Feminists celebrate first male sex doll

Feminists and mgtow racing against each other as to who can wreck society faster.


Men and women are too different for this to take off. Men would be somewhat satisfied with a sex doll, pretty girl, no hassle or stress, sex whenever they want. Women aren't going to care too much about a male doll because it doesn't have status. No money earned, no job, no friends etc.

Lol white male sex dolls?

Yup. A male sex doll would only serve whatever purpose a dildo serves slightly better. Also male sex dolls will not give them free money

Rock on, doll!

Is the sex doll going to provide for the family?

I don't see megtowels subverting positions of power and infesting institutions and media to propagate their bulshit.

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Women will f#ck anything, IF it has Money…

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How can real men even compete?

As a man I will say, sex dolls for men also doesn't make sense, even a man needs a female companion which these inanimate ai objects can't fulfill.
We humans are social creatures.

If unmarried lonely women end up as catladies then gaymers MGTOW losers end up as pedos.

Masturbating with a silicone doll is NOT having sex.

I don't see the appeal of a sex doll. Perhaps an android capable of reproduction, however only in the case of massive population reduction and the demand for new young.

Spoken like a roastie. The main driving factor in a man's interest in women is their holes. Women aren't driven by dicks (though it keeps them sane), they're driven by social status. That's why men will fuck fatties and uggos, but women don't fuck nerds.


I could see a few super horny or kinky women being into one of these, but apart from the missing points of money, status, attention etc. fact is, these things can't cuddle. I would think their appeal would wear out quickly as the novelty fades. The porn star though was sort of interesting. Saying it's easier than a Tinder date sounded so mgtow.

I thought it was surprising that the penis doesn't get hard. You have to change out the flaccid and the erect. That would seem like a real mood-breaker, ha. The guy who makes them also said that the uncut dick was the most popular.

The slutty reporter flirting with the husband of the pair who run the company was typical, and just as annoying as you'd expect. Now I'm wondering if she actually fucked the doll too. She sure seems to indicate that she did but wtf.

This isn't a totally stupid piece, though. The creepy, controlling, fantasizing and fetishistic aspects of fucking lifesized dolls are definitely explored. That stuff isn't discussed much in threads here and at halfchan. I never really thought about it that way, and now I'm even more put off than I was before, because to me, fucking or being fucked by one of these things would be way too much like what I'd guess fucking a corpse would be like. Ultimately I just don't like where the human race is going at all. Especially the way liberals envision it. Disgusting, detached, alienating, disturbing, alien, pretty much the opposite of /comfy/ in every damn way.

99% of these male sex dolls will be bought and used by faggots.

(((feminists and mgtow)))

Here, fixed.

Yeah, me neither. I can see the reproduction angle though, that's interesting.

They treated it as more of a thing for fantasists and fetishists in the video which I can see, I guess. But that means it'll ultimately always be an edgy thing, not mainstream. I can see normies trying it and getting bored or creeped out quick enough. But who knows, I could be wrong. I can see men finding a far more utilitarian role for it than women.

Yeah they do, the problem is they fuck pedo Jewish nerds who should just be exterminated instead.

This. Then they'll make siamese twin twink dolls with seven mechanical cocks for group use at the bathouse.

Ha, exactly. No question about it.

Build in an ASIC for mining.

Can we stick to the truth first? As far as I remember there where male sex dolls in the 70s.

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Why would a woman want a sex doll? The sex doll can't worship her.

The dolls are a band-aid for a society that has seen itself deeply fractured between the sexes. What realistic policy changes can make the opposite sex more appealing than dolls to both sides?

European women. They won't fuck European men, so they imported brown rapists, but that turned out bad, so now they're buying these.

Just caught that. Fuck off, Zig Forums monkey. Filtered.

If you're this sex addicted, for $8000 or whatever these cost, you could have a different whore every month for several years. Men get bored of fucking one actual woman, imagine how boring a doll would actually be after 10 times.

The sexiest things about sex with a woman is seeing her loving your dick, and her doing stuff to you of her own accord, and the mental side of male/female polarity and power. Which are all things these dolls will never, ever do.

