General Thread about showing your /pow/erlevel

This is a thread about discussing the pros and cons of showing your /pow/erlevel for people with typical Zig Forums opinions.
You can talk about anything related to the topic here, but I have a specific situation in mind I need advise with.

Zig Forums, I am going to be a content creator on youtube. It's not a question of if, but when.
After diligent preperation and many video ideas in my folder, I am at an impasse though. What prevented my from producing a single video is a dilemma.

Option 1:

Option 2:

Now I am quite knowledgable about politics and history and I 100% believe that I would bring new arguments to the table, no one has ever mentioned before, so that is definitively my strong suit. So should I really go all according to my talents or rather what I want to be? I want to do potential IRL skits, so I am really torn.
I also thought about doing both at the same time and hoping no one would recognize my voice. But I do speak English with a bit of an accent, so that is never going to work out as one of my Zig Forumsfriends told me.

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Just make a normal channel. Its more valuable to have people in higher places that may be #JWOKE than it is to have just another totally based/redpilled going over all the talking points that everyone knows already. Theres just a lot more mileage in a non Zig Forums channel. Plus if you actually manage to get anywhere you can network with likeminded people and THEN reveal your power level. Theres no reason to potentially ruin your life right out of the gate for a YouTube channel that isn't even going to go anywhere because you'll be shut down the second you gain notoriety.

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Not an option. My powerlevel is at maximum.

But I think I would talk about stuff that is completly new. I have video ideas that talk about phenomena that no one ever mentioned in the way I would.

Would I even be able to allude to this with Option 2?

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Good for you going out to make some content like that. I've been considering something similar. You've got a few more options that what you've posted here, and depending on what your goal is and requires for success should direct you towards some options more than others.
Literally make both channels and populate both. You do this by making two entirely separate accounts, meaning completely different emails and, if they require phone numbers, using a burner phone for the edgy one. You then make all your edgy stuff without using your voice or face while you do the other channel according to your preferences. It is vitally important to make the styles different enough and to set them up on different days and to have those unlinked accounts in case your edgy one gets shoahed.
You'll likely get more interest if you make your history channel have some kind of hook, and sprinkle in (emphasis on sprinkle) some winks and nods as you would do in real life with non-Zig Forumsacks. It's riskier than just presenting history, but if you stick to the facts and don't spill your spaghetti your channel should be fine. Should be, though YouTube is obviously trying to eliminate such channels, so be prepared to move your archives elsewhere.
Just go for a different platform right off the bat. It is likely that in the next five to ten years that YoutTube will diminish while some other platform ascends. If for nothing else, finding another platform that would let you make your content as you please would be good to have as a backup anyway.
Forgo the fame and fortune and just make webm-style clips to post on the boards. It likely won't gain any traction, but it would be the safest option I suppose.

I think the biggest thing is for you to honestly figure out what you want to make content for. Is it to gain an audience to speak to, or is it for revenue, or is it for laughs, or is it for some other reason? Ask yourself that honestly and then, when you know the answer, consider those options, weigh them out, and execute on one. That dilemma is basically just a part of your brain's excuse to not take that action, and remaining idle is the worst action you can take. Weigh out the full pros and cons, come to terms with your eventual doxing either by being extra careful or just preparing for it, and take action.

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You need to lead the horse to water. They just flat out won't let you do anything more.

I guess you could produce content directly challenging Youtubes censorship policies w/o violating it. Maybe that would do a lot of good.

Tbh we aren't going amywhere until we can start undoing the draconian censorship policies being forced on us. This is np way to have such an important cultural conversation

I mentioned that. A huge problem is that English is not my native language. So I do have a recongizeable accent from a certain ethnicity (in Europe).
I would basically have to use a completly different mic and maybe adjust it, so 2 audio clips of me talking from either channel wouldn't be too similar, but that is a lot of work. Doing 3 channels (because of one gaming channel) at once would be a lot of work.
It would allow me to shoah the less succesful one, if I noticed one being a lot more popular than the other.

Another problem is that it would kinda overlap though. I wouldn't not talk about any history with Option 2 at all. Just more mild and avoiding maybe more edgy things.

I would talk more about historical lessons. I wouldn't be a channel that just states facts and moves on to the next topic.

That wouldn't solve the problem. I would still have to decide a route for my channel. And there would be no reason to not go on youtube, if I went with Option 2.

