Halfchan Bunker Thread - Mossad SHUT IT DOWN

Israel has been losing their mind lately and keep freezing Zig Forums so information can't be disseminated as well as the possibility of a false flag.

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Not this shit again.

Fuck off niggers.

The Israelis actually deem Zig Forums such a threat that they've shut it down 4 times this week. It's fucking insufferable since they don't understand that it won't save them.

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I heard that Jordan Peterson is negotiating to buy 4chan so that he can finally shut down the dangerous pepe the frog meme that he believes is leading young White men to set up the final holobunga.

Jordan Peterson is gonna be extradited to the United States and charged with crimes soon.

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You fucks are just like Californians. Shit up your own place so bad you can't live there, and then go to the fucking neighbors and proceed to pull the same shit you did back home. Fuck off. If you can't even come here without making a fucking billboard about how you're from cuckchan you don't belong here.

Hello bunker friends, what this time?

I actually believe this.

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The faggot gook that runs the site keeps letting it go down. I wish he would get his shit together. Every time it happens, the quality of posts drops dramatically.

I think Trump might be releasing the FISA declassification tomorrow, but there's also a possibility that Mossad false flag to distract from it.

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That faggot Gook let Israelis replace actual mods who were once considered gods and allows them to freeze it whenever they fucking want. Fuck israel.

It is so scary that I view that as a logical possibility at this point in time.


we don't care kill yourselves

Q predicted this

Pizzagate shutdown

halfchannel and halfchan's respective backends must be fucking separated

anons, now what was happened? god dammit, the site goes down every fucking day

Lel talk about Q, pizzagate, yellow vest and everything goes down.

THIS. Their AI algorithm saw too much positive engagement with normies IP's so they shut it down to keep us from waking up our brothers.

Were they trying to get ahead of a story they knew was coming out? What the fuck did Podesta think he would accomplish with this article but make people even more weirded out. He mentioned it out of nowhere. Normies are catching on.

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Q is mossad. You know why they shut it down because you're a mossad shill that feels like confirming what I already knew. Maybe out of pure arrogance.

I know. What country in +2 time zone could be doing this?

They are above us peasants thats how they show it. But, dont forget that it all cames out with the leaked emails from podeasta. Otherwise no one would know


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Yup, you're 100% a shill. Do you know that on January 1st the new court martial laws go into effect. Military tribunals are coming. So much more is coming. The NWO is fucked. Pedos are fucked. israel is fucked.

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I hope you're right

Boo fucking hoo

Listen motherfucker even if Q is a larp, The Great Awakening movement simply represents the pursuit of truth and freedom for the world starting with the states.

Ie Q represent the only movement of genuine hope. All others have agendas (yeah i know you think q is mossad) with bias outcomes.

Even if what you say is true, Q has an agenda but wants unbiased outcomes.

In the end you see that it's just the REAL game being played. And the two main teams are good individual liberty loving humanity type people vs evil hate humanity i want to rule the world im better than everyone type people.

Nothing to do with race skin country gender orientation etc.

Those are all divide and conquer through deception tactics by the (((people that want to rule the world.)))

So what side are you on?


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Wrong. Why are you spamming a copypasta? I SAID Q IS A MOSSAD PSYOP. Stop playing these pilpul word games. Trump is draining the swamp. Zig Forums is always right. And you're a faggot.

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Grug see Jordung Pebbleson go to Trilateral Cave Feast.
Grug think to self: Why Jordung want global cave network for short nose grugs? Why Jordung friends with long nose grugs who no want connect cave to global network? Global cave network flooding short nose grug caves with burnt grugs.
Jordung say: Burnt grugs same as short nose grugs, no tribe, only grug. Clean cave. Tribe mind is disease.
Grug wonder why Jordung's cave full of rockmunism cave art.
When grug ask Jordung why long nose grugs kill so many short nose grugs with rockmunism, Jordung say "no can talk".
Grug suddenly realize that global cave network is rockmunism.

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its all so tiresome

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Copy pasta? I wrote this in another thread not too long ago. Were you there arguing with me too? Sounds to me like your an [Enemy combatant] or just a rabid brainlet.

Either way people like you hate these words of truth and ousting of the deep state. Why?

Kys nigger no actual arguement to what i said.

few halfchan refugees, and nobody explain or know why this time 4chan goes down….

the first time was for a police leaks in France
the second time was thanks to an user that wanted to make a yellow vest in US

now what??


It's always Israel.

site maintenance, nothing to see here

Grug already knew

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why is it whenever one of these bunker threads sho up on here. qtards come rolling in thinking its about them?
do people on doublech unironically fucking believe this stuff lol

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I was in a thread precisely talking about Q and in other threads talking about pizza gate.

Other days it was yellow vests.

It's all I know.