A fleshlight is actually preferable to a doll because with a fleshlight you can use your imagination and at least you're facing the truth that you're masturbating. Imagine having to mentally block out the fact you're fucking a creepy soulless piece of rubber right in the dead centre of uncanny valley.

They have been jewditioned from a young age to completely supress their inner voices and biological purpose.

Humans are quick to fill any vacuum of perception. Just like the English got used to their "food" before they had access to the objectively superior cuisine that is American food, virgins will buy these and adapt their sex as what sex should be, and shun any better version as not as good as the one they know.

Not enough room inside. Also, crypto's in the shitter right now.

The people buying the dolls stop giving a shit long before feminists started bitching about them. Pic related.

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Women wont love these in the end, they cannot treat them like a princess like a real man can. The female dolls can replace women more than the male ones can. Men like to spoil and lavish but want love and respect in return, women want to be spoiled but lost the ability to truely love and respect in return.

This is FANTASTIC Zig Forums weed out the looser degenerates from BOTH SIDES of the genepool. It can't happen fast enough that these go into full production and we being to weed out people who are incapable of intimacy. fidelity, tradition and cooperation from our nations.
This is almost as good news as that coal burning 17 yo with defective coal burning DNA and her spawn being murdered. The purge of the defective and broken of our people literally could not come soon enough. We should be dancing in the streets that the weak and degenerate will soon be excised from our people.

How's this a purge, retard? It's going to mostly be leftist who buy this shit, because they're the ones who are fucked in the head with progressive ideals. They already don't have kids, they just indoctrinate everyone else's. This is just going to make them more destructive to society.

Good! Like the idiots they are, roasties are playing directly into our hands.

Imagine needing a sex doll as a woman.

Nope, it will be a purge from both sides of the political spectrum, including a extremely high percent of this board that REFUSES to control their appetites and be human. That DNA that is incapable of functioning in a normal and healthy relationships must be killed or die off through dystopian abnormal sexual deviance (via masterbation and sexually transmitted disease OR by being murdered by subhumans) and its attending practices.

I tell you Zig Forums the only better news we have had all week is that 17 yo and her 1/2 nigger spawn being murdered. The good news keeps coming.

That child must be the greatest thing ever conceived in existence!

Except family law put an end to this natural consequence, for the most part.

Not all men take care of their bodies as they mature. That photo tells us nothing since many men think that they are 'still sexy' when they are GROSSLY overweight, drunkards, deviants and don't take care of themselves. For all we know those two met in high school, married and she is simply still faithful to a man that was attractive and fit while younger but is a fat fucking degenerate after he settled 'into family life' thinking that he didn't have to 'do anything physical' to maintain his own health or body. Far from being unusual in the USA this is more common that people think and it goes either way in a relationship. Either the woman becomes a fat degenerate fuck or the man does…it is pretty rare that a couple maintains health and fitness together at the same time.

tl;dr I am just saying that you are being unfair to that woman. Maybe she is simply a faithful wife no matter what her fat disgusting fuck of a husband does to his own body…

that pict is a bit weird since her hand is going down her pants in a playground but you guys get the idea.

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You're an idiot. It will factually be mostly leftists, as they're the mentally deranged freaks who'd want such a thing. Also the people who'd buy this already aren't having kids. The only difference is, through using this, they'll only worsen their own mentalities toward the rest of society, the same way watching porn does. And given that leftists are the ones in education and whatnot, they'll only take it out on children by pushing their fucked up world views on them (like they do now). Also the vast majority of people aren't going to buy these expensive fucking things. Again, the people who'd buy it already aren't having kids. You're fucking retarded.

There's no such thing. "Faith" to a woman is "do you have something to offer me?" Hence money being brought up.
Oh, I see, you're the retard making these comments >>12539472
As for the pic. you posted, clearly it's a fucking crackhead homeless person who has zero relation to the guy.

Nice. Can't wait for a shota doll.

