bar. They were both arrested on monday. Yesterday they caught the conspirator to the nazi lesbian.

Bowers did not merely want to "kill a rabbi". He was not targeting just any rabbi. As you can see at en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?diff=870508437 Bowers was specifically targeting members of the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society involved in the "Refugee Shabat"effort. This was specifically Dor Hadash (a synagogue which also does gay weddings) and Bowers only targeted 1 member of that congregation.

The other 10 deaths (7 Tree of Life, 3 New Light) were clearly people attacking Bowers unwarrantedly so it those were self defense. Bowers' sole target was the HIV doctor who treated children and was preparing to circumcize 2 baby boys adopted by a pair of men who recently oined Dor Hadash. Bowers managed to delay the sexual abuse of those baby boys through the targeted assassination of Dr. Jerry Rabinowitz.

The Rosenthal bros (Cecil and David) were the ToL door guards who attacked Bowers with their retard strength.

Rabbi Melvin Wax and his cronies Daniel Stein and Richard Gottfried triple-teamed Bowers in the basement while he was chasing Rabinowitz.

The deaths of the Simons (Bernice and Sylvan) and the other 3 ToLers (Joyce Fienberg, Rose Mallinger, Irving Younger) were because Rabinowitz chose a final 5 people to hide behind in the Pervin Chapel.

Rabinowitz had some kind of messianic hold over the entire chapel, as they were all willing to die for him, because it is very important to Jews to keep people with HIV alive, and to let them adopt baby boys with open wounds on their penis and allow men to place their HIV sore-ridden mouths over those open penis wounds on the baby.

All 3 synagogues are engaged in a massive cover-up of the Rabinowitz bris in Dor Hadash, the only congregants who mention it in interviews are Barry Werber and his Farmington Hills niece Retta London, and both subsequently disappeared soon after they dared to mention it.

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