No, I want a bigger audience for my arguments. They deserve to be heard and just spamming them on Zig Forums is not enough. Sometimes threads get just ignored too.

The thing is the following. My abilities would be better suited for a more political, debate-style oriented channel. But would I enjoy that? What I want is a more normie channel with opportunities for recognition and potential revenue and especially cooperation with other youtubers I wanted to meet for some time.

But I would basically have to carry a beast around with me that wants to talk about more and can't. Zig Forums would basically be my only outlet, while I would dream about going on JF's, Ralph's, Andy's shows and talk with them, but I wouldn't, because association with them would out me.

But the thing is, do I have it in me to really be a succesful normie youtuber?
It's what I want to be vs What I am.
Fuck, there is no good answer to this.

Maybe I should just start mild and see where it goes, so I still have the option to still go either way?

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I suggest to never expose your face. It doesn't matter how subtle you may be, if your face is out there, you will forever be deemed as a bad goy.
You also have to do something different to make your videos stand out. Truth is, no one is going to care about your opinions because you aren't special. Add something unique.
Also, don't forget to have fun with it. If you are, than the audience knows to have fun too. No one likes getting preached to

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This. Only make points and conclusions that you can deduce from undeniable facts, for maximum credibility.


Go datamine elsewhere

Only option: don't be a faggot

Though it looks like with all the fretting you're doing that's out the window.

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They knew I was a "Bad Goy" when I was born. They were consistently using the apparatuses at their convenient disposal to subvert me from the beginning, almost on automatic. They already found out what I knew, how and when I knew it, even before I found out they were doing this. Then anything I did, after a certain point (namely from my late teens onward) became poisoned by their evildoings and sabotage. I was ALREADY doxxed. So I DO NOT CARE. I was always among the Spear Tip, and I do not care. My destiny is in the enemy's heart.

Just copy E;R's shtick. Present the edge as edgy jokes.

What I mean is that on your edgy channel you use no voice at all. Text, images, clips of other people talking, whatever you need, but not your own voice. The other option there is to distort your voice or find someone else to speak those lines. Especially if you have a heavy accent, it would be best not to use voice at all if you're unwilling to give up that piece of anonymity. And yes, the maintenance of more channels would be more work, which is part of the drawback of it. The other drawback is that your audience from one doesn't necessarily trickle over into the other.
Okay, so I would say with those goals in mind, you would want to go with your historical, normie-friendly route and on your own connect with those youtubers whom you want to connect with. If you provide valid historical knowledge, it is like providing ammunition for those willing to use it. So long as you remain with a factual presentation you should be safe, and those redpilled youtubers would appreciate your work most likely. Still backup your work on some other site as you make it because YouTube is busy purging non-PC channels and that trend will only continue.
You can always use the non-voice trick on your historical channel work and go onto those streams as yourself too. Or you can just take the risk of demonetization (which means nothing right now since you don't have income yet) and just plow ahead with Channel Redpill.
Give it a shot. Better to do something than nothing at all.

Never reveal your power level.
People have a very bad reaction.

Global report.

report yourself glownigger

Paid shill confirmed.

I revealed my powerlevel in a 99% white country.
Most people were ok with it.

underrated post

OP it is a question of when you are silenced not if, so why bother hiding it at all? Make sock puppet channels and keep rehosting your videos. When one goes down host it on the next channel. But also jew tube is super gay, I wouldn't want to be tainted by it.

Then tell your folks that the Jews of today evolved through centuries of having their most open-minded people convert to Christianity and assimilate to their host culture, while the hardcore xenophobic core with a heavy ingroup preference that was left became the Jews of today.
In fact Judaism is the youngest of the 3 abrahamic religions, because it's holybook can only trace itself back to the middle ages, where the first literary copy of it was dated. And because they kept adding to it. They even wrote about Jesus burning in a shitpot in hell. How can an older religion talk about a younger religion that way?

Jews replaced the WASP upperclass of the USA. The jewish Elite is dominating the most powerful country on Earth.

There are literally no cons unless you're talking to a thoroughbred NPC or a non working class or below member.

Hitler isn't beloved by all without reason.

Not a problem. Just use one of those computerized text-to speech generators. They're really advanced now and people love listening to them.

just kidding. please don't.