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oh fuck this made my day

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No you fucking retard the ONLY QUESTION ON A WOMAN'S MIND IS:
"What can you offer OUR OFFSPRING, are you going to be able to provide for our children"

and she would be pretty fucking derelict of duty to think anything else. Because you are completely simple minded and a selfish fucking POS you can't tell the difference between a man providing for a FAMILY and your own selfish interests.

You need to be purged from humanity for your lack of understanding the roles of the family dynamic.

Women have numerous "devices" already, they've had them for hundreds, if not thousands of years, in some cases. Women don't want men for their dick, they can get as much dick as they want from simps. What they really want is the resources and power they can obtain from a man. A sex doll offer no resources.

Shut your trap you retarded fucking virgin. If that is a crackhead and not his wife (which it is) he is a fucking MONG for putting his child so close to a fucking whore…but that is that fat fucking degenerate slob aka HEART ATTACK WAITING TO HAPPENS wife. How can she even find his cock…maybe that is why there is only one child.

That pict is a couple that the man has no interest in the slightest of keeping himself healthy and well after marriage. You would have to be a complete moron not to know that this and the reverse where a woman lets herself go completely to hell after marriage are TOTALLY COMMON in relationships not something 'unusual' in any way…the hard thing is to find a couple where one of them hasn't completely turned into a fat fucking degenerate.

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Oh sweaty… no…

Two long blog posts in response to the same comment. Filtered. Go back to Zig Forums, faggot.

That guy happens to have an awesome personality.
That's all you need to get a 10/10 wife. Looks don't matter to women.

You can have the best personality ever, but if you can't buy her shit, she'll be gone in a week.

Why do people need sex dolls when they can fuck dildos and pocket pussies? Doesn't it seem a little mentally I'll to fuck a DOLL and enjoy it? Why would a woman need to fuck a doll when any woman can find a man to fuck her at any time of the day.

Also, sex is degenerate unless done with your married partner. Humans do not need sex to live, only to reproduce for the species. JEWS have made sex into to some kind of necessity for people who watch porn at a young age, which rewires their brain to believe that sex is an important requirement for a relationship (big dick, huge tits and ass, having sex anywhere, role playing). None of that stuff is important, only degenerate and devoid of love which ruins the bond between woman and man.

So to sum up, women are childish whores when left to their own thoughts. Men are pathetic at this point and fucking dolls to get revenge on the weaker sex.

How can we speed up this apocalypse?

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Being such a ESL KIKE RETARD that you don't know that the word is:

Sex is necessary to balance hormones, release stress, cultivate intimacy with a partner, clear the sperm ducts and keep the prostate healthy (for men) and to keep women from hysteria. In the 19th century, women went to doctors to treat their hysteria, whereupon the doctor would "manually stimulate" the woman's genitals to orgasm.
Sex is necessary for adult health and you're a clueless faggot who's trying to rationalize his own virginity as something "superior"

Guaranteed it was a soyboy leftie and 5 niggers. Who else could possibly be interested in something that ugly? She also has that dyke haircut with one side of her head shaved, which pretty much confirms they're lefties. It's always lefties.

You mean like your disgusting personality with no ability to understand that CHILDREN TAKE RESOURCES…it isn't personal, it is a biological necessity in selecting a mate. Only in this FUCKING BROKEN SOCIETY can people like you even exist.

Sure thing.

Nice strawman

We do need to speed this shit up! I think anyone who wants a 'sex doll' should get one free on government subsidy.

You implied it.

That or some soyboy kike made that picture to jerk off to. I'd bet 9/10 times these pictures are fapbait for degenerates.

Nope. I was responding to the ignorant statement:

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All women are lefties. It's only when they retire from the cock carousel to find a "decent guy" to settle down with, they start LARPing as tradthots and Zig Forums will embrace them as their Aryan Queen

I want to get off Mr. Bones Wild Ride.

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easy datamining thread

Seriously, it is a good thing. We are exterminating all the animals from our race…refining it until only the absolute highest quality DNA is left to draw from for racial eugenics and improvements.