"Cant be Q it's a coincidence goy Q and hope from great awakening is not real. Go post more about how much blacks are worse than you natsoc yeah!"

kike always is behind of this but I keep question me, what is the new excuse for froze 4chan this time

bullshit, this shit had happening many times this week

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you might wanna use 4chan instead, no point to make it obscure when you want to catch attention

it's because 4chan goes down, moron


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except we don't want to come to your shit hole

I thought I told you the backup site was 420chan.

Q predicted this>>12538522

posting boomerwave until its back

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pretty sure you didn't

"Goys look! Infographic looks ridiculous how can be true right RIGHT? It like crazy conspiratory story and is anti remote ov vey. Surely you will not follow right goy? IS RIDICULOUS RIGHT GOY?! NO STOP OK OK Q IS REAL BUT IS MOSSAD NO PLEASE GOY NO…… RABBI SHUT IT DOWN!"

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heres a simpler one for you to follow

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I want return to 4chan, this place smells like shit

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nigger you're sheep

It looks like it's up to me.
Go back now.

Connection error

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so anyome know why the fuck the entire site is in suicide watch right now or is it just me?

2024 is a leap year that starts on a Monday. The last time this happened was 1996. 2001 was a non-leap year that started on a monday. Also 2007 and 2018.

too late faggot, this keep like that as one hour

Why does this shit keep happening?

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is this the right roadmap?

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I actually was having a fucking melt fest looking at pizza gate shit tonight. I had forgotten how creepy all that shit was. Was right after I kinda ripped a fed post too, scared the shit out of me after every device i had on different IP's wasn't working, but then realized the catalog wasn't moving either…

holy shit, that's an awesome Photoshop edition

Refugee from fullchan. Gibs me memes

you can't shitpost

Stop makin fun of me asshole

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you want it?

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please stop posting these I can't stomach them. posting something more wholesome like guro

You fail to see my point.

The effect of Q has so far contributed to the yellow vests which are readily naming globalism jews, corruption in the central bank's through taxes etc.

You know. The statist satanic bankers. The ones that are evil.

So the outcome of Q so far has been a net positive for the world.

Thus even if it is a larp it is worth following.

Unless you support the statist satanic bankers of course.

"No goy you are wrong it IS mossad. Want me to prove? Here look it is old boomers who like Q. Surely a young strong goy like you wont fall for it. Afterall the boomer destroy economy for you when they were young so they evil. They rob you! See goy, it's ok Q is mossad for old people nothing to see here."

I finally understand

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at last you're white

That website sucks ass. They have a board dedicated to trannys. It's the blue pilled chan

Its real troglodyte

I voted for Benjamin Netanyahu in 2016 as a write in and I'm going to do it again in 2020. I hope it becomes a meme by that time. He was born in Pennsylvania and is a US citizen, so he's eligible for the seat too.

it's because is the most popular but it's not too bad, 4chan has a lot of memes and NatSoc humor

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Holy FUCK FILTERED. These kikes are trying to deflect from the fact that Jews are getting ahead of something by freezing the board. Either they're about to do a false flag or they're trying to prevent discussion of information which is about to get released.

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Yeah it's almost to me like the kike jannies have a register of It's that are normies and anytime there is positive interaction and exchange of information between the "4chan incels" and the normies they shut it down to stop people from getting good information and turn them to relying instead on fake news media.

Why does Zig Forums blame Jews for literally everything?

They're not that numerous and they're not going to kill you for insulting them like Muslims will, so I guess Jews are an easy scapegoat, right? Is that why you blame them for everything?

Also, how come almost everyone on Zig Forums has exactly the same viewpoints on everything? Are none of you capable of thinking for yourselves?

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looks comfy

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t. Barbara
Keep trying though.

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Q is a psyop to satiate the most rebellious of trumps online base into inaction, just as the altright is/was an attempt to gatekeep people from moving far right, just as trump himself is only in place to satiate white people long enough that demographics render the US a one party state.

You keep banging on about mosad but trumps own family are all jews, the kushners are legit an elite kike family, the whole point of all of it is to get people to sit back and enjoy the epic show..!
trump at any point in the last 2 years couldve had every pedo den in america torched, itll never happen

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My Zig Forums folder has over 50,000 images
Do I have a problem?

I hate to say it man but Q got my mom into researching and red pilling. She used to laugh at me 5 years ago when I would rant at jews. Now shes a boomer with a critical mind and a ton of time to read the truth and try to extend her red pills to her friends. LARP or not unless exposing their own degeneracy its completely backfiring on them. Anti-semetism is on the rise not the decline, unless you think they are going to "manufacture" another 6 gorrilion shoah by pushing boomers into murdering jews this cannot be good for them.

use pngquant

You are suffering cognitive dissonance. It's a disease known as Jewishness.

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It's back up. I really don't understand why the kikes keep doing this.

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I think like you time ago, but when I notice that something everytime has privilege to Jews and Israel. I started to think that probably Jews has more power than I expect

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I have to say, very nicely formed hands and you got a thumb out of it too, i bet those long ones can really rip a g spot

Alright, why'd they shut it down this time? I was in a /comfy/ Antarctica thread