Woman quietly films mentally ill faggots, gets cops called on her


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That's strange. they're acting out in public for attention, and get their panties in a twist over a camera.

Only when its a camera in the hands of someone they don't trust to present it positively.

they're doing it again next saturday

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"Calling the Media the Enemy of the public is a direct threat on our Democracy"

One chance to redeem yourselves, Californicators.

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So many slides. The leftytranny is pissed.

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Finally someone stood up to them. Everyone should do this until they stop. No violence, just go there and tell the kids it's perverted, demonic evil and they shouldn't listen to it, and then just leave peacefully. Probably not a good idea to overstay after you are told to leave. If this wasn't an old woman or the cop wasn't so nice, this would likely have ended in an arrest.

It'd be best to go in groups, one after another and don't have any text, audio or video record of your organizing it. You could even bring your kid to blend in. Have some plants so hey never know what will happen or when. Either they will stop doing these, or at the very least the kids will get to hear you and they'll probably remember it for the rest of their lives.

This filth s going on all over the world. Enough.

Toppest of keks, John Cleese would be proud.

it happened in Alabama thank god.

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DIVERSITY does not corrupt children, fear and intolerance does

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This is my store and I have the right to refuse anyone service.


I am not afraid.

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Is it me that I see the reactions of the babies as if they knew something wrong?

No, it's not just you.

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I thought the babies aren’t fully self aware because they are still developing. It look like that I am wrong after all.

I hope, I really hope that the next generation see the madness growing up and go against it.

This is fucking sick.

What normal mom or dad wouldn't want their young, impressionable children to be exposed to gender confu … um, diversity. It always works out well on Telavivision shows. What could possibly go wrong?

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They don't really expose young people to this stuff tho; do they?

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Fuck off with bitchute you kike, upload somewhere else

I'm sort of curious to know what this little guy is going to go through when the faggots that are making a fuss over him dump his ass when he gets too old to be of interest to them any more.

That bitchute shit just hangs for me. Never works

He'll be a Heroin addict selling tranny sex for drug money on Hollywood blvd

They really do.

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They know.

((( )))

The more I look at these images, what's really jumping out at me is that its all White people.

You don't see niggers or spics dragging their kids into this shit. Only demoralized mind-fucked White cuckolds. Good god, can you imagine letting your wife harp at you to take your kid to something like this, let alone being supportive?
The epitome of a failed shit-test.

Don't worry, you can always spank your wi- mom, that's a crime ever since women got the vote

Interesting bit on hate and fear. I reckon while those are the primary negative emotions of a liberal, the primary negative emotions of a conservative are anger and disgust.

And the projection bit is right. When we're confronted with this heinous shit, we're not actually afraid of it as these leftists seem to think. We're disgusted by it. Like seeing someone with diseased skin. It needs to be removed for social safety. And when they think we hate something, we don't. We're just bloody pissed off by it.

Also the projection largely goes one way. Conservatives tend to be less emotional and more logical to begin with so they're able to identify the nature of liberal/conservative mindsets as opposed to simply projecting conservative emotions onto liberals.


welcome to hell

A milky hell, apparently.

reminder that faggots and the mentally ill can't procreate to create new monsters, so they recruit children.
This is being state-mandated to raise the percentage of homos dramatically in order to control population numbers. The plan was already set out in the 1960s.

Poor boy is going to kill himself when he is no longer useful to them. He doesn’t have a clue what will happen to him in the future.

I have yet to see this homo make a single supportive post on this board, while going out of his way to tell others they don't belong.
Unironically makes you think.

quads of purging
They don't know what they are doing, they are just blindly following like 99% of the population. They simply receive signals on television "tranny rancidity is ++good!!!" and ape that notion in real life.

if it doesn't lactate, that is false advertising

Funny thing is that the suicide will be blamed on "al da hataz y'all niggaz" rather than the demented faggot rather that dressed his son as a girl and forced him to suck his dick since the age of 2.
Facts that will be revealed some years later but not be mentioned as a contributing factor.

It is easy for them to blame it on the niggers because they knew the brainwashed people will believe anything unquestionably. How depressing. If the faggotory thing is a crime that is punishable by death then none of this hazardous traditions happens to the poor children.

"Dear Mr. Putin, if any of your bots are listening; please nuke us! Weimerica and the US of Israel are a cancer to the planet. kthx"

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Eh, based boomer?

Oh fuck no. Babies don't have words to express themselves, but they are plenty aware and have great pattern recognition. My 6 month old gets wierded out when I occasionally wear glasses. Plus, babies survival for most of history has been based on finding the woman and sucking her tits. You think a wig and some makeup will fool a baby? Fuck no. Most of these trannies aren't fooling anyone.

Even this little boy can't pass and he hasn't gone through puberty yet.

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Its hard wired into us user. Except behaviour and reaction can be reprogrammed. Thats why they want them so young, get them as early as possible.

The overwhelming majority of them were sexually abused as children. If you tell that to most people, it makes them feel sympathetic towards them.
But think of what this mean in a practical, real sense.
It means that when you see the next generation of trannies, they're mostly that way because the current batch raped them.

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Are they bringing their kids to wholesome right-wing story-hour at the other bookstore?

While I appreciate the effort, any kid whose parent would expose them to this is already fucked.

Cops serving the pedo trannies just like they served the niggers going to white schools

Stopped reading there, because you are wrong. They are born with predisposition to be evil and are nurtured by kikes via collegue, tv and other faggots.

Is this the future of Baki Bazi shows?

I wonder (((where))) you got that idea from.
Kind of like how animals aren't conscious beings either.

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Homosexuals are more likely to be molested than straight men
archive.is/B5ZO3 The content seems to be blocked off, or archive broke it
It seems like you kinda contradicted yourself, since be predisposed since birth would be child abuse in itself, but it depends on how you define "abuse".