If you want to fart in the face of the establishment, you need to cut all reliance on the establishment. YouTube WILL remove your channel if you stray too far off the reservation. You WILL need to pussyfoot if Patreon/Youtube is your idea of self employment.

I would rather not. It might start something somebody else would have to finish.

I am to the point where I can't discuss anything with anybody whom isn't a regular poster here, and hasn't read at least the Ernst Zundel case files.

Welcome to the club. And welcome to the FBI surveillance list.

either use a text-to-speech generator, as said, or use a voice morphing program like MorphVox pro, cracked versions are available on piratebay, and fiddle with it until your recording has no recognizable features or accent
you can also find some autotune filters to reduce/morph accents, or make your own with audio editing software
most best tools are free and open source

you can even try to make some speeches with the voice of Hitler

This. I don't think I would use YT. I have multiple YT channels and most have no 'edgy' content on them at all. But I get strikes already for my comments on other peoples videos. The goons follow my comments back to my channel and then report me for whatever they feel like. There is no way to appeal these anymore. You can try but your attempt will never be answered or even responded to.
YT is dead platform; the kikes killed it (just like they do with everything they touch) by 'managing' it…YT is going the way of Fecesbook; don't put all that effort into a dying platform

Checking those fearless dubs. Godspeed, user.

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It should be important to mention E;R's focus is on the content first then
as a way to supplement.

Text-to-speech would be awful to listen to for long periods of time if one is trying to get a point across.

Agreed. Never show your face user.

How about not hiding them in the first place?

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Don't worry so much about other people. Focus on your goals, and then act in the manner which best achieves them. It's all too easy to get bogged down with fears of what the neighbors might think, or how the spooks might be tapping your lines. This stifling atmosphere works against us, and may only be overcome by refusing to kowtow. So ask yourself:
Is your goal to inspire those who already walk the path of light?
Is your goal to win over fresh faces?

Based on the lean of your post, it seems like you're more inclined towards being out-group facing. So perhaps double down on that angle. Be a historian. Place an emphasis on the rise and fall of civilizations, and trust your audience to read between the lines. Teach them how to unravel the hidden arguments of other historians. Teach them how to recognize fnords for what they are.

Unless you have good software and are willing to spend the hours editing to make it clean, avoid text-to-speech. It is unseemly. It comes across as inauthentic.
Don't become another conspiracy theory dweeb with spooky music and a robo voice.

Never mention jews, niggers or trannies.

Jewish shit will trigger automod to alert special youtube kike moderators and they will take your channel down fast.

Never reveal your full power level I’ve learned the hard way it can be disastrous in more ways than you think, always keep your power level carefully obfuscated and be ready to dial it down into the negatives if need be of course I am talking about irl, online you will just get banned or doxed

It's kinda weird. I am so aware of Jewish People now, that I really need to remember how I was before i found it out.

I think I used to think:

No. I won't be using any text-to-speech generator. That shit is 2006 level of text-editor based Youtube Tutorials. No one wants to listen to this.

Also I would only consider this option, if I wanted to do both things at the same time. Do a more normie channel and a secret full on reveal channel.
But I thought things over. I am just going to get banned, if I do that. So what's the point? Audience outside of Youtube, only goes there, because someone, who got popular on Youtube, went there.

I have some video ideas, where it would be necessary to show my face though.
I like to have at least the option to do that and if I accidently get doxxed, I wouldn't be ruined, because I am associated with right-wing beliefs.

I think you all convinced me. I am just going to stay a good boy.
If I had a youtube channel during HWNDU, it might have tempted me to go there, but luckily that was before my time and I don't think anything like that will ever happen again. (because it will be just reddit tier cringe humor)

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the only issue of any consequence to white people is immigration or demographic replacement, this is off limits to oppose, truly nothing else matters
good luck dude

"For truth is precious and divine; Too rich a pearl for carnal swine." - Samuel Butler

Oh, so you suck dicks. Look at what the jew has done to you… 'content creator'. Motherfucker, you're going to making videos on the webcam your momma bought in your bedroom.

After diligent, what? Because if you can't even spell it…

I highly fucking doubt it.

From reading the works of other you figure what now? You'll just be repeat the parts you liked and act like you thought it up for some ego boost.

Oh look, it's Juden Peterstein jr.

Just GTFO you retard.