Don't get on the ride…but at least kick back, having secured your own self as a moral and high quality individual and watch the show unfold…it is a masterpiece of PURGING THE FILTH from society at large…we could have never purged the filth this easy unless we made it possible for them to 'pursue' their degenerate and vile behaviors.


So if I were to have a 7/10 or 8/10 body women would flock to me?


what the fuck they've had these for ages and only now are they realising. Gays have been fuck'n em for years.

Well fuck me, the movie script is writing itself

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These people in video are fucking disgusting.

Solution. Take DNA from one place it in the other.
Create a human incubator for the female doll.
Humans obsolete.

You first kike. Everyone knows that the kikes highest goal is to reach the Ain Sof (absolute nothingness) which is weird because they bitch so readily about it when HUMANS try to help them towards that goal of becoming absolute nothing.

A better script would be two AI sex robots dumping their human partners and marrying each other.

Torfag has the right idea.


kek this is perfect. The movies already writing itself.

And masturbating with a flesh doll different how?

Watching OP vid. 13.02…. things are getting rather disgusting


I'm ashamed to say I watched the whole VICE docu. I don't think sex dolls are very appealing and I think most people who buy one will do so for novelty and to ease the burden in their wallets, but eventually it'll wear off and the industry will die. Or progress to…other things. But I personally would not something that triggers my Uncanny Valley sense in my home, let alone in my bed. Maybe I'm just paranoid. Also, imagine breaking into that factory and seeing all those half assembled dolls.

Call the fucking ambulance…..!
My heart cant handle all that feel.

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I think you mean it won't backhand her, which is really what women need.


What I've realized is that the good thing about all this filth is that it's the different varieties of degenerate retards that aren't breeding. It's a lost opportunity if we don't create families and breed like Mormons (who we should learn a lot from).

for you

Let's see how well they sell.
Do they come with accessories? Like a wallet stuffed with cash?

THIS >12539819

Have you ever actually met a woman?

Show me someone who died for lack of sex.

the (((pornstar))) in OP's vid seems to have serious mental heath issues and 13k for one of these… Fucking expensive wank

I think there are mixed messages, lies, and racism being presented here…

I have met many women. It is easy since I am not locked in my basement and they are 53% (not 50%) of the global pop. The comment is correct. You males have genetically selected only 50% of the DNA for worthwhile qualities and let the other 50% completely slide into degeneracy. You think you can 'breed true qualities' by making 50% of the DNA have morals, values and traditional thinking but that is CLEARLY backfiring…just the same way that it would if I had a cattle farm and my only criteria for 50% of the stock was that it had a vagina…no other criteria. I could breed a vagina with the strongest most magnificent bull around and it would produce a hit or miss 50% quality offspring.

In order to select QUALITY in offspring both the male and female MUST BE PROVEN. This is the entire point of eugenic selection. Look at how degenerate the semites are because they select for zero qualities in their women…every generation becomes more like a nigger animal than the last. Why does the entire planet want to fuck European and Slavic women? Because they have a shred of eugenic selection in their DNA and are not simple cumdumpsters.

This is what it means to actually WANT and FOLLOW National Socialist values and not the ALT-KIKE values that are so often presented on this board. It means that BOTH sets of DNA are selected for to procure the highest quality offspring.


What of it? Is there anything that is untrue according to your experience or genetic science? Do you think that taking a vagina and breeding it to a 'chad' is going to produce quality offspring because 50% of it happens to come from a 'chad'.

That's what government handouts are for

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No one claimed not having sex would kill you, well, actually, it will shorten your lifespan. The point is that sex is necessarily for human health. It does not have a single utilitarian value of reproduction and nothing else.

You clearly don't understand that women desire to submit to the pimp hand. They crave it and if you don't give it to them they will import rapefugees to get it.

Yeah I agree with most of that but don't blame me for the degeneracy present in the society today. Volkism, fostering a strong nuclear family and raising strong children is a primary tenet of National Socialism. The sad fact is that many women today have sold the good lives they could've had for sad and lonely lives with the (empty) promise of career advancement. I've experienced this myself. My best relationship ended because she wanted to chase jew gold and not raise kids like I asked.

t. jew
[citation needed]