Can't believe this shit is actually happening. Glad I don't live in murrica.

look at the guy with glasses behind the nigger!!!!!!

You know the answer to this as well as anyone else. This can only ultimately end in his suicide, which his parents will blame on everyone but themselves.

or how all the cattle and livestock cultures are demonized, obfuscated and written out of history, while the agrarian ones which torture their animals to death are held up as the pinnacle of spirituality, fairness, civilization and salvation

None of these kids are old enough to understand what the fuck is going on. Few of them will be old enough to even fully understand what a drag queen is even if it was fully explained to them.

What's more damaging or just more telling is the propensity of the parents to even put the kid into those circumstances, because it just lets you know that behind this one instance is a lifetime of more shit like this in the future - and you can bet it will be worse as time goes on. I'd like to know how many of the kids in these pictures are being raised by single moms, because I can't imagine too many fathers being complicit with the activity. Then again most of this happens in unsalvagable pozzed shitholes like California, so there's that much.

Whole thing merely a symptom of two diseases: homosexual degeneracy and the enabling of such by single mothers, all too willing to drag their children into the undertow with them.

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There will probably be another faggot that comes along to keep using him.
Probably will be his pusher or hookup.
Suicide is just an inevitable function of his awareness and hopelessness, but of course it will be said to be a function of his persecution by muh society and culture

being disgusted by homosexuals is just as natural as racism. thats why leftists have to say things like "how should i have 'the race talk' with my kid?" etc.
i heard a radio ad public service announcement saying "teach your kids about racism, before its too late" which translates to "teach your kids to not be racist, before they figure it out for themselves"

same shit goes for homophobia. all these fads about acceptance are just that; fads. being disgusted by them is natural and normal and has been since before civilization.

this fact is why im confident we will win in the end.

There is an easy way to do get rid of this. I don't know if you guys know this but LGBT circles are very volatile and prone to civil war at the slightest provocation. (they think its blackface)

they arent "fully" self aware but have some level of it. that should speak volumes about how wrong what theyre looking at is.

The only people taking their kids to this shit arr already fucked in the head to begin with. You're not going to convince them half of them don't really care about their children anyway, they just want to appear hip.

fortunately most of these "people" will flip sides as soon as the status quo changes.

Everyone in that video has the neurotic eyes. Anyone have that pic showing the stages of insanity being visible by how much eye whites are showing?

youre thinking of sudoku eyes.

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The orange kike isn't such a dummy after all, huh?

They have to, they're all in the lodge, user.

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PARIS, France – Macron gave a speech on live television today announcing the following:

* Anyone can be incarcerated preventatively, for no reasons, with no court appearances, for no maximum or minimum time.

* Any “suspicious items,” such as shaded glasses, protective helmets, or masks, without legitimate purpose can be grounds to send you to jail.

* No more than 5 cars in a convoy allowed, even for weddings and funerals.

* No more allocation of resources for the poor.

* Police allowed to shoot live ammunition on anyone wearing a yellow vest.

* “Hate speech” will land you in prison with no due process.

* People walking on the street with no ID can be incarcerated with no court appearances, for no maximum or minimum time.

* Government can shut down ANY network/internet/radio stations/television stations, for “security issues,” on request.

* The full list will be distributed in every school and every public buildings tomorrow.

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I'll take "the entire point of pedophilia" for 500 Alex.

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im sure this will pacify the rioting masses. just like the army vehicles flying EU flags.
i mean, its not like any of those things would particularly aggravate people just protesting a gas tax, right?

That will probably be sufficient to quell them.


big if true

99.9% of humanity that has lived on this earth would be considered right wing extremists. Today is the exception and that exception is going to be corrected in time.

agreed. they cant suppress human nature forever.

the only thing that is concerning about this is the fact that some people would rather shut down their own minds than follow what they know. this is what allows them to have massive amounts of cognitive dissonance. this is how i explain the npc phenomena and why it seems to almost exclusively apply to the left.
its not that they dont have souls or free thought. its that they deprive themselves of it because its problematic.

they self-police wrong-think in addition to enforcing it externally.

are there any other video like these two?


Its a private bookstore, if the leftists want to take their children to be indoctrinated that's there prerogative. I very much see this as nature weeding out the mentally ill, ensuring they will not reproduce.

Like that bitch who's chemically castrating her son to get revenge on the father?

two default faces of the left

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talking like a nigger tbh.

meh, a firing squad would be great, but that aint going to happen anytime soon.

so you were judging it using current year standards? "this isnt so bad, atleast theyre not forcing my kid to do it" like how they make boys wear dresses in some preschools now without the parents knowledge or consent?
yea… its not as bad as that. so i guess youre technically right.

we dont have to wait for a firing squad if we become the firing squad

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Its the libertarian in me fam, but I know what u mean.


mfw i realize im a boomer.

Can you wait until this weekend?
.t Vova.

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hold on let me call my gf. We need to do something to protect our children from these mental disease vectors.

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"So many choices, I could invite scientists, even femal scientists to virtue signal, there are cops and Vets (also avilable in stonk wamaen) hmmm, oh I konw lets inviet some mentally ill male faggot."

they are just so fucking foul up close as well…I mean god, I was looking at that mental faggots face and it is completely disgusting and just ugly as sin.

Sadly the store owner is correct.
The moment the store owner asked her to leave: she was trespassing if she didn't leave, she's allowed reasonable time to leave

These entities are pure demonic filth being spread by a godless jewess to the innocent children of America. One look at those "things" and you can tell they are sick degenerate soulless faggots. I applaud the lady filming for having the fortitude to step up and say something.

Criminally underchecked digits.
Police = 33. They are not your friends. Never talk to police.