Would you rather; Jews or muds?

Let's face it the chance for ridding us of muds and Jews passed a long time ago. At some point your decendeants will get browned out. Just get it over with, would you rather procreate with a Jew or a mud?

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Reminder to sage and report all defeatist propaganda.
Reminder that Zig Forums is still assmad from the /b/ incident and probably swarming all over this place like a swarm of very angry, very stupid bees.

How about neither?
I come from a family with over 300 living members from 6 generations that are all white.
Id like to not disappoint my family, thanks.

And when we are 20% how do we have faith they won't get browned out?

C) muslims will breed with kikes.

Bestiality is wrong, OP. Normal people don't engage in it. The interracial couple rate is lower than you think.

We d like the believe. But in a hundred years?

Go make some white babies and stop being a blackpill faggot. Shitskin population is going to implode soon enough, they have their shitty populations propped up with aide and other unnatural things that stop natural selection from working. Eventually it's all going to implode and a lot of them are going to die in a very painful and awful way, much worse than if we left them to their own devices and let them suffer.

Only cities are filled with shit skins.
Country Bruces still have large white families in white communities.

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Browns are replicating quite quickly in Venezuela and other shitholes . The idea that you cut off Gibs and you starve them doesn't seem born out

In a hundred years we'll have overthrown the kikes and shipped the nigs back to Africa. The current situation with muds sponging off welfare is a historical anomaly.

What wet dream is that? That will happen because ?

Reported for QTDDTOT and jewish false dichotomy.

That is a big fancy word ya poofter, based and redpilled though.

False dichotomy my ass. The Jews own it all and the muds are a super majority under age 15

OP can't make white babies. He's a non-white.

Not an anomaly. Muds are always welfare leeches - they can't run an economy without cheats enabled. And then fuck that up too. Simply put, they were created not to run economies - but to invade nations at the behest of the jew.

MGTOW, Sexbots, Artificial Wombs are the future.
The future is White.
Every knee shall bend to the MGTOW Master Race
Stay mad, faggots

Still avoiding the question

What historical precedent is there for it? As opposed to whites ruling over muds, which is the natural state of things.

Still celibate and push technology so far ahead that it limits who can access it based on intelligence alone.

Why are whites the minority and dying then?

fuck off with your kike questions

These. Neither you defeatist homo

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As a race we don't have a reason to fight and that is why it looks like the 20% figure is inevitable, we find the reason to not allow this and we shall have victory.

Ah yes, the false dichotomy. What better way to shill multi-culti bullshit. Go choke on a trimmed dick.

False dichotomy yid. Both of you are fucking dead.

fuck off retard, your handlers deserve their money back

at this point? muds tbh. theyre the weapon of the jews against whites. without it they pose very little threat.
if this was maybe 60-100 years ago i'd say jews.

its like a weak criminal broke into your house and brought 50 niggers. not much i can do at this point. not even sure if removing the weak criminal would solve the problem. but if i remove the niggers, i can get my revenge on the criminal that let them destroy my house.

This is how shills operate

i answered the question in the title and said i would get rid of muds so that i can easily go after jews since the muds are the weapon of the jews.

how exactly did i play into anything?

Everything I don't understand is a shill. The state of POL

Well, since 23 and Me told me I'm 1/8 Ashkenazi, I guess it would have to be Jews. Gotta take care of my people, the chosen ones.